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Marketing with Internet: how to find new Customers

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Internet Marketing Course.English

  1. 1. Internet Marketing You can use Internet to find new Customers? Property of Consulting & Promotion with 1
  2. 2. Intro  1) Presentation of speakers  2) WHY THE COURSE ON INTERNET MARKETING  The International development of Internet and Italy in particular has reached a level where it is necessary to act in a professional manner (in Italy there are about 15,000,000 subscribers to the network, and at least 2,500,000 "navigators professionals").  Italy that is not "price leader" that can never afford to produce and sell manufactured goods of any value and the level of China or Taiwan or other countries and almost reflex, could secure "a place in the sun" in become difficult and complicated world of ONLINE COMMERCE.  Promotion and marketing for years are a key factor of success of different enterprises, Small, Medium, Large.  Internet is an extraordinary opportunity to promote those enterprises (SME’s primarily) that otherwise could not secure enough "visibility" in the world or even Europe, if not with advertising costs for the most untenable. Property of Consulting & Promotion with 2
  3. 3. Intro Echoing the techniques we're going to describe, a company of small size could be an important trading place, without having to invest huge. So, Small and Medium Enterprises, Artisans wishing to develop a site of quality, promotional activities targeted and efficient, can use this knowledge to analyze the structure and operation of its business and possibly improve existing business or start-up. Our intention is to offer a practical framework, possibly using a language not too technical but enough to understand the options available, to monitor and provide "guiding principles" that can still be used for promotion of its product. Property of Consulting & Promotion with 3
  4. 4. Construction of the website: strategic choices Market Definition of Segmentation for objectives and countries or niches and geographic areas superniches The global trade and Differentiate logistics choices themselves from competitors Property of Consulting & Promotion with 4
  5. 5. Technical Marketing and online promotion Generate "traffic" Banner: on-line and (and keep it) on paper Search Engines and The secrets of a Portals successful mail Marketing 1on1; Dedicate resources Mailing; Links Property of Consulting & Promotion with 5
  6. 6. We left this section specially after the marketing efforts because you saw how many direct and indirect implications are there in the play of the promotion-oriented and above all "which would make it" in terms of visits to our site that are going to build. Those who visit a site is as if he had a mission to fulfill: it is trying something. A ticket to a concert, time and availability of trains or planes, an address or a phone number or a product. We must ensure that the site you are visiting is "THE SITE". It 'clear that the foundations of which we spoke just now we must be even more clear: we must first, before building a successful site, get some' from the person who buys, whatever. And to do the tests, wondering what we would like to see. For a good "navigation" should provide, to our way of thinking, to put at ease the visitor with images reassuring and convincing. We need to create trust. AND PROFESSIONALISM '. Inclusion in an extravagance that must have little: who buys, almost always, at least in the world of the Internet, knows what she wants. The implications that arise on the form of payment for example (you clear all the "scams telematics"), lead the user to reduce it to the navigation and time of choice. Property of Consulting & Promotion with 6
  7. 7. So, first of all say that the DOWNLOAD and must be fast for any type of computer (or at least the best sellers), then nothing "cutting-edge technologies" that provide, if possible, a few animations or animated graphics, so distract, and irritate we bring a little 'time to load and provide that perhaps, the visitor does not have the ultimate new computers and therefore we must make him little time to open up our page. Let the latest technology only to sites that require, for example when we want to give on-line maintenance services for specific products (take for example the locations of some manufacturers of machine tools: they included short films, which vary depending model, to see how you change a tool or how to cure a given maintenance etc..). Do not use too many icons that is expected to focus the attention of visitors in one part of the "page" of interest. Remember, browsing, few people read, the more simply scroll the page with your eyes looking for something that attracts attention. Property of Consulting & Promotion with 7
  8. 8. LANGUAGES: Italian, say by force, then we expect a clear and concise. Again, needless to dwell: the product XY may occur in Z at time X. Much of brevity, if possible. Add or specify the ONLY REAL difference with the other competitors. Both the boater will notice if buying is good or not! Especially Italian! English because the language of the Internet world, so we do not even question. Eye to translations: Let them act as an expert! A system of promotion, we have seen, are the RECIPROCAL LINK. Work well because they increase the "visibility" to our site. The dilemma opens when we click the inherence with our product will be corrected to show a link that sells bananas on our website that we produce BICYCLES? The answer is not easy to solve, just common sense we would say not to do so. Sure if the link the banana is the DEL MONTE, maybe we acquire prestige. So it's all pretty relative. Say, as a guide, which should bind to sites concerning our industry, but other things in space is not too bad and puts us in a not too rigid, that is fine. Property of Consulting & Promotion with 8
  9. 9. The outline of navigation should be consistent ie if your website is planning to go through several pages, as all should have the same basic structure (positioning of the icon for e-mail in the same place, always address the same place and so on. ) The pages of plain text and then work a little, at least in the pages of SALE. Not dwell too much in, for example, the history of the text: a few words to say that the company has 45 years of tradition, not to say that the founder was a blameless and loving family, who think that really interests ? Please note that browsers are becoming experts and then "go immediately to the point": if in a few minutes, perhaps seconds do not give them the information they need, they will visit other sites. Update the content regularly to provide a slight "restayling" of the website, perhaps indicating and entering the last model produced by our company or been a change of address or phone number (banality, you say, check how many addresses are incorrect, it you will see the beautiful!). Property of Consulting & Promotion with 9
  10. 10. TEST: Before you publish your website, we recommend doing a test period, do not radically change course to the website, as happens sometimes, just to bring the corrections, if necessary. We recommend to make tests of navigation to a small number of people, preferably experienced surfers, who say a critical thing and what goes wrong with your website. From our experience we have had some surprises that would be too bitter when the website is already online. Property of Consulting & Promotion with 10
  11. 11. Development of Online Marketing  Knowledge of Strategy Competitor by : Online promotion  Search Engine  Specialized Portals  Discussion Groups  Traditional forms Property of Consulting & Promotion with 11
  12. 12. Search Engines What are Examples: Altavista How They Work Yahoo Lycos Google Clusty Property of Consulting & Promotion with 12
  13. 13. Portals What are  Examples:       Property of Consulting & Promotion with 13
  14. 14. How to generate “traffic”  Background :  E-mail: find addresses to  Choice of domain specific websites  Write a promotional Email  Reciprocal Links  “Minor” server?  Banner: on-line and on paper  Discussion Groups (valid?  Web designers (professionals only!) Used as chat?)  Blog?  Marketing 1on1 (direct  Inclusion in the Search contact with the Consumer) Engines (implication: the selection of keyword) Property of Consulting & Promotion with 14
  15. 15. Build a website Choosing Web NO to the"cutting- designers edge technologies" “Light” navigation Contents always Clear objectives updated 15 days test Linguages: italian and english? Enter the "benefit" for seafarers “Related” links?? Secure Server “Short pages” Property of Consulting & Promotion with 15
  16. 16. The secrets to a successful website  Right approach Opening a website is  Commitment / like opening a Reliability restaurant in the  Using professionals !! middle of the  Clear Timing forest: no one knows  PROMOTION, that there is!  PROMOTION,  PROMOTION!! Property of Consulting & Promotion with 16
  17. 17. So we hope you have met, if not all your questions, at least a good part. You understand that the "magic wand" does not exist, nor we can we will provide. The keys to success are many and consist mainly in having the right approach, an overall view of a clear and constant personal commitment. The on-line Commerce is a serious thing, we had several customers who told us: I have built a site from a friend and not even 6 months after a new customer: it is no wonder! I do not ever find! If we can do without the professionals in this new field, we have already committed a mistake. At base, we have repeatedly said there must be the professionalism '. And have clear time and the goals that we pursue. Property of Consulting & Promotion with 17
  18. 18. Finally, we wrote in the paper that we have delivered: PROMOTION PROMOTION PROMOTION! The staff in this effort must be CONSISTENT. We also said DEDICATE RESOURCES: not only economic (we have seen that say ON, low), if your company is of medium size, a responsible officer of reading daily e-mail. So prepared an archive of information received and those sent, as is done with the regular mail. When you have filled a classifier, we are sure that you have achieved your purpose (rif. Italian Law signed by ex Minister for Technological Innovation Lucio Stanca, which provides standard and the PEC (Posta Elettronica Certified), an instrument that allows the use of like the mail with return receipt) Remember: open a website, now that the pages on-line are more than five million, will be opening a restaurant in the middle of the forest: if nobody knows that there is, how many customers think that you can have??? Property of Consulting & Promotion with 18
  19. 19. Our contact details Property of Consulting & Promotion with 19