Final year projects list instrumentation


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Final year projects list instrumentation

  1. 1. Phone : 044‐28552311  Mobile : +91 9790005746  Email : Website : Address : ABC Trade Center, 50, Mount Road, Near  Devi Theater, Chennai‐2  IEEE Projects in ‐ Embedded Systems | VLSI | DSP | DIP | Inst | MATLAB | Electrical   About Us : We at Ensemble Technologies specialize in electronic design and manufacturing services for various industrial segments. We also offer student project guidance and training for final year projects in departments like ECE, EEE, E&I and other associated departments. We have a impeccable track record over the last ten years, during which we have guided thousands of projects in various domains like  Embedded Systems Projects  VLSI Projects  DSP Projects  DIP Projects  MATLAB Projects  Electrical Projects  Instrumentation Projects  Robotics Projects …and many more related domains. Most of these projects are based on latest international publications like IEEE papers. We hand pick IEEE projects for students to meet their requirements.About This List : This projects list is a partial list, taken from our full projects list for the year 2011-12. Most of the projects on the list are based on IEEE base papers for 2011-12. This list is only to give the students a brief idea about the possibilities with a specific technology. We have 100s of other projects in various other domains also. Students can choose either from this list or contact us to get more project options.Contact Us : Website : Email : Mobile : +91 9790005746 Landline: 044-28552311 / 42663268 Address: 4th Floor, ABC Trade center, 50, Mount Road, Near Devi Theater Complex, Chennai – 600002. Projects List 2011-12 Page 1 of 3 © Ensemble Technologies – 2011 - All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Phone : 044‐28552311  Mobile : +91 9790005746  Email : Website : Address : ABC Trade Center, 50, Mount Road, Near  Devi Theater, Chennai‐2  IEEE Projects in ‐ Embedded Systems | VLSI | DSP | DIP | Inst | MATLAB | Electrical   S.No Instrumentation / Virtual Instrumentation Code A measurement system of flexion and extension of the hand joints based on 1 EIVI1 accelerometers 2 Multifunction iLab implemented laboratory EIVI2 3 ECG Signal Denoising Based on Morphological Filtering EIVI3 Computer as a tool for controlling measurement of water content in building 4 EIVI4 materials Adjustable Speed Drive Project for Teaching a Servo Systems Course 5 EIVI5 Laboratory 6 Virtual instrument for electroencephalography data acquisition - simulation EIVI6 7 Easy Carry Soft instrument panel design EIVI7 Energy Efficient and Low Cost Indoor Environment Monitoring System Based on 8 EIVI8 the IEEE 1451 Standard 9 Labview-based laboratory environment for learning of filtering concepts EIVI9 10 A novel remote meter-reading system based on virtual instrument EIVI10 11 Position control system design based on LabVIEW EIVI11 12 Data logging and supervisory control of process using LabVIEW EIVI12 13 A LabVIEW-Based Fault Diagnosis System for Lithium-Ion Battery EIVI13 Remote Supervisory System of Motor Control Protection Device Based on 14 EIVI14 Virtual Instrument Technology An alternate approach to the laboratory implementation of communication 15 EIVI15 experiments 16 Design of Greenhouse remote monitoring system based on LabVIEW EIVI16 17 Design of the remote data acquisition system based on FPGA and USB EIVI17 18 A graphical programming and design environment for FPGA-based hardware EIVI18 Projects List 2011-12 Page 2 of 3 © Ensemble Technologies – 2011 - All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Phone : 044‐28552311  Mobile : +91 9790005746  Email : Website : Address : ABC Trade Center, 50, Mount Road, Near  Devi Theater, Chennai‐2  IEEE Projects in ‐ Embedded Systems | VLSI | DSP | DIP | Inst | MATLAB | Electrical   19 Portable electronic nose for beverage quality assessment EIVI1920 Automatic Ultrasonic Testing System for Forging Based on Virtual Instrument EIVI20 Design and implementation of real time pollution free autonomous vehicle for21 EIVI21 harvesting on VI platform22 The Real-time Temperature Measuring System for the Jointless Rail EIVI2223 WSN based temperature monitoring for High Performance Computing cluster EIVI2324 Characterization and Testing of a Tool for Photovoltaic Panel Modeling EIVI2425 Bearing characters recognition system based on LabVIEW EIVI25 Development of ECU calibration system for electronic controlled engine based26 EIVI26 on LabVIEW27 Low-cost, short-term electric load prediction using the α-β-γfilter EIVI2728 Virtual instrument for monitoring the distribution systems EIVI28 An Arc Welding Robot Control for a Shaped Metal Deposition Plant: Modular29 EIVI29 Software Interface and Sensors30 Automatic Wheel remover for punctured tyres in automobiles EIVI30 e Virtual Panels for industrial automation over the internet using embedded web31 EIVI31 servers A transparent TCP/IP channel using virtual instrumentation for signal transfers32 EIVI32 over LANs and WANs Low cost multi channel DAQ cards for signal acquisitions and analysis using33 EIVI33 virtual instruments.34 Coin chargers for mobile phones and portable devices at public places. EIVI3435 e Virtual panels for WSN based monitoring of agricultural fields. EIVI3536 Cumulative power logger for distributed power consumption monitoring system. EIVI36 Ambient conditions logger for cargo containers for international commerce37 EIVI37 transparency. Projects List 2011-12 Page 3 of 3 © Ensemble Technologies – 2011 - All Rights Reserved