News on pharma 20 n4 febbraio 2011


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Service design to develop tools and model to better perform business and sales

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News on pharma 20 n4 febbraio 2011

  1. 1. NEWS ON PHARMA 2.0written by enrico fisichella Notizie su: - strumenti per il web marketing - tecnologie per il social networking - come sviluppare community on line di medici e pazienti - best practice per lo sviluppo dei contatti con opinion leader - casi di studio sull’implementazione didicembre 2010 strumenti di collaborazione nelle industrie farmaceutiche - come rendere più proficui gli eventi (meeting, congressi) con strumenti on line - come fare formazione agli informatori riducendo i costi The empowered sales team: enhancing productivity through the better use of information 1
  2. 2. Sales professionals create value by transforming theirwritten by enrico fisichella company’s raw product or service into a tailored solution for a customer’s needs. In a setting where customers have access to an unprecedented amount of product information, this is an increasingly challenging task. To thrive in this environment, companies need to understand the needs of their customers and to discover new ways of engaging with them. To help differentiate their companies’ products and services in the minds of buyers, sales professionals need rapid access to specific customer information. Investment in new tools and services too often focuses on symptoms rather than the underlying problems. Sales tools need to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and give salespeople more time for their core competency:news on pharma 2.0 selling. Active involvement of senior management and broad consultations with employees are key success factors for productivity-enhancing initiatives 2
  3. 3. written by enrico fisichellanews on pharma 2.0 A highly productive sales function is often the first line of defence in companies’ efforts to counteract the trend towards commoditisation, which has blurred the distinction among products and services in the minds of customers 3
  4. 4. news on pharma 2.0 written by enrico fisichella4
  5. 5. written by enrico fisichellanews on pharma 2.0 ....... 1) Use technology strategically. There is broad agreement that investments must improve the productivity of the sales professional and ultimately the customer experience. 2) Design new systems to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. This means providing tools for sales professionals that give them rapid access to the specific information they need and allow them more time to interact with prospects and customers. 3) Experiment with social media. But core sales strategies should be kept in sight and traditional communications channels still need to dominate the sales landscape. 5
  6. 6. written by enrico fisichella 4) Secure senior management involvement. Active involvement and not just approval from leaders is a key success factor in any new productivity- enhancing initiative. 5) Consult sales employees. Ensure that new technologies will meet their needs and that employees are eager to use it. 6) Plan thoroughly. Clear objectives and mandates as well as systematic planning prior to implementationnews on pharma 2.0 can overcome difficulties in execution. We have also to consider: The rapid growth of pharma companies in the 1990s was driven by a ‘blockbuster’ model This model is under pressure: slowing scientific innovation and rising development costs combine with prescribers, payors and patients becoming tougher customers But investor expectations remain high as much of the value of companies is still derived from products yet to be launched Finding a way through this situation calls for some deep thinking around new business models and different ‘customer’ relationships 6