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Enterprise Mentor


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Transcript of "Enterprise Mentor"

  1. 1. Enterprise MENTOR for the iPhone and iPod Touch Are you a manager who needs to motivate, engage and get more from your team? Good news... There's an app for that! As a manager, you have one of the toughest jobs in business... namely getting the best from the complex, emotional, diverse and talented resource, Enterprise MENTOR is a set of audio mentoring which is your PEOPLE! tools to help you create a work environment where every person you manage feels connected Whether you lead a team of one, one hundred, or and aligned with your company, and wants to 1,000+, your job as a manager is to help every personally go further and higher to achieve more. employee in your team feel engaged, motivated and As a manager, Enterprise MENTOR helps you: at all times, do the very best they can for your company and customer. ● Create a connection between your employees, company and customers. But creating an environment where this level of motivation, engagement and 'excellence' happens ● Involve your team in the business so they feel customer focused, creative, innovative and — day in, day out — is not easy. listened to. Although it may often feel like it, you are not alone ● Drive revenue and profit growth through with this challenge, as it's something every business engaged, passionate and driven teams. leader around the world has to wrestle with, every day of their professional career. For less than £100 per person, you can start today and take your team on an unforgettable, The good news however, is that there are tools career changing journey of personal, professional which you can download and start using right now to and business development. help you get the best from your team. Visit www.enterpriseleaders.com to learn more These tools are Enterprise MENTOR. about Enterprise MENTOR and to download a 'lite' version for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Enterprise MENTOR is Download a 'Lite' version of Enterprise MENTOR from available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android www.EnterpriseLeaders.com Phone, and a range of other MP3 and digital formats. Best E-Learning & Best Customer Service