Output implement ii.


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Output ppt for AIESEC Global Steering Team meeting (Nov 2012). Please refer to http://bit.ly/STnov for more info.

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Output implement ii.

  1. 1. Objective of this block: To give recommendations for AI in thefollowing topics: -How to communicate our belief -Internal Communication -Country Consultancy Model -AI Structure 13-14 We used a methodology called “HyperShift” means thinking in other people/Org’s shoes to come up with solution
  2. 2. Communicate Our Belief
  3. 3. How to communicate ourbelief if we are looking at it from theperspective of religion, politics, Facebook?
  4. 4. The Big Idea Recommendation forFeature of Religion AIESEC “Golden material” Refreshed AIESEC Way as guidebook (make it more attractive and easy like Bible to read)
  5. 5. The Big Idea Recommendation forFeature of Politics AIESEC Over communication viaOver communication conferences, newsletters, videos, RnR, myaiesec.net Role modeling via MCP and LCP’s (seeing values via the person so Role modeling that people are inspired and want to follow) Collaborating with other youth Collaboration NGO’s with same values to enhance awareness
  6. 6. The Big Idea Recommendation for Feature of Facebook AIESEC Self-explanatory without Content on belief should beinstruction to use function simple and easy to understand (Simple) Challenges to produce content toContent driven by customer/ spread our ideas  user; User to give opinion It shall start with theand decide by popularity question: If you were our PAI, how would you translate the why of AIESEC in a 3 minutes video? Create games, interact, pushFacebook provide different different ways and apps forgames/apps people to connect with our belief Provide customized info onFacebook provide customized belief to specificinfo to you demographic
  7. 7. InternalCommunication
  8. 8. How will we have better internal communication if we look at it fromthe perspective of BBC,Google, Nike, Coca Cola?
  9. 9. The Big Idea Recommendation for How BBC Works AIESEC (MAKE IT VISUAL FOR DIFFERENT AUDIENCES): Run one hour live, record it and-Most important highlights in one spread it. + invite differentplace. countries + external experts to talkTransmitting good case practices all about topics. Example: marketingover the world. knowledge, matching…etc. Visualizing all news, combiningspeaking, showing date and main Documentaries about AIESEC history,messages. country growth, alumni stories. Real life interviews, someone from the place of the event speaks. Customized transmitted informationDocumentaries. for different levels and regions.Everything is aligned with the brand Which is easy by video.(facts). Invite experts to shows. Hot topics of the week,Variety of channels and there’s a conversational topic.topic for each target audience. Countdown of MoS evey week (people will feel engaged). Use the story telling platform. Develop YouTube channel for this.
  10. 10. The Big Idea How Coca Cola Works Recommendation for AIESEC Focus on visual experiences - enjoy (Diverse outreach strategies of theCreative ideas/ interest advertise same message through different media Famous endorsement to support product/ Intensive and realistic (related)association with “good times”, success visualization (videos/pictures) ofCreating thirst/ pain (showing a experiences lived by members problem, satisfying need) Using members to communicate withDiverse marketing channel, consistent members because they speak the samemessage in multiple format language Brand (logo and product) visualization Showcasing endorsement by famous/well-Up-to-date with society/ current issues known people (alumni/ SG) (e.g. Olympics/ xmas) Communicate AIESEC such that ourCustomized promotion to specific activities will satisfy societal issuesaudience and it’s a necessary component to today’s society (connecting AIESEC toUsing customers in advertisement or their life) customers making the advertisements Translate all materials belief, root ofCoca Cola is in so many languages, but success, image of future, MoS, storiesstill looks like its done by the same into own languages, with the sameperson. template.
  11. 11. The Big Idea Recommendation for How Nike Works AIESEC Translate those messages into, inspiring and catchy messages eg: AIESEC is real, Make it happen Super Cool advertisement Videos – Inspiring, meaningful and short Simple and catchymessages. e.g Just do it Merchandising – CellphoneInspiring videos covers, Laptop suits, T – Shirts, badges, stickers Appear everywhere, TV,stadium, events etc Conferences – Big huge posters Backing Contests for T Shirts/ competitions  
  12. 12. The Big Idea Recommendation for AIESEC Myaiesec.net homepage Include dashboards with progress to goals in each program in the given year. By clicking each dashboard you get a breakdown by entity, and by clicking on an entity you get a breakdown per LC Below the dashboards is the NPS for each program updated each month Also are top NPS comments (+ and -) Below that highlight top growth MCs and LCs and their stories Can use snapshots of this data in the newslettersUse different channels for the same messageContent-based subscriptions – so people can click what thingsthey want content on in the global newsletter (I.e. GCDP section,ICX section)AIESEC Way and Impact Induction VideoCreate a calendar with touch points during the year and whatresources should be provided to whom in the various newsletters
  13. 13. Virtual support Include regional improvement managers to coach Add more people Cluster basedfrom AI to coach conferences and countries summits
  14. 14. Virtual calls with the whole team is involved Conference calls with more than one country Operational plan for visits and follow up virtually follow-up
  15. 15. Regional hubs creation If it’s program based development needed, use other MCPs or CEEDers to deliver the content Regional coordinators follow-up progress of coachings
  16. 16. Program or product responsible to coachtop performing countries to have a more established focus Increase number of people at OD team Cluster based coaching together
  17. 17. Program based summits in key countries Include summits in AI and MCs planning Cluster conferences growth (i.e. BRIC conference)
  18. 18. To provide different views on how do we think AIESEC International should evolve in the following year according to the resources available and its objective
  19. 19. The Big Idea Principle Impact Improve virtual Investment on IT solutions to enhance AI virtual capacity to management deliver trainings and meetings Physical touch Spread the OD team around the globe for a period of weeks/months according to the points only when necessity of making National Plans happen. Use CEEDers and the network tostrictly necessary deliver content as well Create IS and Content productionOutsource more technical hubs/labs around the network or backgrounds hire a company to do it
  20. 20. How would it looks like?
  21. 21. The Big Idea Principle Impact Product based Create AI VP GCDP and GIP, with one Marketing and one Talent structure Capacity responsible under it Technology veryhighlighted and Create a VP Tech, with 2 Information Management persons under it emphasized
  22. 22. How would it looks like?
  23. 23. The Big Idea Principle Impact HR allocation based Regional separation based on operational size rather than on results geographical context Regional directors Regional management (possible regionalunder Presidents of offices) and HR and TMP/TLP program responsible Headquarters Representatives from Representatives from each region will sit at the Global HQ andregional HQs sit on the support will be given at Globalglobal HQ, not regional HQ
  24. 24. How would it looks like?
  25. 25. The Big Idea Principle Impact Empower regional Create regional hubs managed by AI to closer support entities offices Invest in more Review AI budget to include more fullpeople to handle timers according to our increase of revenue as our goals enhance towards 2015 the operations
  26. 26. How would it looks like?