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Northampton libraries

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Improving well being through sport © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  3. 3. Sporting Memories Our values & aims • Inclusive – not about a diagnosis, a love of sport is all that is required • Accessible – venues inc sports grounds, libraries, local sports clubs & pubs • Free – to participants and participating orgs • Intergenerational – inc schools & families • Participation and engagement © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  4. 4. City & County-Wide Projects • Leeds Care Homes Pilot Project funded by Skills for Care- evaluated by PSSRU, LSE • Trained over 200 organisations. Now volunteer led projects in Leeds, Kirklees, York, Sheffield, London, Bristol, South Glos, North East Lincs, Wigan & Leigh, Glasgow, Edinburgh, East and West Lothian • Different focus on each project including inter- generational learning. © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  5. 5. Star Stories • David Coulthard • Howard Webb • Suzi Perry • Paddy Hopkirk • Chris Kamara • Finlay Calder • John Inverdale • Steve Rider • Sam Torrance • Johnny Herbert • Ross Brawn • Nigel Martyn • Brian Johnson • Colin Murray • Henry Olonga • Ben Collins • Nico Rosberg • Ed Smith • Karun Chandhok • Troy Corser • Lee McKenzie • Derek Warwick • Mike Gascoyne • Jason Plato © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  6. 6. East Lothian John Gray Centre - Training & Planning © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  7. 7. East Lothian John Gray Centre – Who turned up? © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  8. 8. East Lothian © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  9. 9. East Lothian © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  10. 10. East Lothian © Sporting Memories Network CIC To hear more from the group visit the media section of our website and listen in to the Radio 4 All in the Mind programme
  11. 11. Making sport dementia friendly • New national task and finish group • Memories games and matches – Eng v India ODI • A dementia friendly Grand Depart © Sporting Memories Network CIC
  12. 12. Dementia Friendly Communities © Sporting Memories Network CIC “I was incredibly interested to read of the Network’s aim of improving the well-being of people with dementia and I welcome the valuable contribution it makes to the grass roots development of Dementia Friendly Communities – an initiative I personally champion as part of my challenge on dementia. Sport is an integral part of keeping fit and healthy, and indeed is an activity that has the ability to evoke a great number of memories, from childhood achievements to the recent success of Team GB at London 2012. As Prime Minister, I was lucky enough to attend a number of events at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and my memories of cheering on our competitors will, I hope, remain with me forever. This is the very reason that initiatives such as the Sporting Memories Network are so valuable.” The Prime Minister
  13. 13. Contact