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131121 prepanel flipcharts 131121 prepanel flipcharts Document Transcript

  • Afternoon activity: Thinking about the topics discussed so far, against the issues you face in your organisation, what would be your: o o o o o Challenge Critical Success Factor Best starting point Desired impact Thing to stop doing FC1: Challenges: - Time pressures: to deliver quickly - Breaking down silos - Refocusing the team - Leadership (at the top) and willingness to take risks FC2: Challenge: - Identify clear vision - Communicate to staff, customers, councillors, etc to get buy in Success factor: - Are we still here in 20 years time? Best starting point: - Reflecting on info from today and applying it - Talk to / listen to customers Impact: - Empowered communities - Sustainable services Stop doing:
  • - Stop thinking of problems Stop thinking of ‘good old days’ – this is what we have now FC3: Challenges: - Staff to look at things differently - We can’t seem to stop doing anything - Look at more strategically Success factors: - Staff involvement and good communication - Empowering staff Best start point: - Engagement and involvement of staff at all levels Desired impact: - Successful outcomes FC5: Challenges: - Elected members Best starting point: - Peer group meetings amongst PLAs Thing to stop doing: - Stop focusing on what we have not got + what we have FC6: - Getting all staff on board - Talking the right language to the right people - Impact should be positive on customers - Stop over-specialisation, upskill all staff and make skills sets generic FC7: Challenges: - Staff resistance: we’re always done it that way - Empowering staff and acceptance of volunteers - Other Council depts – silo working Critical success factors - More people using more services more of the time - Improved customer satisfaction - More partnership working - Cost efficiency Desired impact: - Libraries to be public face of all frontline services – cultural, health, all public services Thing to stop:
  • - Saying ‘we’ve always done it that way’! FC7: Challenge: - To be valued as a community asset - Processes: ask why?