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Presentation fusion conference 2014 amorris

  1. 1. Northamptonshire Children’s Centres Plus Libraries – a new fusion Anne Morris & David Reed 6th March 2014
  2. 2. What’s in it for libraries? -Family services/resources -Family venues -Open 7 days a week -Joined up experience -Families helping families -Shared objectives What’s in it for children’s centres? -Shared vision, keeping families at the heart of everything we do -Partnership working , sharing expertise, skills and knowledge -Providing activities which meet the needs of the whole family -Venues which are community hubs and accessible for all families -Opportunity to deliver services across extended hours and 7 days a week. Why libraries and children’s centres?
  3. 3. Working In Partnership to Improve Outcomes For Families
  4. 4. Our Journey So Far •2007-2013 3 Phase 2 Library led Children’s Centres co-located with libraries •2013-2014 An additional 8 Phase 3 Library led Children’s Centres, 5 of which are co- located in libraries 10,000 children aged 0-5 within reach areas In Northamptonshire children start school in the September following their 4th birthday 95% of 3 year olds access their free entitlement to education Increasing number of 2 year olds are now accessing free entitlement to education Highest number of children accessing Children’s Centres are aged between 0-2years 98% of families list universal services as the reason they access Children’s Centres
  5. 5. Our vision LibraryPlus Children’s Centres Working with families to build brighter futures
  6. 6. Improving outcomes for families What does that mean to families? Why do they access services at Children’s Centres and Libraries ?
  7. 7. From June 2014 LibraryPlus will be delivering universal children’s centre services from 36 libraries across the county From August 2014 up to 10 contractors will be delivering targeted children’s centre services from 10 Early Help Forum areas Children’s Centres & Libraries – a new fusion Currently: all children’s centre services are delivered from 50 centres across the county by a range of providers including 11 by LibraryPlus
  8. 8. NCC LibraryPlus •Information & Advice •CC Registration •Volunteer Management •Activities eg.rhymetimes •Annual Family Survey Future delivery model Commissioned Contractors • Targeted services • Complementary universal services
  9. 9. Why are LibraryPlus delivering Universal Services? • Heart of communities • Excellent reputation & track record • Recognised innovators • Staff & Customer Service Excellence • Council Plan: -getting it right for children & families -enabling children & young people to achieve their best in education, ready for work, skills for life -helping children grow up healthy with improved life chances
  10. 10. Additional Resources: 16 fte additional staff, including customer advisors, volunteer co-ordinators, data inputters and performance analyst
  11. 11. 1. Advice, Information & Guidance • Promoting targeted children’s centre services • Assisting with ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ solutions • Holistic approach
  12. 12. 2. Registration for Children’s Centre services • Warm, welcoming & stigma-free • Speed
  13. 13. Welcome Events - Partnering with Registrars - From April: 7 libraries (& via 7 Registrars) - twice weekly welcome event based around Rhymetime Key Elements of Welcome Events - Welcoming! - Join the library and Bear Club - Register for children’s centre services - Receive BS Baby Bag gift
  14. 14. 3. Volunteering Management • Assisting Contractors with promotion, recruitment and retention of volunteers including peer mentors & centre advisory boards • Providing OFSTED evidence
  15. 15. 4. Universal Events • 72 events every week – 36 at weekends – 50 weeks per year
  16. 16. Together, we make a big difference
  17. 17. Anne Morris LibraryPlus Children’s Centre Development Lead 01604 660526 David Reed Principal Librarian, Children, Families & Schools 01604 367954 Thank you Any questions?