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This is a project develope

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My city project

  1. 1. Project: A citySome examplesTLEinC ICE Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Research Group, 2013Students from the school Jaume Ferran i Clua. Valldoreix. Teacher: Anna Esteban
  2. 2. Grade 4 Project: A CityThis Project about the city is going to be open and free.I’m going to ask you 3 questions:WHAT? What are you going to do?WHO? Who is going to do the project? (individual, pair, group)HOW? How are you going to do the project?I’ll tell them WHEN?- 3 weeks•We start with a brainstorm answering the 3 questions.• I give them time to organize WHO•Once they know who, they start thinking “What and How”.•At the end of the class they write the answer on a paper andgive me to me.This is the project proposal for Primary grade 4
  3. 3. An example of an output in Power PointGrade 4
  4. 4. My ideal town is by the sea. It is not very big but it hasmany things.
  5. 5. It has quiet streets, but...
  6. 6. It has commercial streets too. It has a grocery, a baker’s, aclothes shop, a library, a pharmacy, a supermarket, and...
  7. 7. It has a school and an hospital,
  8. 8. It has a bank, a theater and a cinema,
  9. 9. It has a pub and some restaurants.
  10. 10. There are beautiful streets with sculptures,
  11. 11. A big park with a lake and activities for children.
  12. 12. It has an airport and a train station too.
  13. 13. It is near to the beach
  14. 14. And beautiful landscapes.
  15. 15. Almost all the pictures of this PowerPoint belong to the cityof Odense in Denmark, hometown of Hans ChristianAndersen
  16. 16. Example of scaled model made by a group of 4 level studentsThis is a HAPPY TOWN.The Bank is the biggest building and it’s next tothe hospital.The ambulance is in front of the hospital.There are traffic lights everywhere.In my HAPPY TOWN there are plenty of trees.Behind the bank there is a school.…
  17. 17. Examples of scaled models as project outputs
  18. 18. Project: A City Learning Objectives:  1.-Listen and read a tourist guide: London and Oxford2.-Plan, prepare, write and present your project. Steps: 1st, choose a city you know. 2nd, Find out places to visit:• Tourist attractions: opening and closing times of famous buildings; prizes toenter and visit places.•Geographical situation: North of Spain, Center of France, in theMediterranean Sea..•Rivers, mountains, volcanoes, sea: Theres an important river named....  •Food or products.•Festivities or celebrations.•Famous people3rd, write and present nicely your recommendations.This is the project proposal for Primary grade 5
  19. 19. Who:  Individual or pairs When: 18th of FebruaryHow: Computer (blog, power point, word, video…) or paper   Structures and useful vocabulary: There is / are....;You can see / visit / go / walk...;The city has / is / ....;I recommend.............because……..;            THINK: Do I need photos to illustrate my text.           If you have been in any interesting and beautiful city, you can share theinformation and photos with the class. “Dont complicate yourself”.Do the project nice and simple.
  20. 20. VALÈNCIAVíctor18th of february of 2013ENGLISH PROJECT:
  21. 21. Geographical situationValencia is at theSouth-east ofSpain.
  22. 22. •River: Turia• Beach: La Malvarrosa• Sea: Mediterranean SeaImportant beach, sea and river
  23. 23. Tourist atractions
  24. 24. OceanogràficOpening days: It depends on seasonOpening hours: From 10:00 to 19:00Prize: 27,90 €Other: It’s the largest aquarium inEurope and containsrepresentatives of the world’smain marine ecosystems
  25. 25. Opening days: All yearOpening hours: From 10:00 to 19:00Prize: 8,00 €Other: It is a very big and very nice buildingMuseu de les Ciències
  26. 26. HemisfèricOpening days: All yearOpening hours: From 11:00 to 20:00Prize: 8,80 €Other: Large-format cinema,digital 3D screen
  27. 27. Gulliver parkOpening days: All yearOpening hours: Always openedPrize. FreeOther: It is a great park inthe shape of Guliver
  28. 28. Museu de les Ciències NaturalsOpening days: All yearOpening hours: From 10:00 to 19:00Prize: 2,00 €Other: It’s a big museum where there arefossils of dinosaurs, plants ...
  29. 29. UmbracleOpening days: All yearOpening hours: Always openedPrize: FreeOther: It is an opened place to rest
  30. 30. Passeig de les EsculturesOpening days: All YearOpening hours: Always openedPrize: FreeOther: You can walk throughsculptures
  31. 31. Famous people
  32. 32. Arturo Valls(1974- )He is a TV presenter.
  33. 33. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez(1867- 1928)He was a writer
  34. 34. Santiago Calatrava(1951- )He is an architect.
  35. 35. Luis Garcia Berlanga(1921- 2010)He was a film director and screenwriter.
  36. 36. Festivities and celebrations
  37. 37. FallesDate: From 14 to 19 or marchOther : Explosive sculptures.
  38. 38. La tomatinaDate: 29thaugustOther: War of tomatoes
  39. 39. F1 Grand PrixDate: 24thjuneOther: Race of the Formula 1 World Championship.
  40. 40. Tennis ATP 500Date: ?Other: Tennis championship
  41. 41. Food or products
  42. 42. Paella
  43. 43. Orxata (tiger nut milk drink )
  44. 44. ChinaCeramics
  45. 45. I recommend to visit Valencia because I went two years ago and I liked a lot.
  46. 46. Project: A cityTLEinC ICE Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Research Group, 2013Núria Biosca Perich, Enric Calvet Tomàs, Ana M. Esteban Nieto, M. Emília Masdeu Chimeno,Manuela Moledo Nores, M. Carmen Pérez Martin, Antonio Orihuela Lechuga