Bury children's centres powerpoint for northampton (3)


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Bury children's centres powerpoint for northampton (3)

  1. 1. Library and Registrar Case Study Samantha Mclaren Childrens Centre Cluster Co-ordinator Ramsbottom and Tottington Childrens Centre Cluster. Paula Cockcroft Children’s Centre Cluster Co-ordinator Radcliffe Childrens Centre Cluster
  2. 2. How it all began? • In 2007, Bury identified their next stage of Children’s Centres. Ramsbottom Children’s Centre was designated as a centre however it did not have a physical building. • The area around Ramsbottom is a very rural area and for families to access anything in the reach means either clamp ons and climbing ropes or 2 buses. • Partnership working began at this stage when the Co ordinator approached the Library for possible part time office use in the building. (BIG MISTAKE!!!!)
  3. 3. • As soon as they said there was some capacity ( WE WERE IN THERE !!! ) • Initially the co ordinator shared an office with the Library Supervisor and the inside information and knowledge of who was who began. • It was stated that “ if you want to know anything …….stand at the library counter !! (THIS IS SO TRUE)
  4. 4. • As the Children’s Centre staff team grew services began to develop and team work across both agencies strengthened. • As the centre and library joined forces, the benefits to families also began to show. People who had never set foot in the library were now not only coming in to the library to take part in activities they were also joining the library and coming back on their own.
  5. 5. • Joint working and sharing of resources all supported families being offered a wide and varied range of services. This not only benefitted the families of children under 5 but Childminders, grandparents, library staff, private providers and local businesses. (It was a win, win situation overall)
  6. 6. What happened next? • With the increasing development of services and parental consultation, one of the issues that arose was the travelling involved for families with new babies/ siblings to access services in and around the area.. • (the area is so rural that in the winter of 2010, the only way into Ramsbottom was by the steam train – we are not joking !!) • It made perfect sense to have services within the reach area rather than expecting families to travel, become stressed and children to miss out.
  7. 7. • One of the items highlighted was that families had to travel some distance to register the birth of their babies within the required timescales. • A joint meeting was held between Senior Managers from the library, the Children’s Centre Co ordinator and the Superintendant Registrar. Initially the support offered from the registrar was promoting the centres and handing out timetables • After discussion with the library, the registrar was asked ( begged and threatened ) to offer the Birth registrations actually in the library at Ramsbottom.
  8. 8. • Fortunately for us the Registrar said yes and the service began. • Each service involved had a part to play in this being successful. For example: the Children’s Centre staff booked the families on, bought the printer, advertised the service. the library provided a room and computer access. the Registrar carried out the service and also promoted the Children’s Centres centrally at the Town Hall.
  9. 9. • The library at this time supported the Bookstart scheme and families were encouraged to come into the library to collect the age appropriate resources. Due to the Registrar service being offered, the Bookstart resources could also be collected for the younger age group that the library did not originally offer. This shows again how families were being supported to access this service at an earlier age. • The families who came to register their child’s birth were also asked to register with the Children’s Centre and were given information and the opportunity to meet staff, book on sessions and have any issues and concerns dealt with promptly and at an earlier stage.
  10. 10. Some of the Benefits • The list is endless when you begin to breakdown the benefits to children, families and partners.Some of these include: • Services are delivered on families “doorstep” Supporting sustained attendance. • The sharing of resources enables a wider range of resources/ services to be offered. • Families can access further services i.e. Adult Learning courses, Library resources. • A wide range of staff and expertise to hand. If we don’t know, we know a “man who can”. • Financial sharing of costs enables monies to be spent on other services and delivery of additional sessions.
  11. 11. Some of the Benefits • Partners gain knowledge of other services that in turn leads to swifter referrals/ intervention. • Supporting access to services that would not perhaps have been accessed previously. • Earlier intervention – support offered promptly. • The Library became the “hub” and families began to associate with the support they could access.
  12. 12. The story so far …….. • Due to the success in Ramsbottom, the Registrar developed the service further and now offers the Birth registrations in 5 out of the 13 Childrens Centre buildings in Bury. • The most recent figures show that in total there has been 1,141Birth Registrations across Bury since July 2009(when records began) • Ramsbottom : 255 . (2009) From July 13 to date 41 families have registered their child ‘s birth. Out of these, 40 (97%) are registered with the Children’s Centre. • Besses: 253 (2010)
  13. 13. • Woodbank: 18 (2013) • Sedgley: 316(2012) • Radcliffe: 286 (2010) - From July 13 to date 55 families have registered their child ‘s birth. Out of these, 54 (98%) are registered with the Children’s Centre. Bury was highlighted in the Best Practice for a Sure Start- The way forward for Childrens Centres. Report from the All Party Parliamentary Sure Start Group Available at www.4Children.org.uk
  14. 14. Feedback / Comments from parents“It ‘s the first time I had actually been in a Children’s Centre” “I think it’s excellent that you don’t have to traipse into the town centre” “Now I’ve met the staff I’m not as shy and will come to the sessions” “I wouldn’t have had the money to go into town to do this” “Until today I didn’t know the library was here” “I now know what is going on for my children” “I didn’t know all this went on in here”