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Enterprise Mentor Workshop

  1. 1. Richard Parkes Cordock Enterprise Leaders Worldwide
  2. 2. I Stand Here! Customers X Marketing Employees Marketing Employees X = Maximum Profit
  3. 3. Management Staff Turnover Absenteeism Retention Conflict Attrition Attracting Best People Culture Communication Motivation Laziness Productivity Recruitment Change Engagement Attitude Low Morale Leadership De-Motivation
  4. 4. Before After Objective For Our Time Together
  5. 5. Same Standards Same Passion Same Pride Same Care and Attention Same Ownership Same Responsibility Same Customer Focus Same Urgency Same Commitment Same Creativity Same Attitude
  6. 6. Session 1 - About Richard - Profit Growth Formula - People & Profit Session 2 - What Do you Want? - Employee Engagement - Your Challenges? Session 3 - Mentoring - Case Study - Enterprise Mentoring - Sample Module
  7. 7. Richard Parkes Cordock Richard Parkes Cordock
  8. 8. People & Profit
  9. 9. PG = B + BA + TTF
  10. 10. Buy Buy Again Tell Their Friends PG = B + BA + TTF
  11. 11. Buy Buy Again Tell Their Friends PG = B + BA + TTF
  12. 12. BUY PG = B + BA + TTF
  13. 13. Why Do Your NEW Customers Choose To Buy From YOU?
  14. 14. Why Do Customers & Prospects Choose To Buy From Your Competitors? Your Compa n y Co mp etit ors
  15. 15. All Employees Are Marketers
  16. 16. Buy Again PG = B + BA + TTF
  17. 17. Why Do Your Customers Buy Again From You?
  18. 18. The Cardinal Sin! Losing Customers... Why Customers Leave You: 1% - Die 3% - Move Away 5% - Develop Other Friendships 9% - For Competitive Reasons 14% - Product Dissatisfaction 68% - Attitude of Indifference From Supplier Source: John Maxwell - The Winning Attitude
  19. 19. Why Do Your Customers Leave YOU?
  20. 20. Tell Their Friends PG = B + BA + TTF
  21. 21. Why Do Your Customers Recommend YOU?
  22. 22. Beware Negative Word of Mouth/Mouse
  23. 23. Beware of Silent Customers
  24. 24. Excellence Man on the Moon Thinking
  25. 25. B: £100 B: £400 B: £10 BA: £1,000 BA: £0 BA: £Massive TTF: £500 TTF: £1,200 TTF: £Massive
  26. 26. Session 2 Richard Parkes Cordock
  27. 27. What Do You Want From Your BUSINESS & PEOPLE?
  28. 28. What Are The Major BUSINESS & PEOPLE Challenges You Face?
  29. 29. People - The Key To Profit Growth Price < 60 days Advertising < 1 year Innovation < 2 years Manufacturing < 3 years Distribution < 4 years People < 7 years Sources of Sustainability - Harvard Business School
  30. 30. Engaged Employees Un-Engaged Employees Engaged Customers Un-Engaged Customers Higher Profits Lower Profits
  31. 31. What Percentage of YOUR Employees Are Engaged? Engaged Employees Revenue & Profit Happy Customers Who Repeat Buy & Recommend
  32. 32. Engaged Unengaged Disengaged 29% 54% 17%
  33. 33. Employee Engagement Statistics
  34. 34. What Do Engaged Employees Look Like?
  35. 35. What is The Impact of Poor Engagement on YOUR Customers’ Experience?
  36. 36. What is The Financial Cost of Poor Engagement on YOUR P&L and B/S?
  37. 37. Increase Revenue (with Engaged Employees) More revenue through repeat customers (you increase the life-time value of your customers) More revenue through referral customers (you have happier customers who become raving fans) Reduce customer attrition Customers spread more positive word-of-mouth recommendations about you in the market place Fewer customer complaints and fewer negative word-of-mouth stories spread about you Increase average order value Higher conversion ratio of prospects who turn into paying customers ALL employees become responsible for selling, (not just your direct sales team) The products and services you offer your prospects and customers become more relevant to them Quicker time-to-market (of your new products and services)
  38. 38. Reduce Cost of Sales Higher margins through lower cost of sale Shorten sales-cycle (the time it takes to convert prospects to paying customers) Lower cost of acquiring a customer (you get more qualified and better quality leads) Lower cost of customer acquisition (through more word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers) More competitive products (from greater innovation and relevance to customers — Think Apple iPod!) Reduce the need to discount your products and services
  39. 39. Greater ROI on Payroll Greater performance and productivity of your existing staff Remove/replace underperforming staff or those who are not fully onboard (this in itself yields greater productivity returns) Reduction in absenteeism and sick days Lower staff turnover (immediately reduce your recruitment costs and opportunity cost of bad hires) Retention rates of your best staff and key talent increases You gain a wealth of business growth ideas from your staff You become a very desirable company to work for and attracting new staff becomes easier and cheaper You achieve greater levels of moral and employee motivation (which leads to higher results) Eliminate employee complacency and taking customers for granted Increase in your revenue and profit per-head
  40. 40. Reduce Overheads Your employees become more conscious of wasting cash. They are keen to remove inefficiencies and make a greater effort to reduce expenses Your employees seek out the best price/deals when spending company cash
  41. 41. Increase in cash (through greater sales Increase Cash and fewer wasted expenses) Stronger connection between your employees and their understanding of the importance of cash Increase in receivables (through greater Increase sales revenue) Receivables Lower Days Sales Outstanding ratio Reduction in bad debts (from happier and better quality customers) Less working capital tied up in inventory Lower Cost of as a result of your faster stock turnover Inventory Less inventory write-offs (as you buy in or manufacture fewer products which ultimately become obsolete or irrelevant to your customers).
  42. 42. A greater return on your hard assets, as More ROI on you generate more sales per fixed assets Fixed Assets The intangible value of your company Increase and brand increases, as the market Goodwill responds to your company’s success Reduction in your line-of-credit Reduce requirements, as higher sales generate Creditors greater cash-flow Lower cost of borrowing money (as you are a lower perceived risk to banks) Value of your company increases Increase (including your share price, PE ratio and Company Value EPS) Greater dividends available for your shareholders
  43. 43. How Do You Create Engagement?
  44. 44. Who Creates Engagement?
  45. 45. What Are You Doing In Your Company To Create Engagement?
  46. 46. What is The Impact of Engagement on YOUR Revenue & Profit Per Head?
  47. 47. Session 3 Richard Parkes Cordock
  48. 48. Traditional Mentoring Delivers results Traditional Mentoring CEO High achievers / X-Factor Board Expensive Only happens at CEO/Board Doesn’t reach 90%+ of employees in the front-line who deal with customers Unstructured/Informal. “What shall we speak about today?”
  49. 49. Finance HR Sales Customer Admin Marketing Customer Operations Service Enterprise Mentoring Embraces ALL Employees (Just Like ERP!)
  50. 50. MP3 Player Mobile Phone Internet LMS CD Rom Walking to Work On a Train At Home In the Office At Home Mon 8.30am Tue 3.30pm Wed 8.00pm Tue 11.00am Mon 9.00pm 2 Forms of Group Mentoring Session (Face-To-Face) Mentoring Fri 11.00am Digital + Face-to-Face
  51. 51. Enterprise Mentoring For the majority of employees Traditional Mentoring CEO Digital + face-to-face mentoring Board Use line-managers as mentors Structured / Outcome focused Leverages technology Low cost Scalable Enterprise Mentoring
  52. 52. Commercial Acumen Self-Belief Habits Actions Knowledge Decisions Language Abilities Leadership Ability Attitude Behaviours Understanding Beliefs Skill Set Thinking Mindset Customer Focus Confidence Business Understanding
  53. 53. Learning & Mastery Takes Time
  54. 54. Why Enterprise Mentoring Works! • Controlled Pace - (21 Sessions) • Two levels of mentoring (digital + F2F) • Line-managers become mentors • Collaborative (mentor groups) • Involves employees in the business Mentor • Builds trust and understanding between employees and managers Group • Starts conversations and dialogue • Values employees’ ideas • Focuses team on what really matters (the customer!) • Makes learning fun and relevant
  55. 55. Advantages Over Other Development Methods In-house classroom / workshops External workshops E-learning Self-study (print based materials) Games Book clubs Team building (Internal/External) Blogs
  56. 56. % Knowledge We Retain When We Learn After 2 weeks, we tend to remember P 10% of what we READ Reading Verbal A S 20% of what we HEAR Hearing Words S 30% of what we SEE Looking at Pictures I V Watching a Movie E 50% of what we Looking at an Exhibit HEAR and SEE Watching a Demonstration Visual Seeing it done in Location 70% of what Participating in a Discussion A Participating we SAY Giving a Talk C T 90% of what Doing a Dramatic Presentation I we SAY and Simulating the real experience Doing V Do Doing the real thing! E
  57. 57. Multiple Mentoring Sessions (Little and Often) Effective Learning Area of missed opportunity Traditional Learning vs Enterprise Mentoring Traditional Learning (i.e. Workshops) Enterprise Mentoring (Sustained Learning) Time
  58. 58. 1. MP3/Flash Mentoring Sessions 2. Workbook 3. Face-to-Face Mentoring Sessions 6. Mentee 4. Summary 5. Presentation Becomes Sessions Mentor 7. Follow-Through 7 Steps of Enterprise Mentoring
  59. 59. Enterprise Mentoring Tools + Mentees study 20 MP3 or Flash mentoring Practical workbook exercises apply the sessions at a time and place to suit them sessions back to the mentees company + Line-managers become mentors to employees (mentees) Group mentoring sessions with line-managers and other mentees build on the digital mentoring sessions
  60. 60. M-Mentoring (Mobile MP3) E-Mentoring (Electronic Multi-Media) Advantages Advantages •Mentees can be mentored wherever they are — • Includes a graphical element which adds another and at a time which suits them dimension/mode to learning •Does not require mentees to be in front of a • Delivered through a computer, which most computer mentees will have access to •Listen-only format means mentees can do other • Mentoring programme can be loaded just once on things at the same time a central server or LMS •MP3 players can be pre-loaded with extra 'audio • Does not require investment in MP3 players based' learning materials • Simpler implementation •Because of flexibility of use (time/location), the MP3 • Can reach thousands of employees rapidly. approach encourages mentees to re-listen to the programme many times. Disadvantages • Lacks the 'anytime/anyplace' flexibility of MP3 Disadvantages learning • Requires a MP3 player, mobile phone or other • Requires mentees to be in front of a PC to learn device • As e-mentoring is visual, mentees cannot do other • Audio only — some mentees prefer visual learning. things at the same time.
  61. 61. 1 Make Customer Believe THEY BELIEVE 2 Make Teams Believe WE BELIEVE 3 Make Employees Believe I BELIEVE I - I Believe in myself B - Be Passionate and want it E - Extend your comfort zone L - Lies and luck don’t work I - Install goals E - Enjoy hard work V - Very very persistent E - Expect Failure
  62. 62. Session 1 - 5: The Customer 1: Growth Through Innovation, Creativity and Change 2: Gaining New Customers Through ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’ 3: How To Maximise The Life-Time Value of Your Customers 4: Why Everybody In Your Company Must Be A Salesperson 5: The Six Fundamentals of Business That
  63. 63. Session 6 - 10: The Team 6: People! The Key To Unlocking Your Profit Potential 7: 7 Essential Steps To Make Your Team Believe 8: How To Maximise Your Results Through Communication 9: 7 Proven Strategies To Get The Most From Your Team 10: Motivation! How To Get Your People To Go The Extra Mile
  64. 64. Sessions 11 - 20: The Leader (Personal Leadership) 11: Introduction To Personal Leadership 16: How To Achieve Extraordinary Results With The Power of Goals 12: How To Develop Unshakable Confidence & Self Belief 17: The 5 Advance Payments You Must Make To Reach Your Goals 13: The Unstoppable Twin Force of Passion & Desire 18: How To Achieve Any Goal You Set For Yourself 14: How To Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs 19: Why Experiencing Failure Is Essential For You To Succeed! 15: How To Create Endless Opportunity and Make Luck Work For You 20: Your Role as an Enterprise Leader
  65. 65. 1000s of New Ideas!
  66. 66. Outcomes from Enterprise Mentoring 1000s of new business growth / More relevant to your customers process improvement ideas Right people in right places CEO thinking right down to the Liberate the ‘wrong’ people front-line Everybody sees themselves as a Happier referral customers salesperson (workforce becomes Increased LTV of customers your salesforce) Increased revenue/profit per head Create leaders at all levels Engaged, passionate and Develop a culture of self-learners motivated staff Excellence!
  67. 67. Benefits of Enterprise Mentoring CEOs Greater revenues, profits & value Sales More repeat & referral customers HR Engaged & motivated employees L&D Low-cost, easy to deploy programme Managers Get best from employees/teams Employees Engage with company, customers, line-manager & fellow mentees
  68. 68. Justin (Div Sales Dir) David (Sales Dir) - Simon - Matthew - Vanessa - Kathryn - Dave - 1 other (left company) - Michelle
  69. 69. “What They Said” “The best way of describing it is, they are awakened to an opportunity that they could never see before. It is very difficult to describe but they become alive and alert, they’re different people from a business perspective.” Richard Hammonds - MD
  70. 70. “What They Said” “It’s as if a light bulb has been switched on! They understand the importance of the The thinking of the protégés who people in their teams, the importance of completed the course, compared to how recruiting the right people, and the they were six months ago, is day and importance of managers being leaders night. and not just managers. And they understand how to grow this business.” They now think like business owners. I am now able to have a conversation with them Richard Hammonds - MD at a more commercial level. They understand that the growth of this company is not just about revenue, but about margins and cash.
  71. 71. “What They Said” “It was addictive, and that’s what I need when I’m “My wife says, ‘I would love to have the learning. I went to bed wearing those MP3 confidence you have. You are just so headphones and my husband said, ‘You have to confident at the moment.’ be having a laugh!’ She’s even considering looking at the He’s gone through the programme. It wasn’t books, at the workbook and the MP3 optional because I talked about it constantly. He herself! hasn’t read the book but I’m sure he could finish the workbook for you! She says, ‘If I’ve got to listen to that for a few weeks and walk about with that stuck He’s picked it up purely because every time he to my ear to get the confidence that you’ve sat down to eat I would be talking about a got, then give it to me!’” section of it, or the workbook would be sitting under my nose as I was doing something else.” Matthew - Regional Manager Kathryn - Regional Director
  72. 72. Results Seen at Hammonds Revenue up 20% More creative/innovative staff Conversion of prospects to Liberated employees who should paying customers not be on the bus Increased average order size Created a new language 1000’s of new business growth/ Gave company a new focus and cost saving ideas direction Happier customers Stand out above competition Employees and managers Aligned the vision of the CEO with energized and engaged the employees and managers
  73. 73. Benefits to Hammonds (and YOU!) Bring world-class mentoring to 100% relevant - ‘job placed’ normally unaffordable places (i.e. learning front-line) Delivers higher levels of Use internal line managers - not engagement! expensive external coaches/ Builds a customer focused consultants company One-off licence cost Drives revenue and profit growth Managers are doing what they Is fun! should be doing (I.e. man- managers and mentors)
  74. 74. What Impact Can Enterprise Mentoring Have on Your Business?