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Overview of Entando Platform

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Entando overview

  1. 1. Entando Overview www.entando.com info@entando.com12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 1
  2. 2. top 10 priorities for companies Top 10 Business Priorities Ranking Top 10 Technology Priorities RankingIncreasing enterprise growth 1 Cloud computing 1Attracting and retaining new customers 2 Virtualization 2Reducing enterprise costs 3 Mobile technologies 3Creating new products and services (innovation) 4 IT management 4Improving business processes 5 Business intelligence 5Implementing and updating business applications 6 Networking, voice and data communications 6Improving technical infrastructure 7 Enterprise applications 7Improving enterprise efficiency 8 Collaboration technologies 8Improve operations 9 Infrastructure 9Improving business continuity, risk and security 10 Web 2.0 10 Source: Gartner EXP (January 2011) At Entando we meet… 10 of the Top 10 7 of the Top 10 Business Priorities for Technology Priorities for companies companies 12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 2
  3. 3. business priorities for companies Top 10 Business Priorities EntandoIncreasing enterprise growth Centralized launch pad for enterprise applications, improved collaborationAttracting and retaining new customers Improved communications across multiple channels, customer portals, support portals, partner portalsReducing enterprise costs Cost effective vs. other enterprise portal offeringsCreating new products and services Entando can be used to aggregate content, as an enterprise portal or as(innovation) a framework for custom developed applicationsImproving business processes Collaboration, workflows, single point of entry to access all LOB systems within an organisationImplementing and updating business Allows for integration or replacement of legacy systems/ applicationsapplicationsImproving technical infrastructure Replacing costly proprietary stacks with a lean open source alternativeImproving enterprise efficiency Multichannel/device access to enterprise content and systems with single sign onImprove operations Improvements in the other 9 areas will lead to this resultImproving business continuity, risk and LDAP integrationsecurity 12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 3
  4. 4. technology priorities for companies Top Technology Priorities EntandoCloud computing Entando can be delivered via the cloud by companies or partners in private or public cloud scenarios in both a SAAS or platform as a service model.Virtualization We support virtualizationMobile technologies Available in android & apple deploymentsBusiness intelligence Is available for the portal itself and most use cases requested by customersEnterprise applications Enterprise portals both external & intranet are available for custom deploymentCollaboration technologies Wiki, blogs, forums, crowdsourcing document management etcWeb 2.0 Social media collaboration & Aggregation 12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 4
  5. 5. Business12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 5
  6. 6. about us • Founded in 2009 • Commercial Open Source • Horizontal Enterprise Portals Reinvented • Management team hasWe make the next generation extensive experience inof Enterprise Portals Open source and enterprise software • Global presence 12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 6
  7. 7. Products/Services12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 7
  8. 8. a different world •They are in the •Downturn has workforce & they changed It budgets think and work and buying styles differently and virtually Gen Y Economy Work Technology Trends •Disparate, •Massive shift to telecommuting, mobile and on the virtual board move work meetings, capabilities globalization12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 8
  9. 9. 12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 9
  10. 10. entando platform Entando is an agile, modern and user centric open source portal platform.Class: open sourcehorizontal portal systemTechnology: Java EETarget audience:Governments, MarketingDepartments, SalesDepartments, SystemIntegrators12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 10
  11. 11. entando enterprise edition12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 11
  12. 12. technology platform12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 12
  13. 13. services Training Support Implementation & Architectural Assistance Services packages Documentation& Knowledge Base12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 13
  14. 14. Mobile12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 14
  15. 15. mobile Any Device, Any Place, Any Time• Smartphones and Tablets Android & Apple• Users can set preferences per device• We can provide right interface based on the user preferences and device12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 15
  16. 16. Analytics12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 16
  17. 17. analytics Web Reporting • enables easy access to format & share any data internally & Externally • multiple deployment options from desktop reporting, embedded reporting and enterprise wide. • supports a wide variety of data sources including – Relational OLAP, – XML based data sources. Web Analysis • intuitive, interactive analytical reporting environment enabling non-technical business users to quickly understand business information. • Key features include: – Web-based, drag-and-drop report creation, – Advanced sorting and filtering, – Customized totals and user defined calculations, chart visualization.12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 17
  18. 18. Social Media12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 18
  19. 19. web social content management Social Integration & AggregationIntegrate & aggregatepopular socialnetworking featuresdirectly into your portalEasily and seamlesslypull in information fromall across the web withour RSS, Twitter,YouTube widgets.12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 19
  20. 20. Collaboration12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 20
  21. 21. collaboration• Document management• Workflows Internal Employees• Blogs Third Party• Forums Workforce Partners• Crowdsourcing• Polling Mobile• Surveys Suppliers Employees• Device independent Customers• Alfresco plugin12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 21
  22. 22. Competitive Advantages 12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 22
  23. 23. advantages All-in-one Social hooks & Device Modern toolset platform collaboration independent Flexible & Open SourceUniversal Access User Friendly Adaptable GPL 2 Friendly to Cost effective vs. Widget based vs. professional other portal portlet based system integrators vendors 12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 23
  24. 24. key technology differentiators• Java, Open Source, non-JSR 286 (lean) horizontal portal framework• Framework allows for easy verticalization• Performance• Full customizable (flexibility)• Full control by an IT professional12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 24
  25. 25. accessible by disabled• Framework for universal access by end users• Support for universal access for content management – Editing – Publishing – Reviewing12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 25
  26. 26. key business differentiators• Our business model is indirect• We are partners not vendors to our channel• Our platform is open source: low entry barriers, fast ROI• Marketplace for verticalized partner solutions• Partners provide local presence & service to satisfy customers12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 26
  27. 27. Thanks www.entando.com info@entando.com Follow us @EntandoSrl Entando Entando12/6/2012 Entando Limited all rights reserved 27