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  • 1. 1. A patient with massive burns developed acute renal insufficiencycharacterized by a significant and rapid deceleration of glomerular filtration.What is the mechanism of its development?A.Damage of glomerular filterB.Rise of pressure of tubular fluidC.Reduction of functioning nephron numberD.Reduction of renal blood flowE.Renal artery embolism2.Sanitary bacteriological research on water by the membrane filter methodrevealed two red colonies on a membrane filter (Endo agar) through which 500ml of analyzed water were passed. Calculate the coli index and coli titer of theanalyzed water:A.250 and 4B.500 and 2C.2 and 500D.250 and 2E.4 and 2503.A patient with drug intoxication presented with the dryness of oral mucousmembrane and mydriatic pupils. Such action of this drug is associated with thefollowing effect:A.Adrenoreceptor blockB.Muscarinic cholinoreceptor stumulationC.C Adrenoreceptor stimulationD.Muscarinic cholinoreceptor blockE.Nicotinic cholinoreceptor stumulation4.A patient has been given high doses of hydrocortisone for a long time. Thiscaused atrophy of one of the adrenal cortex zones. Which zone is it?A.Glomerular and reticularB.GlomerularC.-D.ReticularE.Fascial5.A girl has been diagnosed with adrenogenital syndrome(pseudohermaphroditism). This pathology is caused by hypersecretion of thefollowing adrenal hormone:A.AndrogensB.GlucocorticoidsC.CatecholaminesD.EstrogensE.Mineralocorticoids6.A 12-year-old adolescent suffering from bronchial asthma has a severe attackof asthma: he presents with marked expiratory dyspnea, skin pallor. What type ofalveolar ventilation disorder is observed? A.Obstructive B.Thoracodiaphragmc C. Central D. Neuromuscular F. Restrictive 7.A patient consulted a physician about muscle rigidity, constrained movements, permanent arm tremor. The patient was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. What preparation should be administered? A.Phenobarbital B.Levodopa C.Diazepam D.Phenytoin E.Ethosuximide 8.Depressions and emotional insanities result from the deficit of noradrenalin, serotonin and other biogenic amines in the brain. Their concentration in the
  • 2. synapses can be increased by means of the antidepressants that inhibit thefollowing enzyme:A.Diamine oxidaseB.L-amino-acid oxidaseC.Phenylalanine-4-monooxygenaseD.Monoamine oxidaseE.D-amino-acid oxidase9.A man has normal sensitivity of his finger skin, however he doesnt sense hiswedding ring around the finger. What process induced by wearing of the ringhas caused this phenomenon?A.Abnormality of the epidermis structureB.Abnormality of the receptor structureC. Receptor adaptationD.Development of the fibrous tissueE.Impaired circulation10.A patient suffering from syphilis has been treated with bismuth preparations.As a result of it some grey spots turned up on the mucous membrane of the oralcavity; nephropathy symptoms were also present. What drug should be used fortreatment of bismuth intoxication?A.NalorphineB.NaloxoneC.BemegrideD.Methylene blueE.Unithiol11. While studying a microslide obtained from the punctuate of a regional lymphnode and stained by Romanovsky-Giemsa method a physician revealed somelight-pink thin microorganisms with 12-14 regular spiral coils and pointed ends,up to 10-13 micrometer long. This might be the causative agent of thefollowing disease:A.LeptospirosisB.Relapsing feverC.TrypanosomiasisD.SyphilisE.Leishmaniasis12. Nappies of a newborn have dark spots being the evidence of homogentisicacid formation. This is caused by the metabolic disorder of the followingsubstance:A.CholesterolB.MethionineC.GalactoseD.TyrosineE.Tryptophan13. Products of some proteins hydrolysis and modification are the biologicallyactive substances called hormones. Lipotropin, corticotropin, melanotropin andendorphins are synthesized in the hypophysis of the following protein:A.NeuroglobulinB.NeuroalbuminC.NeurostrominD.Proopiomelanocortin (POMC)E.Thyreoglobulin14.Examination of a patient revealed overgrowth of facial bones and softtissues, tongue enlargement, wide interdental spaces in the enlarged dentalarch. What changes of the hormonal secretion are the most likely?A. Hyposecretion of insulinB. Hyposecretion of thyroxinC. Hyposecretion of the somatotropic hormoneD. Hypersecretion of insulinE.Hypersecretion of the somatotropic hormone
  • 3. 15.A 58-year-old patient suffers from the cerebral atherosclerosis. Examination revealed hyperlipoidemia. What class of lipoproteins will most probably show increase in concentration in this patients blood serum? A. Fatty acid complexes with albumins B. Cholesterol C. Chylomicrons D. Low-density lipoproteins E. High-density lipoproteins 16.In patients with the biliary tract obstruction the blood coagulation is inhibited; the patients have frequent haemorrhages caused by the subnormal assimilation of the following vitamin: A.C.-...........................................................................................................................................8A.124.A 10-year-old child had the mantoux tuberculin test administered. 48 hourslater a papule up to 8 mm in diameter appeared on the site of the injection. Whattype of hypersensitivity reaction developed after the tuberculin injection?A.Atopic reactionB.SeroreactionC.Arthus phenomenonD.Type IV hypersensitivity reactionE.Type II hypersensitivity reaction132.A 49-year-old patient consulted a doctor about increased fatigability anddyspnea provoked by physical activity ECG results: heart rate - 50/min, PQ-interval is prolonged, Q R S - complex is unchanged, the number of P-wavesexceeds the number of Q R S - complexes. What type of arrhythmia is it?A.Atrioventricular blockB.Sinoatrial blockC.Ciliary arrhythmiaD.ExtrasystoleE.Sinus bradycardia133.Examination of a patient with frequent haemorrhages from the internalorgans and mucous membranes revealed proline and lysine within the collagenfibers. Disorder of their hydroxylation is caused by lack of the following vitamin:A.Vitamin CB.Vitamin EC.Vitamin B1D.Vitamin KE.Vitamin A134.A 38-year-old patient came to a traumatology centre and complained aboutan injury of his right hand. Objectively: the patient has a cut wound in the regionof the thenar eminence on the right hand; distal phalanx of the I finger cannot beflexed. What muscle was injured?A.Opposer muscle of thumbB.Abductor muscle of thumbC.Long flexor muscle of thumbD.Short flexor muscle of thumbE.Short abductor muscle of thumb135.A patient has a transversal laceration in the spinal cord. What respiratorychanges will result from this?A.Respiration will become more frequentB.Respiration will stopC.Respiration will present no significant changesD.Respiration will become less frequentE.Respiration will become deeper
  • 4. 136.A patient suffering from myasthenia has been administered proserin. After itsadministration the patient has got nausea, diarrhea, twitch of tongue andskeletal muscles. What drug would help to eliminate the intoxication?A.Atropine sulfateB.Pyridostigmine bromideC.IsadrineD.MesatonumE.Physostigmine137.A 28-year-old female patient consulted a gynecologist about sterility.Examination revealed underdeveloped ovaries and uterus, irregular menstrualcycle. Analysis of the sex chromatin revealed 2 Barrs bodies in most somaticcells. What chromosome disease is most likely?A.Klinefelters syndromeB.Turners syndromeC.Pataus syndromeD.Triple X syndromeE.Edwards syndrome138.Autopsy of a 50-year-old man revealed the following changes: his right lungwas moderately compact in all parts, the dissected tissue was found to beairless, fine-grained, dryish. Visceral pleura had greyish-brown layers of fibrin.What is the most likely diagnosis?A.Interstitial pneumoniaB.BronchopneumoniaC.PneumofibrosisD.Croupous pneumoniaE.Tuberculosis139.After transfusion of 200 ml of blood a patient presented with body temperaturerise up to 37,9° C . Which of the following substances is the most likely cause oftemperature rise?A.Interleukin-4B.Interleukin-2C.Tumour necrosis factorD.Interleukin-3E.Interleukin-1140.Examination of a patient suffering from chronic hepatitis revealed a significantdecrease in the synthesis and secretion of bile acids. What process will bemainly disturbed in the patients bowels?A.Glycerin absorptionB.Fat emulsificationC.Protein digestionD.Carbohydrate digestionE.Amino acid absorption141.During an experiment the dorsal roots of the spinal cord of an animal havebeen cut. What changes will be observed in the innervation zone?A.Decrease in muscle toneB.Sensitivity loss and loss of motor functionsC.Increase in muscle toneD.Sensitivity lossE.Loss of motor functions142.A histological specimen shows a blood vessel. Its inner coat is composed byendothelium, subendothelium and internal elastic membrane. The middle coat isenriched with smooth myocytes. Such morphological characteristics are typicalfor the following vessel:A.CapillaryB.Muscular-type arteryC.Non-muscular veinD.Elastic-type arteryE.Muscular-type vein
  • 5. 143.As a result of a trauma a patient has developed traumatic shock that led to thefollowing disorders: AP is 140/90 mm Hg, Ps is 120 bpm. The patient is fussy,talkative, pale. Such state relates to the following shock phase:A.TerminalB.Latent periodC.ErectileD.TorpidE.-144.Autopsy of a 73-year-old man who had been suffering from the coronary heartdisease along with cardiac insufficiency for a long time revealed: nutmeg liver,brown induration of lungs, cyanotic induration of kidneys and spleen. What kindof circulation disorder was the cause of such effects?A.Chronic anaemiaB.Arterial hyperaemiaC.Acute anaemiaD.General chronic venous congestionE.General acute venous congestion145.As a result of durative antibiotic therapy a 37-year old patient developedintestinal dysbacteriosis. What type of drugs should be used in order tonormalize intestinal microflora?A.SulfanilamidesB.AutovaccinesC.BacteriophagesD.VitaminsE.Eubiotics146.A 49-year-old driver complains about unbearable constricting pain behind thebreastbone irradiating to the neck. The pain arose 2 hours ago. Objectively: thepatients condition is grave, he is pale, heart tones are decreased. Laboratorystudies revealed high activity of creatine kinase and L D H 1 . What disease arethese symptoms typical for?A.Acute myocardial infarctionB.Diabetes mellitusC.Acute pancreatitisD.CholelithiasisE.Stenocardia147.The temperature of the ambient environment is 38° C and relative air humidityis 50%. What ways of heat emission provide maintaining a constant temperatureof the human body?A.ConvectionB.RadiationC.EvaporationD.Convection and conductionE.Heat conduction148.A patient consulted an urologist about pain during urination. Analysis of hisurine taken in the daytime revealed eggs with a characteristic sharp point. It isknown from the anamnesis that the patient has recently returned from Australia.What is the most likely diagnosis?A.Japanese schistosomiasisB.Intestinal schistosomiasisC.OpisthorchiasisD.DicroceliasisE.Urogenital schistosomiasis149.In spite of treatment with cardiotonics and thiazide diuretic a patient sufferingfrom chronic cardiac failure still presents with edemata and faces a risk ofascites. What medication should be administered in order to increase the diureticeffect of the above mentioned drugs?A.AmilorideB.Clopamide
  • 6. C.SpironolactoneD.ManitholE.Furosemide150.A female patient consulted a physician about digestive disorder, extendedabdominal pain. Examination revealed drastic decrease in hemoglobinconcentration. It is known from the anamnesis that while living in the Far East thepatient used to eat freshly- salted caviar. Some relatives living with her had thesimilar condition. What is the most likely diagnosis?A.AscaridiasisB.TrichiniasisC.EchinococcosisD.DiphyllobothriasisE.Teniasis151.A 45-year-old patient suffers from neurosis characterized by irritability,sleeplessness, motiveless anxiety. What drug would eliminate all the symptoms?A.LevodopaB.PyracetamC.Valerian extractD.DiazepamE.Caffeine sodium benzoate152.A 53-year-old female patient was diagnosed with liver rupture resulting from ablunt abdominal injury. The escaped blood will be assembled in the followinganatomic formation:A.Vesicouterine pouchB.Right mesenteric sinusC.Left mesenteric sinusD.Omental bursaE.Rectouterine pouch153.Vitamin B 1 deficiency causes disturbance of oxidative decarboxylation of α-ketoglutaric acid. This leads to the impaired synthesis of the followingcoenzyme:A.Thiamine pyrophosphateB.Lipoic acidC.Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotideD.Coenzyme AE.Flavine adenine dinucleotide154.A patient suffering from chronic hyperacidic gastritis takes an antacid drug forheartburn elimination. After its ingestion the patient feels better but at the sametime he has a sensation of stomach swelling. Which of the following drugs mightbe the cause of such side effect?A.Sodium hydrocarbonateB.Aluminium hydrooxideC.Magnesium trisilicateD.Magnesium oxideE.Pepsin155.A patient suffering from coronary artery disease had taken a certain drugmany times a day in order to arrest stenocardia attacks. Overdose of this drugfinally caused intoxication. Objectively: cyanotic skin and mucous membranes,dramatic fall in the arterial pressure, tachycardia, respiration inhibition. Bloodhas increased concentration of methemoglobin. The drug the patient had takenrelates to the following group:A.Calcium channel blockersB.Adenosine drugsC.Myotropic spamolyticsD.Organic nitratesE.α-adrenoceptor blockers
  • 7. 156.A baby refuses the breast, he is anxious, presents with arrhythmic respiration.The urine smells of "brewers yeast "or "maple syrup". This pathology wascaused by the inherited defect of the following enzyme:A.UDP-glucuronil transferaseB.Glycerol kinaseC.Aspartate aminotransferaseD.Dehydrogenase of branched-chain alpha-keto acidsE.Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase157.A student came to see a doctor and asked to administer him a drug fortreatment of allergic rhinitis that occurs in the period of linden flowering. Whatdrug may be used?A.AmbroxolB.LosartanC.Noradrenaline hydrotartrateD.LoratadineE.Propanolol158.A worker of a cattle farm fell acutely ill and then died from the progressingintoxication. Autopsy revealed enlarged, hyposthenic spleen of dark-cherrycolor when dissected; excessive pulp scraping. At the base and fornix of brainpia maters are edematous, soaked with blood, dark-red ("scarlet hat").Microscopic examination revealed serous haemorrhagic inflammation of braintissues and tunics "along with destruction of small vessel walls. What is themost likely diagnosis?A.TularemiaB.PlaqueC.AnthraxD.CholeraE.Brucellosis159.ECG of a 44-year-old patient shows signs of hypertrophy of both ventriclesand the right atrium. The patient was diagnosed with the tricuspid valveinsufficiency. What pathogenetic variant of cardiac dysfunction is usuallyobserved in case of such insufficiency?A.Coronary insufficiencyB.Primary myocardial insufficiencyC.Heart overload by volumeD.Heart overload by resistanceE.Cardiac tamponade160.Examination of a patient revealed autoimmune haemolytic anaemia(cytotoxic type). What substances act as antigens in the II-type allergicreactions?A.AntibioticsB.Serum proteinsC.Modified receptors of cell membranesD.HormonesE.Inflammation modulators161.The greater amount of nitrogen is excreted from the organism in form ofurea. Inhibition of urea synthesis and accumulation of ammonia in blood andtissues are induced by the decreased activity of the following liver enzyme:A.AmylaseB.Aspartate aminotransferaseC.Carbamoyl phosphate synthetaseD.PepsinE.Urease162.A 65-year-old man has purulent abscess on his neck. Analyses revealed aculture of gram-positive cocci with plasmocoagulase activity. This culture relatesmost likely to:A.Staphylococcus saprophyticus
  • 8. B.-C.Staphylococcus epidermidisD.Staphylococcus aureusE.Streptococcus pyogenes163.Autopsy of a man with a malignant stomach tumour who had died from cancerintoxication revealed in the posteroinferior lung fields some dense, grayish-redirregular foci protruding above the section surface. Microscopic examinationrevealed exudate containing a large amount of neutrophils in the lumen andwalls of small bronchi and alveoles. Such pulmonary alterations indicate thefollowing disease:A.Acute serous bronchopneumoniaB.Intermittent pneumoniaC.Acute purulent bronchopneumoniaD.Acute bronchitisE.Croupous pneumonia164.A histological specimen of a kidney shows a part of the distal tubule goingbetween the afferent and efferent arteriole. The cells building the tubule wallhave dense nuclei; basal membrane is absent. Such structural formation iscalled:A.Juxtavascular cellsB.Macula densaC.-D.Mesangial cellsE.Juxtaglomerular cells165.A patient with a hypertensive crisis was admitted to the cardiologicaldepartment. He was given an intravenous injection of an antihypertensive drug -alkali-earth metal salt. What drug was injected?A.BenzohexoniumB.Calcium lactateC.Potassium chlorideD.Sodium hydrocarbonateE.Magnesium sulfate166.To prevent the transplant rejection after organ transplantation it is required toadminister hormonotherapy for the purpose of immunosuppression. Whathormones are used for this purpose?A.Sexual hormonesB.GlucocorticoidsC.CatecholaminesD.MineralocorticoidsE.Thyroid167.Autopsy of a man who died from influenza revealed that the heart was slightlyenlarged and pastose. The surface of the incision of myocardium appeared to bepale, with specks. Microscopic examination revealed signs of parenchymatousadipose and hydropic degeneration, edematic stroma with scant lymphocytic andmacrophage infiltration; plethoric vessels; perivascular petechial haemorrhages.What type of myocarditis is it?A.GranulomatousB.Serous diffuseC.PurulentD.Serous focalE.Interstitial proliferative168.While examining the oral cavity a stomatologist revealed inflammation of papi-llae on the border of the median and posterior third of the back of tongue. Whatpapillae are inflamed?A.Papillae filiformesB.Papillae vallataeC.Papillae conicaeD.Papillae fungiformesE.Papillae foliatae
  • 9. 169.Lung ventilation in a person is increased as a result of physical activity. Whichof the following indices of the external respiration is much higher than in a stateof rest?A.Respiratory volumeB.Inspiratory reserve volumeC.Total lung capacityD.Expiratory reserve volumeE.Vital capacity of lungs170.During an experiment vagus branches that innervate heart are beingstimulated. This has stopped conduction of excitement from the atria to theventricles. The reason for it are electrophysical changes in the followingstructures:A.AtriaB.Sinoatrial nodeC.VentriclesD.His bundleE.Atrioventricular node171.An oncological patient was administered methotrexate. With the lapse of timethe target cells of the tumour lost sensitivity to this preparation. We can observechanges in the gene expression of the following enzyme:A.Folate decarboxylaseB.DesaminaseC.Folate oxidaseD.Dihydrofolate reductaseE.Thiminase172.During examination of an 11-month-old infant a pediatrician revealedosteoectasia of the lower extremities and delayed mineralization of cranialbones. Such pathology is usually provoked by the deficit of the following vitamin:A.BioflavonoidsB.CholecalciferolC.RiboflavinD.Pantothenic acidE.Thiamin173.A middle-aged man went to a foreign country because he had been offered ajob there. However he had been unemployed for quite a long time. Whatendocrine glands were exhausted most of all in this man?A.Substernal glandB.Thyroid glandC.Seminal glandsD.Parathyroid glandsE.Adrenal glands174.After a sprint an untrained person develops muscle hypoxia. This leads to theaccumulation of the following metabolite in muscles:A.Glucose 6-phosphateB.LactateC.Ketone bodiesD.OxaloacetateE.Acetyl CoA175.Autopsy of a 49-year-old woman who died from chronic renal insufficiency,revealed: kidneys were dense, reduced, multicolored, with haemorrhagic areas.Microscopic examination revealed some hematoxylin bodies in the nuclei of therenal tubule epithelium; "wire-loop" thickening of the glomerular capillarybasement membrane; here and there in the capillaries some hyaline thrombi andfoci of fibrinoid necrosis were present. What is the most likely diagnosis?A.RheumatismB.Arteriosclerotic pneumosclerosisC.Systemic lupus erythematosusD.Atherosclerotic nephrosclerosis
  • 10. E.Amyloidosis176.Cooling of the human body in water is much more faster than in the air. Whatway of heat emission in water is much more effective?A.Sweat evaporationB.Heat conductionC.Heat radiationD.-E.Convection177.Microscopical examination of an enlarged cervical lymph node revealedblurring of its structure, absence of lymphoid follicles; all the microscopic fieldsshowed cells with roundish nuclei and thin limbus of basophil cytoplasm. It isknown from the clinical data that other groups of lymph nodes are also enlargedas well as spleen and liver. What disease might be suspected?A.LymphosarcomaB.LymphogranulomatosisC.Myeloid leukosisD.Multiple myelomaE.Lymphoid leukosis178.As a result of continuous starvation the glomerular filtration rate hasincreased by 20%. The most probable cause of the glomerular filtrationalteration under the mentioned conditions is:A. Increase in the systemic arterial pressureB. Increase in the permeability of the renal filterC. Increase of the renal blood flowD. Decrease in the oncotic pressure of blood plasmaE. Increase of the filtartion quotient179. In a 2-year-old child with catarrhalpresentations and skin rash a pediatriciansuspected scarlet fever. The child was givenintracutaneously a small dose of serum antibodyto the streptococcal erythrogenic toxin;on the site of injection the rash disappeared.What do the reaction results mean?A. The clinical diagnosis was confirmedB. The child has very weak immune systemC. The disease wasn t caused by haemolytic streptococcusD. The child has hypersensitivity to theerythrogenic toxinE. The whole serum dose may be injectedIntravenously180. While eating a child choked on foodand aspirated it. The child has severe cough, cyanotic skin and mucous membranes, rapidpulse, infrequent respiration, prolonged expiration.The child has developed the followingdisorder of the external respiration:A. Inspiratory dyspnea under asphyxiaB. Biots respirationC. Expiratory dyspnea under asphyxia
  • 11. D. Alternating respirationE. Stenotic respiration181. On the ground of clinical presentations a patient was prescribed pyridoxalphosphate. This medication is recommended for correction of the following processes:A. Desamination of purine nucleotidesB. Transamination and decarboxylation of amino acidsC. Oxidative decarboxylation of ketonic acidsD. Synthesis of purine and pyrimidin basesE. Protein synthesis182. After a hypertonic crisis a patientpresents with lacking spontaneousmovements in his right arm and leg, muscle tone of these extremities is increased. Whattype of motor dysfunction has developed inthis case?A. Peripheral paralysisB. Central paresisC. Central paralysisD. Peripheral paresisE. Reflectory paresis183. You are studying functioning of abacteria operon. The operator gene has been released from the repressor gene.Immediately after this the following process will start in the cell:A. TranscriptionB. RepressionC. ReplicationD. ProcessingE. Translation184. Colonoscopy of a patient with dysentery revealed that the mucous membrane of thelarge intestine was hyperemic, edematic, and its surface was covered with grey-and greenlayerings. What morphological form of dysenteric colitis is it?A. UlcerousB. NecroticC. PurulentD. FibrinousE. Catarrhal185. Pyeloureterography X-ray photo showed a renal pelvis with minor calyces only(major calyces were absent). What form of urinary tracts of a kidney was revealed?A. MatureB. AmpullarC. -
  • 12. D. EmbryonalE. Fetal186. A man presents with increased heartrate, mydriatic pupils, dry mouth. This condition results from the activation of thefollowing system of function regulation:A. SympatheticB. MetasympatheticC. Vago-insularD. ParasympatheticE. Hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal187. Proserin increases skeletal muscletone when given systematically. Halothane induces relaxation of skeletal muscles andreduces proserin effects. What is the nature of proserin and halothane interaction?A. Direct functional antagonismB. Noncompetitive antagonismC. Indirect functional antagonismD. Independent antagonismE. Competitive antagonism188. A 30-year-old patient complains about having abdominal pain and diarrhea for fivedays; body temperature rise up to 37,5°C along with chills. The day before a patient hadbeen in a forest and drunk from an open water reservoir. Laboratory analyses enabled tomake the following diagnosis: amebic dysentery. What is the drug of choice for itstreatment?A. FurazolidonumB. PhthalazolC. MetronidazoleD. Emetine hydrochlorideE. Levomycetin189. A patient with android-type obesity had been suffering from arterial hypertension,hyperglycemia, glycosuria for a long time and died from the cerebral haemorrhage.Pathologic examination revealed pituitary basophil adenoma, adrenal cortex hyperplasia.What is the most likely diagnosis?A. Itsenko-Cushings syndromeB. AcromegaliaC. Adiposogenital dystrophyD. Diabetes mellitusE. Pituitary nanism190. A pathology-histology laboratory received a vermiform appendix up to
  • 13. 2,0 cm thick. Its serous membrane was pale, thick and covered with yellowish-greenfilms. The wall was flaccid, of grayish-red color. The appendix lumen was dilated andfilled with yellowish-green substance. Histological examination revealed that theappendix wall was infiltrated with neutrophils. Specify the appendix disease:A. Acute superficial appendicitisB. Acute simple appendicitisC. Acute gangrenous appendicitisD. Chronic appendicitisE. Acute phlegmonous appendicitis191. Examination of a 27-year-old patientrevealed pathological changes in liver andbrain. Blood plasma analysis revealed anabrupt decrease in the copper concentration, urine analysis revealed an increased copperconcentration. The patient was diagnosed with Wilsons degeneration. To confirm thediagnosisit is necessary to study the activity ofthe following enzyme in blood serum:A. Leucine aminopeptidaseB. Carbonic anhydraseC. CeruloplasminD. Alcohol dehydrogenaseE. Xanthine oxidase192. A woman delivered a dead child with multiple developmental defects. Whatprotozoan disease might have caused the intrauterine death?A. ToxoplasmosisB. LeishmaniasisC. AmebiasisD. LambliasisE. Malaria193. A patient with severe course of respiratory viral infection presented with clinicalsigns of progressing heart failure that led to his death in the 2nd week of disease. Autopsyrevealed that the heart cavities were significantly dilated, the heart was flabby.Histological examination of the myocardium revealedmicrovascular plethora and diffuse stroma infiltration with lymphocytes and histiocytes.What is the most likely diagnosis?A. CardiomyopathyB. StenocardiaC. MyocarditisD. Myocardial infarctionE. Acute coronary insufficiency
  • 14. 194. A patient has osmotic pressure of blood plasma at the rate of 350 mOsmol/1 (normis 300 mOsmol/1). This will cause hypersecretion of the following hormone:A. CortisolB. AdrenocorticotropinC. VasopressinD. NatriureticE. Aldosterone195. Cytoplasm of the myocytes contains a lot of dissolved metabolites resulting fromglucose oxidation. Name the metabolite that turns directly into lactate:A. Glucose-6-phosphateB. OxaloacetateC. PyruvateD. Fructose-6-phosphateE. Glycerophosphate196. Treatment course of bacterialpneumonia included benzylpenicillin sodium salt. What is the mechanism of itsantimicrobial action?A. Inhibition of the intracellular proteinsynthesisB. Inhibition of the SH enzyme groups of the microorganismsC. Inhibition of cell wall synthesis of themicroorganismD. Inhibition of the cholinesterase activityE. Antagonism with the paraaminobenzoic acid197. In the perianal folds of a 5-yearoldgirl her mother has found some white"worms" that caused itch and anxiety inthe child. The "worms" were sent to thelaboratory. During examination the physician saw white filiform helminths 0,5-1 cmlong, with pointed ends, some helminths had twisted ends. What is the most likelydiagnosis?A. EnterobiasisB. OpisthorchiasisC. TeniasisD. DiphyllobothriasisE. Ascaridiasis198. A newborn develops dyspepsia after the milk feeding. When the milk is substitutedby the glucose solution the dyspepsia symptoms disappear. The newborn has thesubnormal activity of the following enzyme:
  • 15. A. AmylaseB. MaltaseC. InvertaseD. IsomaltaseE. Lactase199. Retrospective diagnostics of bacterial dysentery involved serological analysis ofblood serum intended for determination of Shigella antibody titre. Which of the followingreactions should be applied for this purpose?A. Complement bindingB. BacteriolysisC. PrecipitationD. HaemolysisE. Passive hemagglutination200. A young man complains about urination disorder. Examination of the externalgenitals revealed that the urethra was split and urine could flow out of this orifice. Whatanomaly of the external genitals development is it?A. EpispadiaB. HypospadiaC. ParaphimosisD. PhimosisE. Hermaphroditism