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Employee Engagement story.

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Meet steve

  1. 1. Enterprise MENTORTM Steve’s Challenges! • Employee Engagement “Steve’s a manager… He does a good job, • Employee Motivation but he knows he can do more to engage • Employee Morale • Employee Retention his team and achieve greater revenue/profit Steve’s Goals! growth for his company. Read how Steve • More Repeat Customers does this by becoming a mentor to his • More Referral Customers • More Revenue/Profit team helped by Enterprise MENTORTM” S teve is the Area Manager Steve has heard about the benefits for a large retail company of mentoring, and knows that some and looks after 10 stores. of his senior directors have had their Steve has recently noticed own external mentor, which hasa drop in employee engagement, been a great thing for them.motivation and morale in his re- However, bringing in an externalgion, and is suffering from higher person to mentor Steve’s teams isthan average levels of staff turn- prohibitively expensive.over, ultimately loosing some of his Looking for something different,key staff. Steve discovers Enterprise MentorTM, He is under pressure to deliver a set of tools and strategies whichresults, and knows he needs to do provides him with the content, de- Enterprise MENTORTM gives line-managers themore to drive up revenue and prof- livery method and framework for content, delivery tools and structure to success-its. him to personally mentor his teams, fully mentor their teams. He knows that he needs to take and get the best out of his people. barks on a journey to mentor theaction and wants to make a positive Steve purchases a 31 person li- Managers, plus two Assistant Man-change in his region. cence of Enterprise MentorTM and em- agers at each of his 10 different 1
  2. 2. Traditional Enterprise Mentoringstores. His licence covers the 30 and Assistant Manager listens to the CEO Mentoringmentees plus himself. digital mentoring sessions on their MP3 mentoring MP3 players. Some listen to the ses- Board sessions get things started sions on the way to work, some at Steve arranges for the 30 Manag- work, and some even listen at homeers and Assistant Managers to each with their feet up on the sofa! Be-receive a low-cost MP3 player pre- cause the sessions are short, men-loaded with Enterprise MentorTM. tees can re-listen to the sessions as On the MP3 players are 20 short many times as they mentoring sessions, each Ideas galore in the 218around 15 minutes long. The first page workbookfive sessions focus on customers, the Once the mentees have become Traditional mentoring using an outside mentornext five sessions focus on teams, familiar with the particular digital is very expensive and normally only happens atand the final ten sessions focus on MP3 mentoring lesson they are CEO/Board level—however, using Enterprisethe individual being mentored. In scheduled to listen to, they move on MENTORTM you can now bring mentoring toEnterprise MentorTM these are known to the workbook and are able to ab- your front-line employees and use your own sorb the learning in a different for- line-managers as mentorsas THEY BELIEVE (the customer),WE BELIEVE (the team) and I BE- mat – this time the written word.LIEVE (the leader). They also complete the various ex- grow and improve the stores in his ercises in the workbook, the most region. Not all ideas are good, many At the heart of the mentoring ses- are duplicates, but there are some important being ‘What would you dosions is the goal to get employees real gems in there which are worth if you were CEO for a day?‘and managers to think more like many tens, if not hundreds of thou-business owners or CEOs, and to In Session 1, which looks at the need to be relevant to your cus- sands (or more) to Steve in terms ofget this commercial way of thinking new revenues, cost-savings andinstilled deep into the front-line, so tomer, the mentees are asked to suggest five ideas that they would new ways to motivate and engagethat customers feel that the level of with his staff.service they receive is the same as if implement if they were CEO for a day that would make their com- The critical face-to-facethey were served by the CEO or pany more relevant to their custom- group mentoring sessionsbusiness owner themselves. ers. Following the first week of MP3 Steve initially meets with the mentoring sessions, Steve visitsStore Manager and Assistant Man- Since 30 mentees completed this each store individually and gets theagers from each of his 10 stores and exercise and provided five ideas Manager and Assistant Managersexplains why they have been cho- each, Steve now has 150 new busi- together (in a group of 3) to re-sen to become mentees. ness growth and cost saving ideas examine all that the mentees have which can help him ensure his 10 He agrees a schedule, where his learnt from the digital mentoring stores are 100% relevant to his cus-mentees listen to two sessions of sessions. He’s able to bring the tomers.Enterprise MentorTM a week, and learning from the sessions back tohave one face-to-face group session During the 20 sessions of the pro- the retail stores, and find new wayswith him per week. gramme, the mentees give Steve a to contextualize the learning for his total of 3,000 new ideas to help own team. Individually, each Store Manager 20+ MP3/Flash Practical Your Line-Managers Become Mentoring Sessions + Workbook Exercises + Mentors to Your Employees Enterprise MENTORTM brings together digital MP3/workbook mentoring (which your employees and managers work through at a time to suit them) with group face-to-face mentoring sessions with their line-managers and fellow mentees. 2
  3. 3. gaged, motivated and full of confi- dence. It is clear they think much more commercially and speak a new language of business, putting their customers at the centre of eve- rything they do. From his regular visits to the stores, Steve has also noticed that even though the front-line employ- ees haven’t directly been through the mentoring programme them- selves (yet), they have started pick- ing up new things from the Manag- ers and Assistant Managers. It is as if the new language and passion of the managers has filtered through directly to the front-line employees. Why this type ofA critical element for creating change in behaviour comes from the group face-to-face mentor- mentoring worksing sessions. These take place at regular intervals after mentees have listened to one or twodigital mentoring sessions. During the whole programme, there may be as many as 10 face- Steve’s own line-manager is im-to-face mentor sessions. pressed too, and mentions that he has seen mentoring programmes When the mentees get together, quickly re-listen to the whole men- implemented before, but neverthey start to bounce new ideas toring programme in summary for- with the transformational resultsaround with each other, adding in mat, rather than having to go Steve has achieved.suggestions that they hadn’t through each entire 15-minute ses-thought of individually. Soon the sion (although many mentees Steve explains that this is becausesynergy of the group kicks in, and choose to re-listen to the full men- he has been able to leverage thethey are able to achieve more col- toring sessions many times as well, tools and structure of Enterpriselectively than they ever could indi- learning more each time they lis- MentorTM — and because the men-vidually. ten). tees have had two types of mentor- ing (digital MP3 mentoring sessions For Steve, this is a tremendously Also included on the MP3 play- and face-to-face mentoring).effective way to spend his time and ers are 10+ hours of extra bonusmentor 30 people in different loca- materials including interviews and Steve has discovered from histions. It also gives Steve the oppor- mentor sessions with famous CEO own research that mentoring pro-tunity to see who shines in his and business owners. These bonus grammes which are not supportedgroup, where the strengths and sessions allow mentees to hear first by supplementary content andweaknesses of his team are, and hand from some of the most suc- structure seldom succeed, and men-who needs more of his time and cessful business people in industry, toring programmes which relyattention to bring up to speed. and hear exactly how they think, solely on self-study by the mentee, act and make decisions, and what but do not have a face-to-face ele- For the mentees, they recognise ment struggle too.the investment the company is makes them achieve extraordinarymaking in them and quickly start to results as business leaders. But Steve knows only too well,change their behaviour based on Final presentations—the glue that when you put the two togethertheir learning from the digital MP3 which brings it all together (i.e. the content and structure ofmentoring sessions, and the guid- Once the mentees have com- Enterprise MentorTM with face-to-ance and feedback they receive pleted all the mentor sessions, they face mentoring), then real magicfrom Steve. They also get to keep individually present their ideas starts to happen, and the resultsthe MP3 players, so they can re- back to Steve and his own senior which are achieved in terms of peo-listen to the digital mentoring ses- line-manager. ple and profit growth are extraordi-sions any time. nary. This act of mentees presenting all 20 summary sessions recap Mentees Become Mentors - they’ve learnt means that they have Rolling mentoring out to the course in about an hour to fully understand their subject to your front-line employees Pre-loaded on the MP3 players be able to explain it to others. Although the Store Managersare 20 summary sessions which run Steve notices a dramatic change and Assistant Managers are alreadyfor around 3-minutes each. This in the mentees, who are now en- benefiting from the mentoring ses-means the mentees can very 3
  4. 4. more owner- responsibility of following through 1. MP3/Flash Mentoring Sessions 2.Workbook ship and re- with new ideas. He does this for six sponsibility months, and then hands over the 3. Face-to-Face Mentoring Sessions for their reigns to another manager who work, and comes up with new ideas to get the 4. Sum mary 6. Protege feel part of most from the mentoring pro- 5. Presentat ion Becomes Sessio ns Mento r the business, gramme. constantly Every six months a new person 7. Follow-Through looking for takes responsibility for keeping the new ways to learning from the mentoring pro-Enterprise MENTORTM uses a seven-step multi-learning approach which thrill, wow gramme alive in the company, andcombines face-to-face learning with digital MP3/Worlbook based learning. and dazzle coming up with new creative ideasThis proven combination allows employees to initially learn at a time which their cus- to drive the company forwardsuits them, and then expand their knowledge in group mentoring sessions. tomers. through mentoring. Happy repeat & Who is your Steve?sions (both digital and face-to- referral customers! In your company, you may haveface), and the stores are already From a customer’s perspective, many Steves. Steve may be a re-seeing higher levels of employee Steve notices that the revenues in gional manager, a divisional direc-engagement, motivation and even his region are up, he sees his aver- tor, a departmentrevenues (they are up nearly 20%), age order value up, and he cer- manager – orSteve wants to make sure that every tainly sees more repeat customers perhaps a man-employee in his region gets the op- coming into his stores. Interest- ager who leads aportunity to be mentored, so that ingly, he starts getting letters from team of five orALL employees feel more involved customers saying the service they more people whoin the business and understand the received at the store is exceptional, are all located incompany and industry at a deeper and that they have already told the same office.level. their friends to shop at his stores. Your Steves may have had ex- He doesn’t just want employees Once word gets out about the tensive leadership training, andto feel that they have a job, he good work Steve has done, other even be exceptional man-managerswants them to feel connected and regions want to bring mentoring to and leaders. But only when theypart of the business. their stores, and follow exactly the personally get involved with their To do this, he gets each of the same model. teams and actively involve em-Store Managers and Assistant Before long, there has been a to- ployees and managers in yourManagers to become mentors tal transformation in the company, business by mentoring them, willthemselves, and take their own and the way employees and man- you and they achieve higher levelsteams through the exact same proc- agers think, act and make deci- of employee engagement, motiva-ess that he took his managers sions. tion, revenues and profits.through. Follow-through activities… Getting the best from people is Steve arranges for all the em- Keeping the new spirit alive not just about leaders receivingployees in his 10 stores to receive Steve suggests to the CEO that more leadership training, it’s aboutworkbooks and low-cost MP3 play- the company organises regional getting employees and managersers which are pre-loaded with En- get-togethers so that different Store actively involved in the businessterprise MentorTM. For the people Managers can share ideas, and and making them feel responsiblewho already have compatible mo- show-case their best ones to their for the success of it. Mentoring con-bile phones, he arranges for them colleagues in the same region. sistently achieves get a new Micro SD card which Based on the success of these In the book People Upgradethey simply slot into their phone. ‘regional’ get-togethers, the CEO (which you can download for freeOn the card is the Enterprise Men- arranges for a ‘national’ conference from programme. so that all the best ideas are shared, you’ll read the real-life case-study Change in behaviour and managers and employees from of Hammonds Furniture, and learnOver time, Steve starts to see a around the country can share their how their Steves (Justin and Davidcomplete change in the way his own experiences and results from in this case), were able to achievefront-line employees interact with mentoring. transformational results by leadingcustomers. He sees a change in be- To keep the ideas from the men- their teams through Enterprise Men-haviour of his employees (and toring sessions alive throughout torTM.managers) who start to think more the company, Steve takes on thelike business-owners, who take 4