Welcome and our context


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Output ppt for AIESEC Global Steering Team meeting (Nov 2012). Please refer to http://bit.ly/STnov for more info.

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Welcome and our context

  1. 1. +Steeringteam 5th – 9thmeeting November Welcome
  2. 2. + Last time we saw each other here…
  3. 3. +
  4. 4. + Its been more than 5 months from the meeting… Its been more than 4 months from the time you have started as MCP…
  5. 5. + In last few months which was the moment that reminded you what is the impact of AIESEC?
  6. 6. + In last few months which was the moment that reminded you what are the values of AIESEC? When was the last time you lived them?
  7. 7. + Why does it matter to you to be MCP and a ST member in this generation?
  8. 8. + Break
  9. 9. + Generation 2012/2013
  10. 10. + 2012/2013 •  What do you think it’s the role of the generation? What kind of year is this?
  11. 11. + Thecontext of Generation 12/13 Our team takes an active leadership stand to achieve AIESEC’s measure of success in 12/13; Ensure clarity and belief of the “why”; Drive sustainable growth towards our mid-term ambition.
  12. 12. + So what is our role here…
  13. 13. + Context of Steering team in November 2012 •  AIESEC International is bringing the direction, ideas, strategies…We are the ones bringing projects! •  You - MCPs are the ones deciding what is really happening on the ground and what is being implemented or not. You are the ones doing the business! •  Steering projects into a business! •  “If the project is not implementable Steering committee failed!”
  14. 14. Represent the globalplenary to discuss essential topics, ensure beststrategies and drive them in the network.
  15. 15. + Steering projects into business – how we will do it! in Plan Current Cha llenges state the networkImplement Implement Implement I. II. III.
  16. 16. + Plan •  Short reminder of the global plan and its objectives •  The goal: To make sure Steering team members understand the direction and the meaning behind •  The Output: no
  17. 17. + Current state •  Evaluation of the plan and achievement from the beginning of the term •  The goal: to build awareness about the progress of the projects and strategies to enable Steering team members to have a correct and valuable input and assessment •  The Output: no
  18. 18. + Challenges in the network •  Collection the key challenges and providing recommendation •  The goal: to react to current challenges in the network considering the global direction and identify next steps for AI and the network in those challenges •  The Output: a recommendation paper per region and for AIESEC International
  19. 19. + Implement I. •  Key projects of AIESEC International •  The goal: to assess key, long-term global projects and give recommendation to project itself but mainly for the implementation of the project globally •  The Output: a recommendation paper per project stating the main recommendations for AIESEC International to take forward in order to make project successful and implementable
  20. 20. + Implement II. •  Key activities and ways of implementation and driving strategies of AIESEC International. Hyper-thinking mode. •  The goal: to assess activities and the way AI drives strategies and give recommendation to improve the role of AIESEC International •  The Output: a recommendation paper stating the main recommendations for AIESEC International to take forward
  21. 21. + Implement III. •  Key activities and projects of AIESEC International for next quarter and expected activity on the ground •  The goal: enable network next 3 months and enable ST for being a role-model for the network •  The Output: a recommendation paper per region for each MCP in the network to take forward, paper of personal next steps for each Steering team member
  22. 22. + agenda
  23. 23. Being the best MCP I can be inthe network Thinking globally Being open minded Forward thinking Being proactive Understanding society Communicate the ideas Sense the discussions Being solution oriented Awareness of what is happening in our region Being responsible Leading by example Connect to our regions Start doing stuff we discuss Listen and seek to understand Driving global output to local implementation Thinking in 2015 context Staying focused “Walking on two legs”