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Ensemble gramnitsy data form_2010


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  • 2. GROUP INFORMATION Group Title Ensemble GRAMNITSY Country REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Group Leader Prof. VLADIMIR ZENEVITCH Number of Dancers Male: 6 Female: 6 Number of Musicians Male: 3 Female: 3 Number of Staffs Male: 9 Female: 9 Language Use English Description of the Group Student’s Ensemble “GRAMNITSY” is the S+M+D group. They consists of instrumental part (violins, flute and pipe, accordion, Belarusian cimbalom, guitars) and singers-dances artists. GRAMNITSY play, sing and dance Belarusian traditional music both in authentic forms and in modern arrangements. The repertoire of Ensemble GRAMNITSY includes Belarusian traditional songs, dances and national folk music. Distinctive feature of GRAMNITSY's style is traditional manner of the Belarusian national singing, dancing and instrumental music. VLADIMIR ZENEVITCH Professor Vladimir Zenevitch is the leader of GRAMNITSY. He was born in the Gomel region (Belarus) in 1955. He studied choral conducting, folk music and aesthetics at the
  • 3. Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts and at the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences in Minsk. He is Artistic Director of Ensemble “GRAMNITSY” at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts and teaches Belarusian traditional culture, musical arrangement and choral conducting. History of the Group “GRAMNITSY” was founded in 1994 by the Faculty of Folk Arts at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. GRAMNITSY performed in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, Great Britain. Ensemble took part at the International festivals: Andong Masks Dance Festival and Ceramic World Exposition 2001, “Jeonjeu Sori Festival 2002”, “Rites of Passage Festival” 2003 in Korea, “Dranouter Festival” 2003 in Belgium, “Bydgoszcz Musical Impression” 2005 in Poland, “Skansen Bazaar” 2005 in Sweden, “Christmas Festival” 2006 in Switzerland, “INZADAFEST” 2007 in Belgium, “Festival del Tirreno” 2009 in Italy. The group’s repertoire includes Belarusian traditional songs, dances, instrumental folk music and Belarusian hymns. The repertoire of Ensemble GRAMNITSY includes Belarusian traditional songs, dances and folk music. Distinctive feature of GRAMNITSY's style is the wide artistic range of authentic forms of the traditional music and traditional manner of the Belarusian national singing and dancing. Contact Information Tel: 00375 17 3130221 Fax: 00375 17 2222409 E-mail: Website:;; Address: Skripnikova street, 35-120, 220019, MINSK, Republik of Belarus PERFORMANCE INFORMATION Number of Dance: 6 Performances Instrumental music: 4 Belarusian traditional songs12 Length of Performances Dance: 18 min. Music: 12 min. Songs: 36 min. ) Equipment Needed 6 microphones for musicians, 12 head sets for singing dancers or 6 panoramic microphones for singing dancers. Programme Overview Repertoire and duration (min.) Songs, Dances & Music: 1. Gnevaetsa matsi — 3.20 2. Oi, boram, boram — 2.00 3. Shumjats verby — 4.15
  • 4. 4. Ekhali kazaki — 2.20 5. Tseraz retshanku — 2.46 6. Tam na poli shyrokenkim — 3.34 7. Oi, u poli azjarechka — 2.40 8. Syagidnya Kupala — 2.0 9. Oi, ne sviatsy mesiatchenku — 1.05 10. Oi, za gaem, gaem — 2.05 11. Trava maja trava — 3.00 12. Kaval-kavaliotshak — 2.30 13. Eshau Jas na kani — 1.50 14. Vjane ruta — 1.45 15. Marsch_Shastakh)—1.27 16. Waltz Zalatyja gory — 1.45 17. Belarusian Polka Ljadzetskaja — 1.13 18. Waltz Staradauni — 1.05 19. Ljavonikha-Tustap — 2.00 20. Krakavjak — 2.40 21. Padespan — 3.05 22. Kryzhatshok — 3’54 OTHER INFORMATION Religion Orthodox and Catholics Religious Consideration No Needed in Daily Life Food Allergy No Is the group coming with any souvenirs or folk art crafts to sell at the festival? Yes If yes, please specify the items to be sold: Traditional musical instruments, CD & DVD of the GRAMNITSY, National folk handmade crafts.