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The presentation about Entensys' solution, GateWall Mail Security. This solution is a solution for the protection of corporate email from viruses, phishing, spam and other malicious messages, that allows preventing confidential information leaks. The product has options of messages backup and email account monitoring, supports synchronization with MS Exchange 2003 and Lotus Domino via IMAP, and can also operate with any other mail servers.

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GateWall Mail Security

  1. 1. GATEWALLMAIL SECURITYServer solution created to protect your e-mail fromviruses, spam and confidential information leaks
  2. 2. OPERATION SCHEME Data loss protection (DLP)  IMAP connector Antivirus and phishing protection  Message archiving Cloud antispam  Monitoring and statistics
  3. 3. CONTENT FILTERING OF INCOMING AND OUTGOINGMESSAGESGateWall Mail Security analyses incoming and outgoing messages andsupports various types of filtering: REGULAR Confidentiality-related explicit expressions EXPRESSIONS EXAMPLE: Document and invoice numbers (REGEXP) A database is created with confidential informationDOCUMENT MATCH patterns. All outgoing documents are then checked for (DOCMATCH) matches Morphological analysis of phrases. LEMMATIZER The different “weight” of phrases is analyzed. Operation threshold settings. ENCODED Detection of encoded messages and documents DOCUMENTS
  4. 4. DATA LOSS PREVENTIONDepending on the settings and operation thresholds defined, GateWall MailSecurity can apply the following actions to messages: BLOCK Message sending is blocked Message is held for a period of time before being HOLD sent The message is sent, but a due notification is NOTIFY forwarded to the Security Engineer
  5. 5. CLOUD ANTISPAMGateWall Mail Security employs the technologies of the world leader in spamanalyses – Commtouch:Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) and GlobalView™.A data center (spambot) network analyzes more than 2 billion messages on adaily basis, thus, providing worldwide email traffic monitoring.The Recurrent PatternDetection technology and areputation service GlobalViewallow real-time data analysisand IP addresses classification.Therefore, spam attacks areblocked from the very momentthey are launched.
  6. 6. ADVANTAGES OF CLOUD ANTISPAM High detection level – more than 97% of spam sources are blocked Low false response level – less than one in1.5 million messages Global nature of the solution – you are protected from all kinds of spam in any language and format, including images Definitions updates in real time Saving company resources – the cloud solution filters most of the spam without constant manual filter adjusting
  7. 7. OTHER SPAM PROTECTION METHODSDuring incoming message processing GateWall Mail Security performsseveral stages of filtering: connection, sender, recipient, and contentfiltering.Apart from cloud antispam, GateWall Mail Security supports the followingspam filtering methods:  DNSBL  MX DNS-based  RHSBL  SPF  Backscatter  SURBL Bayesian filtering method designed by Statistics-based Entensys
  8. 8. ANTIVIRUS PROTECTIONGateWall Mail Security uses three integrated antivirus modules : Kaspersky,Panda Antivirus and Entensys Zero-Hour Cloud Antivirus, all of them designedfor email traffic monitoring.
  9. 9. MAIL FETCHERGateWall Mail Security allows fetching mail from any POP3 and IMAP accountsand distributing the received mail to the users’ accounts.Two mail fetching methods are supported :  fetching mail from accounts with one user only;  fetching mail from a mail account servicing several users, the so-called multiboxes. The function can be easily used for email downloading from free email accounts, for example,, etc.
  10. 10. INTEGRATION WITH OTHER EMAIL SERVERSGateWall Mail Security features IMAP-integration for: Microsoft Exchange Lotus DominoIntegration allows creating a public IMAP folder on a remote mail server andmessages processing therein.
  11. 11. MONITORING AND STATISTICSGateWall Mail Security provides information on all messages processed by thesolution server.Message monitoring allows filtering by date andprocessing status(delivered/blocked) or bysender/recipient address; push-sending messagesblocked as spam; creating exception lists.
  12. 12. DATA ARCHIVINGArchiving email messages is always a good essential step to avoid any disasterhappen to your email data.GateWall Mail Security lowersthe risk of data loss due to itsdata archiving option - theemail restoration can performwithin few clicks only. All theemail files can be restored orarchived in either direction -incoming only, outgoing only orboth.The program supportsscheduled archiving and datarecovery on the same or on adifferent server.
  13. 13. ENTENSYS COMPANY  Founded in 2001  Offices in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Leipzig (Germany)  Staff: more than 40 employees  More details about the company and other products: STRATEGIC PARTNERSKaspersky Lab Panda BrightCloud CommtouchRussia Security USA Israel Spain