We make omelettes


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Year 3 and 4 children make omelettes in the ESL class. Today is "Dijous Gras" and we do an very special class. Project work

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We make omelettes

  1. 1. IT’S CARNIVAL TIME “Dijous Gras” Let’s make an omelette!! February, 2013
  2. 2. Oh, Yes! An omelette with some “tomatobread” (typical catalan“pa amb tomàquet”, of course!)
  3. 3. Ingredients to make an omelette What do we need? and two eggs (the white and the yolk, not the shell! Ha, ha!) We need apinch of salt, a dash of olive oil
  4. 4. Ingredients to make the tomato bread What do we need? I need a slice of bread, Tomatoes, and a dash a pinch of salt of olive oil.
  5. 5. We write the ingredients on the blackboard and check the spelling
  6. 6. Kitchen Tools Have we got all the tools?We have a cooker, a pan, a knife and a fork, Some napkins and a plate.
  7. 7. Do not forget!And of course, an and a cloth. apron
  8. 8. Lot of new vocabulary needs to be checked
  9. 9. Ready to start! First, wash your hands with soap and water. Then, deliver the eggs. How many eggs are there in a dozen?
  10. 10. Break the egg with the help of your fingers. Add a pinch of salt. How much salt do we need?
  11. 11. Now, beat the white and the yolk until they are well mixed. What are you doing now? We are beating the eggs!
  12. 12. Heat the pan and add a dash of oil. When the oil is hot, pour the mixture in the pan.Watch out! The pan is very hot!
  13. 13. Cook, fold the omeletteand cook the other side.The omelette is ready! How proud we are!
  14. 14. Now, let’s prepare the tomato breadCut a slice of Rub the tomato Cut a tomato bread on the bread
  15. 15. Add a pinch of salt and a dash of olive oil
  16. 16. That’s all!Yummy!
  17. 17. Great!This is the rhyme we invented:Break the egg,Beat the egg,Cook the eggAnd now you’ve got an omelette!YUMMY!
  18. 18. Time to tidy up! Wash the dishesClean the tables with a cloth
  19. 19. Eggs shells Recycle! Where do they go? Tomato skinsEgg carton Blue, green, yellow and brown. Plastic What are they for?
  20. 20. Time to round up and speak! Questions and answers!
  21. 21. Some mistakes do not affect communication!But better to check the spelling!
  22. 22. We meet all together in the hall of the school. We are ready to eat our fantastic omelette with tomato bread!Put the knife on the tableAnd the fork on the table, Knife, fork, knife fork, The spoon on the table.Put the plate on the table,And the glass on the table Now, it’s time for lunch! Oh, I’m very hungry, Oh, I’m very hungry, Oh, I’m very hungry, Can I have some more? Yeepie! Heinemann Bugs 3
  23. 23. We’ve been working...• Instructive text• What do we need? We need...• Have we got...? Yes, we have. We have a ...• What are you doing now? We are beating the eggs.• Tidying up: Now clean the table, wash the dishes, broom the floor...• Recycling: where do the tomato skins go? To the brown container.• Quantifiers: How many...? How much...?• Adverbs: then, next, now, finally• Adjectives: great, delicious, yummy, hungry• Ordinal numbers: firstListeningWritingSpellingSpeakingRhyming and chantingUsing picture dictionariesWhat else?
  24. 24. Students of Year 3 and 4School Pau Vila 2012-2013