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A Marketing Plan
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A Marketing Plan


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How to create a Marketing Plan

How to create a Marketing Plan

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. a MARKETING PLAN For……………… For………………
  • 2. Why?
  • 3. and then what to do: AGENDA • It comes to implementing the work already done and check with a marketing plan, indeed, if with : • Strategic planning and strategic creativity Planning guidance and detail • Relationship marketing • The Marketing Plan • From strategy to action marketing we can do it!
  • 4. Planning means: • Think ahead • Decide in an integrated way • Coordinate the different parts of the Company • Increase the rationality of conduct • Check
  • 5. Why plan? • Make sure that the future is taken into account Prepare for the inevitable Preventing the undesirable Monitoring the monitorable Developing the desirable
  • 6. TWO DIMENSIONS • Planning address Medium-long time horizon Medium- Light planning “Container” of various operational solutions Container” “Lean mktg”: focus on key construction and distribution of value • Detailed planning Short horizon Details of activities to be done Constantly revised
  • 7. PLAN ADDRESS • Contents Guidelines of conduct strategic marketing Guidelines competitive behavior Roadmap Main roles of responsibility • Framework Medium-long time horizon Document a few pages Drafting and monitoring of top Mngmt
  • 8. PLAN DETAILS • Contents Details of the marketing actions Identifying responsibility for any action Details of the planned state Details of the resources needed • Framework Short horizon Detailed document with continuous updates Drafting and monitoring of middle Mngmt
  • 9. Mktg PROCESS Market analysis Strategy definition Construction supply Planning activities Development of Customers relationship of
  • 10. SWOT Analysis • Performance of current marketing strategies • Main threats or challenges • Analysis of opportunities Strenght and weaknesses factors Company Comp. A Comp. B
  • 11. Marketing Analysis • marketing environment Key Components Major trends Analysis of buying behavior Segment analysis Strategies of competitors
  • 12. KEY COMPONENTS OF THE ENVIRONMENT • Polity • Economy • Rules Sectoral trends • Ecology Institutions and Politics Suppliers Economic trends • Tecnology Producers/Competitors • Value Ecology & Environment Facilitators Influencers Distributors Globalization or international context Customers Technological development Society and values
  • 13. Trends MARKET • Market size by volume and value • Trends: development, stagnation, decline • Seasonality (?) • Product innovations in anticipation • Evolutionary trend in prices • Means of communication most used • Rate of customer loyalty • What are the products substitutes • Average life of the products
  • 14. ANALYSIS OF THE BEHAVIOR OF PURCHASE (or use) Different roles in the acquisition Maker, user , influencer, etc.. Purchase Process Sensitivity to mktg variables Price, image, service, etc.. • Level of satisfaction-dissatisfaction • Composition of the purchasing center
  • 15. SEGMENT ANALYSIS EF PB Enterprise Features EF BS PB Benefits Sought Purchasing Behavior EF PB • Measurability, substantiality, accessibility, Measurability, substantiality, accessibility, differentials, durability, profitability • Segment chosen on attractiveness and competitiveness • PERSONALIZATION
  • 16. Mktg AUDIT • Internal - Company position Strengths and Weaknesses o Offer - marketing mix o Marketing organization o Systems and procedures for marketing • External - environmental conditions, the actors Opportunities and Threats o Economic Environment o Market o Competitors o “Scarcity” of product? Scarcity” product?
  • 17. STRUCTURE Mission Corporate- Corporate-level Service Level Strategic planning Audit marketing SWOT analisjs Level of strategic marketing Positioning target Planning light Objectives and Strategies alternatives marketing mix Expected results plan Marketing mix chosen Budget Level of operational marketing Planning heavy Detailed implementation Plan and Organization Control system
  • 18. Mktg RELATIONAL MODEL Influencers Marketing Marketing influence consultants Company Marketing deal Customers Trade Marketing marketing Retail Internal Marketing Internal front-end marketing Distributors Employees (?)
  • 19. Mktg PLAN TO OFFER • Addressed to the final Customer • The plan offering the strategic guidelines • Specific plans for the tactical applications • Planning for mktg mix tools
  • 20. Mktg PLAN TO OFFER • Product plan • Sales plan • Communication Plan • Budget • Distribution Plan
  • 21. Mktg Plan of influence • Identifying target markets • Analysis of the purchasing process • Identifying Influencers • Identification points (moments) of influence • Building database Influencers • Analysis process of reporting Influencers/Customers • Identification and anticipation of benefits from the influencers Direct benefits Benefits for its Clients Benefits to their peers
  • 22. TOOLS Mktg OF INFLUENCE • Advertising • Internet  Site dedicated (implementation - disclosure) Newsletter Brochure • PR - events ( fairs, launches, company visits, meetings with Directorates hotels, influencers, etc..) • Information materials ( brochures multilingual), postcards, etc.. • Specific concierge services ( if useful) • Dinners PR at sporting events etc.. • Fairs
  • 23. TRADE Mktg Plan • Plan chosen for replacement of the intermediaries / Influencers • Definition of trade mktg mix mix products service Level structure prices / margins collaborative activities • By type of distribution
  • 24. TRADE Mktg Plan • Policies to measure store and brand loyalty • Construction and operation of a common information • Organization for the management of the Plan Marketing/Communication & PR Manager (here I am!!)
  • 25. RETAIL Mktg Plan (also useful for Exhibitions/Events) • “In-store” promotion • Product Layout • Display, brochure • atmosphere elements environment • Events (agreed with the influencers) • Published in cooperation – integrated mktg • sell-out actions promotions
  • 26. Internal Mktg Plan • Identification of the internal target • Internal communication on external marketing • Liaison with external relational marketing plans Involvement in the process of baking external relational Reflections on the organization of relational marketing plans o Organizational change o Power and corporate culture • Accompanying the organization towards relationship marketing • Incentive Scheme
  • 27. Mktg Plan FRONT-END • Roles of direct relationship • Reporting procedures • Content and “tone” of communications • Personal Communication Tools • Shares contact
  • 28. Operational Considerations • Staff required • Shares of internal communication • Research and development • Production capacity and time • Logistics and customer service • Marketing information system
  • 29. Yeah,okay... but basically what to do? • Ideas…………..
  • 30. LIKELY PROBLEMS OF ENFORCEMENT PLAN • Management supposedly • Structural contradiction • Marketing too prolific in relation to the actual availability of the "product"? • Systems ritualized or unavailable • Lack of culture of Customers? • Lack of informations?
  • 31. OPPOSITION TO FORMAL PLANNING • The lack of information We do not have sufficient information You cannot (or is impossible) to obtain information impossible) • The futility of prediction Reality continues to change • The rigidity of the plan We must increase the flexibility, not the bureaucracy • The particularity of the situation • Ours is a special situation, different from other
  • 32. To do this I need: • Budget and …………
  • 33. Who I am: