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A short project made in grade 3 about the fruits and vegetables wholesale market of Barcelona.

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  1. 1. We have visited
  2. 2. Vegetables and Fruits wholesale market* * “Wholesale market”: They only sale to shops, supermarkets and restaurants
  3. 3. Going to the Market In this photo we are walking to Mercabarna. We are in a line following Juan Pablo and Teo. Ainhoa and Xènia
  4. 4. Asking and answering questions In this photo we are listening to Juan Pablo and Teo. We are saying the names of fruits and vegetables. We know some of them. But some others are difficult. Martí and Raul P
  5. 5. Let’s classify some fruits and vegetables In this photo we can see Ruben sticking fruits on the whiteboard. Èric and Rubén
  6. 6. Each fruit and vegetable in its box We classify all the fruits and vegetables on the whiteboard. Sophie and Xavi
  7. 7. The Market In this photo Juan Pablo is showing a big leek in the market. We can see many fruits and vegetables. Jan and Jesús
  8. 8. Tomatoes In this photo we can see lots of tomatoes. Ferran and Raul M
  9. 9. Celery, radish… In this photo we can see a packet of vegetables to make soup, celery, one leek and radish. Oh, yes! And some “calçots”! (white onions) Aina and Dimitry
  10. 10. More tomatoes In this photo we can see different types of tomatoes, red peppers and lettuce. Irune
  11. 11. Peas We are listening to the monitor and we can see peas. Mmmm, we like peas! Mónica and David
  12. 12. Broad beans In this photo we can see a box of broad beans. Montserrat and Ferran
  13. 13. Tasting! We are tasting different types of fruits with the eyes closed. Sweet or sour? What fruit is it? Raul M and Nil
  14. 14. Potatoes In this photo we can see potatoes. And we can see a machine to transport the potatoes. Yaiza and Carles
  15. 15. Onions In this photo we can see kilograms and kilograms of onions. Hundreds of onions or thousands of onions? Joan and Diego
  16. 16. Sugar cane In this photo we can see many sugar canes. Sugar cane comes from Brazil. David and Adam
  17. 17. Physalis In this photo we can see a physalis. We are listening to Juan Pablo, the teacher, explaining that the name in Catalan is “bufeta de gos”. Jesús and Dimitry
  18. 18. African red peppers In this photo we can see African red peppers. They are very hot! Mónica and Ainhoa
  19. 19. Kumquat In this photo we can see two kumquats. The kumquats come from China and are like little oranges. The kumquats are in a box. Diego and Martí
  20. 20. Red Pitahaya In this photo we can see red pitahayas. They are tropical fruit and very, very estrange. Yaiza and Montserrat
  21. 21. Grapefruits In this photo we can see grapefruits. They are like big oranges. Carles and Rubén
  22. 22. Passion Fruit In this photo we can see passion fruit. Now they are green but after sometime they are black. Irune and Xènia
  23. 23. Limes In this photo we can see limes. They are like little lemons but they are green. Vanessa and Nil
  24. 24. Baby Pineapples In this photo we can see baby pineapples. They are very small! Aina and Joan
  25. 25. Baby bananas In this photo we can see baby bananas in a plastic bag. Xavi and Sophie
  26. 26. The flowers In this photo we can see eatable flowers! Can you eat flowers? Oh, yes! in a salad! Jan and Raul
  27. 27. Time for Lunch This is the salad for lunch. We can see olives, tomatoes, carrot, tomato cherries, radish, onion, red pepper, lettuce, celery and red cabbage. Oh, yes! And pomegranate! Aina and Joan
  28. 28. And this is the dessert A fantastic fruit brochette. It has got banana, apple, black grapes, kiwi, orange and pear. We put some lemon juice to conserve apples and pears. Irune and Xènia
  29. 29. The End Class of Grade 3 “Els Naturalistes”