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The 6 questions between you and success
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The 6 questions between you and success






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  • Objectivesby the end of this session you will be able to:state the 6 questions you need to know in order to shape your business or your career describe the process for identifying the skills you need to developdefine your business / career driversdescribe how to make progress / change happen for you (not to you!)
  • To get from A to Z you need to know where A isHere are some examplesSome of these may resonate with you or notMove to exercise …
  • Anyone want to share? …
  • So here are the six questionsWho am I?Where am I now?How satisfied am I?What changes do I want?How do I make those changes happen?What if my plan doesn’t work out?
  • Question 1: Who am I?We are many people in one body:Child, Employee, Spouse/Partner, Business Owner, Parent, Consumer, Friend, Leisure-User, Home Maker, StudentYou need to define who you are in relation to all these personasYou need to identify what is important, what can be pout on hold, are there ways of doing things differenty?Who Are You?What are your personal values?Who are you in your personal life?What is you work / career persona? – is there a mis-match between you and your workplace (personal values)What is your business persona? – do you feel confident? Do you feel like you are putting on an act? Do you ask for help and support in the right places and from the right people?
  • I would love a diary like this ….But reality is differentDo you know how you spend your time?Is your time spent in the way that will get you to where you want to be?
  • Here’s a way of analysing how you spend your timeDo a time and motion study on yourself over a short time – 2 weeks / a month (don’t fake it!)
  • To know where you are you often have to know where you want to be, that way you can make a judgement about what you have to do
  • To answer the question ‘Who am I?’ in relation to your career or your business you cannot ignore the skill set you needWhat is it?Do you have the skills?Do you need the skills?Criteria could be:very competent competentadequate for the taskundevelopedMy problem with SWOT Analysis – making slightly less weak weaknesses??
  • Easy-Peasy Action Plan

The 6 questions between you and success Presentation Transcript

  • 1. the 6 questionsbetween you and success building your business and shaping a career
  • 2. where are you starting from? I know what I want but I don’t I want to I’m bored and return to a job I’d like to learn know how to in a rut after bringing to accept what get it up my children I’ve got, to feel I’m retiring more at peace soon and I with myself I don’t know don’t know what I want what to do I want to be clearer I find it difficult I’m about to about where I go to choose lose / just from here in my among the I want to find lost my job business or career things that are out what’s really important to important to me me I’d like to know I’m quite satisfied what I am really with my job at the capable of moment, but I feel I achieving may be missing out on something
  • 3. exercise: write down where you arestarting from
  • 4. the 6 questions 2. where am 6. what if I now? 4. what my plan changes do doesn’t I want? 1. who am work out? I? 3. how satisfied 5. how do I am I? make change happen?
  • 5. question 1: who am I?5
  • 6. who am I? time analysis record – aspirational? A.M P.M 0-2 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-2 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12 Monday Night out with Ewan McGregor Tuesday Lunch with girls Wednesday Breakfast with George Clooney Thursday Shopping trip to Paris Friday Dinner at The Ivy Saturday Weekend in New York Sunday
  • 7. who am I?time analysis record – actualPercentage of time SpentLife Role 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70 – 100%ChildEmployee /Business OwnerSpouse orPartnerParentConsumerFriendLeisure-UserStudentHome Maker
  • 8. question 2: where am I now?
  • 9. where am I now?: my skillsmy skillsVery Competent Competent Want to use a Skills I would like great deal to develop Want to use sometimes Want to use rarely or never
  • 10. question 3: how satisfied am I?what drives you?: material rewards power/influence search for meaning expertise creativity affiliation autonomy security status
  • 11. how satisfied am I?my major satisfiers People ActivitiesIn my business/ careerIn my lifemy major dissatisfiers People ActivitiesIn my business / careerIn my life
  • 12. question 4: what changes do I want?exercise introduce yourself to them as you are now introduce yourself to them as you were 10 years ago introduce yourself to them as 10 years from nowKeep it in the first personSwap roleswhich of the introductions did youfind most difficult?why?
  • 13. question 5: how do I make changehappen?by having goalsby being strategicby being SMART specific measureable achievable realistic timebound
  • 14. question 6: what if it doesn’t workout? get rid of bad feelings have someone to talk to who can offer you information, advice and guidance talk constructively to yourself look after yourself under stress
  • 15. what next? sign up for my free newsletter full of hints and tips at www.kathyennis.co.uk discover the Your Brand Is You programme to boost your business and revolutionise your career Accelerator - an exciting, cost effective way of taking control Business Builder - specifically designed for business owners Powerful You - a career development mentoring programme
  • 16. thank you Kathy Ennis 020 8926 0331 kathy@kathyennis.co.uk www.kathyennis.co.uk @kathyennis