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Armenia Petrosyan ENG

  1. 1. Rouben Petrosyan Republic of Armenia First Session of the Steering Committee Minsk, October 1-3, 2013
  2. 2. CHANGES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE IN THE FORESTRY SECTOR OF ARMENIA  In order to reduce illegal logging and provide the population with timber, the Government of Armenia adopted a Resolution according to which forest communities will be able to receive up to 8 m3 of fuelwood (from fallen wood) per household per year free of charge.  A number of trainings for the environmental NGOs and journalists, followed-up by road-shows.
  3. 3. CHANGES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE IN THE FORESTRY SECTOR OF ARMENIA  According to the Order of the RA Minister of Agriculture new rules for logging and trading round wood in Armenia have been adopted.
  4. 4. CHANGES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE IN THE FORESTRY SECTOR OF ARMENIA  A large-scale analysis of socio-economic impact includes the analysis of a series of studies in the field of illegal logging and its consequences, particularly the following observations:  analysis of forest management status in Armenia;  perception analysis of corruption and management in the forestry sector;  analysis of marketing and sales channels of timber, including exploration of alternative markets. The studies resulted in drafting of the Report “Understanding the Forestry Sector in Armenia: Current Conditions and Opportunities”.
  5. 5. CHANGES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE IN THE FORESTRY SECTOR OF ARMENIA o A study of forest legislation of the RA has been carried out, which resulted in drafting and publication of the Guide of forest legislation. o In 2011 three social videos were produced: 1) Responsible industry, 2) Irreversible consequences of illegal logging, and 3) Stimulating values in the Armenian society for forest protection. These videos were broadcasted both at local and national TV channels, as well the website of “Hayantar” SNCO.
  6. 6. CHANGES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE IN THE FORESTRY SECTOR OF ARMENIA Creation of “Hayantar” SNCO website in Armenian and English languages:
  7. 7. Other on-going FLEG Related Processes in Armenia  The Biodiversity Sustainable Management program implemented by the GIZ (20122013). The key activities of the program include: o• Rehabilitation of 20 ha of beech forest at Sevqar Forest Enterprise; • Rehabilitation of 250 ha of oak forest at Hrazdan Forest Enterprise; • Rehabilitation of 100 ha of oak forest at Aragatsotn Forest Enterprise; • Supporting high quality seedlings productions through application of modern technologies of closed and open root system at the nurseries of Hrazdan and Noyemberyan Forest Enterprises.
  8. 8. Other on-going FLEG Related Processes inin Armenia Other on-going FLEG Related Processes Armenia  Afforestation and forest rehabilitation program implemented by FAO (2011-2013). The main objective of the program is establishment of a modern nursery in a closed root system for production of seedlings at Hrazdan Forest Enterprise.  “Increasing the Resilience of Forest Ecosystems against Climate Change in the Southern Caucasus through Forest Transformation” – regional project funded by the EU and implemented by the WWF (2011-2014). The project aims at transformation of homogenous forest areas (150 ha) in Gougarq and Noyemberyan forest enterprises into “close to nature” forests more resilient to the climate change.
  9. 9. Other on-going FLEG Related Processes in Armenia  A regional program on “Supporting Development of Biodiversity Conservation Policies and Practices in Mountain Regions of the South Caucasus” is being implemented by the REC Caucasus ((2012-2014). Pilot projects in two communities of Armenia Koghb and Djudjevan will be carried out.
  10. 10. The Country Work Plan for Armenia (Year 1) Review of the legal and institutional framework: Review and analyze of existing forestry-related legislation, and institutional and administrative structure. Building human resource capacity to address FLEG Program issues: Continue practical training for forest practitioners on the use of tracking system of the whole chain of wood supply. Public awareness and public monitoring of the forestry sector activities: Measures aimed at education and awareness raising of various target groups regarding importance of sustainable forest management; Follow up activities on development and circulation of forestry related electronic newsletters and establishment of the web-site of “HAYANTAR” SNCO; Organization of round table discussions, seminars and workshops with the stakeholders, journalists; NPAC meetings.
  11. 11. THANK YOU