ABIDe TF Public Consultation


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PPT used for ABIDe TF Public Consultation held on 12 July, 2009 @ NJV Club, Koramangala, Bengaluru.

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ABIDe TF Public Consultation

  1. 1. Welcome to ABIDe Task Force Public Consultation 12 July, 2009 www.abidebengaluru.in
  2. 2. Role and Objectives of ABIDe TF In our democratic system citizens concern are directly addressed by concerned MLAs and MPs Councilors, MLAs and MPs are responsible for their constituency wise ward /development and will continue to do so The missing piece was a city wide/ region wide development and growth plan ABIDe is the institutional and Citizen platform framework which will create a multi functional, city wide / region wide development blue print / Architecture - Plan Bengaluru 2020 Plan Bengaluru 2020 are focused on solutions that are permanent, sustainable and institutional – working with agencies and government www.abidebengaluru.in
  3. 3. Vision and Objective of Plan Bengaluru 2020 “Bengaluru has the potential to become the No.1 city in India and an internationally prominent metropolis. To make this possible, we need to adopt a new urban planning model, upgrade our infrastructure, Improve the social facilities and create a better environment for good quality of life. In other words, we must re-invent Bengaluru.” To transform Bengaluru as a ‘model city’ and ‘city of global standards’ in three years with word class infrastructure. Shri B. S. Yeddyurappa, Hon’ble Chief Minister www.abidebengaluru.in
  4. 4. Vision and Objective of Plan Bengaluru 2020 Governance and citizen responsiveness • Restructuring BBMP and agencies, New Law, Simpler approach to property tax payments • Launch nammabengaluru.gov.in (citizen – government website) Transportation • Affordable and higher quality Public transportation (metro, bus) • Better Traffic management with Less traffic jams and waiting times, New Parking policy Water and Waste • 24x7 water supply to all wards in city • Safe drinking water supply to all wards • Improved sanitation and waste management for all wards Namma Bengaluru Action Plan 2012 www.abidebengaluru.in
  5. 5. Vision and Objective of Plan Bengaluru 2020 Power: Dedicated Power Plant to supply power to Bengaluru. Security: A well prepared public security environment to give all people a feeling of safety, civil defence and emergency services. Health: Increase in access to higher quality healthcare and health insurance to all sections of society. Urban Poor, Senior Citizens: Food security for old people, Schools for migrants. Heritage and Environment: A well protected and cherished proud heritage of our city, including creating river front Improved open spaces for Parks and lakes. Technology enabling of Bengaluru Namma Bengaluru Action Plan 2012 www.abidebengaluru.in
  6. 6. Members of ABIDe Task Force • Shri B. S. Yeddyurappa, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Chairman ABIDe • Shri Ananth Kumar, Member of Parliament, Vice Chairman ABIDe • Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Member of Parliament, Convener ABIDe TF • Shri R Ashok, Hon'ble Minister for Transport • Shri Katta Subramanya Naidu, Hon'ble Minister for Excise, IT, BT, BWSSB, • Shri S Suresh Kumar, Hon'ble Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Municipal Administration • Prof. K V Raju, Economic Advisor to Hon'ble CM • Dr A Ravindra, Former Chief Secretary, GoK, Advisor to Hon’ble CM – Urban Development www.abidebengaluru.in
  7. 7. Members of ABIDe Task Force Citizens Members - • Dr R K Misra • Dr Ashwin Mahesh • Smt Anita Reddy • Dr Devi Shetty • Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw • Shri Mohandas Pai • Prof. M.N.Sreehari • Shri Lakshminarayan www.abidebengaluru.in
  8. 8. Members of ABIDe Task Force Officers - Principal Secretary UDD - Shri D Thangaraj, IAS Secretary Housing Department - Shri G V Kongawad, IAS Commissioner, BBMP - Shri Bharathlal Meena , IAS Commissioner, BDA - Shri Siddaiah, IAS Managing Director, BESCOM - Shri Tushar Giri Nath, IAS Commissioner, BMRDA - Shri Abhijit Das Gupta, IAS Police Commissioner, Bangalore City - Shri Shankar Bidari, IPS Chairman, BWSSB - Shri Ramamurthy, IAS Managing Director, Namma Metro (BMRCL) - Shri N. Sivasailam, IAS Managing Director, BMTC - Shri Syed Zameer Pasha, IAS Managing Director BARL - Shri V Madhu, IAS www.abidebengaluru.in
  9. 9. Members of ABIDe Task Force Working Group Members - • Mr Sajan Poovayya • Mr Sanjay Sridhar • Prof. Rabindra Vasavada • Mr Satyaprakash Varanashi • Mr V Naresh Narasimhan • Mr Pankaj Modi • Late. Ms Prathibha • Swathi Reddy • Ms Meeta Jain
  10. 10. Alliances for Capacity and Knowledge Building 1. Alliance finalized with Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London’s office – to study planning and implementation processes in a metropolitan region. London-Bengaluru Partnership needs strengthening because of their vast knowledge and experience on City development and management. 2. The Karnataka Government (Bengaluru) is officially approved as an Active Member of Metropolis in the Metropolis Board of Directors meeting held on 23 May 2009 in Moscow 3. The GoK MOU with Cisco has been operationalized to tap into CISCOs considerable expertise and experience in Intelligent Urbanisation and Connected Urban Development. www.abidebengaluru.in
  11. 11. Metropolis is the World Association of Major Metropolises. Metropolis is also the metropolitan section of the United Cities & Local Government organization (UCLG), which arose from the merger between the IULA and UTO. Its mission is to promote international cooperation and exchanges among members, i.e., local and metropolitan governments. Metropolis is the spokesperson on cities‘ interests in international forums. The metropolises are shaping the 21st century. While individually different, they share modern-day concerns on issues such as urban planning and development, the economy, health, environmental matters, transport, infrastructure and communications. www.abidebengaluru.in
  12. 12. CISCO Intelligent Urbanizations Cisco's Commitment to Intelligent Urbanisation Cisco's holistic Intelligent Urbanisation blueprint builds on the company's long history as the world's networking leader and its existing investments in intelligent urbanisation. Connected Urban Development: This was born from Cisco's commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, which is a public-private partnership aimed at developing replicable information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, led by Cisco Corporate Affairs and the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), to address the unique environmental problems confronted by urban areas around the world. It demonstrates how to reduce carbon emissions by introducing fundamental improvements in the efficiency of the urban infrastructure through information and communications technology (ICT). www.abidebengaluru.in
  13. 13. Methodology / Process of ABIDe TF 1. A CIIP for all ongoing and planned projects completed and updated every 6 months. Ver. 2.0 currently being updated. 2. Sub-group for each topic develops a first report. 3. This is circulated to ABIDe members for comments/discussion. 4. Report is put on the website, and public comments are sought; public consultations are also held. Over 15,000 responses received (letters, phone call, SMS and e-mail) 5. Thereafter, an official report is submitted to the government for implementation. 6. ABIDe conducts follow-up reviews through the CIIP in an ongoing manner, and also provide intellectual and resource support to the implementation. www.abidebengaluru.in
  14. 14. Plan Bengaluru 2020 A growing city • 8 million people, with continuing migration linked to new jobs and opportunities. • 800 sq km, following the agglomeration of CMCs into BBMP www.abidebengaluru.in
  15. 15. Plan Bengaluru 2020 … in a growing region •11-12 million people, a fifth of the state’s population. 25% of this growth in the last decade alone •8000 sq km, with many different environments – a megacity, several small towns, panchayats. www.abidebengaluru.in
  16. 16. Plan Bengaluru 2020 Reports 1. Finalized the CIIP Ver 2.0 July, 2009 (Comprehensive Integrated Implementation Plan) for all agency projects Version 1 and updated Ver 2 2. Finalized ABIDe reports strategy and recommendations for Govern Bengaluru – (Done) Traffic and Transport – (Done) Heritage – (Done) Urban Poor – (Done) Secure Bengaluru – (Done) Water and Sanitation (under way) Education and Health (TBS) Technology strategy for Bengaluru (underway with CISCO) Power (TBS) City facilities (TBS) Airports and Railway Stations (TBS) Lakes – (Under way) www.abidebengaluru.in
  17. 17. Objectives of Public Consultation • To create awareness of Abides recommendation on Govern Bengaluru, Traffic and Transport and Heritage • To create full and complete public / citizen participation in what ABIDe and GoK is doing Schedule – a. One hour for ABIDe Presentation b. One hour for Public Consultation Please send your suggestions and feedback on each report through emails / letters Email : suresh.nr@abidebengaluru.in Mail to : Office of Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, Convener ABIDe TF 11th floor, Sir M Vishweshvaraiah Center, Dr BR Ambedkar Veedi Bengaluru – 560 001 www.abidebengaluru.in
  18. 18. ABIDe Reports 1. Govern Bengaluru 2. Traffic and Transport 3. Heritage 4. Urban Poor 5. Secure Bengaluru 6. Water and Sanitation (under way) 7. Education and Health (TBS) 8. Technology strategy for Bengaluru (underway with CISCO) 9. Power (TBS) 10. City facilities (TBS) 11. Airports and Railway Stations (TBS) 12. Lakes
  19. 19. Thank You
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