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Gre america psr 800 gre psr-800 ez scan digital p25 trunking hh scanner
Gre america psr 800 gre psr-800 ez scan digital p25 trunking hh scanner
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Gre america psr 800 gre psr-800 ez scan digital p25 trunking hh scanner


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  • 1. Download this document if link is not clickableGREAmerica PSR-800 GRE PSR-800 EZ ScanDigital P25 Trunking HH Scanner Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.2 out of 5 Product Feature q No Complicated Programming! All Frequencies & Names Already Built-in q Receives APCO Digital, Trunked systems & conventional frequencies! q Entire USA & Canada Database built-in on 2GB MicroSD memory card! Includes ctcss/dcs (PL & DPL)! q Hear Police, Fire, Air, EMS, GVMT, Marine, Amateur, Weatherbands & more! q Simpy Select the local systems you want to scan!, Free updates with included USB cable & software too! q Read moreProduct DescriptionThe GRECOM GRE PSR-800 pre-programmed digital scanner represents another step forward in this new era ofscanner design. For experienced scanner users the PSR-800 is certainly radical. Theres no keypad, but rather aset of buttons reminiscent of an MP3 music player. For scanner novices or even experienced users who will betraveling and dont wish to program the scanner for every city theyre visiting, the PSR-800 is a great option.The radio is about the exact size of a deck of playing cards although an inch taller. Its very convenient size isperfect for scanning on-the-go. It will conveniently fit in your pocket which its direct competitor, the UnidenHomePatrol, is far bulkier. The PSR-800 is pre-programmed with the RadioReference national database for theU.S. and Canada. To program the radio you press a Menu key, select Browse Library and you then follow ahierarchical tree structure for selecting state, county, municipality and agency. You can select at one level,such as county, and the radio will program everything within the county; or, you can drill down to the publicworks in a particular town and just select that department for scanning. Each group of channels is thenassigned to a Scanlist and you select which Scanlists you want to scan. The audio on the PSR-800 is very good
  • 2. and as usual with GRE the APCO-25 digital audio decoding is excellent. With its backlighting on the PSR-800display is very bright and easy to read and the unique multi-colored LED which can be matched to specificgroups or channels, has been expandedl. The top-mounted control is for squelch only while volume is handledon the rocker panel on the radios front face. With service searches, Spectrum Sweeper and a number of otherfunctions the radio the PSR-800 is a trend-setter. Read moreYou May Also LikeANLI RD-88H Hi Performance DualBand Amateur RadioandScanner Antenna - BNCHOME 5V Charger/Adapter Replacement for GRE PSR-800 RADIO SCANNERDuracell Rechargeables StayCharged AA Batteries, 4-CountUniden Public Safety Receiver (Home Patrol- 1)CEF14 Duracell Value Stay Chargered W/4AA