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Historical and contextual referencingpowepoitn

Historical and contextual referencingpowepoitn






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    Historical and contextual referencingpowepoitn Historical and contextual referencingpowepoitn Presentation Transcript

    • Historical and Contextual Referencing
      • Historical and Contextual Referencing
      • DID 2014
      • MAJOR
      • 4 credit hours
      • Semester 1 year 1
      • Brief
      • This course contains the knowledge and skills for research and study by using electronic sources, paper-based materials and other sources. Cultural histories, moral and ethical practice and skills in making judgment, skills in gathering information and also presentation skills been included in this course.
    • Course Objective: How the student will be able to discuss about the history which consist of the present thought and debate in design. The student be able to conduct research, searching for sources through electronic and printed media. Preparing an ethical and high morality student for research environment
      • Learning outcome
      • The student must,
      • undertake in depth research using electronic sources and paper-based materials
      • demonstrate an understanding of creative influences through the effective interpretation and analysis of information
      • Assess, interpret and evaluate information effectively and develop a personal view
      • Present conclusions effectively
      • Week 1
      • warm up and ice breaking stage
      • briefing for the course , objective and outline
      • History of Modern Art (20th Century)
      • Start from the time that Graphic Design improved – Art Nouveau
      • Discussion and sharing- point form sharing
      • Week 2
      • Introducing the class new art movement. A piece of paper been presented to each of them for sketching. Through the sketching the student should come out with some idea about the Art piece they produced.
      • Week 3
      • Introducing the sources collector- electronic media. Going through the process of information searching through electronic media. Internet services for example- google putting a serious study in the discussion.
      • Assignment 1- Modern Art Movement discussion-
      • Cubism
      • Futurism
      • Expressionism
      • Abstract
      • Pop Art
      • power point presentation
      • Week 4
      • Historical and cultural histories discussion. Modern art movement and artist been carried out for study. Discussion about the Idea been taking place during the class.
      • Student preparing for presentation digitally (Power point for Modern art movement /MAM)-
      • Week 5
      • Introducing some printed media for research purpose. They can start a research about the modern art designer or artist. They must come up with writing and out come.
      • Student hand on the information searching
      • Week 6
      • Discussion about the moral and ethical issues in research and putting up reference for certain matter.
      • Student been instructed to carry pair work through discussion.
      • Sharing in the class for more constructive information.
      • Week 7
      • Check their presentations in the movements
      • ( Power presentation):
      • Before the end of class give a spark to pop art discussion and ask them to bring some tools for next session for starting to do some designs.
      • Find an important designer and select some artworks discuss art works.
      • Submit the assignment no. 1
      • Assignment 2- Modern Art movement- Artist and Designer discussion- Power point presentation
      • Week 8
      • Pop art for discussion and check their presentation. You can ask them to do some designs and examples at the class. Prepare their presentation for next session about New realism
      • Find an important designer and select some artworks for discussion.
      • Week 9
      • Focus more on pop art. They can start their art works and can do the research at the library as well.
      • -Comics preparation by student ( previewing comics online or manually)
      • -hand on for comic preparation
      • -Self study
      • Week 10
      • Power points and presentations in New realism,
      • Self-study and their handy designs or research about the movements and the famous designers and their art works.
      • Week 11
      • Start to work on their assignments with the lecturer. Research about which movement they are more interested or the selected movement by the lecturer. Deep research about the famous designer or artist and choose 10 art works of the artist and describe in principles. Colors and etc. and they have to come up with their own idea for their design for their final project.
      • Week 12
      • Continue on their project
      • Week 13
      • Continue on their project
      • Week 14
      • Refresh all their knowledge and prepare them for their exam (if there is exam) you must discuss with the heads at the beginning of the classes.
      • Submit the assignment no. 2