1. A patient is followed up in an                    revealed localized bright-red hyperemia;endocrinological dispensary o...
C. Culex                                              16. A patient was diagnosed with activeD. Culiseta                  ...
should be administered?                         B. Hyaline degenerationA. Tetracycline                                 C. ...
A. Roentgenoscopy                                 C. NecroticB. Duodenal contents analysis                     D. Fibrinou...
A. Infarction                                   C. Decrease of ESRB. Dry gangrene                                  D. Hype...
B. Deep external pudendal artery                    branches of carotid artery. For a temporary arrestC. Descending genicu...
A. Opsonization reaction                          E. 70B. Coombs test                                   66. A 40 y.o. pati...
E. Forced inspiration                                  B. Fibrinous inflammation71. In the surgical department of a hospit...
revealed a cleft of urethra that opens             retrosternal pain a patient presented a jumpon the inferior surface of ...
A. Cisterna cerebellomedullaris posterior          tissue will be inhibited?B. Spatium subdurale                          ...
A. Respiration will become more frequent                C. MelancholicB. Respiration will stay unchanged                  ...
membrane has been increased for potassium          C. Lactin and myosin synthesisions during an experiment. What changes o...
D. Teniasis                                           a worker has largely reduced buffer capacityE. Opisthorchosis       ...
complained about vomiting that occurs all            E. Lisosomesof a sudden. What medication should be               137....
has a disturbed perception of mediumfrequency         A. Spinothalamicsounds. It might have been caused                   ...
for a week. What compound can the label           B. Supracutaneous tularin testbe found in?                              ...
C. Lack of pancreatic phospholipase                 C. ManitoleD. Obturation of biliary tracts                     D. Clop...
E. Lamblia interstinalis                          B. Verapamil172. A child is languid, apathetic. Liver         C. Nitrogl...
polydactylia, microcephalia, cheiloschisis          D. Acute erythromyelosisand uranoschisis as well as hypertrophy       ...
A. Low caloric value of diet                         necrosis, fibrinous thrombs in their lumens;B. Lack of vitamins PP, H...
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  1. 1. 1. A patient is followed up in an revealed localized bright-red hyperemia;endocrinological dispensary on account of tonsils are swollen, soft, lacunas contain pus,hyperthyreosis. Weight loss, tachycardia, finger tongue is crimson. Cervical lymph nodes aretremor are accompanied by hypoxia enlarged, dense and painful. What is thesymptoms - headache, fatigue, eye flicker. most probable diagnosis?What mechanism of thyroid hormones action A. Rubellaunderlies the development of hypoxia? B. Scarlet feverA. Intensification of respiratory ferment C. Infectious mononucleosissynthesis D. Whooping coughB. Inhibition of respiratory ferment synthesis E. DiphtheriaC. Specific binding of active centres of 6. A 45 y.o. woman suffers from Cushingsrespiratory syndrome - steroid diabetes. Biochemicalferments examination revealed: hyperglycemia,D. Disjunction, oxydation and phosphorilation hypochloremia. Which of the undermentionedE. Competitive inhibition of respiratory processes is the first to be activated?ferments A. Gluconeogenesis2. A laboratory received a material from B. Glycolysisa patients wound. Ppreliminary diagnosis C. Glycogenolysisis gaseous gangrene. What microbiological D. Glucose transport to the cellmethod should be applied to determine E. Glucose reabsorptionspecies of causative agent? 7. Examination of an isolated cardiomyocyteA. Bacteriological revealed that it didnt generate excitationB. Allergic impulses automatically. This cardiomyocyteC. Serological was obtained from:D.RIA A. Sinoatrial nodeE. Bacterioscopic B. Purkinjes fibers3: A 4 y.o. child with signs of durative proteinic C. Ventriclesstarvation was admitted to the hospital. D. Atrioventricular nodeThe signs were as follows: growth inhibition, E. His bundleanemia, edemata, mental deficiency Choose 8. Inhabitants of territories with cold climatea cause of edemata development: . have high content of an adaptiveA. Reduced synthesis of albumins thermoregulatory hormone. What hormoneB. Reduced synthesis of hemoglobin is meant? .C. Reduced synthesis of glycoproteins A. InsulinD. Reduced synthesis of globulins B. GlucagonE. Reduced synthesis of lipoproteins C. Throxin4. A 45 y.o. patient consulted a doctor D. Cortisolabout plaque-shaped formation on his neck. E. SomatotropinHistological examination of biopsy skin 9. As a result of damage to certain structuresmaterial revealed tumourous cells of round of brainstem an animal lost orientationand oval form with thin ring of basophilic reflexes. What structures were damaged?cytoplasma that resemble of cells of basal A. Medial nuclei of reticular formationepidermal layer. What tumour is it? B. Quadritubercular bodiesA. Hydradenoma C. Black substanceB. Epidermal cancer D. Reel nucleiC. Trichoepithelioma E. Vestibular nucleiD. Basalioma 10. According to the data of WHO, for aboutE. Syringoadenoma 250 mln of Earth population fall ill with5. A boy is 7 y.o. Objectively: against the malaria. This disease is mostly spread inbackground of hyperemic skin there is tropical and subtropical regions. Range ofknobby bright-pink rash on his forehead, its spread falls into the areal of the followingneck, at the bottom of abdomen, in the mosquitoes:popliteal spaces; nasolabial triangle is pale. A. AedesExamination of oropharyngeal surface B. Mansonia
  2. 2. C. Culex 16. A patient was diagnosed with activeD. Culiseta focal pulmonary tuberculosis. What drugE. Anopheles should be prescribed in the first place?11. A 35 y.o. patient who often consumes alcohol A. Ethionamidewas treated with diuretics. There B. Isoniazidappeared serious muscle and heart C. Ethoxideweakness, vomiting, diarrhea, AP- 100/60 D. Sulfalenmm Hg, depression. This condition is caused E. Cyclocerineby intensified excretion with urine of: 17. Examination of a young man in the AIDSA. Potassium- centre produced a positive result ofB. Phosphates immune-enzyme assay with HIV antigens.C. Chlorine Patients complaints about state of his healthD. Sodium were absent. What can the positive result ofE. Calcium immune-enzyme assay be evidence of?12. On the 6th day of treatment a patient A. HIV infectionwith acute renal insufficiency developed B. Being infected with HBVpolyuria. Diuresis intensification at the beginning C. Having had AIDS recentlyof polyuria stage of acute renal insufficiency D. Being ill with AIDSis caused by: E. HBV persistenceA. Growth of natriuretic factor 18. RNA that contains AIDS virusB. Reduction of aldosteron content in plasma penetrated into a leukocyte and by meansC. Reduction of vasopressin content in of reverse transcriptase forced a cell toplasma synthetize a viral DNA. This process isD. Renewal of filtration in nephrons based upon:E. Volume expansion of circulating blood A. Operon repression13. Osmotic pressure of a mans blood B. Operon depressionplasma is 350 mosmole/l (standard pressure C. Reverse transcriptionis 300 mosmole/l). First of all it will result in D. Convariant replicationhigh secretion of the following hormone: E. Reverse translationA. Vasopressin 19. A patient is ill with diabetes mellitus thatB. Adrenocorticotropin is accompanied by hyperglycemia of over 7,2C. Cortisol millimole/l on an empty stomach. The levelD. Natriuretic of what blood plasma protein allows to estimateE. Aldosteron the glycemia rate retrospectively (4-814. Neurological examination of a 65 y.o. weeks before examination)?patient revealed a haemorrhage within the A. Ceruloplasminsuperior temporal gyrus. In the blood supply B. Glycated hemoglobinarea of which artery is it? C. FibrinogenA. Middle cerebral artery D. AlbuminB. Anterior communicating artery E. C-reactive proteinC. Anterior cerebral artery 20. A sportsman was recommended to takeD. Basilar artery a medication that contains carnitine in orderE. Posterior cerebral artery to improve his results. What process is activated15. A 32 y.o. man is tall, he has gynecomastia, by carnitine the most?adult woman pattern of hair distribution, high A. Synthesis of ketone bodiesvoice, mental deficiency, sterility. Provisional B. Synthesis of steroid hormonesdiagnosis is Klinefelters syndrome. In C. Tissue respirationorder to specify diagnosis it is necessary to D. Fatty acids transport to mitochondrionsanalize: E. Synyhesis of lipidsA. Leukogram 21. A patient consulted a doctor aboutB. Genealogy bowels disfunction. The doctor establishedC. Blood group symptoms of duodenitis and enteritis.D. Spermatogenesis Laboratory examination helped to make theE. Caryotype following diagnosis: lambliosis. What medication
  3. 3. should be administered? B. Hyaline degenerationA. Tetracycline C. Carbohydrate degenerationB. Monomycin D. Fatty vascular-stromal degenerationC. Metronidazole E. AmyloidosisD. Erythromycin 27. Labeled aminoacids alanine andE. Chingamin tryptophane were introducted to a mouse22. A man took a quiet expiration. Name an in order to study localization of proteinair volume that is meanwhile contained in biosynthesis in its cells. Around whathis lungs: organellas will the accumulation of labeledA. Expiratory reserve volume aminoacids be observed?B. Functional residual capacity A. RibosomesC. Residual volume B. Golgi apparatusD. Vital lung capacity C. Agranular endoplasmic reticulumE. Respiratory volume D. Cell centre23. During pubescence the cells of male E. Lysosomessexual glands begin to produce male 28. 48 hours after performing tuberculinsex hormon testosterone that calls forth test (Mantoux test) to a child a 10secondary sexual characters. What cells of mm papule appeared on the spot ofmale sexual glands produce this hormone? tuberculin introduction. What hypersensitivityA. Sertolis cells mechanism underlies these changes?B. Leidig cells A. Antibody-dependent cytotoxicityC. Sustentocytes B. GranulomatosisD. Spermatozoa C. Cellular cytotoxicityE. Supporting cells D. Immune complex cytotoxicity24. A 16 y.o. boy from a countryside entered E. Anaphylaxisan educational establishment. Scheduled 29. A patient who has been suffering fromManteux test revealed that the boy had cardiac insufficiency for several monthsnegative reaction. What are the most has been taking digoxin on an outpatientreasonable actions in this case? basis. At a certain stage of treatment thereA. To isolate the boy temporarily from his appeared symptoms of drug overdose. Whatmates phenomenon underlies the development ofB. To perform serodiagnostics of tuberculosis this complication?C. To perform BCG vaccination A. Functional cumulationD. To perform rapid Price diagnostics B. TachyphylaxisE. To repeat the reaction in a month C. Habituation25. Autopsy of a 56 y.o. man revealed in the D. Sensibilizationright temporal part of brain a big focus of E. Material cumulationsoftened grey matter that was semi-liquid 30. Examination of a patient revealedand light grey. Arteries of cerebral tela reduced contents of magnesium ions thatcontain multiple whitish-yellow thiekenings are necessary for attachment of ribosomesof intima that abruptly narrow the lumen. to the granular endoplasmatic reticulum.What is your diagnosis? It is known that it causes disturbance ofA. Brain edema protein biosynthesis. What stage of proteinB. Brain abscess biosynthesis will be disturbed?C. Hemorrhage A. Aminoacid activationD. Hemorrhagic infarction B. TranslationE. Ischemic stroke C. Termination26. Autopsy of a man who died from D. Replicationchronic cardiovascular collapse revealed E. Transcription"tiger heart". Sidewards of endocardium 31. A child complains of general weakness,a yellowish-white banding can be seen; loss of appetite, a troubled sleep, itching inmyocardium is dull, dark-yellow. What the perianal area. The provisional diagnosisprocess caused this pathology? is enterobiasis. In order to specify this diagnosisA. Fatty parenchymatous degeneration it is necessary to perform:
  4. 4. A. Roentgenoscopy C. NecroticB. Duodenal contents analysis D. FibrinousC. Scraping from perianal folds E. CatarrhalD. Immune diagnostics 37. A 70 y.o. man has cut an abscess offE. Biopsy of muscle tissue in the area of mammiform process during32. In some regions of South Africa there is shaving. Two days later he was admitteda spread sickle-shaped cell anemia, in which to the hospital with inflammation oferythrocytes have shape of a sickle as a arachnoid membranes. How did the infectionresult of substitution of glutamin by valine in penetrate into the cavity of skull?the hemoglobin molecule. What is the cause A. V,v.auricularesof this disease? B. V.v.labyrinthiA. Genomic mutations C. V.facialisB. Crossingover D. V.v.tympanicaeC. Gene mutation E. V.emissariae mastoideaeD. Transduction 38. 24 hours after appendectomy blood of aE. Disturbance of mechanisms of genetic patient presents neutrophilic leukocytosisinformation realization with regenerative shift. What is the33. A patient suffers from vision impairment most probable mechanism of leukocytosis- hemeralopy (night blindness). What vitamin development?preparation should be administered A. Amplification of leukopoiesisthe patient in order to restore his vision? B. Decelerated leukocyte destructionA. Thiamine chloride C. Redistribution of leukocytes in the organismB. Tocopherol acetate D. Deceleratied emigration of leukocytes toC. Retinol acetate the tissuesD. Vicasol E. Amplification of leukopoiesis andE. Pyridoxine decelerated emigration of leukocytes to34. A patient presents high activity of the tissuesLDH1.2 , aspartate aminotransferase, creatine 39. Examination of cell culture got from aphosphokinase. In what organ (organs) is patient with lysosomal pathology revealedthe development of a pathological process accumulation of great quantity of lipids inthe most probable? the lysosomes. What of the following diseasesA. In the heart muscle (initial stage of is this disturbance typical for?myocardium infarction) A. PhenylketonuriaB. In skeletal muscles (dystrophy, atrophy) B. GalactosemiaC. In kidneys and adrenals C. GoutD. In liver and kidneys D. Tay-Sachs diseaseE. In connective tissue E. Wilson disease35. A woman who has been keeping to a 40. A group of mountain climbers wentclean-rice diet for a long time was diagnosed through the blood analysis at the height ofwith polyneuritis (beriberi). What vitamin 3000 m. It revealed decrease of HCO3 to 15deficit results in development of this disease? micromole/l (standard is 22-26 micromole/l).A. Thiamine What is the mechanism of HCO3 decrease?B. Pyridoxine A. HypoventilationC. Ascorbic acid B. Intensification of acidogenesisD. Folic acid C. HyperventilationE. Riboflavin D. Decrease of bicarbonate reabsorption in36. Colonoscopy of a patient ill with kidneysdysentery revealed that mucous membrane E. Decrease of ammoniogenesisof his large intestine is hyperemic, edematic, 41. A patient ill with diabetes mellitus feltits surface was covered with grey-and-green acute pain in his right foot. Objectively: footcoats. Name the morphological form of thumb is black, foot tissues are edematous.dysenteric collitis: there are foci of epidermis desquamation,A. Ulcerous stinking discharges. What clinicopathologicalB. Purulent form of necrosis is it?
  5. 5. A. Infarction C. Decrease of ESRB. Dry gangrene D. HypercoagulationC. Moist gangrene E. Increase of ESRD. Bedsore 47. Histological examination of a 40 y.o.E. Sequestrum mans thymus revealed decreased share of42. Power inputs of a boy increased from 500 parenchymatous gland elements, increasedto 2000 kJ pro hour. What can be the cause share of adipose and loose connective tissue,of it? its enrichment with thymus bodies.A. Food intake The organs mass was unchanged. WhatB. Raise of outer temperatute phenomenon is it?C. Mental activity A. Accidental involutionD. Transition from sleep to wakefulness B. AtrophyE. Physical exercise C. Dystrophy43. For the preparation of a patient`s D. Hypotrophyburn skin surface a certain medication was E. Age involutionused. Its antiseptic action is provided by 48. A patient who suffers from cancer offree oxygen that segregates in presence back of tongue has an intense bleeding as aof organic substances. Choose the right result of affection of dorsal lingual artery byanswer: the tumour. What vessel should be ligated toA. Potassium permanganate stop bleeding?B. Chlorhexidine A. Facial arteryC. Sodium bicarbonate B. Dorsal lingual arteryD. Boric acid C. Ascending pharyngeal arteryE. Furacilin D. Lingual artery44. Bacteriological examination of a patient E. Deep lingual arterywith food poisoning required inoculation of 49. In course of indirect histogenesis ofa pure culture of bacteria with the following tubular bone tissue a plate is formedproperties: gram-negative movable bacillus between epiphyseal and diaphyseal ossificationthat grows in the Endos medium in form of centres that provides furthercolourless colonies. A representative of which lengthwise growth of bones. What structurespecies caused this disease? is it?A. Esherichia A. Osseous plateB. Salmonella B. Metaphyseal plateC. Shigella C. OsteonD. Citrobacter D. Osseous cuffE. Iersinia E. Layer of interior general plates45. A lymph node punctate of a patient with 50. A man with cut wound of his right footsuspected protozoal disease was examined. sole was admitted to the hospital ward. TheExamination of the stained specimen patient has limited elevation of the lateral(Romanovskys stain) revealed some foot edge. In course of wound managementcrescent bodies with pointed end, blue the injury of a muscle tendon was revealed.cytoplasm and red nucleus. What protozoan What muscle is injured?were revealed in the smears? A. Triceps muscle of crusA. Viscerotropic leishmania B. Long extensor muscle of toesB. Toxoplasms C. Long peronealC. Trypanosomes D. Short peronealD. Malarial plasmodiums E. Anterior tibialE. Demtropic leishmania 51. After resection of the middle third of46. Long-term starvation cure of a patient femoral artery obliterated by a thromb theresulted in diminished ratio of albumines lower extremity is supplied with blood dueand globulines in plasma. What of the to the surgical bypass. Name an artery thatfollowing will be result of these changes? plays the main role in reestablishment ofA. Decrease of hematocrit blood flow:B. Increase of hematocrit A. Deep femoral artery
  6. 6. B. Deep external pudendal artery branches of carotid artery. For a temporary arrestC. Descending genicular artery of bleeding it is necessary to press theD. Superficial circumflex artery of hip bone carotid artery to the tubercle of a cervicalE. Superficial epigastric artery vertebra. Which vertebra is it?52. An experimental animal was first sensibilized A.VIwhereupon an antigen dose was B. IIintroduced subcutaneously. This injection C. IVresulted in the development of a fibrinous D. IIIinflammation with alteration of vessel E. Vwalls, basal substance and fibrous structures 57. Reaction of passive hemagglutinationof connective tissue in form of mucoid conducted with erythrocytic typhoidand fibrinoid swelling and necrosis. What Vidiagnosticumimmunological reaction took place? helped to reveal some antibodiesA. Immediate hypersensitivity in the dilution of the patients serumB. Granulomatosis at a ratio of 1:80 that exceeds the diagnosticC. Reaction of transplantation immunity titer. Such result witnesses of:D. Delayed-type hypersensitivity A. Typhoid fever recurrenceE. Normergic reaction B. Being a potential carrier of typhoid bacilli53. Autopsy of a patient who suffered C. Being ill with acute typhoid feverfrom croupous pneumonia and died from D. Incubation period of typhoid feverpneumococcal sepsis revealed 900 ml of E. Reconvalescence of a patient ill withturbid greenish-yellow liquid in the right typhoid feverpleural cavity. Pleural leaves are dull, 58. A patient with clinical presentationsplephoric. Name the clinicopathological of immunodeficiency went throughform of inflammation in the pleural cavity: immunological examinations. They revealedA. Acute abscess significant loss of cells that form rosettes withB. Empyema erythrocytes of a ram. What conclusionC. Phlegmon can be made according to the analysis data?D. Fibrinous inflammation A. Decrease of natural killer cell rateE. Chronic abscess B. Decrease of T-lymphocytes rate54. A patient was delivered to the hospital C. Insufficiency of effector cells of humoralby an emergency team. Objectively: immunitygrave condition, unconscious, adynamy. D. Decrease of B-lymphocytes rateCutaneous surfaces are dry, eyes are sunken, E. Decrease of complement system rateface is cyanotic. There is tachycardia and 59. Examination of a 60 y.o. patient revealedsmell of acetone from the mouth. Analysis hyperglycemia and glucosuria. A doctorresults: blood glucose - 20,1 micromole/l administered him a medication for internal(standard is 3,3-5,5 micromole/l), urine use. What medication is it?glucose - 3,5% (standard is - 0). What is the A. Oxytocinmost probable diagnosis? B. CorglyconA. Hypoglycemic coma C. FurosemideB. Acute heart failure D. PancreatineC. Anaphylactic shock E. GlibenclamidD. Hyperglycemic coma 60. In order to estimate toxigenity of diphtheriaE. Acute alcoholic intoxication agents obtained from patients the55. A patient has a disturbed absorbtion of cultures were inoculated on Petri dish withfat hydrolysates. It might have been caused nutrient agar on either side of a filter paperby a deficit in the small intestine cavity: strip that was put into the centre and moistenedA. Of bile pigments with antidiphtherie antitoxic serum.B. Of sodium ions After incubation of inoculations in agar theC. Of bile acids strip-like areas of medium turbidity wereD. Of lipolytic enzymes found between separate cultures and theE. Of liposoluble vitamins strip of filter paper. What immunological56. An injured man has bleeding from reaction was conducted?
  7. 7. A. Opsonization reaction E. 70B. Coombs test 66. A 40 y.o. patient complains of intensiveC. Agglutination reaction heartbeats, sweating, nausea, vision impairment,D. Rings precipitation reaction arm tremor, hypertension. From hisE. Precipitation gel reaction anamnesis: 2 years ago he was diagnosed with61. A woman with III (B), Rhˉ blood group pheochromocytoma. Hyperprocduction ofborn a child with II (A) blood group. The what hormones causes the given pathology?child is diagnosed with hemolytic disease of A. ACTHnewborn as a result of rhesus incompatibility. B. Thyroid hormonesWhat blood group is the childs father C. Aldosteronelikely to have? D. GlucocorticoidsA. I (0). Rh + E. CatecholaminesB. III (B). Rh+ 67.Mucous membrane of the right palatine tonsilC. I (0), Rh- has a painless ulcer with smooth lacquer fundusD. II (A), Rh- and regular cartilaginous edges. Microscopically:E. II (A), Rh+ inflammatory infiltration that consists of62. A 12 y.o. boy who suffers from bronchial lymphocytes, plasmocytes, a small number ofasthma has an acute attack of asthma: evident neutrophils and epithelioid cells; endovasculitisexpiratory dyspnea, skin pallor. What and perivasculitis. What disease is it?type of alveolar ventilation disturbance is it? A. ActinomycosisA. Central B. Pharyngeal diphtheriaB. Neuromuscular C. Ulcerous necrotic Vincent’s anginaC. Throracodiaphragmatic D. TuberculosisD. Restrictive E. SyphilisE. Obstructive 68. For the purpose of retrospective diagnostics of63. A patient diagnosed with carcinoid recent bacterial dysentery it was decided toof bowels, was admitted to the hospital. perform serological examination of blood serumAnalysis revealed high production of in order to determine antibody titer towards Shigaserotonin. It is known that this substance bacilli. What of the following reactions should beis formed of tryptophane aminoacid. applied?What biochemical mechanism underlies this A. Passive hemagglutinationprocess? B. Bordet-Gengou testA. Microsomal oxydation C.HemolysisB. Formation of paired compounds D. PrecipitationC. Desamination E. BacteriolysisD. Decarboxylation 69. Autopsy of a 48 y.o. man revealed a roundE. Transamination formation 5 cm in diameter with clear-cut64. Examination of a patient revealed an outlines in the region of the 1st segment of hisabscess of pterygopalatine fossa. Where can right lung. This formation was encircled with athe infection spread to unless the disease is thin layer of connective tissue full of white brittlemanaged in time? masses. Make a diagnosis of the secondaryA. To the orbit tuberculosis form:B. To the subgaleal temporal space A. Fibrous cavernous tuberculosisC. To the tympanic cavity B. TuberculomaD. To the interpterygoid space C. Acute focal tuberculosisE. To the frontal sinus D. Caseous pneumonia.65. Examination of a man established that E. Acute cavernous tuberculosiscardiac output equaled 3500 ml, systolic 70. A man’s intrapleural pressure is beingoutput - 50 ml. What is the mans heart rate measured. In what phase did the man hold hispro minute? breath, if his pressure is 7,5 cm Hg?A.60 A. Forced expirationB.90 B. Quiet inspirationC. 50 C. –D. 80 D. Quiet expiration
  8. 8. E. Forced inspiration B. Fibrinous inflammation71. In the surgical department of a hospital there C. Hyalinosiswas an outbreak of hospital infection that showed D. Mucoid swellingitself in often postoperative wound abscesses. E. AmyloidosisBacteriological examination on of pus revealed 76. In course of an operation surgeonaurococcus. What examination shall be conducted removed a part of a lung that was ventilatedto find out the source of this causative agent by a tertiary bronchus accompaniedamong the department personnel? by branches of pulmonary artery and otherA. Serological identification vessels. What part of a lung was removed?B. Microscopical examination A. Middle lobeC. Phagotyping B. Bronchopulmonary segmentD. Biochemical identification C. Superior lobeE. Estimation of antibiotic susceptibility D. Inferior lobe72. Heart rate of a man permanently E. Pulmonary lobuleequals 40 beats pro minute. What is the 77. Vitamin A deficit results in the impairmentpacemaker? of twilight vision. Name the cells thatA. His bundle have the above-mentioned photoreceptorB. Purkinjes fibers function:C. His bundle branches A. Ganglion neurocytesD. Sinoatrial node B. Rod receptor cellE. Atriventricular node C. Cone receptor cells73. A 4 y.o. boy has had recently serious D. Horizontal neurocytesviral hepatitis, Now there are such E. Bipolar neuronsclinical presentations as vomiting, loss of 78. Microscopical examination of a removedconsciousness, convulsions. Blood analysis appendix revealed an edema, diffuserevealed hyperammoniemia. Disturbunce neutrophilic infiltration of appendix wallof which biochemical process caused such along with necrosis and defect of mucouspathological condition of the patient? membrane with affection of its muscle plate.A. Disturbed neutralization of ammonia in What appendicitis form was developed?liver A. GangrenousB. Inhibition of transamination enzyms B. UlcerophlegmonousC. Increased putrefaction of proteins in C. Apostematousbowels D. SuperficialD. Activation of aminoacid decarboxylation E. PhlegmonousE. Disturbed neutralization of biogenic 79. Introduction of a pharmaceuticalamines substance to an experimental animal74. An experimental rat with extremity resulted in reduction of salivation, pupilparalysis has no tendon and cutaneous mydriasis. Next intravenous introduction ofreflexes, muscle tone is decreased, but acetylcholine didnt lead to any significantmuscles of the affected extremity maintain changes of heart rate. Name this substance:their ability to react with excitation to the direct A. Proserinaction of continious current. What type B. Atropineof paralysis is it? C. PropranololA. Spastic peripheral D. AdrenalineB. Spastic central E. SalbutamolC. Extrapyramidal 80. Examination of a 43 y.o, anephric patientD. Flaccid peripheral revealed anemia symptoms. What is theE. Flaccid central cause of these symptoms?75. Autopsy of a 58 y.o, man revealed that A. Folic acid deficitbicuspid valve was deformed, thickened and B. Iron deficitunclosed. Microscopically: foci of collagen C. Reduced synthesis of erythropoietinsfibrilla are eosinophilic, react positively to D. Vitamin B12 deficitfibrin. The most probably it is: E. Enhanced destruction of erythrocytesA. Fibrinoid swelling 81. Examination of a newborn boys genitals
  9. 9. revealed a cleft of urethra that opens retrosternal pain a patient presented a jumpon the inferior surface of his penis. What of aspartate aminotransferase activity indevelopmental anomaly is it? blood serum. What pathology is this deviationA. Cryptorchism typical for?B. Epispadia A. Myocardium infarctionC. Monorchism B. Viral hepatitisD. Hennaphroditism C. Diabetes mellitusE. Hypospadia D. Collagenosis82. A patient ill with collagenesis has E. Diabetes insipidusbeen taking prednisolone for a long time. 87. A peripheral segment of vagus nerve onHypokaliemia development caused spastic pain of a dogs neck was being stimulated in courseskeletal muscles. What medication of an experiment. The following changesshould be used in order to correct potassium of cardiac activity could be meanwhileexchange? observed:A. Dithylinum A. Heart rate and heart force amplificationB. Panallgin B. Enhancement of atrioventricularC. Thyrocalcitonin conductionD. Diazepam C. Heart rate fallE. Noshpa D. Heart hurry83. From pharynx of a child with suspected E. Increased excitability of myocardiumdiphtheria a pure culture of microorganisms 88. A 39 y.o. woman went through anwas isolated. Their morphological tinctorial, operation in course of which surgeonscultural and biochemical properties removed her uterine tube that was enlargedappeared to be typical for diphtheria and a part of an ovary with a big cyst.causative agents. What study should be Histological examination of a tube wallconducted in order to drow a conclusion that revealed decidual cells, chorion villi. Whatthis is a pathogenic diphtheria bacillus? was the most probable diagnosis made afterA. Estimation of proteolytic properties examination of the uterine tube?B. Estimation of urease activity A. Tubal pregnancyC. Estimation of cystinous activity B. Placental polypD. Estimation of ability to decompose starch C. Papyraceous fetusE. Estimation of toxigenic properties D. Lithopedion84. A man was admitted to the hospital E. Choriocarcinomaon the 5th day of disease that manifested 89. A forensic medical expert examinesitself by jaundice, muscle aching, chill, nose the body of a 58 y.o. man who had beenbleedings. In course of laboratory diagnostics consuming large amounts of alcochol for aa bacteriologist performed dark-field microscopy long time and died at home. Microscopicaly:of the patients blood drop. Name the right lung is dense and enlarged, its incisiona causative agent of this disease: revealed that the tissue is greyish andA. Leptospira interrogans homogenous, pleura is covered with greyishB. Bartinella bacilloformis layers. Microscopically - alveolar cavitiesC. Calymmatobacterium granulomatis contain fibrin, hemolyzed erythrocytes.D. Rickettsia mooseri Make a diagnosis:E. Borrelia dutlonii A. Focal pneumonia85. Nappies of a newborn have dark spots B. Caseous pneumoniathat witness of formation of homogentisic C. Interstitial pneumoniaacid. Metabolic imbalance of which D. Primary pulmonary tuberculosissubstance is it connected with? E. Croupous pneumoniaA. Methionine 90. A 40 y.o. woman was admitted to theB. Thyrosine infectious diseases department with highC. Galactose body temperature. Objectively: evidentD. Tryptophane meningeal symptoms. A spinal cord punctionE. Cholesterine was made. What anatomic formation was86. 12 hours after an accute attack of punctured?
  10. 10. A. Cisterna cerebellomedullaris posterior tissue will be inhibited?B. Spatium subdurale A. Of fibroblastsC. Spatium epidurale B. Of pericytesD. Spatium subarachnoideum C. Of pigment cellsE. Cavum trigeminale D. Of lipocytes91. A patient with II stage hypertension has E. Of macrophagsbeen taking one of hypotensive medications 96. 6 months after delivery a woman hadfor the purpose of treatment. After a time uterine bleeding. Gynecological examinationarterial pressure decreased, but the patient revealed in the uterine cavity a dark-redstarted complaining of flaccidity, sleepiness, tissue with multiple cavities that resembledindifference. A bit later he felt stomach of "sponge". Microscopic examination ofpain. He was diagnosed with ulcer. What the tumour revealed some atypic light epithelialhypotensive medication has the patient been Langhans cells and giant cells oftaking? cyncytiotrophoblast in blood lacunas. WhatA. Captopril tumour is it?B. Dibazoie A. Vesicular moleC. Reserpine B. FibromyomaD. Furosemide C. AdenocarcinomaE. Verapamil D. Squamous cell nonkcratinous carcinoma92. A patient had to go through an operation. E. ChorioepitheliomaDoctors introduced him dithylinum 97. A 50 y.o. patient with chronic cardiac(listenone) and performed intubation. insufficiency and tachyarrythmia wasAfter the end of operation and cessation prescribed a cardiotonic drug. What drugof anesthesia the independent respiration wasnt was prescribed?restored. Which enzyme deficit A. Dobutamineprolongs the action of muscle relaxant? B. MildronateA. Pseudocholinesterase C. AmyodaroneB. K-Na-adenosine triphosphatase D. DigoxinC. N - acetyltransferase E. DopamineD. Succinate dehydrogenase 98. A young man consulted a doctor aboutE. Carbanhydrase disturbed urination. Examination of his93. Ammonia is a very toxic substance, external genitals revealed that urethra isespecially for nervous system. What split on top and urine runs out of thissubstance takes the most active part 111 opening. What anomaly of external genitalsammonia detoxication in brain tissues? development is the case?A. Glutamic acid A. ParaphimosisB. Alanine B. EpispadiaC. Proline C. HypospadiaD. Histidine D. HermaphroditismE. Lysine E. Phimosis94. A childs blood presents high content 99. Violation of safety rules resulted inof galactose, glucose concentration is low. calomel intoxication. Two days later theThere are such presentations as cataract, daily diuresis was 620 m1. A patientmental deficiency, adipose degeneration of experienced headache, vomiting, convulsions,liver. What disease is it? dyspnea, moist rales in lungs. WhatA. Galactosemia pathology is it?B. Steroid diabetes A. Acute renal insufficiencyC. Lactosemia B. Chronic renal insufficiencyD. Diabetes mellitus C. Uraemic comaE. Fructosemia D. Pyelonephritis95. In course of an experiment a big number E. Glomerulonephritisof column cells of red bone marrow was in 100. A patient has a transverse disruption ofsome way destructed. Regeneration of which cell spinal cord below the IV thoracic segment.populations in the loose connective What changes of respiration will it cause?
  11. 11. A. Respiration will become more frequent C. MelancholicB. Respiration will stay unchanged D. SanguineC. Respiration will stop E. -D. Respiration will become less frequent 106. A patient suffers from hepatic cirrhosis.E. Respiration will become deeper Examination of which of the following101. A patient with a stab wound of the substances excreted by urine can characterizeanterior stomach wall is in surgical care. the state of antitoxic function of liver?What formation of abdominal cavity did the A. Hippuric acidstomach contents get into? B. Ammonium saltsA. Right mesenteric sinus C. AminoacidsB. Hepatic bursaC. Omental bursa D. KreatinineD. Left mesenteric sinus E. Uric acidE. Antegastrial bursa 107. Examination of a child revealed some102. A patient with infectious mononucleosis whitish spots looking like coagulated milkhas been taking glucocorticoids for two on the mucous membrane of his cheeks andweeks. He was brought into remission, but tongue. Analysis of smears revealed grampositivehe fell ill with acute attack of chronic tonsillitis. oval yeast-like cells. What causativeWhat action of glucocorticoids caused agents are they?this complication? A. ActinomycetesA. Anti-inflammatory B. StaphylococciB. Immunosuppressive C. CandidaC. Antiallergic D. FusobacteriaD. Antishock E. Diphtheria bacillusE. Antitoxic 108. A patients knee joint doesnt extend,103. Removal of gall bladder of a patient there is no knee-jerk ref1ex, skin sensitivityhas disturbed processes of Co absorption of the anterior femoral surface is disturbed.through the intestinal wall. What vitamin What nerve structures are damaged?will stimulate this process? A. Superior gluteal nerveA. B12 B. Femoral nerveB. PP C. Big fibular nerveC. C D. Inferior gluteal nerveD. K E. Obturator nerveE. D3 109. A patient has pain, edema and reddening104. A 9 m.o. child has delayed dentition, it of his skin in the anterosuperior area ofis also out of order. Upper jaw configuration his thigh and his foots thumb. What lymphis horizontal ("high palate); microscopically nodes of his lower extremity responded to- irregular mineralization of tooth enamel, the inflammatory process?wrinkled enamel prisms, some of them are A. Deep inguinalvacuolized. Predentin zone is extended; B. Superficial longitudinalthere are solitary denticles. What disease C. Superficial inguinalis it? D. lnternal longitudinalA. Late rickets E. General longitudinalB. Early rickets 110. Examination of a 43 y.o. patientC. Hypervitaminosis D revealed that his stomach has difficulties withD. Gout digestion of protein food. Gastric juiceE. Osteon1alacia analysis revealed low acidity. Function of105. Examination of a patient revealed which gastric cells is disturbed in this case?a strong, balanced, inert type of higher A. Main exocrinocytesnervous activity according to Pavlov. What B. Parietal exocrinocytestemperament type does the patient have C. Mucous cells (mucocytes)(according to Hiprocrates classification)? D. Endocrinous cellsA. Phlegmatic E. Cervical mucocytesR Choleric 111. The permeability of the irritable cell
  12. 12. membrane has been increased for potassium C. Lactin and myosin synthesisions during an experiment. What changes of D. Regulation of Ca2+ rate in mitochondrionsmembrane electric status can occur? E. Substrate phosphorylationA. Action potential 117. A 30 y.o. woman had been ill for aB. No changes year when she felt pain in the area of jointsC. Hyperpolarization for the first time, they got swollen andD. Local response skin above them became reddened. ProvisionalE. Depolarization diagnosis is rheumatoid arthritis. One112. An ovary specimen stained by of the most probable causes of this disease ishematoxylin-eosin presents a follicle, where a structure alteration of a connective tissuecells of follicular epithelium are placed in protein:1-2 layers and have cubic form, there is a A. Collagenbright-red membrane around the ovocyte. B. TroponinWhat follicle is it? C. OvoalbuminA. Secondary D. MucinB. Atretic E. MyosinC. Primordial 118. A 56 y.o. patient has been suffering fromD. Primary thyreotoxicosis for a long time. What type ofE. Mature hypoxia can be developed?113. Utilization of arachidonic acid via A. Tissuecyclooxigenase pathway results in formation B. Hemicof some bioactive substances. Name them: C. CirculatoryA. Prostaglandins D. RespiratoryB. Biogenic amins E. MixedC. Insulin-like growth factors 119. A 48 y.o. patient was admitted to theD. Somatomedins hospital with complaints about weakness,E. Thyroxine irritability, sleep disturbance. Objectively:114. A woman has been applying a new skin and scleras are yellow. In blood:cosmetic preparation for a week that conjugated bilirubin, cholalemia. Feces areresulted in eye-lid inflammation accompanied acholic. Urine is of dark colour (bilirubin).by hyperemia, infiltration and painfulness. What jaundice is it?What type of allergic reaction was A. Mechanicdeveloped? B. Crigler-Najjar syndromeA.IV C. HemolyticB. I D. ParenchymatousC. III E. Gilberts syndromeD.V 120. A lightly dressed man is standing in aE. II room, air temperature is +14°C, windows115. A doctor administered a patient with and doors are closed. In what way does heallergic dermatitis a H1 -histamine blocker emit heat the most actively?as a part of complex treatment. Name this A. Perspirationmedication: B. Heat conductionA. Prednisolone C. Heat radiationB. Loratadine D. ConvectionC. Cromolyn sodium E. EvaporationD. Hydrocortisone 121. A patient complains of pain in the areaE. Adrenaline of his liver. Duodenal intubation revealed116. A 1 y.o. child with symptoms of muscle yellowish, oval, narrowed at the poles eggsaffection was admitted to the hospital. with an operculum at the end. Size of theseExamination revealed carnitine deficit in eggs is the smallest among all helminth eggs.muscles. Biochemical base of this pathology What is the most probable diagnosis?is disturbed process of: A. Beef tapeworm infectionA. Transporting of fatty acids to mitochondrions B. DiphyllobothriasisB. Lactic acid utilization C. Echinococcosis
  13. 13. D. Teniasis a worker has largely reduced buffer capacityE. Opisthorchosis of blood. What acidic substance that came122. A patient who suffers from severe disorder to blood caused this phenomenon?of water-salt metabolism experienced A. -cardiac arrest in diastole. What is the most B. l,3-bisphosphoglycerateprobable mechanism of cardiac arrest in diastole? C. 3-phosphoglycerateA. Hypernatremia D. PyruvateB. Hyponatremia E. LactateC. Hypokaliemia 128. Bacteriological laboratory examinesD. Organism dehydratation canned meat whether it contains botulinumE. Hyperkaliemia toxin. For this purpose an extract of test123. A 36 y.o. man has a craniocerebral specimen and antitoxic antibotulinic scrumtrauma. Objectively: diminished breath of A, B, E types were introducted to a groupsounds, thready pulse, no reflexes. What way of mice under examination; a control groupof pyracetam introduction will be the most of mice got the extract without antibotulinicapropriate in this case? serum. What serological reaction was applied?A. Subcutaneous A. Complement bindingB. Intravenous B. PrecipitationC. Inhalation C. Opsono-phagocyticD. Rectal D. NeutralizationE. Peroral E. Double immune diffusion124. Short-term physical activity resulted in 129. Parents of a 10 y.o. boy consulted areflex amplification of heart rate and raise of doctor about extension of hair-covering,systemic arterial pressure. What receptors growth of beard and moustache, low voice.activation was the main cause of pressor Intensified secretion of which hormonereflex realization? must be assumed?A. Vascular chemoreceptors A. Of testosteroneB. Vascular volume receptors B. Of somatotropinC. Proprioreceptors of active muscles C. Of cortisolD. Hypothalamus thermoreceptors D. Of oestrogenE. Vascular baroccptors E. Of progesterone125. A patient with neuritis of femoral nerve 130. A 60 y.o. patient has a reducedhas disturbed flexion of thigh as well as disturbed perception of high-frequency sounds. Whatcrus extension in the knee joint. structures disorder of auditory analizerWhat muscles function is disturbed? caused these changes?A. Quadriceps muscle of thigh A. Main membrane of cochlea near helicotremaB. Semitendinous muscle B. Main membrane of cochlea near the ovalC. Triceps muscle of thigh windowD. Biceps muscle of thigh C. Muscles of middle earE. Semimembranous muscle D. Eustachian tube126. A 55 y.o. woman consulted a doctor about E. Tympanic membranehaving continuous cyclic uterine 131. In course of an experiment a skeletalhemorrhages for a year, weakness, dizziness. muscle is being stimulated by a series ofExamination revealed skin pallor. electric impulses. What type of muscleHcmogram: Hb- 70 g/L erythrocytes 3.2*1012/l, contraction will arise, if every subsequentcolor index - 0,6, leukocytcs 6.0*109/l, impulse comes in the period of relaxation ofreticulocytes - 1%; erythrocyte single muscle contraction?hypochromia. What anemia is it? A. Muscle contructureA. Hemolytic anemia B. A series of single contractionsB. B12 -folate-deficiency anemia C. HolotetanusC. Chronic posthemorrhagic anemia D. Asynchronous tetanusD. Iron-deficiency anemia E. Partial tetanusE. Aplastic anemia 132. A liquidator of a breakdown at a127. As a result of exhausting muscular work nuclear power plant who was irradiated
  14. 14. complained about vomiting that occurs all E. Lisosomesof a sudden. What medication should be 137. A 22 y.o. woman has enlarged lymphprescribed? nodes. Histologlcally: a lymph node containsA. Metoclopramide lymphocytes, histiocytes, reticular cells,B. Aeron small and big Hodgkins cells, multinucleatedC. Reserpine Sternberg cells, isolated foci ofD. De-Nol caseous necrosis. What disease are theseE. Atropine changes typical for?133. A patient got a craniocerebral trauma A. Lung cancer metastasisthat resulted in right-side convergent strabismus. B. Chronic leukosisDamage of which craniocerebral C. Acute leukosisnerve caused such consequences? D. LymphogranulomatosisA. n.facialis E. LymphosarcomaB. n.trigeminus 138. A 49 y.o. woman consulted a doctorC. n.aculomotorius about heightened fatigue and dyspnea duringD. n.trochlearis physical activity. ECG: heart rate isE. n.abducens 50/min, PQ is extended, QRS is unchanged,134. A patient ill with bronchial asthma didnt P wave quanity exceeds quantity of QRSinform his doctor that he had attacks complexes. What type of arrhythmia doesof stenocardia. Doctor administered him a the patient have?medication, which taking resulted in less A. Extrasystolefrequent attacks of bronchial asthma. but B. Sinoatrial blockstenocardia attacks became more frequent. C. Sinus bradycardiaWhat medication was administered? D. Atrioventricular blockA. Cromolyn sodium E. Ciliary arhythmiaB. Salbutamol 139. A patient who suffers from pneumoniaC. Aminophylline has high body temperature. What biologicallyD. Phenotherol active substance plays the leading partE. Isadrin in origin of this phenomenon?135. Autopsy of a man who died from A. Bradykinininfluenza revealed that his heart was slightly B. Leukotrienesenlarged, pastous, myocardium was C. Histaminedull and had specks. Microscopical cxamination D. Serotoninof myocardium revealed signs of E. Interleukin-Iparenchymatous adipose and hydropic 140. A teenager was irradiated with highdystrophy; stroma was edematic with poor radiation dose that resulted in seriousmacrophagal and lymphocytic infiltration, damages of lymphoid system, lysis ofvessels were plethoric; perivascular analysis many lymphocytes. Restoration of normalrevealed petechial hemorrhages. What type hemogram is possible due to the functioningof myocarditis was developed in this case? of the following gland:A. Serous diffuse A. ThyroidB. Granulomatous B. AdrenalC. Purulent C. LiverD. Interstitial proliferative D. ThymusE. Serous focal E. Pancreas136. In course of practical training students 141. In course of histidine catabolism a biogenicstudied a stained blood smear of a mouse with amin is formed that has powerfulbacteria phagocyted by leukocytes. What vasodilatating effect. Name it:cell organella completes digestion of these A. Histaminebacteria? B. DopamineA. Mytochondrions C. DioxyphenylalanineB. Ribosomes D. NoradrenalinC. Golgi apparatus E. SerotoninD. Granular endoplasmic reticulum 142. According to audiometry data a patient
  15. 15. has a disturbed perception of mediumfrequency A. Spinothalamicsounds. It might have been caused B. Medial spinocorticalby a damage of: C Anterior spinocerebellarA. Cochlear nuclei D. Posterior spinocerebellarB. Quadritubercular structure E. Lateral spinocorticalC. Middle part of helix 147. A patient who suffers from heart failureD. Lateral geniculate bodies has enlarged liver, edemata of lowerE. Spiral ganglion extremities, ascites. What is the leading143. A patient with fracture of his lower mechanism in the development of thisjaw was admitted to the maxillofacial edema?department. It was decided to fix his A. Hydrodynamicbones surgically under anaesthetic. After B. Membranogenicintravenous introduction of muscle relaxant C-there arose short fibrillar contractions of D. Lymphogenousthe patients facial muscles. What muscle E. Colloid osmoticrelaxant was applied? 148. A rabbits nerve that innervates theA. Dithylinum right ear was cut and its right superiorB. Pipecuronium bromide cervical ganglion was removed. ImmediatelyC. Diazepam after operation the temperature ofD. Melictine ear skin was measured. It was revealed thatE. Tubocurarin chloride the temperature of the rabbits ear skin on144. Analysis of blood serum of a patient the side of denervation was by 1,5°C higherrevealed increase of alanine than on the opposite intact side. What of theaminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase following is the most probable explanationlevel. What cytological of the above-mentioned effects?changes can cause such a situation? A. Atrerial hyperemia induced by metabolicA. Disturbance of cellular interrelations factorsB. Cellular breakdown B. Arterial neuroparalytic hyperemiaC Disturbance of genetic apparatus of cells C. Arterial neurotopical hyperemiaD. Disturbed function of energy supply of D. Reactive arterial hyperemiacells E. Physiological arterial hyperemiaE. Disorder of enzyme systems of cells 149. Inflammation of a patients eye was145. A 63 y.o. man fell ill with acute tracheitis accompanied by accumulation of turbid liquidand bronchitis accompanied by bronchial with high protein at the bottom ofpneumonia. On the l0th day the patient anterior chamber that was called hypopyon.died from cardiopulmonary insufficiency What process underlies the changes underAutopsy revealed fibrinous hemorrhagic observation?laryngotracheobronchitis: lungs were A. Primary alterationenlarged. their incision revealed-the "coalminers" B. Proliferationeffect caused by interlacing of sections C.-of bronchial pneumonia. hemorrhages D. Secondary alterationinto the pulmonary parenchyma, acute E. Disturbance of microcirculationabscesses and atelectases. Internal organs 150. A patient was ill with burn disease thathave discirculatory and dystrophic changes. was complicated by DIC syndrome. WhatWhat is the most probable diagnosis? stage of DIC syndrome can he suspected if itA. Moderately severe influenza IS known that the patients blood coagulatesB. Adenoviral infection in less than 3 minutes?C Parainfluenza A. TerminalD. Influenza. severe form B. Transition phaseE. Respiratory syncytial infection C. Hypocoagulation146. As a result of spinal-cord trauma D. Hypercoagulationa 33 y.o. man has a disturbed pain and E. Fibrinolysistemperature sensitivity that is caused by 151. An experimental animal has been givendamage of the following tract: excessive amount of carbon-Iabeled glucose
  16. 16. for a week. What compound can the label B. Supracutaneous tularin testbe found in? C. Mantoux testA. Methionine D. Burnet testB. Arachidonic acid E. Anthraxine testC. Palmitic acid 157. A patient has extrasystole. ECG showsD. Choline no P wave, QRS complex is deformed,E. Vitamin A there is a full compensatory pause. What152. A patient complains of dryness of extrasystoles are these?head skin, itching, fragility and loss of hair. A. AtrioventricularAfter examination he was diagnosed with B. Sinusseborrhea. Disturbed activity of which cells C. Ventricularcaused this condition? D. AtrialA. Cells of sudoriferous glands E. -B. Melanocytes 158. After intake of rich food a patientC. Adipocytes feels nausea and sluggishness; with timeD. Epithelial cells there appeared signs of steatorrhea.E. Cells of sebaceous glands Blood cholesterine concentration is 9,2153. A patient who had been working hard micromole/l. This condition was caused by lackunder conditions of elevated temperature of:of the environment, has now a changed A. Fatty acidsquantity of blood plasma proteins. What B. Bile acidspenomenon is the case? C. PhospholipidsA. Paraproteinemia D. ChylomicronsB. Absolute hyperproteinemia E. TriglyceridesC. Disproteinemia 159. A 27 y.o. patient put eye dropsD. Relative hyperproteinemia that contain penicillin. After a few minutesE. Absolute hypoproteinemia she felt itching and burning of154. Examination of a patient revealed her body, there appeared lip and eye-lidextremely myotic pupils, sleepiness, edemata; arterial pressure began to drop.infrequent Chain-Stokes respiration. urinary What immunoglobulins took part in theretention, slowing-down of heart development of this allergic reaction?rate, enhancement of spinal reflexes. What A. IgE and IgGsubstance caused the poisoning? B. IgG and IgDA. Atropine C. IgM and IgDB. Phosphacole D. IgM and IgGC. Caffeine E. IgA and IgMD. Morphine 160. A patient suffers from severeE. Barbital postoperative pseudomonadous infection.155. Examination of a patient with frequent What of the following antibiotics should behemorrhages from internals and mucous administered in this case?membranes revealed proline and lysine A. Erythromycinbeing a part of collagene fibers. What vitamin B. Doxycyclineabsence caused disturbance of their C. Cephazolinhydroxylation? D. BenzylpenicillinA. Vitamin K E. Amicacin sulfateB. Vitamin E 161. A patient complains of frequentC. Vitamin A diarrheas, especially after consumptionD. Vitamin e of fattening food, and of body weightE. Thiamine loss. Laboratory examination revealed156. The first grade pupils were examined in steatorrhea: hypocholic feces. What can beorder to sort out children for tuberculosis the cause of this condition?revaccination. What test was applied for this A. Mucous membrane inflammation of smallpurpose? intestineA. Schick test B. Unbalanced diet
  17. 17. C. Lack of pancreatic phospholipase C. ManitoleD. Obturation of biliary tracts D. ClopamideE. Lack of pancreatic lipase E. Amyloride162. Having helped to eliminate 167. A newborn child with pylorostenosisconsequences of a failure at a nuclear has often repeating vomiting accompaniedpower plant, a worker got an irradiation by apathy, weakness, hypertonicity, sometimesdoze of 500 roentgen. He complains of convulsions. What disorder form ofheadache, nausea, dizziness. What changes acid-base balance is it?in leukocytes quantity can be expected 10 A. Excretory acidosishours after irradiation? B. Nongaseous alkalosisA. Neutrophilic leukocytosis C. Gaseous acidosisB. Agranulocytosis D. Metabolic acidosisC. Leukopenia E. Gaseous alkalosisD. Leukemia 168. After a 2 y.o. child has had flu, thereE. Lymphocytosis appeared complaints about ear ache. A163. In case of a penetrating wound of the doctor revealed hearing impairment andanterior abdominal wall the wound tract inflammation of the middle ear. How didwent above the lesser curvature of stomach. the infection penetrate into the middle ear?What peritoneum formation is most likely A. Through the auditory tubeto be injured? B. Through foramen jugu1arisA. Ligamentum triangulare sinistrum C. Through canalis caroticusB. Ligamentum hepatorenale D. Through canalis nasolacrimalisC. Ligamentum gastrocolicum E. Through atrium mastoideumD. Ligamentum hepatogastricum 169. In course of an experiment a skeletalE. Ligamentum hepatoduoduodenale muscle is being stimulated by a series of164. An electron micrograph of a kidney electric impulses. What type of musclefragment presents an afferent arteriole. contraction will arise, if every subsequentUnder its endothelium some big cells can be impulse comes in the period of shorteningseen that contain secretory granules. What of the previous single muscle contraction?type of cells is it? A. HolotetanusA. Juxtaglomerular B. Partial tetanusB. Smooth muscle cells C. A series of single contractionsC. Interstitial D. Muscle contractureD. Juxtavascular E. Asynchronous tetanusE. Mesangeal 170. Examination of a miner revealed165. Arterial pressure of a surgeon who pulmonary fibrosis accompanied by disturbanceperformed a long operation rised up to of alveolar ventilation. What is140/110 mm Hg. What changes of humoral the main mechanism of this disturbance?regulation could have caused the rise of A. Limitation of respiratory surface of lungsarterial pressure in this case? B. Constriction of superior respiratory tractsA. Activation of renin angiotensive system C. Bronchi spasmB. Activation of sympathoadrenal system D. Disturbance of neural respiration controlC. Inhibition of sympathoadrenal system E. Limitation of breast mobilityD. Activation of formation and excretion of 171. A patient has symptoms of inflammationaldosterone of urogenital tracts. Examination of aE. Activation of kallikrein kinin system vaginal smear revealed big monocellular,166. A patient with chronic cardiac insufficiency pear-shaped organisms with the pointed spikehas been treated with cardiotonic drugs at the posterior end of body, big nucleusand a thiazide diuretic, but in spite of it there and undulating membrane. What protozoaare still edemata and risk of ascites. What were found in the smear?medication should be prescribed to amplify A. Trypanosoma gambiensediuretic effect of the applied drugs? B. Trichomonas vaginalisA. Spironolactone C. Trichomonas hominisB. Furosemide D. Trichomonas buccalis
  18. 18. E. Lamblia interstinalis B. Verapamil172. A child is languid, apathetic. Liver C. Nitroglycerinis enlarged and liver biopsy revealed a D. Metoprololsignificant excess of glycogene. Glucose E. Propranololconcentration in the blood stream is below 177. A 63 y.o. man with collapse symptomsnormal. What is the cause of low glucose was delivered to the emergency hospital.concentration? A doctor chose noradrenaline in order toA. Deficit of a gene that is responsible prevent hypotension. What is the actionfor synthesis of glucose 1-phosphaturidine mechanism of this medication?transferase A. Activation of dopamine receptorsB. Low (absent) activity of hexokinase B. Block of M -cholinoreceptorsC. High activity of glycogen synthetase C. Activation of serotonin receptorsD. Low (absent) activity of glucose 6- D. Activation of α1-adrenoreceptorsphosphatase E. Activation of β-adrenoreceptorsE. Low (absent) activity of glycogene 178. Urine examination of a patient withphosphorylase in liver acute cystitis revealed leukocytes and173. A man who went for a ride on a a lot of gram-negative bacilli. Inoculationroundabout had amplification of heart rate, resulted in growth of colonies of mucoussweating and nausea. What receptors stimulation nature that formed green soluble pigment.is it primarily connected with? What microorganism is the most probableA. Proprioceptors cause of the disease?B. Visual A. Proteus mirabilisC. Auditory B. Escherihia coliD. Tactors C. Salmonella enteritidisE. Vestibular D. Klebsiella pneumoniae174. Two days after consumption of E. Pseudomonas aeruginosasmoked pork a patient got face and eyelid 179. An isolated cell of human heartedemata, gastrointestinal disturbances, automatically generates excitation impulsesabrupt temperature rise, muscle pain. Blood with frequency 60 times pro minute. Whatanalysis showed full-blown eosinophilia. heart structure was this cell obtained from?What helminth could the patient be infected A. Ventriclewith? B. AtriumA. Trichina C. Sinoatrial nodeB. Hookworm D. Atrioventricular nodeC. Whipworm E. His bundleD. Ascarid 180. A patient died under conditions ofE. Pinworm cardiovascular insufficiency. Autopsy results:175. Examination of a patient revealed postinfarction cardiosclcrosis, myocardiumhyperkaliemia and hyponatremia. Low hypertrophy and dilatation of its cavities,secretion of which hormone may cause such especially of its right ventricle. Liverchanges? is enlarged, its surface is smooth, incisionA. Natriuretic revealed that it was plethoric, with dark-redB. Parathormone specks against the background of brownishC. Cortisol tissue. Histologically: plethora of centralD. Aldosteron parts of lobules; peritheral parts aroundE. Vasopressin portal tracts contain hepatocytes in a state176. After a tooth extraction a patient felt of adipose degeneration. How are these liverpersistent pain behind his breast bone. After changes called?sublingual intake of an antianginal drug the A. Nutmeg liverpain behind the breast bone disappeared, B. Liver cirrhosisbut the patient complained of headache and C. Liver steatosisdizziness. What drug are these properties D. Pseudonutmeg livertypical for? E. AmyloidosisA. Validol 181. Autopsy of a newborn boy revealed
  19. 19. polydactylia, microcephalia, cheiloschisis D. Acute erythromyelosisand uranoschisis as well as hypertrophy E. Acute myeloblastic leukosisof parenchimatous organs. These defects 186. Continious taking of a drug can resultcorrespond with the description of Pataus in osteoporosis. erosion of stomach mucoussyndrome. What is the most probable cause membrane, hypokaliemia, retention of sodiumof this pathology? and water, reduced content of corticotropinA. Trisomy of the 18th chromosome in blood. Name this drug:B. Trisomy of the 21st chromosome A. DigoxinC. Trisomy of the 13th chromosome B. IndometacinD. Nondisjunction of sex chromosomes C. ReserpineE. Partial monosomy D. Prednisolone182. Glutamate decarboxylation results in E. Hydrochlorothiazideformation of inhibitory transmitter in CNS. 187. A patient has a haemorrhage into theName it: posterior central gyrus. What type of sensitivityA. Serotonin on the opposite side will be disturbed?B. Histamine A. VisualC. Glutathione B. Auditory and visualD. Asparagine C. AuditoryE. GABA D. Olfactory183. A patient who suffers from acute E. Skin and proprioceptivemyocarditis has clinical signs of cardiogenic 188. As a result of an accident a patientshock. What of the under-mentioned has intense painfullness and edema of thepathogenetic mechanisms plays the main anterior crus surface: dorsal f1exion of footpart in shock development? is hindered. Function of which crus muscleA. Disturbance of pumping ability of heart is most likely to be disturbed?B. Depositing of blood in organs A. M.peroneus longusC. Reduction of diastolic flow to the heart B. M.flexor digitorum longusD. Decrease of vascular tone C. M.flexor hallucis longusE. Increase of peripheral vascular resistance D. M.peroneus brevis184. A patient who has been treated E. M.tibialis anteriorwith diazepam on account of neurosis 189. A 2 y.o. child has convulsions as a resultcomplains of toothache. Doctor administered of lowered concentration of calcium ions inhim an analgetic, but its dose was lower than blood plasma. It is caused by reduced functionaverage therapeutic dose. What of:phenomenon did the doctor take into A. Adrenal cortexaccount while prescribing the patient an B. Pineal glandunderdose? C. HypophysisA. Summation D. Parathyroid glandsB. Potentiation E. ThymusC. Cumulation 190. Histological specimen presents a vesselD. Tolerance the wall of which consists of endothelium,E. Drug dependence basal membrane and loose connective tissue.185. A 23 y.o. patient complains of What type of vessel is it?weakness, temperature rise up to 38-40°C. A. HemocapillaryObjectively: liver and spleen are enlarged. B. LymphocapillaryHemogram: Hb- 100 g/L erythrocytes - C. Vein of non-muscular type2.9*1012/l, leukocvtes - 4.4· l09/l, thrombocytes D. Vein of muscular type- 48*109 /1, segmentonuclear neutrophils 17% E. Arterylymphocytes - 15%, blast cells - 68%. 191. Examination of a man who hadnt beenAll cytochemical reactions are negative. consuming fats but had been getting enoughMake a hematological conclusion: carbohydrates and proteins for a long timeA. Undifferentiated leukosis revealed dermatitis, poor wound healing, visionB. Acute lymphoblastic leukosis impairment. What is the probable causeC. Chronic myeloleukosis of metabolic disorder?
  20. 20. A. Low caloric value of diet necrosis, fibrinous thrombs in their lumens;B. Lack of vitamins PP, H sclerosis and hyalinosis of glomerules,C. Lack of palmitic acid atrophy of tubules and fibrosis of renalD. Lack of linoleic acid, vitamins A, D, E, K stroma. What is the most probable diagnosis?E. Lack of oleic acid A. Membranous nephropathy192. Analysis of a punction biopsy material B. Acute glomerulonephritisof liver revealed hepatocyte dystrophy with C. Focal segmentary sclerosisnecroses as well as sclerosis with disorder of D. Subacute glomerulonephritisbeam and lobulous structure, with formation E. Chronic glomerulonephritisof pseudolobules and regenerative nodes. 197. To prevent postoperative bleedingWhat is the most probable diagnosis: a 6 y.o. child was administered vicasolA. Acute hepatitis that is a synthetic analogue of vitamin K.B. Progressive massive liver necrosis Name post-translational changes of bloodC. Liver cirrhosis coagulation factors that will be activated byD. Chronic hepatosis vicasol:E. Chronic hepatitis A. Phosphorylation of serine radicals193. A 50 y.o. patient was admitted to the B. Polymerizationhospital with complaints about pain behind C. Partial proteolysishis breastbone, asphyxia during physical D. Glycosyiationactivity. Angiography revealed pathological E. Carboxylation of glutamin acidchanges in the posterior interventricular 198. According to clinical indications a patientbranch of the right eoronary artery. What was administered pyridoxal phosphate.heart parts are affected? What processes is this medication intendedA. Posterior wall of the right and left ventricles to correct?B. Right atrioventricular valve A. Oxidative decarboxylation of ketonicC. Right atrium acidsD. Left atrium B. Transamination and decarboxylation ofE. Anterior wall of the right and left ventricles aminoacids194. A hepatitis outbreak was registered in C. Desamination of purine nucleotidea settlement. This episode is connected with D. Synthesis of purine and pyrimidine baseswater factor. What hepatitis virus could E. Protein synthesishave caused the infective outbreak in this 199. A 62 y.o. woman complains ofsettlement? frequent pains in the area of her chest andA.E backbone, rib fractures. A doctor assumedB.C myelomatosis (plasmocytoma). What of theC.B following laboratory characteristics will beD.D of the greatest diagnostical importance?E.G A. Hyperalbuminemia195. Examination of coronary arteries B. Proteinuriarevealed atherosclerotic calcific plaques that C. Hypoglobulinemiaclose vessel lumen by 1/3. The muscle has D. Paraproteinemiamultiple whitish layers of connective tissue. E. HypoproteinemiaWhat process was revealed in myocardium? 200. A hypertensive glucose solution wasA. Postinfarction cardiosclerosis introduced to a patient. It will intensifyB. Tiger heart water movement:C. Myocardium infarction A. From the capillaries to the intercellularD. Myocarditis liquidE. Diffuse cardiosclerosis B. There will be no changes of water196. Microscopical renal examination of a movement36 y.o. woman who died from renal insufficiency C. From the intercellular liquid to the cellsrevealed in the glomerules proliferation D. From the cells to the intercellular liquidof capsule nephrothelium as well as E. From the intercellular liquid to the capillaries.of podocytes and phagocytes accompaniedby formation of "crescents", capillary loop