Pioneer ts swx310 12-inch shallow series preloaded enclosure
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Pioneer ts swx310 12-inch shallow series preloaded enclosure






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Pioneer ts swx310 12-inch shallow series preloaded enclosure Pioneer ts swx310 12-inch shallow series preloaded enclosure Document Transcript

  • Download this document if link is not clickablePioneer TS-SWX310 12-Inch Shallow SeriesPreloaded Enclosure Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 Product Feature q Ultra-slim subwoofer enclosure loaded with 12-inch TS-SW301 subwoofer q Reinforced MDF construction with black carpet finish and embroidered Pioneer logo q 1000 Watts maximum (250 nominal) power handling q 30 Hz to 1500 Hz frequency response with 91 dB sensitivity q 4-ohm single voice coil design q Read moreProduct DescriptionPIONEER TS-SWX310 12" SHALLOW SERIES PRELOADED ENCLOSURE12" SHALLOW SUBWOOFER WITH 1000WMAX Power (250W NOMINAL);DIM: 30.375"H X 6.625"W X 14"D Read moreProduct DescriptionThe TS-SWX310 "ready-to-play" subwoofer enclosure is pre-loaded with one 12-inch TS-SW301 subwoofer. Theslim wedge-shaped box is built to the optimal specifications of the subwoofer and is perfect for applicationsbehind the seats of pickups, SUVs or other vehicles where space is at a premium. The enclosure is made ofreinforced medium density fiberboard (MDF), wrapped in high-quality black carpet with an embroidered Pioneerlogo.
  • Pioneers Shallow Series SubsLean and MeanThe Pioneer Shallow Series subwoofer derives itsbig bass sound from its innovative design.Although only 3-1/4 inches thick, the ShallowSeries uses state-of-the-art, patented airsuspension technology to create a tight spring ofpressure that delivers a wide-ranging bassresponse. The result is a radically thin subwooferthat fits a variety of enclosures and gives yoursystem accurate, powerful, and satisfying bass."ib-FLAT"Known as the "flat" subwoofer, the ib-FLAT nameis derived from the speakers two mostoutstanding characteristics. The "i" stands forintelligent design and describes the cutting-edgeair-suspension technology that gives the speakerits remarkable size and strength. "b FLAT" refersto its ability to accurately and easily play 29.135Hertz, the sound of the lowest black key on thepiano and one of the most difficult to reproduce.Musical and robust, the ib-FLAT boasts anamazing range, enabling you to hear eachperformance on a grand scale.Install AnywhereThe sleek design and compact size of PioneerShallow Series subs enables you to perform greatcustom installations. The Shallow Series playsperfectly in both tight and hidden spaces,providing you with the same booming bassperformance of a regular subwoofer. Whetherhidden or seen, the big bass sound of theseversatile speakers will definitely get you noticed.
  • TS-SWX310 FeaturesAir Suspension SystemIn order to create a subwoofer that is three and aquarter inches deep, Pioneer had to developrevolutionary subwoofer technology. A traditionalsubwoofer uses the spider design to keep the voicecoil of the speaker aligned while it moves. Thistype of set-up can become soft over timedegrading the subwoofers performance. Pioneercreated a patent-pending air suspension systemthat locks air between a main cone and a drivecone. The cones move together in unison, with the Perfect for applications behind the seats of pickups, SUVslocked-in air behaving like a spring. The dual-cone or other vehicles where space is at a premium. Click to enlarge.structure is a spider-less design that maintainsbetter sound linearity, and reliability even aftermany of hours of hard use.The pressure from the trapped air results in aconsistent bass response across a wide frequencyrange. The result is a tight, precise movement withpowerful and clean bass output.3-Layer Interwoven Radial SurroundThe shallow subwoofer incorporates an innovativewoven cloth reinforced radial urethane surround forimproved power handling, reduced distortion,improved durability, and louder, more controlledbass. The surround is constructed of threelayers--two of urethane and one of interwovencloth. The interwoven cloth distributes strengththroughout the surround material and improving itshigh power capability. The result is an extremelydurable and resilient surround that resistspuckering, even under intense power conditions.Unlike traditional surrounds that use a single archshape design, the Pioneer Shallow Subwooferutilizes a patent-pending M-shape surround thatprovides superior sound linearity.M-Shaped SurroundThe M-shape surround also has a lower height, anda lower fc or tuning frequency. The lower fcthreshold translates to better and longerperformance at lower frequencies.Angled Push TerminalsTraditional subwoofer terminals are mountedhorizontally or vertically. These mounts force wires Loaded with a 12-inch TS-SW301 be bent to fit which can be difficult if low-gauge Click to enlarge.high performance wires are used. The Pioneershallow subwoofers patent-pending, angled pushterminals make it easy to connect speaker wires.The straighter connection saves space and makesinstallation easier.Fin-Shaped BasketTraditional subwoofers push air downward. Thiscreates a "loading effect or area of pressureunderneath the speaker which hampersperformance and responsiveness. The rear of thepowerful and slim Pioneer shallow subwoofer isdesigned with specially-shaped fins that channelthe airflow sideways instead of downward. Air iscontinuously pushed in a circular motion,eliminating the "loading effect" or unwantedpressure of air behind the cone.
  • TS-SWX310 SpecsEnclosure Dimensions: 8.4 x 32.4 x 16.8 Inches (D x W x H)Mounting Depth: 3-4/10"Finish: Heavy-Duty Black Carpet With Embroidered LogoMounting Depth: 3-4/10"TS-SW301 Subwoofer SpecsSize: 12-InchWoofer Cone Material: Composite IMPP using Interlaced Carbon Fiber and Glass FiberSurround: Dual 3-Layer Fiber-Woven Radial SurroundVoice Coil: Copper RoundVoice Coil Wire: 4-LayerVoice Coil Bobbin: FQGMagnet Construction: FerriteGasket: 1-Piece, ABSWatts MAX. Music Power: 1000 WattsWatts Nominal Power Handling: 250 WattsFrequency Response: 20 ~ 114HzSensitivity: 91dBOhm Rating: 4 ohmPioneer Car Audio SystemsPioneers Mobile Business Group is known for offering the kind of in-car products that make driving moreenjoyable by offering high quality audio and video, seamless connectivity and ease-of-use. Its focus is on thedevelopment of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintainingits strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and sound competitors.Whats in the BoxPioneer TS-SWX310 Enclosure, Mounting Hardware, Installation Guide Read moreYou May Also LikeBoss Audio R1100M Mosfet Monoblock Power Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level ControlBoss KIT-2 Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation KitKenwood Kac-8105D 1000-Watt Class D Mono AmplifierPioneer GM-D7500M Class-D Mono Amplifier with 800 Watts Max. PowerPioneer GM-D8500M Class-D Mono Amplifier with 1200 Watts Max. Power