A lap around pdt and other automation goodness


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A lap around pdt and other automation goodness

  1. 1. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. Enrique Lima A lap around PDT and other automation goodness
  2. 2. idea. plan. deliver.
  3. 3. idea. plan. deliver. • Enrique Lima • enrique@thinkalm.com • Principal Consultant / Owner • Microsoft v-TSP BPIO / CoreIO / APPIO • Microsoft Certified Trainer – Regional Lead – East US • Member of the Geekswithblogs.net Community - Influencer ▫ http://geekswithblogs.net/enriquelima • @enriquelima - twitter.com/enriquelima • Member of INETA Who am I?
  4. 4. idea. plan. deliver. Overview • The case for automation • Automation options • PowerShell Deployment Toolkit
  5. 5. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. The why would I care …
  6. 6. idea. plan. deliver. • We deploy servers for test, development, proof of concept, etc. • We need it quick • Saving VMs as templates • A lot, wait, again, a lot of manual work. • Tedious and repeatable Our reality
  7. 7. idea. plan. deliver. Let’s talk about the reality Answer: 1 Answer: Too long! Answer: I lost count somewhere around 500 Answer: What on earth is post-setup integration? Answer: Don’t worry, there may be some good news towards the end of this session!
  8. 8. idea. plan. deliver.
  9. 9. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. What is DevOps?
  10. 10. idea. plan. deliver. What is DevOps?
  11. 11. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. What is available out there?
  12. 12. idea. plan. deliver. • Chocolatey • SCCM App/Server deployment automation
  13. 13. idea. plan. deliver. • PowerShell Deployment Toolkit • SCCM OSD Platform deployment
  14. 14. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver.
  15. 15. idea. plan. deliver.
  16. 16. idea. plan. deliver. Before you start – XML Editing • Get a good XML editor ▫ Notepad++ ▫ Visual Studio ▫ PowerShell ISE
  17. 17. idea. plan. deliver. • Spin drives vs. SSD • Memory • Windows 8.1 Update 1 vs. Windows Server 2012 vs. Windows Server 2012 R2 Hardware / Software
  18. 18. idea. plan. deliver. • Get PDT • Customize the settings on Variable.xml • Run Downloader.ps1 • Create Parent VHDX files • Run VMCreator.ps1 PDT – The Process
  19. 19. idea. plan. deliver. Define your deployment – Variable.xml User and company name Installer service account and password Source path Optional – product keys Usually just service account and password Database roles must specify SQL instance name Version Admin group
  20. 20. idea. plan. deliver. Download all the bits – Downloader.ps1 Prerequisites e.g. - SQL Native Client, Report Viewer, WSUS SQL Server 2012, SP1, and CU8 SQL Server 2008 R2 and SP2 SharePoint 2010 Foundation Management Packs Integration Packs ADKSetup.exe download Configuration Manager setupdl.exe download Self-extracting exe WebPI for Windows Azure Pack Web Sites SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 WinRAR or 7-Zip Web Platform Installer Downloader.ps1 -DeploymentOnly Windows Server 2012 System Center Components New! Warning messages for items not downloaded
  21. 21. idea. plan. deliver. • Make a sysprepped OS image • Easy path … ▫ Use Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 • http://bit.ly/1q4BCMm Create Parent VHDX files Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -SourcePath "9600.16384.WINBLUE_RTM.130821-1623_X64FRE_SERVER_EN-US-IRM_SSS_X64FRE_EN-US_DV5.ISO" - VHDFormat VHDX -Edition "ServerDataCenterCore" -SizeBytes 8GB -VHDPartitionStyle MBR -BCDinVHD NativeBoot -ExpandOnNativeBoot:$false - RemoteDesktopEnable -Driver "F:Custom Driver" -Verbose .Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -ShowUI
  22. 22. idea. plan. deliver. Install each server OS – VMCreator.ps1 PDT can use existing servers, physical or virtual, any virtualization platform Requirements - Windows Server, domain joined, WinRM enabled, administrator permissions How many servers are in your deployment? Hyper-V host, VM name, processor, memory, network adapter, OS disk, data disks, domain to join Full example in default Variable.xml in PDT e.g. Different Hyper-V hosts, VM name, memory, OS disk Creates VM, joins domain, enables WinRM, add installer service account to administrators
  23. 23. idea. plan. deliver. First VM created as domain controller for new Active Directory forest Media copied to DC during virtual hard disk creation All other VMs are created but wait for Active Directory setup to complete before starting Once Active Directory setup is complete, DC waits for all other VMs to start and join domain DC automatically runs Installer.ps1 Include minimum of 2 data disks with DC for Active Directory database and log files VMCreator with Active Directory
  24. 24. idea. plan. deliver. Everything else! - Installer.ps1 Manages validation, sequencing, dependencies Manages reboots where required Gracefully handles cascading failures For each server, simultaneously: Administrators Windows Roles and Features SQL Clusters – with dependencies between cluster nodes SQL Prerequisites With cross server dependencies: Roles Integration and Configuration
  25. 25. idea. plan. deliver. The “Knowledge” in PDT – Workflow.xml All “knowledge” is in Workflow.xml Workflow.xml defines everything we know about deploying System Center Roles Requirements – validation, Windows roles and features, prerequisites Dependencies on other roles Integrations between roles Firewall Installables Downloads Installs Default settings – global, component, SQL
  26. 26. idea. plan. deliver. Validation Validates settings in Variable.xml for… FQDN, dependencies, role combinations, role instance count, required variables, SQL instances, media Validates against Active Directory for… Service accounts and passwords, other security principals - groups Validates against target servers for… Server exists, administrator access, clusters, WinRM, Task Scheduler, credentials policy, operating system version, file access, certificates, minimum memory
  27. 27. idea. plan. deliver. Extenders – work with all PDT scripts Filename must match Extender*.xml, and be in same location as Workflow.xml Extender*.xml merged in memory with Workflow.xml Extender entries are added at end of existing sections Installer.ps1 -SkipValidation RolesCombination Veeam Management Pack for VMware GridPro Request Management for WAP Operations Manager MPs
  28. 28. idea. plan. deliver. Custom setup and post installer VMCreator.ps1 –Setup <path> Requires a folder with the name of the VM in <path> Requires a PowerShell script with the name of the VM in that folder Script will be run against that VM using autologon during initial VM startup VMCreator.ps1 with AD – DC waits for custom setup to complete before running Installer.ps1 PostInstaller.ps1 in same location as Installer.ps1 Automatically run after successful completion of Installer.ps1 Must use remoting for configuration of any systems other than the one running Installer.ps1
  29. 29. idea. plan. deliver. -MaxStage 1Admin – Adds service accounts to local administrator groups 2ServerFeatures – Installs Windows Roles and Features 3SQLClusters – Installs SQL clustered instances 4SQL – Installs SQL standalone instances 5Prereqs – Installs prerequisites 6Roles – Installs roles 7Integration – Completes integration and configuration
  30. 30. idea. plan. deliver. GUIs!!! Developed by Microsoft service provider team Available to service provider partners only Delivered as a USB stick with all media Limited to specific deployment scenarios relevant to service provider team Developed by a partner, Elanity Network Partner UI for creation and editing of Variable.xml
  31. 31. idea. plan. deliver. PowerShell Deployment Toolkit http://aka.ms/DownloadPDT http://aka.ms/GetToKnowPDT http://aka.ms/PDTVideo Configuration Manager software distribution Virtual Machine Manager virtual machine creation Virtual Machine Manager service deployment and servicing
  32. 32. idea. plan. deliver.
  33. 33. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver.
  34. 34. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver.
  35. 35. idea. plan. deliver. • Rob Willis ▫ TechEd 2014 Session on PDT: DCIM-B361  http://bit.ly/1oUTx4f ▫ Blog  http://blogs.technet.com/b/privatecloud/ Credits
  36. 36. idea. plan. deliver. idea. plan. deliver.