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A project to advertise Switzerland

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Presenza Svizzera English

  1. 1. “Travel by Train” Draft Museum traveling in Italy in collaboration with Galleria Baumgartner and Property Consulting & 1 Promotion
  2. 2. FOREWORD • This project is only an example of a "traveling museum" that can be applied to other areas (such as chocolate) that is of all those products that make the "Country Swiss Abroad recognizable by all peoples and of all ages, and also help strengthen the “perceived” image • DATE: to be defined according to the locations • LOCATION: Example: Varese - c/o Ville Ponti o CCIAA and then propose a MILANO, BOLZANO, Bologna, Rome and Palermo • EVENT: Exhibition of trains and models of the Baumgartner Gallery in Mendrisio (Switzerland). Property Consulting & 2 Promotion
  3. 3. The Baumgartner Gallery • What is Switzerland without rail, locomotives and wagons - or on the contrary, as has affected the rail industry development and therefore also about Switzerland? • Also contributes to these questions the purpose of the GB as well as the preservation of its model trains collection and those of other Swiss and foreign collectors, whether model trains or tin toy trains, promotes awareness, through a journey in time and places in Switzerland. • The intent of GB is to revive the hobby as a pastime for intelligent young people and adults of all ages. To this end are set up courses, seminars and national and international conferences to exchange experiences of all kinds, about the model trains and its multiple applications, not excluding of course other's hobby of collecting and construction. • Is implemented the application of new electronic technologies, engineering and CAD design, construction plastics in various gauges with different traction systems and feeding, production of photovoltaics (solar) etc.. • There is the possibility to use their rolling stock on paths reserved. Involving the direct manufacturers model trains and toys of all kinds through the exposure of new annual and organizing training courses, complete the offer of coverage of this important sector. Property Consulting & 3 Promotion
  4. 4. Baumgartner Gallery in Varese or the “itinerant museum” • Why an “itinerant museum”? • The answers to this question are many, and in any case all are relevant to the primary purpose of “Presence Switzerland”: • transmit knowledge of Switzerland and to create "sympathy" towards him • Modeling and particularly that of model trains has always been an attraction for investors, which also generates considerable turnover in every country of the World • The main idea is to create a scenic route through the plastic and Baumgartner Gallery visitors to experience the thrill of Swiss landscapes increasing knowledge for future leisure travel • The Project of “Itinrant Museum” meets a number of questions, all with the aim specifically to propagate, establish, maintain a network of relationships abroad. Property Consulting & 4 Promotion
  5. 5. Location: for example Ville Ponti - Villa Andrea – Varese (IT) Begun in 1858, designed by architect Giuseppe Balzaretti, surrounded by a magnificent park in English style, is full of masterpieces of Bertini, the Focosi, the Tabacchi, Mosè Bianchi. The villa today left intact the precious heritage of history and art, has been made functional for hosting conventions, conferences, international meetings, but continue to welcome the distinguished guests in the artistic, economic, social and political context. Property Consulting & 5 Promotion
  6. 6. THE PROMOTION OF THE EVENT • Business Communications • Media planning • PR • Inauguration Events Property Consulting & 6 Promotion
  7. 7. BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS • Use of the logo image and communication to decline from various materials to produce the "BRAND SWITZERLAND" of PRESENCE SWITZERLAND • Creating and sending invitations to a mailing list supplied by you (in collaboration with Regional Offices of Foreign Delegations and supplemented by our own) • Institutional adv for local newspapers to give visibility to the events • Radio releases • Design and implementation of coordinated image of the materials to customize the space to welcome guests in the different locations. Property Consulting & 7 Promotion
  8. 8. THE MEANS OF COMMUNICATION (Example) • Local Press: – “Il Corriere del Ticino” – daily press – “La Provincia” - daily – “Varesemese” - monthly – “Varesefocus” - monthly • Radio: – Rai – Radionews • Posting – Poster 6x3 m in Varese and Province (up to Busto - Saronno - Luino for 15 days) – Bright Display • Internet: portals Property Consulting & 8 Promotion
  9. 9. PR • It will be a decidedly critical to the success of the event, designed to raise awareness among journalists of specialized and non-opinion leaders and visitors: • contact with journalists and opinion leaders of a mailing list provided by us and integrated with your contacts • implementation and delivery of a call for launch event • creation of press kits • gift / tribute to journalists who attended the event • creation of a press review (ex ante – in itinere – ex post) Property Consulting & 9 Promotion
  10. 10. THE EVENT • Assume that the exhibition has a launch event at which to call authorities, opinion leaders and journalists • Customizing the location (banners, signs etc ...) • Catering • Hostess • Possible entertainment: music, testimonial • Security Property Consulting & 10 Promotion
  11. 11. MEDIA PLANNING - (CASE) • Press: – “Il Corriere del Ticino” and “La Provincia” (4 halfpages) – “Vivimilano” (3 pages) – “Varesemese” (1 page) – “Varesefocus” (1 page) • Radio: – Rete Otto Network (15days - 6 spot/day) – Radionews (15days - 6 spot/day) • Posting : – Poster 6x3 m in Varese and Province (up to Busto - Saronno - Luino for 15 days) – Bright Display (in front of “Teatro di Varese”) • Internet: Varesenews - portal for local information Property Consulting & 11 Promotion
  12. 12. BUDGET • The transport of plastic and model, exposure of the same, creating the catalog, advertising the event and anything else shown here include a budget of at least CHF 250,000.00 that add at least another which costs CHF 20,000.00 organization, for the 6 "stages" of the Museum assumed itinerant. • The costs could be killed considerably thanks to the involvement of sponsor (ex: chocolate industry and / or coffee, telecommunications, etc.) that would use this new form of culture and also for a better (and new) propaganda of their products. Property Consulting & 12 Promotion
  13. 13. Benefits for sponsors • Use of a network of exceptional visibility and propaganda, creating a virtuous network of knowledge outside of its normal and usual channels of marketing and communications • Use of direct and indirect advertising of the event and generated by the presence on the various channels of communication provided for in the project (ex ante - in itinere - ex post) • Create a network connection directly to the final customer (mostly visitors to the Show) -B2C - Property Consulting & 13 Promotion
  14. 14. Benefits for Presence Switzerland • Fulfill its statutory purpose, mainly to develop the network of knowledge by the institutions (local - Regions- Provinces-Municipalities) in Italy • Establish long-term relationships with them, in the very important field offices that "holds" on the sole area, approximately 1,000,000 people (source: UST Switzerland) • Apply to a very “cross” targeted that does not necessarily have to be framed politically or economically, but that will be reached with messages communicative acts to enhance the tourist attractions in Switzerland. Property Consulting & 14 Promotion
  15. 15. Benefits for Baumgartner Gallery • Besides making more effective its objects (ie the preservation of private collections of model trains and other modeling, promote the hobby as intelligent pastime for young and old, the organization of courses and seminars, auctions, scholarships etc..), could be the right opportunity to further enhance the prestige itself, and in a medium / long term, attract visitors and customers • In times of shows in different location could set up sales and exchanges of models with the visitors. Property Consulting & 15 Promotion
  16. 16. Our contact details Property Consulting & 16 Promotion