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Healthcare Business Model

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  1. 1. Business Model of The Aim of : Searching the most pertinent healthcare service meeting ‘cost, time, distance, and risk efficiency’INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNER OFFER CUSTOMER CUSTOMER NETWORK RELATIONSHIP CORE § Hospitals and VALUE § The unified TARGET CAPABILITIES pharmacies PROPOSITION Healthcare information CUSTOMER § Insurance companies with high credentials§ Clinic Selection § Manufacturers of § Member-specific § The optimal § Mass (potential)- Disease Diagnosis Healthcare products Service based on Healthcare Service Patients- Therapy, Risk § Governmental information of cost, Search § Web 2.0 Companies- Range of Cost healthcare agencies time, and risk § SNS Users- Review , Rating efficiency § Manufacturers of- Distance, Time VALUE § Automatic Disease DISTRIBUTION Healthcare products- Stage of Clinical trial Diagnosis Service CHANNEL CONFIGURATION§ Information Delivery § Reliable Customer-Informing the most Review and Rating § Findhealth.comOptimal Healthcare § Content § Free Disease Management § Internet APIservice providers Diagnosis and § Social Networking-Guaranteeing - Data Transmission Treatment Information by E-mail, Webpage, Servicereliable information § To Provide “News § Instant messaging-Committing and Healthcare letter” informed new product-related link § Healthcare productscomplaints to treatment and § Voluntary Pro bonogovernment health - Individualized Web healthcare Blog cliniciansagencies technologies§ IT Infra ( § DonationData ) § Pro bono Clinicians§ Marketing, Advertising COST FINANCE REVENUE § Advertising by Hospitals,§ Development of Automatic STRUCTURE STREAMS pharmacies, Insurancedisease diagnosis algorithm companies, and manufacturerswith healthcare professionals of healthcare products Anna Jo ( E-mail: Tel: +82-10-8938-3926) Jiyoung Ryu ( E-mail: Tel: 070-7951-3319) 1
  2. 2. SWOT Analysis of Strengths Weaknesses§ Reliable information on quality healthcare service, available § Some deficits in range for infrastructure until the business istreatment, the effects and costs of treatment given as promptly relatively matureas circumstances permit § Should collect sufficient customers to review and identify the§ Respect for the privacy and anonymity of persons receiving healthcare servicehealthcare information § Startup for fundraising money to create business and§ Pro bono participating in clinical decision making recruitment of pro bono clinicians for implementing healthcare§ Informed Clinical Trial and direct information delivery service data system for disease diagnosis§ Free disease diagnosis service for healthy life and durability § Because is a pretty novel concept, there is no§ Membership-based service required accreditations from established market companies but guaranteeing anonymity. § Helpless information security system in dealing with hackings§ The protection of personal health records and personal § Speculators including those who spread false developmentinformation in the acceptance or refusal of treatment or informationparticipation in clinical trial programs Opportunities Threats§ Creating a whole new internet based applications for smartphones and TVs, instant messaging, and healthcare products § Legislation could impact on disclosure of information contained in§ The commitment to high quality Healthcare Information personal records.Technology leads to many interests from clinics, hospitals, § Retention of pro bono clinicians is companies, and patients, etc. § Possible public anxiety in presumably manipulating and leaking§As the world is becoming more aware of how important healthcare confidential information .information is, need to be there to pull customer § Vulnerable to reactive intrusion by major competitors such asattention in cost, time, and risk efficiency to cure their disease. Google and Yahoo.§Could develop new social network among government agencies, § Joint ventures, strategic alliances may defeat the innovativeinsurance companies, and citizens by providing reasonable access position of complaints relevant to healthcare service § International, culture specific competitors could affect§Could fundraise more social events to increase recognition of the in the and make customers more aware of accurate information § Uncertain for income streams related to advertising from§To promote and build identity of with "High healthcare service developers as many advertising media emerge,credential Healthcare Information with rapid time” 2
  3. 3. Innovative, Scalable, and Data Economy of Customer Needs Technological Change § Customers interest could be checked and informed § With smart devices such as smart phones 1.Distance range could be selected (ex. Within 30km, and smart TVs, providing healthcare 50km, drive 50min, etc) information through App can save precious 2.Cost range could be selected (ex. $40,000-$60,000) time to diagnose risky diseases. 3.Risk, Number of participants, and Reviews are § Healthcare products to install informed. Also, through this customer would know application maximize whether a certain service is approved or in trial or physical, social, economic, emotional, whether it is even forbidden. intellectual inclusion in the community. 4.Healthcare services are categorized and also § On, enhanced and customer could search service by keywords accurate healthcare information is achieved 5.Customer has user ID and so that privacy is by voluntary collective intelligence linked protected. with social networking services. Legal Environment Findhealth. Social Environment com § Once the customer uses the service,§ Fundamentally, a transition into a and lets the registereddata-driven healthcare system and any companies or organizations knowshealthcare information economy will ones ID, it will giverequire systems such as organizations Challenges the list of name of theand technologies to securely manage, service and ID of theannotate, protect, aggregate and customer.‘securely share precious and private § Public sector agencies are to develop, § Rating service is mandatory andhealthcare data on an anonymous basis. plan and deliver similar programs and review is optional for customers to§ Individuals will need to have the right services in a coordinated and pro-active encourage people to participateto safeguard or keep secret any way. => is committed as continually in the planning, operationsensitive personal health information. a third party in good faith. and evaluation of healthcare services§To be designed and administered so § Speculators including those who they receiveas to ensure that no single healthcare spread false development information § Part of local coordinated servicescompanies shall exercise control over => Brisk rating and reviewing activity of systems generally available toall or most aspects of an individuals life. customers will filter wrong information. members of the community. § To attract Healthcare companies to join and enlist the name of the services they have. 3