Technology Action Plan


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Technology Action Plan

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY ACTION PLAN Description: The administration, faculty and staff at North Forney High School plan to improve student achievement by gathering, analyzing and using data from a variety of sources in order to make informed decisions regarding the integration of technology into classroom instruction. Goals: • Integrate technology into the classroom instruction of mathematics • Integrate usage of Mimio Interactive Technology to post lectures and assignments into North Forney Lab Shares Math folders • Use Turning Point Clicker System to integrate formative assess- ments that are analyzed in a timely manner in order to impact learning. • Provide ongoing staff development that will stress teacher collaboration in order to find creative ways to integrate technology into classroom. Tasks Timeline Person(s) Status Responsible Meet with all January, Mr. Rodney Curry On January 4th, stakeholders to 2010 (Principal) 2010, the review STaR Chart committee will Data, familiarize Dawn Montgomery present a power faculty with the (Math Dept. Chair) point detailing National Educational recent STaR Richard Ensley Technology Chart data and (Committee Chair) Standards in order break off as a evaluate the needs of math department the school with to collaborate regard to integrating and discuss technology into the ideas for mathematics integrating classroom. technology into our math classroom lessons. Utilize the Curriculum November, Dr. Joseph Kucera The committee and Instruction 2009 (Principal) received training Leadership Team in August. Data (CILT) to interpret Richard Ensley, has been Dawn
  2. 2. data because they Montgomery, analyzed, broken have been trained in Kristi Schoblocher down and the use of AEISit (Committee distributed to all software and Members) math teachers. hardware. Analyze and evaluate November Dr. Joseph Kucera This is done student data during 2009 - May (Principal) during weekly weekly math core 2010 core meetings meetings with Richard Ensley, with principal. principal. Mary Merchant, Dawn Montgomery, Antuan Hobbs, and Andrew Curtis (Mathematics Core Teachers) Meet with fellow November Dr. Joseph Kucera Currently department members 2009 (Principal) meeting weekly to discuss integrating with fellow core Mimio and Turning Richard Ensley, teachers and Point Clicker system Mary Merchant, principal during into daily classroom Dawn core planning activity Montgomery, period on Antuan Hobbs, Mondays during and Andrew Curtis 6th period. (Mathematics Core Teachers) Meet with fellow November Richard Ensley, Monthly meeting department members 2009 Mary Merchant on 2nd and 4th to discuss integrating (Geometry Tuesdays. Texas Web Tutor Teachers) without disrupting curriculum Stormy Lemond instruction. (District Math Coordinator)
  3. 3. PROGRESS REPORT Date Range: October Team: North Forney Participants: 2009 – May 2010 Math Department, Principal, Campus Tech- Dawn Montgomery, Antuan nologist, and District Hobbs, Andrew Curtis, Mary Merchant, Richard Ensley, Math Coordinator Dr. Joseph Kucera, Laura Smith, and Stormy Lemond Project Description of Project: North Forney High School set out to improve classroom technology integration by analyzing and using data from a variety of sources in order to make informed decisions regarding the integration of technology into curriculum and instruction. The project components are: • Address staff development needs • Assess technological integration through teacher collaboration • Management and data analysis Staff Development Staff Development will focus on the following topics. • Turning Point Clicker System Usage Staff Development • Mimio Interactive Studio Notebook Usage Staff Development • Texas Web Tutor Software Usage Staff Development. . • Collaboration between Math Core members and District Math Coordinator to come up with creative ways to infuse the above technology into the curriculum. Evaluation In a effort to appraise the worthiness of all staff development activities evaluation will focus on participant’s learning, their use of the new knowledge and the impact it has had on student learning.
  4. 4. Results The action plan will be revisited bi-weekly. Results will be documented and changes will be made as needed to facilitate the integration of technology into the curriculum that will benefit student learning and success.