ENiTo DEC oil


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ENiTo DEC oil

  1. 1. DEC ™ oil
  2. 2. SAFEGUARD User guide 123 YOUR DECKINGENiTo DEC™ oil is especially formulated with ultra-modern effectiveingredients to give wood a complete protection against weathering,moisture and wood pests.ENiTo DEC™ oil highlights the wood’s grain and provides excellentpenetration even on the densest hardwood to maintain the beauty andnatural appearance of your decking. Suitable for boarding, fences,gates, pergolas, garden pavilions, roof eaves, gables, facades and otherwoodworks. For lifelong and exceptional results on Coconut Palm wood Surface Preparation Application Maintenancedecking and other exotic hardwoods, ENiTo DEC™ oil is definitely the UV Protection Insect Protection ENiTo DEC™ oil is best applied to a clean and dry 1. Shake the canister well or stir the oil Decks needs to be recoated once before and oncebest choice. decking. All wood surfaces to be treated must be thoroughly. after the summer season to keep its look and totally clean and completely dry with moisture 2. Pour ENiTo DEC™ oil into the roller tray and guard it against weather. Keeping your deckingThe New Improved ENiTo DEC™ oil content not less than 20%. Do not apply deck oil if try not to overfill it. clean and stain free will also help to maintain its Penetrates Does not anticipating rain for the next 4 to 7 days to let the 3. Use a brush at least 63mm wide to cut in pristine look. 6x protection against UV rays from the sun Deeply tear or ake oil penetrate deeply into the wood. ENiTo DEC™ around the edges of your deck and apply a oil can be applied to newly installed or sanded thin even coat to the rest of the boards with Renovation coats are possible without sanding. any suitable applicator. Protects against Termites/Insects, Mould & Algae, decking. Wood can be recoated without sanding Areas exposed to rain and sun will need more 4. Let the first coat dry first for at least 3 to 4 Fungus and Blue Stain Deep Protection Does Not Peel or stripping the existing surface to save energy recoating than covered decks. hours (depending on temperature and and resources such as sandpaper, sanding tools humidity) before repeating the process to get Penetrates deeply and emphasizes the and materials. better oil penetration and preventing shoe natural grain of the wood prints on your decks. *It is advisable to fix severely damaged decking 5. Normal coatings should be 2 to 3 treatments Water repelling, fully breathable and moisture regulating and sand the rough and splintered area with depending on the type of wood and its 100-120 sandpaper grit before applying the deck moisture content. Tanalised timbers only Doesnt peel or flakes oil. Use high pressure water for extremely dirty require a single treatment. decking with soap or light bleach solution. 6. For better results, leave the decking dry for 24 Moisture Repellent Ready to Use hours without traffic. Ready to use and renovation coats can be applied without sanding or stripping
  3. 3. Coconut Palm Wood DeckingAll year round deepprotection for youroutdoor deckingGive your exterior decks all the protectionit needs with the ENiTo DEC™ oil, thebest solution to guard your deckingagainst UV rays, water absorption, rottingand insects. The deep penetrating formulafeeds your wood, restoring the natural oilslost through weathering, leaving yourdecks nourished and protected all through-out the year.
  4. 4. ENiTo Flooring Pte Ltd | 56 Serangoon North Ave 4 #06-04 Singapore 555851 | T: +65 6488 4595 | F: +65 6257 6591 | E: info@enitoflooring.com | http://www.enitoflooring.com