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The new version of GateWall DNS Filter, which was adapted for Internet providers and gives the opportunity to integrate with the provider’s billing system through a specially developed API. One of the main features of the product is the simplicity of the solution’s deployment as a “cloud” service, offering almost unlimited system scalability.

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GateWall DNS Filter for ISP

  1. 1. Internet Filtering for Providers* Based on the Entensys URL Filtering technology; includes a categorized database of500 million URLs
  2. 2. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersWHY WOULD A PROVIDER OFFER DNS-FILTERINGSERVICES? Services related to Internet control (especially concerning Parental Control) are becoming more and more popular A new service will help a provider extend the range of services offered and increase earnings per subscriber It is necessary to have the technology to block extremist materials and other unauthorized resources Filtering of DNS requests does not require a provider to install costly equipment, in comparison with filtering all traffic Dangerous websites banned, the provider’s network computers are not so likely to be infected and used to distribute spam
  3. 3. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersAUTHORITIES’ REQUIREMENTS PROSECUTOR’S INSPECTIONSMore frequent prosecutor’s inspections require blocking access to some resources. Federal Law 436-FZ On the Protection of ChildrenThe law shall come intro force on 1 September 2012. Abstract:Article14. Additional requirements to information distributed via information and telecommunication networks Children’s access to information distributed via information and telecommunication networks (including the Internet) shall be provided by telecoms operators rendering telematic communication services at the public access points, provided that the said operators use technical, software and hardware facilities to protect children from information harmful to their health and (or) development.
  4. 4. GateWall DNS Filter for Providers SERVICE OPTIONS SAFE INTERNET Filtering of dangerous websites.ACCESS FOR HOME EXAMPLE: MegaFon, Parental Control option USERS “Be calm” (“Bud spokoen”) Filtering of dangerous, pornography and INTERNET FOR violence-promoting websites CHILDREN EXAMPLE: MegaFon, Ring Ding tariffSAFE INTERNET FOR Filtering of dangerous or entertainment OFFICE USE websites
  5. 5. GateWall DNS Filter for Providers CENTRALIZED FILTERING – ADVANTAGES FOR THE USER Client software requires no installation, setting or updates You can protect all the computers in you home network Monthly payments acceptable Even if some advanced user finds a way to open a prohibited website, DNS-filteringtechnology can greatly limit systematic visits to dangerous websites. One would need to be highly qualified and would need time to bypass the protection. Modern society can hardly be imagined without a developed infrastructure. Our company supports pure tap water, energy security of community mains, and a safe Internet channel.
  6. 6. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersFILTERING SETTINGS. TWO OPTIONS A provider himself defines the prohibited SAME RULES FOR categories for each tariff. ALL USERS ADVANTAGES – Simple to implement, integration with a User Profile not required A user may independently set the rules in hisCUSTOM SETTINGS User Profile OPTION ADVANTAGES – Opportunity to set users’ own rules
  7. 7. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersHOW DOES FILTERING WORK?1. A provider installs GateWall DNS Filter in its real or virtual server. A cluster may as well be organized.2. Standard restriction schemes are set (dangerous websites, pornography, media content, entertainment websites, etc.)3. On the provider’s DNS server the rules are created through which the requests from service users are forwarded to a server with a GateWall DNS Filter, where the required settings and restrictions are applied, respectively.5. All DNS-requests related to forbidden websites are blocked
  8. 8. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersHOW DOES IT WORK? List of restricted categories Black and white lists Categorized database with Reports and more than 500M URLs statistics Internet provider’s resources Blocking websites DNS visit req ues ts User INTERNET
  9. 9. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersHARDWARE REQUIREMENTSThe request rate for different users may vary considerably.Here are the rough data for server requirements: 100 users -> CPU > 2 GHz; RAM - 2Gb 1000 users -> CPU > 2 GHz; RAM - 4Gb 10000 users -> CPU > 2 GHz; RAM - 8GbWe recommend having free disk space for statistics data storage in theratio of monthly 1.5Gb per 100 users. Thus, for storing 6-month statisticsof 10,000 users a provider would need 900Gb of disk space.GateWall DNS Filter can be installed both on the physical and virtualmachines.
  10. 10. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS
  11. 11. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersINSTALLATION AND IMPLEMENTATION Entensys offers the best installation schemes and provides technical support during implementation of the filtering system Entensys provides standard samples of filtering settings You may organize a cluster with load balancing API is provided for integration with the provider’s billing system API is provided for rules management from a client’s profile
  12. 12. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersLICENSING The price is calculated based on the number of service users Depending on the number of users a license costs from $0,27 to $0,9 a month for one user A provider may make monthly payments for a GateWall DNS Filter license
  13. 13. GateWall DNS Filter for ProvidersWHY GATEWALL DNS FILTER? Entensys has been developing website filtering systems since 2008 GateWall DNS Filter uses one of the most comprehensive categorized databases, which includes about 500 million resources Information from about 100,000 websites is updated daily Entensys technologies have been specially adapted for RuNet usage The product allows filtering not only infected or dangerous websites, but also many other website categories GateWall DNS Filter is currently being used by medium and large Internet providers. Among these companies is Public Corporation MegaFon, which has been using GateWall DNS Filter since 2011
  14. 14. ENTENSYS COMPANY  Founded in 2001  Offices in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Leipzig (Germany)  Staff: more than 40 employees  More details about the company and other products: STRATEGIC PARTNERSKaspersky Lab Panda BrightCloud CommtouchRussia Security USA Israel Spain