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Cause and Effect
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Cause and Effect


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  • 1. Cause and Effect
  • 2. Reflection
    "If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something."
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • 3. What is cause and effect?
    A cause is  An event or reason that makes something else happen. In other words WHYsomething happens.
    An effect is the result of the cause. The effect happens after the cause. In other words WHAThappens.
  • 4. Examples of Cause and Effect
    Tomorrow we have no class because we celebrate Columbus day.
  • 5. Examples of Cause and Effect
    There were landslides and flooding all over Puerto Rico due to the heavy rain brought by the storm.
  • 6. Examples of Cause and Effect
    Jose woke up early Monday morning because he had so many things to do. Before going to school he decided to make a list. If I don't make a list I might forget everything. The first thing on the list was to pack a lunch because his class was going on a field trip to the Mayaguez Zoo and they wouldn't be able to eat in the cafeteria today. The last thing on Jose's list was to take his umbrella. Then if it rained he would stay dry and still be able to see all the animals at the zoo. This was going to be a great day!
  • 7. Examples of Cause and Effect
  • 8. Examples of Cause and Effect
  • 9. Examples of Cause and Effect
    I once knew a boy who was addicted to drugs. Drug use consumed every aspect of his life. Everything was affected. He missed his entire senior year of high school. His strongest memories are of hiding in a bathroom with a lighter and tin foil. This sad boy lost his family. The lies he told and the crimes he committed in his pursuit of the next hit made him a outcast. His aunts and uncle wouldn't let him in their homes, worried that he would steal their radio to finance his next fix. His parents lost all hope for this once promising boy. They closed their doors to him for many years. He lost a promising future to a habit that gained him nothing. Scholarships were revoked. Colleges denied him entrance--all for his quest for pleasure he could never attain.