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Business Intelligence: Leveraging SharePoint to drive business results
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Business Intelligence: Leveraging SharePoint to drive business results


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Business Intelligence: Leveraging SharePoint to drive business results

Business Intelligence: Leveraging SharePoint to drive business results

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • The first step is often the most difficult because you have to clean up the data before you can use it effectively. This is particularly difficult in finance where results are often restated.
  • How we came from the 90s into OLAP  Main (one) fact table, and supporting dimensions.How has it changed  Many fact tables for comparative evaluation of data, and the supporting dimensions are based on many models including: Parent-child, Star, Snowflake, Ragged.
  • Data Storage and ManagementA solid, scalable data storage and management solution is the core element of better business intelligence. To keep up with growing volumes of data, you need flexible and trustworthy options to help you store, manage, and secure it. The Microsoft SQL Server data storage and management platform can help you deliver accurate, timely information that contains the details your organization needs to move the business forward. Information DeliveryEven the best, most relevant business intelligence information will go unused if it can’t be accessed in a timely and convenient manner. Microsoft business intelligence solutions make information easy to access and understand across all levels of your business. Query, Reporting and AnalysisMicrosoft business intelligence solutions help you empower users by giving them quick access to relevant structured and non-structured business intelligence information found in systems across the organization. Performance ManagementA complete performance management cycle must include deep and up-to-the-minute monitoring and analytics. Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 answers this challenge by providing flexible, easy-to-use tools that can help everyone across your organization make informed decisions that align with companywide objectives and strategy.
  • SSAS Blueprint
  • This is the Functional view
  • Transcript

    • 1. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.Enrique LimaPrincipal ConsultantBusiness Intelligence: LeveragingSharePoint to drive business results
    • 2. idea. plan. deliver.• Enrique Lima•• Principal Consultant• Microsoft Community Contributor• Member of the Community - Influencer▫• @enriquelima -• Member of INETAWho am I?
    • 3. idea. plan. deliver.Who am I?I am also diabetic …Type 2, and you would think … how is this relevant?
    • 4. idea. plan. deliver.Disclaimer …
    • 5. idea. plan. deliver.What is Business Intelligence?
    • 6. idea. plan. deliver.What is Business Intelligence? The Tools
    • 7. idea. plan. deliver.The Three Stages of Business IntelligenceProcessDeliverConsume
    • 8. idea. plan. deliver.OLTP and OLAP• Online Transaction Processing - OLTP▫ Focus on day to day operations▫ CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Driven▫ What Matters? Normalized data▫ Mindset: Real Time• Online Analytical Processing - OLAP▫ Focus on yesterday’s data becoming today’s information▫ Read Only Driven▫ DE Normalized data is acceptable▫ Mindset: Historical
    • 9. idea. plan. deliver.Architecture: Data Warehouse and Data Marts• Data Warehouse▫ Enterprise data repository• Data Marts▫ Departmental or Business Unit level repository
    • 10. idea. plan. deliver.Lifecycle
    • 11. idea. plan. deliver.Back FrontOLTPSource TablesSSISData WarehouseData MartFact TableDimension TablesSSASFact TableDimensionsCubeHierarchyPerspectivesKPIsTranslationsExcelSharePointCustomRoadmap
    • 12. idea. plan. deliver.The moving parts of SharePoint BIExcel ServicesPowerPivot for ExcelPower ViewPerformancePointSQL Server Reporting ServicesBusiness Connectivity ServicesVisio Graphic Services
    • 13. idea. plan. deliver.Supporting BI ServicesEnterprise SearchSecure Store ServiceMetadata Service
    • 14. idea. plan. deliver.SharePoint BI Brings it All TogetherScorecardsand KPIsReports ExcelWorkbooksPowerPivotApplicationsDashboardsData SourcesBI ConsumersAcquisitionIntegrationDistributionStagingETL MDSEDWCentral DataStoreSales/Marketing Legal Other Cubesand MartsERPDataLocalFilesSales/CRMDataOther LOBApp DataDSLPowerPivotFarmEDWSandboxCBI PortalFinance
    • 15. idea. plan. deliver.PowerPivot – Part of SharePoint
    • 16. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.Third-partyapplicationsReportingServices & PowerViewExcel PowerPivotDatabases LOB Applications Files OData Feeds Cloud ServicesSharePointInsightsBI Semantic Model: Architecture
    • 17. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.Highly Visual Design ExperiencePresentation-ready at all timesRich metadata-driven interactivitySQL Server 2012 Power View• Interactive Presentation turns pervasive information intopersuasive information• Deliver and collaborate through SharePoint• Full screen presentation mode for interactive boardroom session• Fully integrated with PowerPivot• Drive greater insight through smart and powerful querying• Zero configuration highlighting and filtering• Animated trending and comparisons• Interactive, web-based authoring and sharing of information• Familiar Microsoft Office design patterns• Powerful data layout with banding, callout and small multiplesvisualizations
    • 18. idea. plan. deliver.Power View ArchitectureRS SharedServiceSharePoint FarmPower View clientApp ServerData sourcesAnalysisServices SPIntegratedPowerPivotSystemServiceASServerTabularWeb Front EndSSRSAddin forSharePointPowerPivotWeb ServiceExcel PowerPivotModelSQL Server BIDSBISM Model
    • 19. idea. plan. deliver.• Pivot Tables and Pivot Reports• Support for KPIs• Data from OLAP or PowerPivot!Excel and Multidimensional Data
    • 20. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.ExcelandExcelServicesInteractive slicers enable users to look at the data from various directions in Excel and in the browserthrough PowerPivot for SharePoint and Excel Services.Interactive Slicing and Dicing
    • 21. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.Share InsightsCommon view of organizational performance
    • 22. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.Managing the BI EnvironmentUser driven application administrationand monitoringSimplify management of BI content usingIT Operations Dashboardfor SharePointManage and facilitate access to secureorganizational data
    • 23. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.Building a diabetic log dashboard using Power View
    • 24. idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.idea. plan. deliver.
    • 25. idea. plan. deliver.