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Learning 4 Life
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Learning 4 Life


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Two dimensional matrix bar codes Can hold up to 4000 charactersDeveloped by Toyota in 1994 to track and inventory their carsCan be any color that is readable (QR has a range of colors, but does not include white.Success depends on capability of the handheld device that reads it.
  • Demo with green QR code.
  • Demo making a QR code with UNK’s email address.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Learning4Life:
      Use Web 2.0 tools and other technologies to differentiate instruction while addressing the Learning4Life AASL 21st Century Learning standards.
    • 2. Presenters:
      Dr. Sherry Crow
      University of Nebraska at Kearney Assistant Professor School of Library Science/Educational Media
      Nebraska Library Commissioner
      NEMA Board Member
      Judy Henning
      Kearney Public Schools Director of School Library/Media Services
      Kearney High School Librarian Media
      NEMA Learning4Life Coach
    • 3. Web 2.0 Wallwisher:
      Go to the Wallwisher at the following URL to post discussion questions to be addressed at the end of the presentation:
    • 4. L4L & Differentiated Instruction:
      Benjamin Bloom, educational psychologist
      Get beyond the knowledge and understanding base to the higher levels of thinking.
      Individualized instruction is differentiated instruction.
      Schools are no longer judged by what
      put into the educational system, but
      by the output in the form of
    • 5. ALL Students Can Learn:
      Through educational technology, educators can design lessons that are engaging for the visual, audio and kinesthetic learning styles so all students can learn. . .
      But technology is only a tool in
      the educational process.
    • 6. Web 2.0 Tool Xtranormal:
      Differentiate Instruction with Xtranormal
    • 7. Web 2.0 Tool Show Me:
      Differentiate Instruction with Show Me
      Link here Show Me on AASL 21st Century Learning Standards, Empowering Learners, 21st Century Learning Standards in Action. I will do tomorrow;
      I need a stylist to have better handwriting.
    • 8. Using QR Codes for Differentiating Instruction:
      What are QR codes?
      How do you open them?
      How do you create them?
      Educational uses for QR codes
    • 9. What are QR codes?
      QR stands for:
      Quite Reasonable
      Questions Raised
      Quick Response
      Queensland Rail
    • 10. How do you open them?
      Needs a device that scans them into an app that can read them.
      Most smartphones
      QR Reader app (usually free; download from app store)
      Can be used with a scanner to a computer with loaded software.
    • 11. How do you create them?
      Go to a QR code generator
      Follow directions
    • 12. Educational uses for QR codes
      Website with lots of applications:
      Pennsylvania school doing lots of QR Code use:
      (by Laura Jacobs and Allison Burke, McGuffey School District, Permission for showing this video has been granted)
      Ease of use for young students:
      (Recorded on March 29, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. Permission for showing this video has been granted)
    • 13. Closer to home. . .
      Kearney High School scavenger hunt in celebration of
      2011 Technology Week:
    • 14. Differentiated Instruction:
      When differentiating instruction, allow students the CHOICE of which Web 2.0 tools to use.
      Use Tech Tac Toe Choice Board of secondary open source application (posted handout).
    • 15.
    • 16. Examples of projects:
      Poll Everywhere or Survey Monkey
    • 17. Examples of Wordle & Tagxedo:
    • 18. Sample MakeBeliefsComix:
    • 19. Sample of Juxio Poster:
    • 20. El abuelo
      La abuela
      La tía
      El tío
      El tío
      La tía
      El abuelo
      La tía
      La abuela
      El primo
      La prima
      El primo
      El tío
      El tío
      La tía
      La tía
      La prima
      El primo
      La prima
      El primo
      La prima
      La madre
      El padre
      La prima
      La prima
      El primo
      La prima
      El hermano
      Sample My Heritage
    • 21. Wallwisher Discussion Questions