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Belarus Klochan ENG

  1. 1. FLEG I Objective – to contribute to: • legal and sustainable forest management and utilization practices • strengthened rule of law and • • improved local livelihoods focusing on environmental sustainability, human right aspects and gender equity 1
  2. 2. Analytical Work to highlight problems • Identify the perverse incentives • Highlight poor policy and legislation • Improve the institutional framework • Improve law enforcement • Work with private sector • Increase public awareness and education 2
  3. 3. Some examples of work completed in Belarus • Review of existing forest management system • Road map for forest sector reform • Development of new forest strategy • Integration of FLEG in the forestry education process • Review and amendment of forest and environmental legislation to reflect FLEG issues 3
  4. 4. FLEG II Objective – to contribute to: • sustainable forest governance, management, and protection of forests, • ensuring the contribution of the region's forests to climate change adaptation and mitigation, to ecosystems and biodiversity protection, and to • sustainable livelihoods and income sources for local populations and national economies 4
  5. 5. FLEG II key priorities in Belarus: •Updating the national forest policy, improving forest legislation and law enforcement •Optimizing the system of forest management and forest utilization practices •Improving the level of professional training for forestry specialists, and •Implementing a communication strategy in the forest sector, developing forest-related and environmental education 5
  6. 6. The draft CWP for Belarus includes 4 result areas and 20 activities: •Sustainable forest conservation and enhanced environmental and socioeconomic role of forests •Improvement of the national forest policy and legislation, development of sustainable forest management and utilization system •Capacity building and achieving national objectives of sustainable development of forestry and overall forest sector Development of FLEG national communication strategy and regional cooperation for implementation of St. 6 Petersburg Declaration
  7. 7. FLEG II specific Development Objectives are to: i) make progress implementing the St. Petersburg FLEG Ministerial Declaration and support the participating countries commit to a timebound action plan to ensure its implementation and follow-up activities ii) review or revise forest sector policies and legal and administrative structures; improve knowledge of and support for sustainable forest management and good forest governance (including the impact of related EU regulations); and, iii) test and demonstrate best practices for sustainable forest management and the feasibility of improved forest governance practices at the field-level on a pilot basis in all participating countries. 7
  8. 8. Thank You! 8 8