How To Build Engaged, Motivated and Profitable Teams with Enterprise MENTOR


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How To Build Engaged, Motivated and Profitable Teams with Enterprise MENTOR

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How To Build Engaged, Motivated and Profitable Teams with Enterprise MENTOR

  1. 1. Enterprise MENTOR 1 How To Build Engaged, Motivated and Profitable Teams with Enterprise MENTOR A Special Report For Forward Thinking Managers and Executives Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  2. 2. 2 Introduction It was Bill Marriott Jr., the CEO and Chairman of the world renowned Marriott hotel chain, who said of his workforce: "Motivate them, train them, care about them and make winners out of them. We know that if we treat our employees correctly, they'll treat our customers right. And if customers are treated right, they’ll come back (and buy again)" In these words are the keys to a profitable, successful and lasting business which is enjoyed by both employees and customers alike. It’s certainly been the case for Marriott, which originally started out as a root beer stand, and in over eight decades has grown into one of the world’s most respected and loved hotel brands. Bill Marriott doesn’t use fancy business jargon here, but it’s clear he understands the link between people and profits. Bill knows that his business is built on happy repeat and referral customers — and he knows that whether or not his customers come back, is totally dependent on each of his 150,000+ employees. Bill also knows that the key to creating a motivated, engaged and profitable workforce are his managers. This report has been written specifically for you as a manager. In it you’ll find new ideas, tools and strategies to make winners out of the employees you lead, and as a company you’ll find new ways to: • Increase revenue • Increase profits • Increase customer service levels • Improve employee engagement • Improve morale and motivation • Increase innovation • Increase communication • Increase team spirit Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  3. 3. 3 The Challenge for Managers As a manager you are faced with one of the biggest challenges in business: getting the best from the complex, emotional, diverse and rich resource which is your ‘people’. Without question, the success of your company rests in the hands of your employees. It's your employees who serve your customers, innovate your products, and deliver your services. It’s your employees who ensure the smooth running of your company. And it's your role as a manager (and the role of your fellow managers and executives) to day-in, day-out get a higher level of performance, commitment, drive, passion and belief from your team — so they deliver the best possible experience for your customers. But this is easier said than done. Even with all the thousands of management courses available, endless books, articles and reports — management of people isn’t easy. Engaged or unengaged? It’s up to you as a manager. Ultimately, whether you are a CEO, Director, Department or team manager, or team leader/supervisor — you have to find a way to make your team feel engaged. You have to find a way to communicate with them and involve them in your business. You have to create an environment where each employee in your team can thrive and play to their strengths. You have to make sure each employee understands the bigger picture, believes in your company's vision and purpose, and is a true ambassador for your company. Getting your team to perform well is not an easy job, but it’s the one you signed up for when you became a manager. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  4. 4. 4 Your responsibility for appraising and developing your team As a manager it’s very likely you have responsibility for appraising your team, perhaps once or twice a year. In a typical appraisal process, both manager and employee complete an online or paper based appraisal. You then sit down together and discuss how the appraisee has performed during the year, what challenges they’ve faced, the successes and failures they’ve had, the goals they’ve set and achieved, and their future development needs. However, what appraisals do less well is to take things to the next level, and recognise that it’s your responsibility as a manager to ensure your employees develop in the right way, so they can best help your company achieve its goals and objectives. You may be responsible for staff appraisals, but arguably you cannot help your team fully deliver if you do not also personally take some ownership and responsibility for the development of your team. Here at Enterprise Leaders Worldwide, we have found that when managers take personal responsibility for mentoring and developing their teams, and actively involve them in the business, the results they achieve, in terms of engaged employees and profit improvement is transformational. In the pages which follow, we’ll explain how ‘mentoring’ can be an essential tool for you to get the best from your team, and create an engaged and motivated workforce. We’ll also introduce you to Enterprise MENTOR, a structured mentoring programme which can help you as a manager to get more from your team than you previously thought possible. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  5. 5. 5 The Importance of Mentoring Mentoring has long since been recognised as the tool of choice for senior executives and high achievers in the world of sport, theatre and the creative arts. Having a one-to-one mentor is proven to achieve results in a way that few other learning and development activities can. Just take a look at the transformation of finalists on the TV programme The X-Factor. Under the mentorship of Simon Cowell and his fellow mentors, performers go from rough diamonds to polished jewels in just a few short weeks. But mentoring in companies, especially at a one-to-one level is very expensive, and for that reason external face-to-face mentoring typically only happens at a senior level. Many companies try to implement informal mentoring programmes where managers from one department mentor managers or employees from other departments, or managers mentor their own teams. Perhaps you have tried this approach too. These types of mentoring programmes achieve mixed results, more often than not because there is little structure behind the programme. Frequently mentoring sessions can end up with the mentor and mentee saying "Right, what shall we talk about today?" There is often no clear structure, framework or defined outcome. But that is not to say that mentoring as a development method doesn't work within organisations, because clearly it can, especially when it is part of a structured approach, with a clear agenda, and supportive materials. Here at Enterprise Leaders Worldwide, what we have found to work is that when organisations embrace our structured mentoring programme, and managers use it as a tool and roadmap to take their own team on a journey of discovery, then three things happen: Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  6. 6. 6 1. Employees become engaged in the business Employees become passionate about their work, they come alive and feel connected and involved in the business. They have a deeper understanding of what the business stands for, and how they fit into it. Staff retention increases. Companies see higher levels of productivity, performance and profitability from their employees. 2. Customers get a better experience Customers get a better experience as employees start to put customers at the centre of everything they do. This makes it an easier decision for customers to repeat buy and recommend which in itself has a direct and positive impact on revenue and profits. 3. Companies become more innovative Companies become more innovative as employees generate endless new business growth, cost saving and productivity improvement ideas. This approach to mentoring, where managers mentor teams using a structured mentoring programme is what we call Enterprise Mentoring. The underlying tools that companies licence from us to help managers take their teams on a journey of personal, professional and business growth is called Enterprise MENTOR. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  7. 7. 7 Enterprise MENTOR Enterprise MENTOR is an MP3 based mentoring programme which companies can licence either for individuals, for small teams, or for an entire company (a company wide site-licence is the most cost efficient way to licence Enterprise MENTOR). As a manager, you can use Enterprise MENTOR to lead your own team through a series of audio and face-to-face mentoring sessions. These sessions explore subjects such as customers, teams and personal leadership — and provide the fundamentals of business which every employee in your organisation should have ingrained within their DNA. Many companies invest in specific areas of employee development such as sales, customer service, leadership or management. Typically these development approaches only address one subject and are aimed at just a small group of people. However, in reality, all employees in your Best E-Learning & Best Customer Service company are sales people and marketeers and perform some type of leadership or management function — even if it is just leadership and management of themselves. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  8. 8. 8 Enterprise MENTOR introduces a 'wider commercial way of thinking' (which we refer to as 'business owner thinking') and makes it available in a set of mentoring tools which you can lead your team through. At the heart of Enterprise MENTOR are the three cornerstones of audio mentoring sessions, face-to-face mentoring, and idea generation. Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail. 20 Audio Mentoring Sessions The backbone of Enterprise MENTOR is made up of 20 audio mentoring sessions which your employees (mentees) can listen to on their smart phones, MP3 players, on a CD-Rom, through the internet, or via your company’s Learning Management System. These mentoring sessions are based on interviews with 50 award winning-business leaders and entrepreneurs — and are taught in an entertaining, fun, lively and highly engaging format. Face-to-Face Mentoring The second part of Enterprise MENTOR are face-to-face mentoring sessions, and these are a critical element. As a manager, you personally take the lead in these group mentor sessions and with your team (mentees), and in the face-to-face sessions you discuss all that has been learnt in the audio mentoring sessions, and explore what ideas from the programme can be used in your own company, department or team. Capturing New Ideas The third key element of Enterprise MENTOR is the generation and capturing of new business growth ideas. During the course, mentees are asked to put themselves in the shoes of your company’s CEO/MD and suggest changes they would make if they were CEO for a day. These ideas (which are plentiful) can be captured in workbooks, or entered into an online database. The best ones can be acted upon and implemented in your business. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  9. 9. 9 No iPhone - No Problem! We personally think the best way for you and your team to experience Enterprise MENTOR is on an iPhone or iPod Touch, but if you don’t have either of these, then no problem. Enterprise MENTOR is designed to work on multiple technology platforms. Whatever your preferred distribution medium, it's very likely we can provide a version of Enterprise MENTOR for you. Because Enterprise MENTOR is digital, it can be played through any mobile phone, PC, Mac, web browser, LMS, MP3 player, iPad - or even on a CD Rom. To learn more about which ‘devices’ Enterprise MENTOR can be accessed on, simply give us a call. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  10. 10. 10 Who is Enterprise MENTOR For? Unlike traditional ‘executive’ mentoring, which is expensive and usually only happens at CEO or board level, Enterprise MENTOR is designed to be experienced by every employee and manager in your company. Because of its use of technology (MP3 and mobile devices), Enterprise MENTOR is scalable, affordable and can be brought right down to your front-line, so the very people who interact with your customers, or innovate your products can receive a world-class mentoring experience. As a manager, you can lead your own team through Enterprise MENTOR. This means that there is no need to bring in expensive external consultants, coaches or trainers. The licence cost of Enterprise MENTOR will be a tiny fraction of your company’s overall payroll cost, yet the additional revenue and profits which you can achieve from mentoring your team can be substantial. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  11. 11. 11 What Makes Enterprise MENTOR Different? Unlike other employee development programmes which are classroom based, tied to a computer, or heavy with ring binders, Enterprise MENTOR is a dynamic, entertaining and enjoyable experience which will forever change the way the employees you manage think about their work. Through a series of 20 audio mentoring sessions (each around 15 minutes long) mentees are introduced to Tom McMillan who guides them through a refreshing, engaging and thought provoking journey of business exploration. With the help of fellow mentors, Lucy, Stephen, Michael and Tom, your mentees will take a close look at Amroze Technology, a leading international software company, which after years of exponential growth had suffered and stalled in its market place, resulting in low morale, high levels of customer attrition, unwanted financial losses, and outdated and unpopular products. Thanks to these four mentors, and the principles of Enterprise Leadership, Amroze has recently undergone a dramatic turnaround to regain its prominent position as the market leader in its field. It’s the tools and strategies which Amroze used to turn itself around which your mentees will examine in close detail. And it’s these very tools which mentees will be able to deploy in their own career with great effect. Being MP3 based, and accessed on a mobile phone, MP3 player or other portable devices, mentees can listen to the audio sessions of Enterprise MENTOR wherever or whenever it suits them — whilst traveling, relaxing at home, or even in bed! Enterprise MENTOR is more than a mentoring programme, it is an unforgettable journey which you as a manager and your employees can embark on together, and it is one which is highly engaging, relevant, fun, flexible and utterly addictive. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  12. 12. 12 Enterprise MENTOR Sessions When you licence Enterprise MENTOR (either for an individual, team or company) you receive the following audio mentoring sessions: (1) Introduction audio session: here mentees will be introduced to their mentors and will be given directions on how to study the mentoring programme. (2) 20 audio mentoring sessions: this is the core of Enterprise MENTOR which helps mentees to think, act and make decisions like confident business leaders. Each day is just 15 to 20 minutes in length and manageable for even the busiest person. Sessions 1 to 5: Focus on CUSTOMERS • Session 1: Growth Through Innovation, Creativity and Change • Session 2: Gaining New Customers Through 'Word of Mouth Marketing' • Session 3: How To Maximise The Life-Time Value of Your Customers • Session 4: Why Everybody In Your Company Must Be A Salesperson • Session 5: The Six Fundamentals of Business That You Must Master Sessions 6 to 10 : Focus on TEAMS • Session 6: People! The Key To Unlocking Your Profit Potential • Session 7: 7 Essential Steps To Make Your Team Believe • Session 8: How To Maximise Your Results Through Communication • Session 9: 7 Proven Strategies To Get The Most From Your Team • Session 10: Motivation! How To Get Your People To Go The Extra Mile Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  13. 13. 13 Sessions 11 to 20 : Focus on EMPLOYEES and MANAGERS • Session 11: Half-Way Review and Introduction To Personal Leadership • Session 12: How To Develop Unshakable Confidence & Self Belief • Session 13: The Unstoppable Twin Force of Passion & Desire • Session 14: How To Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs • Session 15: How To Create Endless Opportunity and Make Luck Work For You • Session 16: How To Achieve Extraordinary Results Through The Power of Goals • Session 17: The 5 Advance Payments You Must Make To Reach Your Goals • Session 18: How To Achieve Any Goal You Set For Yourself • Session 19: Why Experiencing Failure Is Essential For You To Succeed! • Session 20: Your Role as an Enterprise Leader (3) A 218 page workbook: this workbook is crucial for mentees to gain the most from the programme. Each day’s mentoring session is summarised and provides a series of practical exercises which allow employees and managers to personalize the course back to their business. (4) 20 Summary audio sessions: these sessions capture the core messages, essence, information, learning and teaching in 20 separate tracks and allow mentees to re-listen to the main points from the course in about 1 hour. (5) A spoken word copy of Business Upgrade: This book introduces mentees to the principles outlined in Enterprise MENTOR and is the first step on the journey. (6) Foundation Series Plus+: Mentees will receive FIVE hours of additional mentoring sessions taught by real-life entrepreneurs and business leaders. (7) Entrepreneur Interviews: Mentees will also receive TEN hours of extra bonus mentoring sessions. Here mentees will hear many of the original interviews from which Enterprise MENTOR was built. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  14. 14. 14 Example: Sarah And Her Team To understand how Enterprise MENTOR practically works, let’s take a look at the example of Sarah. Sarah manages a small team of five people. In her team are Sally, George, Michelle, David and Amanda. The team is doing ok, but Sarah knows that they can perform at a higher level, and she wants to get her entire team focused on the business and help them see the company through her eyes, and the eyes of her senior management team. With the help of Enterprise MENTOR, she takes her small team on a journey where each person has the opportunity to receive a world-class business education and experience which dramatically changes the way they think about their work, company and customers. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  15. 15. 15 Audio Mentoring Sessions Each member of Sarah's team is given a copy of Enterprise MENTOR’s 20 audio mentoring sessions. Sally receives the programme in MP3 format and listens to it on her iPhone. George accesses the multi-media version of Enterprise MENTOR through his computer, Michelle listens to the programme on her MP3 player, David through the company’s Learning Management System and Amanda receives a CD-Rom. Sarah as the mentor chooses to use her smart phone to listen to the 20 audio mentoring sessions. It's important that each person can access the audio mentoring sessions at a time and place which suits them — and in a learning format which best fits their learning style. Each of the mentees study one or two of the audio mentoring sessions a week, some mentees study them at work, some at home and some on the move. The 20 audio mentoring sessions include subjects such as: How to increase the life- time value of a customer. How to get more word of mouth referral customers. Why all employees must see themselves as a sales person — as well as team development subjects such as motivation and communication and a whole host of personal leadership tools which get the very best from each mentee. As part of each audio mentoring session, each mentee is asked to complete a series of written exercises which are made available to them through workbooks or online. During these sessions mentees are asked what suggestions and ideas they would put forward if they were CEO for a day. For Sarah, this means that from her group of just five employees, each session generates 25 new business growth, profit improvement, cost saving, and new product innovation ideas (ideas which were already in the workforce, but with the help of the audio and face-to-face mentoring sessions have been identified, captured and discussed). Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  16. 16. 16 Face-to-Face Mentoring Sessions Every Friday at 11am Sarah brings her whole team of mentees together in a room where they discuss what they've learnt from the mentoring sessions, the ideas they have generated and what they can apply from the programme back into their work. Because each mentee has already studied the same material during the week and completed the written exercises, they are full of ideas on how to use the learning, and new ideas for the benefit of their company. These mentor sessions also give Sarah the chance to see another side of her team, and understand the different talents of each team member. Idea Generation In Sarah's company, they have decided to implement Google Wave, a social media platform where the ideas can be shared throughout the whole organisation and can be commented on and improved. Throughout the company, other mentor groups are springing up as line-managers lead their teams through the Enterprise MENTOR programme generating literally thousands of new business growth ideas which are captured in a central database. Results The results which Sarah’s company have seen from implementing Enterprise MENTOR have been transformational. Employees have become more energised, engaged, motivated and creative. Customers now get a much greater experience, as every employee in the company, (whether they are customer facing or not) have become more attentive, and take more ownership and responsibility for making customers want to repeat buy and recommend. Employees have become more creative too, as they have identified literally thousands of new business growth, cost saving and product improvement ideas. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  17. 17. 17 Benefits of Enterprise MENTOR The benefits of introducing Enterprise MENTOR to your company are far reaching and have a positive and often ‘unexpected’ impact on many other areas of your business. Here are just a few of the benefits of Enterprise MENTOR, and the impact they have on your different stakeholders. Benefits for Managers When managers become mentors to their teams, managers find that their employees: • Become passionate about their work • Take ownership and responsibility for the success of the company • See their work as more than just a job • Have high levels of business acumen and understand the bigger picture • Go the extra mile, not because they are asked to, but because they want to • Are focused on delivering excellence for your customers — at all times • Understand the importance of repeat customers and referral customers • Are proud of their work • Believe in your company — and are an ambassador for you • Think like a business owner, rather than an employee. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  18. 18. 18 Benefits for Employees When employees experience Enterprise MENTOR they: • Receive two mentoring experiences: the first from 20 audio mentoring sessions, and then a second from face-to-face mentoring sessions from their own line-manager (who contextulises the learning back to their own job) • Listen and learn at a time and place which suits them • Get to absorb the new information from many angles (the multiple-level learning approach includes MP3, workbook, summaries, face-to-face, follow-on, etc) • Have the opportunity and permission to present their own ideas for business growth, and suggest what changes they would make if they were the CEO for a day • Get to know their line-managers at a deeper business level, and discover the issues and constraints which are relevant to them • Get to better understand their role within their organisation, and what specifically is expected of them, and discover how they can contribute more • Raise their profile • Develop their skills and ability as a potential manager of the future Benefits for HR Directors For HR Directors, the benefits which come from Enterprise MENTOR are: • Increased employee retention and lower staff turnover/attrition • Reduced absenteeism • Ability to attract the best people • Opportunity to liberate the people who are damaging your company • More motivated and passionate employees • Eliminate employee disengagement, political infighting and resistance to change Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  19. 19. 19 • Increased revenue and profit per head • Employees take more ownership, responsibility and personal accountability for their work • Increased productivity and performance of employees and managers • Increased staff level of business understanding and commercial acumen • Negative morale turned into positive morale • Managers turned into man-managers, mentors and leaders • Passionate teams who believe in the company’s purpose • Maximised internal communication to deliver extraordinary results • Powerful and energetic company culture which puts customers first Benefits for Sales and Marketing For Sales and Marketing executives, the benefits which come from Enterprise MENTOR are: • Every employee responsible for revenue and profit growth • Life-time value of customers is maximised • More prospects turned into paying customers • More paying customers turned into repeat customers • More repeat customers turned into referral customers • Retain more customers / reduction in customer churn • Sales and marketing budgets work harder Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  20. 20. 20 Benefits for CEOS & CFOs For CEOs and CFOs, the benefits which come from Enterprise MENTOR are: • Grow company’s revenues, profits, cashflow and company value/share price through people • Employees turned into brand ambassadors • Excellence delivered at all levels • All employees are turned into marketers who are responsible for selling • Superior levels of customer service are offered • Greater buy-in and involvement from your employees and managers • Complacency eliminated (i.e. taking customers for granted) • More achieved with fewer resources • Become the most innovative and creative company in your industry which embraces continuous improvement and change • Lower cost of sales and shorten sales cycle • More prospects turned into paying customers • More customers turned into repeat customers and referral customers Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  21. 21. 21 10 Reasons Why Enterprise MENTOR Works Here are 10 reasons why Enterprise MENTOR can help you achieve transformational results in your teams. 1. Audio Mentoring + Face-to-Face Mentoring The combination of audio mentoring sessions together with face-to-face group mentor sessions, means the employees you manage get two types of mentoring: one structured and educational, the other informal and participatory. Together these give mentees a rich, engaging and unforgettable experience. 2. Employees get to learn at a time and place which suits them A key benefit of the audio mentoring sessions (which are digital and can be listened to on an MP3 player or mobile phone), means mentees can learn at a time and place which suits them. This might be whilst traveling to work, at the gym, relaxing at home, or even in bed! By making the audio mentoring sessions available on a mobile device means that you eliminate the barrier which is present with most PC based e-learning systems, and gives mentees the flexibility of when and where they learn. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  22. 22. 22 3. Group mentoring session brings the best out of people There is an obvious dynamic which happens when a group of people is brought together in a room with a common purpose. The synergy of 2+2=5 rapidly happens. The group mentor sessions (which you lead as a manager) are a critical part of creating employee engagement and transformation. The fact that each mentee has previously listened to the audio mentoring session prior to attending your face-to-face mentoring sessions, means that everybody is on the same page, and can share their own views and thoughts on how to apply the learning from the audio session back into the business. 4. Employees feel involved in the business. One of the key outputs from Enterprise MENTOR is the capturing of mentees’ ideas. At the end of each audio mentor session, mentees are directly asked what five changes they would make if they were CEO for a day. This question gives mentees permission and the opportunity to put forward some of their best business growth, cost saving and productivity improvement ideas. Quite literally, each mentee will generate around 100 new ideas as a result of the mentoring programme, and this can translate into thousands of new ideas when an entire team or company uses Enterprise MENTOR. These are quality ideas which were already in your business but previously untapped. 5. Managers get to see how employees think and behave A hidden benefit of Enterprise MENTOR (for you as a manager), is that you get to see first hand how your team thinks, acts and behaves in a creative environment. As you are responsible for the performance of your people, it is critical that you have a deep understanding of them Through face-to-face group mentoring sessions, you not only get to understand your mentees behaviour, but you also get to understand more about your people at a personal level. The more you understand about your team, the better manager you can be. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  23. 23. 23 6. Uses a structured approach with a flexible timeframe The 20 audio mentoring sessions and the structure they provide has been designed from the ground up to bring some of the best-of-the-best thinking of leading UK entrepreneurs and business leaders to mentees. By examining core subjects of customers, teams and personal leadership, mentees are able to understand exactly what it takes to achieve the highest results in business. Being a structured mentoring programme, ensures all your mentees are on the same page at the same time, and receive a consistent and world class mentoring experience. 7. Changes thinking and behaviour at a deep level Enterprise MENTOR was built using the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a technology which helps instill a new language and set of excellent behaviours into mentees. Originally, over 50 successful entrepreneurs and business leaders were interviewed and modelled, and their words, way of thinking and excellent behaviours were analysed and decoded. Through 20 audio mentoring sessions, Enterprise MENTOR recreates this ‘business owner way-of-thinking’ and with the help of NLP techniques, reprogrammes it in into mentees. Using a number of summary sessions and reinforcing techniques you are able to keep the new way of thinking alive in your own team. 8. Little and often approach. It was Edgar Dale, the famous researcher who first understood the importance of different learning techniques. Dale cites that learners retain only 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they hear and read, but as much as 90% when they actively participate. All too often, what happens in classroom training is forgotten the next day, but by bringing a combination of reading, hearing and participating in face-to-face mentoring sessions, and spreading this out over time, mentees are able to understand and retain a lot more of what they learn. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  24. 24. 24 9. Taught in the workplace by the manager Unlike most learning and development programmes, which are taught in the classroom by an external provider, Enterprise MENTOR is about the relationship between employees (mentees) and you as a manager (mentor). This means what happens during the audio and face-to-face mentoring sessions is 100% relevant and can be implemented in the workplace. All too often when employees return from training programmes, there is a disconnect between the manager and the employee, but by putting the ownership and responsibility in your hands as a manager, and by giving you the tools to deliver world-class development, it is easier to ensure results are consistently achieved. 10. Stimulates a new interest in learning One of the hidden outcomes of Enterprise MENTOR is that it often stimulates a new thirst for learning in mentees. In many instances, mentees have never before taken an interest in personal development or learning more about the business they work for, but once they have completed the mentoring course, many mentees want to continue their own journey of personal development. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  25. 25. 25 Who Licenses Enterprise MENTOR? We’re often asked “What types of companies licence Enterprise MENTOR?”. In reality, because Enterprise MENTOR is a development programme for ‘people’, (and all companies are ‘people’ companies), Enterprise MENTOR is suitable for all types of companies — large and small — in all types of industries. However, what we know here at Enterprise Leaders Worldwide, is that it is not ‘companies’ who licence Enterprise MENTOR, but you, a manager or executive who works for (or owns) companies. As a forward thinking manager you will clearly see the link between happy, engaged and motivated employees, and higher levels of revenue and profit growth. You may be a CEO, Sales Director, HR Director, Head of Department, or team manager. You will want to grow your business, and you know that it’s your people who are the key to achieving these results. You will recognise that you need to take a step back from the busy hustle or the day- to-day running of your team (or company) and invest in your people to grow your business to the next level and beyond. You will recognise that the investment you make in developing people can yield a return of many tens or hundreds of times your initial investment. As Enterprise MENTOR will have an impact on many areas of your business, it can readily be charged to a wide range of different budgets, including staff development, training, marketing or even sales. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  26. 26. 26 7 Steps You Can Take To Get Started Right Now As a manager you can start right now with Enterprise MENTOR and see a transformation in the level of engagement, motivation and productivity of your team by following these seven simple steps. 1. Download a ‘Lite’’ version of Enterprise MENTOR To get started and experience Enterprise MENTOR for yourself, you can start by downloading a lite version to your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you don't have an iPhone or iPod touch, we recommend purchasing an entry level iPod Touch, which is a fully legitimate and reclaimable business expense. Although this may not be the eventual device you use to distribute Enterprise MENTOR to the employees in your team, an iPod Touch is the perfect tool to help YOU learn more about Enterprise MENTOR and understand how you can use it in your own team, department, division or company. To start with you can download a ‘Lite’ (free version) of Enterprise MENTOR or for less than £100 you can download a full ‘single user’ working version of Enterprise MENTOR which includes: • 20 audio mentoring sessions • 20 audio summary sessions • 218 page workbook • Business Upgrade audio book • 15 hrs+ of extra audio entrepreneur interviews which are the foundations on which Enterprise MENTOR was built. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  27. 27. 27 2. Immerse yourself in the programme As a manager, you should first immerse yourself in Enterprise MENTOR and take time to understand how you can use it to develop your own team. 3. Get hold of a small budget The licence cost for five copies of Enterprise MENTOR is less than £500, enough to get started with a small team. If you need to invest in an entry level iPod Touch for your team, you will need a budget of around £1,200. Still a very small investment, given the transformational results you will achieve when your team is introduced to Enterprise MENTOR. If your team already has iPhones or iPod Touches, your investment for five employees is only £500 for the licence cost of Enterprise MENTOR. Your team may alternatively have a Blackberry, Google Android phone, or their own MP3 player. These are all platforms which Enterprise MENTOR can be accessed on. Just contact us for more details about these platforms. You may instead prefer to access Enterprise MENTOR online through the internet. NB: With an enterprise-wide site-licence, the licence cost of Enterprise MENTOR can come down to as low as £2 per employee. Either way, it is important to make the audio mentoring materials available to every member of your team in a format that best suits them. 4. Put some dates in your diary Create a schedule of how you as a manager will lead your team through Enterprise MENTOR. Do you and your team plan to study one session per week, two per week, or one per day? All of these are realistic and possible timescales. But you must decide what works best for you. Points to consider are: • Available time for mentees to listen to and digest the mentoring sessions (each session is around 15 minutes long). Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  28. 28. 28 • How often you can bring your team together for group mentoring sessions • Whether you are going to create an online portal where new business growth, cost saving and productivity improvement ideas can be shared. 5. Distribute Enterprise MENTOR Make available Enterprise MENTOR to your core team. Start with a kick off meeting and get them involved very early on. Help mentees understand why they are going through this mentoring programme, and explain exactly what it will mean to them in their careers, the benefits for them, and how it will help them become more involved in your business. 6. Get Started! Roll out the programme over your chosen timeframe. 7. Make this the beginning, not the end Make sure that you build into the programme all the suggested follow-on activities, such as setting aside a few hours where mentees can present their business growth, cost saving and innovation ideas back to senior management. This 'final presentation' is a key part of embedding the lessons learnt from Enterprise MENTOR deep into your mentees’ subconscious minds. Other follow-on activities can include offsite events, regular top-up sessions, sharing ideas and best practice, and much more. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  29. 29. 29 A Word About Site-Licences Enterprise MENTOR is available as an enterprise-wide site licence or for ‘individually named employees’. The cost of a licence for a single employee is less than £100, and this dramatically drops in price on a sliding scale when you licence the programme for more employees. For up-to-date pricing, and to learn how you can bring Enterprise MENTOR to your entire company, please visit Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W
  30. 30. 30 Download a Lite Version To get started right now and sample Enterprise MENTOR for yourself, you can download a ‘Lite’ version of the mentoring programme from the Apple App store. In the Lite version, you’ll have access to three full mentoring sessions, and you’ll be able to experience first hand exactly how and why Enterprise MENTOR works. Company Enterprise Leaders Worldwide T +44 (0)20 7558 8017 E W