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Inclined Planes Screws Wedges
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Inclined Planes Screws Wedges


created for 5th grade science classroom

created for 5th grade science classroom

Published in Education , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Inclined Planes Screws Wedges
  • 2. What is an inclined plane?  An inclined plane is a form of simple machine that consists of a slanted surface along which objects are easier to push upward that to lift straight up.  A ramp and stairs are both examples of inclined planes.
  • 3. Length and Height of Inclined Planes  It is easier to move an object up a more sloping (longer in length) inclined plane than it is to move the same object up a steeper (shorter in length) inclined plane.  Example: It would be easier to ride a bike up a longer but shorter hill. Steep Sloping Hill Hill
  • 4. Why do you use an inclined plane?  Incline planes reduce the effort needed to carry something over a long distance or to raise something to a higher level.
  • 5. Examples of Inclined Planes
  • 6. More Examples of Inclined Planes
  • 7. What is a screw?  A screw is a simple machine consisting of a pole or rod with an inclined plane wrapped around it.  Screws are used for holding things together (wood screws), drilling holes in things (drills), and lifting things (car jacks).
  • 8. Common Examples of Screws
  • 9. What is a wedge?  A wedge is another version of the inclined plane. Usually it is thought of as two inclined planes put back to back.  Wedges help us cut things, chop things, and split things apart. They are also used to hold things in place.  Axes, knives, and scissors are all wedges.
  • 10. Common Examples of Wedges
  • 11. Inclined Plane, Wedge, or Screw?
  • 12. Name the Simple Machines Used