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CRM, SugarCRM and a RESTful integration
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CRM, SugarCRM and a RESTful integration



The presentation has an introduction about CRM systems, Social CRM and SugarCRM. ...

The presentation has an introduction about CRM systems, Social CRM and SugarCRM.
Then it focuses on the customisation possibilities of SugarCRM and on its framework structure.
It includes a working example of how to integrate SugarCRM with a CodeIgniter website using the REST API.

You can read more about the presentation on my blog post here: http://enricosimonetti.com/2013/03/27/crm-sugarcrm-and-a-restful-integration/

The PHP source code for SugarCRM and CodeIgniter can be found on this GitHub repo: https://github.com/esimonetti/sugarcrm-codeigniter-sample-rest-case-portal

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    CRM, SugarCRM and a RESTful integration CRM, SugarCRM and a RESTful integration Presentation Transcript

    • SugarCRM CRM, SugarCRMand a RESTful integration Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • CRMCustomer Relationship ManagementMy definition:CRM is a set of business processes, strategiesand best practices, that with the righttechnologies, can help you improve customerexperience and interactions Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • So what?We use Spreadsheets instead!
    • What about with a CRM in place? Customer Centric Real time results Reporting Visibility Collaboration Automation Efficiency
    • ● Founded in 2004 in California● 350+ employees with >1M users● Open Source PHP code (>10M downloads)● 4 versions - Commercial Open Source● Community Edition on AGPL license● Built for LAMP environments, then added more platforms (goo.gl/MdDL8)● Unlimited hosting choices● SugarCRM source code can be customised Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • the Social CRMThe advantages of any CRM plus: Open SourceFlexible Mobile Social Engage Customers DeeperRelationships
    • How can I customise SugarCRM?
    • ...and... under the covers? Its MVC! Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • What aboutSugarCRM REST API?REST API entry points:{site_url}/service/v4/rest.php{site_url}/service/v4_1/rest.php{site_url}/service/vX_X/rest.phpDeveloper guide: goo.gl/Jn8YIREST methods guide: goo.gl/ehB70The API can be customised Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Demo Project Fake Hosting.comObjectiveWe want to start new web hosting company,and we need to build a website that integrateswith the CRM system.SugarCRM as a platformUsing SugarCRM as your applicationdevelopment platform, you can concentrateon making the application suit your business. Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Step 1 - WebsiteThe demo website is built on top of existinglibraries and frameworks:● Codeigniter + Bootstrap for rapid development github.com/sjlu/CodeIgniter- Bootstrap● One of the SugarCRM REST helpers: github. com/asakusuma/SugarCRM-REST-API- Wrapper-Class Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Step 2 - SugarCRM for B2C? How?SugarCRM is built by default for B2B andwe need to tweak it for B2C. (goo.gl/u2J6I)We just need to add one configuration optioninside the file "config_override.php".$sugar_config[require_accounts] = false;Then we execute a "Quick Repair" of thesystem. Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Step 3 - Website Service Status pageSugarCRM Interface Changes:We need to add a new dropdown item on the"Type" field of Cases, called "Announcement"via the interfacePortal Code:We can retrieve the last 10 Cases of type"Announcement" that are still "New" or"Assigned" (with SugarCRM "get_entry_list") Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Step 4 - Support Tickets creationSugarCRM Interface Changes:● We need to add a new dropdown item on the "Type" field of Cases, called "Support".● We also have to create a new custom field in Contacts to track the "Customer Number" (called cnumber_c).We can apply both the above changes fromthe SugarCRM interface in Studio. Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Step 4 - Support Integration (Cont.)Portal Code:● Validate the Contact against his "Customer Number" (with get_entry / get_entry_list)● If the Contact is validated, create a Case (with set_entry)● Then we need to relate together the Case and the Contact (with set_relationship)● Then retrieve the newly created Case number (with get_entry / get_entry_list) Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Summary - What did we learn?1. CRM basics and difference between: ○ Emails and Spreadsheets ○ CRM ○ Social CRM2. SugarCRM basic internal structure3. How to quickly integrate your website with SugarCRM via REST Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • Where can I find more info?● Download SugarCRM CE at sourceforge. net/projects/sugarcrm● Use support.sugarcrm.com for: ○ Support ○ Application Guide ○ Training material, FAQ, Forum, videos etc. ○ Developer Guide● Use the developer blog (goo.gl/XTSzn) for coding and best practices, tips and tricks Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • How can I contribute?To contribute to SugarCRM code base youwould need:1. A Github account2. To read the following wiki goo.gl/Lf9Oq3. A signed contributor agreement goo. gl/U9EhvThe SugarCRM CE git repo is at this address:github.com/sugarcrm/sugarcrm_dev Enrico Simonetti - http://enricosimonetti.com
    • My Contact DetailsEnrico SimonettiWeb: enricosimonetti.comLinkedin: linkedin.com/in/enricosimonettiTwitter: @simonettienricoEmail: enrico.simonetti@gmail.comNeed SugarCRM?www.insightful.com.au