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HyperKitty, or how to get the best from mailing lists and forums
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HyperKitty, or how to get the best from mailing lists and forums


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. HyperKitty The next-gen. list archiverPresented byAurélien BompardFedora Engineering FUDCon Lawrence 2013 − CC-BY
  • 2. Todays Topics Where we come from Mailman today Máiríns and Lukes vision Where we are Mailman 3 HyperKitty Where we will be Planned features How you can help
  • 3. The past
  • 4. Mailman 2.1Maintenance branch One release a year since 2006A monolithic package : Mailing-list engine Web archiver (pipermail) Web admin interface
  • 5. Whats wrong Pipermail generates static HTML Not directly searchable No user-based customization No summary / stats page Read-only Admin interface is CGI-based and generates configuration files Different environments, technologies, skillsets
  • 6. The vision Early 2010 : Máirín & Luke Complement the existing mailing-lists Thread statistics (participants, replies) List statistics (topics, people) Post rating User rating (“karma”) Thread categories
  • 7. A new hope Early 2012 : Fedora Engineering Refined mockup Moar mockups !!1 Spring/summer: implementation starts Toshio, Pingou, Syst3mW0rm, yours truly
  • 8. The present
  • 9. Mailman 3Modern and modular design Mailman itself: mailing-list and REST API Postorius: the web admin UI HyperKitty: the web archiver Queues, runners, TDD, ...Key improvements No more “happy Mailman day” ! No storing of plain-text passwordsWhen? RSN. Fall 2012: season of the delays
  • 10. HyperKitty An archiver plugin for Mailman3 KittyStore: the storage engine SQL database (Storm ORM) Analysis and statistics HyperKitty: the web UI Django-based Interfaces with KittyStore Implements “ModernArchiving” on Implement some of Mos mockups
  • 11. The future
  • 12. Planned features Post from the web A few challenges there (spam, SPF, etc.) Many ideas in Mos mockups Rankings, categories Improving signal-to-noise ratio Ideas from the Debian community Joey Hess (thread patterns) A. Delanoë and B. Conein (socio-meter)
  • 13. How you can help HyperKitty needs you UI and design Django knowledge and optimization Testing, installing, fuzzing, debugging KittyStore needs you Statistical analysis Spam Troll detection Frustrated with mailing-lists ? Every idea counts.
  • 14. Where you can help Test the development version: Report bugs: Check out the code: Read the docs and install it:
  • 15. SummaryMailman 2.1 is growing old, Mailman 3 iscomingHyperKitty will be its main archiverDesigned by the Fedora community foreveryoneBridge the gap between mailing lists andweb forums
  • 16. Questions?Cool techs, cool designs, huge audience... Come and be a part of it ! FUDCon Lawrence 2013 − CC-BY