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How to write a business plan presentation by Tyler McIntyre

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Write - Pitch - Win

  1. 1. S Business Plan Learn to Write a Great Business Plan
  2. 2. What is one S A document that outlines you business S Goals S Selling what? S Why are you selling? S How are you selling S Business Roadmap S Where are you going S How are you getting there
  3. 3. What’s in one? S Everyone is different S Four Categories S Description of business S Marketing S Finances S Management
  4. 4. Business Plan Competition S 5 page summery S 4pm - Nov 12 Deadline S 20 pages S Following slides
  5. 5. Executive Summery S Page long description S Written last S Hits on all major points of plan
  6. 6. Company Overview S Talk about the company itself S LLC or Corporation? S Who owns it? S Details on entire company S Mission & Vision
  7. 7. Product or Service Description S What are you selling S How is it better S How is it different S What problem does it fix
  8. 8. Industry/Competitor Analysis S Is it growing? S Facts S Who are you competing against? S Directly S Indirectly
  9. 9. Market/Customer Analysis S Who buys it? S What are the demographics? S How can you market to them? S Why are they the ones to buy it?
  10. 10. Marketing and Sales Plan S How will you market your product S 4 Ps of marketing S How will you position it
  11. 11. Operations and Growth Strategy S How will you grow your business? S Expand to new markets? S How are you going manage your company
  12. 12. Management Team and Staffing Plan S Who is on their team S Why are they good? S Experience S Work method S Knowledge of field S Who are you hiring and to do what?
  13. 13. Financial Summary S Cash Flow S Where money goes in and out S Income Statement S Where are you making money from S Balance Sheet S Assets, liabilities, Owners Equity
  14. 14. The Offering S What are you looking for? S Money? S What type S Angel S Investment S Bank loan
  15. 15. Presentation S 10 20 30 S 10 slides S 20 minutes S 30 point font