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Cf E & BTC 4 ITE 2012

  1. 1. CfE & BTC 4 Eric Burton Rural Connections Project Coordinator Oatridge College, Ecclesmachan. West Lothian
  2. 2. Presentation Outcomes By the end of this presentation you will have ;  An insight into the underpinning that BTC 4 Skills for Learning, Life and Work gives to the Curriculum for Excellence.  An overview of some of the ideas and support that have been developed at present.  An opportunity for sharing, learning and fun.
  3. 3. A Thought For Their Future 80% of the jobs… that current Primary 1 pupils will do in the future. ………………do not exist ! BT Futurologist 2006
  4. 4. Today’s News
  5. 5.
  6. 6. CfE & BTC 4It’s in The Mix !
  7. 7. A place where learning is the focus rather than teaching A hub for educational resources and facilitation A place for social learning (and solitary learning) A focus for collaborative learning An immersive environment An open-learning environment built on negotation and mutual respect An extended community John Connell
  8. 8. The Scottish Education Weave Early First Second Third Fourth VALUES Wisdom – Justice – Compassion - Integrity Purposes Successful Learners – Confident Individuals – Responsible Citizens – Effective Contributors Principles for Curriculum Design Challenge & Enjoyment – Breadth – Progression – Depth – Personalisation & Choice – Coherence - Relevance Focus for Learning To Do – To Know & Understand – To be Context for Learning Ethos & Life of the school – Curriculum areas & subjects – Interdiciplinary projects – Opp.for personal Achievement Pedagogy Range of learning & teaching methodologies – collaborative, critical, rich task,connected Cross Cutting Citizenship – Enterprise – International – Sustainable Development Skills for Learning, Life and Work Literacy – Numeracy – Aspects of Health & Well Being Curriculum AreasHealth & Well Being – Language-Mathematics-Social Subjects-Sciences-Technology-Exp Arts- RME Assessment is for Learning Eco Schools, Citizenship, Racial Equality etc
  9. 9. Principles ofCurriculum for Excellence Challenge and enjoyment* Breadth Progression Depth Personalisation and choice* Coherence Relevance* * Focus for HMIe Inspections
  10. 10. Curriculum Design & BTC 4Challenge & Enjoyment Engaging in / out of the classroom, real-life, creativity, independence, appreciation of WOWBreadth Variety of contexts and experiences, partnership working, developing understandingProgression Quality & planning, effective transition, .building on earlier knowledge, PLP & trackingDepth Individual opportunities for exploring, personal goals, increased responsibility.Personalisation & Choice Wide scope at all levels, equality of choice, capitalise on strengths and needs.Coherence Emphasis on connections, meaningful learning in different practical contexts, wider community.Relevance Understanding of the present and the future, learn practice and develop skills, challenge disaffection, attainment and achievement. Focusing on enteprise in education. A Paper for Professional Reflection
  11. 11. BTC 4 Underpinning CfE Successful Learners Appreciate relevance of learning Self motivating Generate ideas and act on them Responsible Citizens Confident Individuals Understand rights and roles Have a can do, will do attitude Willing to take responsibility Creative, resourceful Knowledge of finance personal & economic Problem solver & risk taker Effective Contributors Appreciation of world of work & entrepreneurship Willing to take initiative & lead Actively engage in school & community
  12. 12. Challenge Higher (and CfE levels) orderlearning skills Consolidating Applying
  13. 13. Without lifting your pen off the paper draw 4 lines to join all the dots starting at 1 1Thinking out of the box or maybe out of your silo…
  14. 14. The Fear of CfE & BTC4 The lesson of high Alex Honnodperforming schools systems such as Finland is that you have attract, train and motivate good teachers and provide them with good facilities to work in ! Learning from Extremes – Leadbetter & Wong Charles Leadbetter
  15. 15. Innovation Grid ; Improve, Supplement, Reinvent and Transform Formal Informal Learning Learning Sustaining IMPROVE SUPPLEMENT Innovation Disruptive REINVENT TRANSFORM Innovation* Improve schools through better facilities, teachers and leadership Supplement schools by working with families and communities. Reinvent schools to create an education fit for the times Transform learning and making it available in radically different ways Learning from Extremes – Leadbetter & Wong
  16. 16. Skills Teaching & LearningTeaching Styles What is the role of the teacher?Direct Curriculum for Excellence FacilitatorWorks to set defined targets Sets realistic targetsTight rigid structure Natural process of developmentHeads down learning environment Supportive enablingTeacher centred Pupil centredTesting procedures process Pupil evaluation process.Creates dependency of teacher Creates independence in pupil Envisioning – Energising - Enabling Creating vision – creating energy – creating opportunity
  17. 17. The Reflective Skills Teacher How can I put this into a ‘real ‘ context for pupils? How can I make my topic relevant? How can I share responsibility with pupils? How can internal / external partners enhance learning? How can I build in formative assessment? How can I assess impact and record progression?
  18. 18. Global Citizens Calendar
  19. 19. BTC 4 Skills 9 out of 10 companies believe that Soft skills are as importantSelf Confidence as Academic qualifications TES Nov 1997.IndependenceDeterminationFlexibilityRisk TakingDecision makingLeadershipCreativityProblem Solving HOW DID THEY FEEL !
  20. 20. To get what we’ve never had…. we must do…… …..what we have never done. Anon. 212° The Extra Degree Animate – Changing Education Paradigms
  21. 21. Enterprise - Who Said ? “We must enable their creativity, their enterprise.. to find expression in as many ways as possible. We have to put in place a policy framework which rewards entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity” Dr. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India
  22. 22. skills for ScotlandA LIFELONG LEARNING STRATEGY “We can only build a Scotland that is wealthier and fairer, one that is healthier, safer, stronger and greener, if people are equipped with the skills, expertise and knowledge for success.”
  23. 23. What’s it all about?Developing employability skills in young peopleensuring they have the skills, behaviours, attitudes and personal attributes necessary for an individual to seek, gain and sustain employment and function effectively in the workplace and are transferable to a variety of contexts.
  24. 24. Skills for Learning, Life & Work …..For Real… Relevance & Depth Enjoyment Challenge & Progression
  25. 25. The 7 R’s of Enterprise Real Role Risk Responsibility Relationships Reflect Revue
  26. 26. Does make a difference? OUR LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT TEND TO REMEMBERACTIVE PASSIVE Verbal Receiving Visual Receiving Receiving & Participating Doing
  27. 27. Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Planning Framework Creating Designing Story Constructing Project Planning Plan Higher- order Evaluating Judging Debate thinking Testing Evaluation Monitoring Report Analysing Comparing Spreadsheet Organising Checklist Outlining Chart Applying Implementing Interview Carrying out Performance Using Diary Lower- order Understanding Interpreting Explanation thinking Exemplifying Show and tell Summarising Quiz Remembering Naming Fact Locating Worksheet
  28. 28. Where to now….who knows ?Online learning and communities.Supporting web developmentUsing Local Market Intelligence to help pupils / parents.Engaging all teachers at all levelsMaking learning fun – making teaching fun
  29. 29. Education is being displaced from its traditional confines of institutions to ageneralized form of learning that can take place anytime and anyplace Jarrod Robinson – Boort District School, Aust Scotland’s Colleges Webinar - Web 2 Tools
  30. 30. Knowledge is created...Knowledge is grown...Knowledge is personal...Knowledge is socially mediated...Knowledge is making connections....Knowledge is recognizing patterns...Knowledge is perception...
  31. 31. Social Networking
  32. 32. ...learners are active participantsand co-constructorsof knowledge... ...learning should be meaningful & purposeful to the learners... ...learning should have a critical focus... Paulo Freire
  33. 33. Investigative learningProblem-based learningCommunity-based learning HOW !Experiential learningSelf-directed learningDialogical Network-based learningetc.........
  34. 34. Employability STEPSN2WORK At the age of 16 young adults can leave compulsory schooling and will be offered a “positive destination” as part of their 16+ Learning Choices education entitlement. My M.E.T.R.O. Route Making Education & Training Relevant & Organised There are several options for your to pick and My METRO Route allows you to organise your planning and decide what routes you can talk towards gaining employability . My METRO Route Instructions 1. Using a coloured pen connect the boxes that will make up your first education and training route. Student Name………………………………………... 2.Using a different coloured pen connect the boxes that will make up your second education and training route. 16+Choices Destination…………………………….. 3. To aid your planning visit the Form Class………………………….DoB…………… Continuing Senior Phase What qualifications / what job ? @ School Scottish Qualification Employability Authority What job / what qualifications ? job –? Further Skills Pre - employability Education Development Scotland Volunteering Higher Education Positive & National / Local Personal sustained Training Development destinations Programme Programmes
  35. 35. Our Challenge Fortunate are the persons who in this life can find A purpose that can fill their days and goals to fill their mind For in this world there is a need for those who’ll lead the rest To rise above the “ average” life by giving for their best Will you be the one, who dares to try when challenged by the task To rise to heights you’ve never seen… …..or is that too much to ask? Eric Burton Rural Connections Project Coordinator Oatridge College, Ecclesmachan. West Lothian