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Change in Conversation
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Change in Conversation

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  • https://secure.flickr.com/photos/86530412@N02/8210762750/sizes/k/in/photostream/
  • https://secure.flickr.com/photos/mujitra/6136036914/
  • Image by Wallyir
  • https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nature_reserve_%C5%BDi%C5%BEk%C5%AFv_vrch_in_summer_2012_(21).JPG


  • 1. Change in ConversationBy: Enoch ChanImage by StockMonkey (Flickr)
  • 2. Our methods of communications are changing rightbefore our eyes; our need of staying connected witheach other has been an ever increasing value in ourlivesImage by LuluLemon Atheltica (Flickr)
  • 3. Social networks have given us the ability to stayconnected with a mass audienceImage by StockMonkey (Flickr)
  • 4. Facebook will reach the 1 billion user mark bythe end of 20137 out of 10 facebook users check Facebook dailyImage by Topgold (Flickr)
  • 5. There is no doubt that socialnetworks have become a biggerpart of our lives than ever before...Image by Walton LaVonda (Google Images)
  • 6. ...but how hasthat affectedthe way wetraditionallyinteract withpeople?Image by Jevuska (Flickr)
  • 7. "We’ve become accustomed to a new way of beingalone together...We have gotten used to the idea ofbeing in a tribe of one, loyal to our own party."- Sherry TurkleImage by Merete (Flickr)
  • 8. Image by Filip Dominec (Google Images)
  • 9. Technology and social networkshave been used in place ofphysical interactionImage by h3h (Flickr)
  • 10. We live in a generation where Skype, texting andemailing is not only seen as an equivalent, but as anincreased convenience for face to face interactionImage by Zorba the Geek (Google Images)
  • 11. Social networks have allowed people to express theiropinions while hiding behind a masked online identityImage by Larry Page (Flickr)
  • 12. It, however, does not mimic the real, physicalconversations that allow people to develop social skillsImage by Katie Tegtmeyer (Flickr)
  • 13. “We are tempted to thinkthat our little “sips” of onlineconnection add up to a biggulp of real conversation”- Sherry TurkleImage by Nupgong6 (Google Images)
  • 14. Technology hinders our ability to formauthentic relationships between peopleImage by Familymwr (Flickr)
  • 15. Because they are forming relationships withthe masked, online identity of other people, nottheir real identitiesImage by Rasevic (Google Images)
  • 16. “One of the differences between our self-image in reallife and online is more ability to change our look, andalso mask our identity” – Christine EricksonImage by MIKI Yoshihito (Flickr)
  • 17. We are losing the point ofcommunicating with each otherImage by US Navy (Flickr)
  • 18. It is not only so that we fill that lonely voidImage by Ragesoss (Google Images)
  • 19. But that through communication, we are able to form,develop and nurture relationships with one anotherImage by ProperPilot(Google Images
  • 20. “If we don’t teach our children to be alone, they willknow only how to be lonely.” – Sherry TurkleImage by Incisler (Google Images)
  • 21. We need to realize that technology and social networksare not a replacement of real conversation, but asupplement of it.Image by Alvesgaspar (Google Images)
  • 22. Credits• All images are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0agreement and sourced from flickr, morguefileor Google imagesImage by Wallyir (MorgueFile)
  • 23. Sources• http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/22/opinion/sunday/the-flight-from-conversation.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0• http://mashable.com/2013/02/15/social-media-and-the-selfie/• http://www.businessinsider.com/how-big-social-media-has-become-2012-9• http://brand-e.biz/facebook-will-get-1-billion-active-users-worldwide-in-2013-says-emarketera_27809.htmlImage by Chmee2 (Google Images)