1. Secretion of what gastrointestinal              C. 0%hormones will be primarily decreased as a          D. 100%result o...
loss of consciousness and convulsions after       D. Balantidiuminjection of insulin, what is the                 E. Intes...
D. His bundle                                      B. Satellite-cellsE. Atrium                                           C...
and pronation functions of the shoulder are       dystrophic changes of parenchymatousabsent. What muscle was injured?    ...
C. Stimulating                                       permeability of vessels of microcirculationD. Immunocomplex          ...
50. An old woman was hospitalized with           A. NK-cellsacute pain, edema in the right hip joint; the    B. Macrophage...
A. Granulomatosis                                C. Pus in the woundB. Immunocomplex mechanism                       D. Lo...
accompanied with dilation of heart cavities,     A. Parathormonedecreased force of heart contractions,           B. Aldost...
appearances after consumption of some               hyperemia and skin edema in few hoursfood products, tendency to prolon...
A. Doubling                                      C. Autosomal dominantB. Deletion                                      D. ...
102. When a patient with traumatic impairment         E. Rifampicinof the brain was examined, it was discovered          1...
with approximately 250-300 r. They were             have been blocked on an isolated rabbit’simmediately hospitalized. Wha...
laxity, enlarged liver, spleen, peripheral       B. Uric acidlymph nodes. What protozoal illness can be       C. Glucosesu...
133. A pregnant woman had been having              performed to reveal latent toxoplasmosistoxicosis with severe repeated ...
D. Increasing of tissue blood supply               bar. Objectively: pain while moving upperE. Increasing of respiration  ...
the infectious diseases department with high         involvement of intestines, liver, lungs. Whatbody temperature. Object...
B. Superoxide disffiutase                         ventricular arrhythmias was admitted toC. Catalase                      ...
process in endometry:                                  notes that he needed to buy bigger shoesA. Hypertrophic excrescence...
182. RNA-polymerase B(II) is blocked due               A. Glutamicto amanitine poisoning (poison of deathcup).           B...
D. Lymphoma                                        197. A woman who was infected withE. Adenocarcinoma                    ...
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  1. 1. 1. Secretion of what gastrointestinal C. 0%hormones will be primarily decreased as a D. 100%result of iduodenum removal? E. 75%A. Histamine 7. Scraps of the mycelium of a fungus, spores,B. Gastrin and histamine air bubbles and fat drops were discoveredC. Cholecystokinin and secretin on microscopy of the patients hair excludedD. Gastrin from the infected areas. What fungus diseaseE. Neurotensin is characterised by this microscopic picture?2. Low level of albumins and fibrinogen was A. Sporotrichosisdetected in the patients blood. Decreased B. Favusactivity of what organelle of the liver C. Epidermophytosishepatocytes can most probably cause it? D. TrichophytosisA. Granular endoplasmatic reticulum E. MicrosporyB. Lysosomes 8. From the nasopharynx of a 5-year-old childC. Golgi complex it was excreted a microorganism whichD. Mitochondrions is identical to Corynebacterium diphtheriaeE. Agranular endoplasmatic reticulum dose according to morphological and biochemical3. A 10-year-old girl often experiences acute signs. But this microorganismrespiratory infections with multiple punctate does not produce exotoxin. As a resulthaemorrages in the places of clothes friction. of what process can this microorganismHypovitaminosis of what vitamin has the become toxigenic?girl? A. Growing with antitoxic serumA. B2 B. Phage conversionB. C C. Chromosome mutationC. B6 D. Passing through the organism of theD. B1 sensitive animalsE. A E. Cultivation in the telluric environment4. Different functional groups can be 9. A patient has undergone an amputationpresented in the structure of L-amino acids of lower extremity. Some time later painfulradicals. Identify the group that is able to nodules appeared in a slump. Amputationsform ester bond: neuromas were found out at the microscopicA. -OH examination. To what pathological processesB. -NH2 do those formations relate?C. -CONH2 A. InflammationD. -CH3 B. RegenerationE. -SH C. Hyperemia5. A 27-year-old woman has dropped penicillin D. Metaplasiacontaining eye drops. In a few minutes E. Dystrophythere appeared feeling of itching, burning 10. To prevent long-term effects of 4-dayof the skin, lips and eyelids edema, whistling malaria a 42-year-old patient was prescribedcough, decrease of BP. What imunoglobulins primaquine. On the 3-rd day from thetake part in the development of this allergic begin of treatment there appeared stomachreaction? and heart pains, dyspepsia, general cyanosis,A. IgM and IgG hemoglobinuria. What caused side effects ofB. lgA and IgM the preparation?C. IgM and IgD A. Drug potentiation by other preparationsD. IgG and IgD B. Cumulation of the preparationE. IgE and IgG C. Delayed urinary excretion of the6. Hypertrychosis of auricles is caused by preparationa gene that is localized in Y-chromosome. D. Decreased activity of microsomal liverFather has this feature. What is the probability enzymesto give birth to a boy with such anomaly? E. Genetic insufficiency of glucose 6-phosphateA. 25% dehydrogenaseB. 35 % 11. A patient with diabetes mellitus experienced
  2. 2. loss of consciousness and convulsions after D. Balantidiuminjection of insulin, what is the E. Intestinal amoebaresult of biochemical blood analysis for 16. A 44-year--old woman complains ofconcentration of the sugar? common weakness, heart pain., considerableA. 3,3 mmol/L increase of body weigt. Objectively: moonlikeB. 8,0 mmol/L face, hirsutism, AP- 165/100 mm Hg.C. 5,5 mmol/L height- 164 cm, weight - 103 kg: fat is mostlyD. 1,5 mmol/L accumulated in the region of neck, upperE. 10,0 mmol/L shoulder girdle, stomach. What is the main12. A patient with complaints of dryness in pathogenetic mechanism of obesity?the mouth, photophobia and vision impairment A. Decreased production of thyroidalwas admitted in the reception-room. hormonesSkin is hyperemic, dry, pupils, are dilated, B. Increased production of insulintachycardia. Poisoning with belladonna C. Decreased production of glucagonalkaloids was diagnosed on further examination. D. Increased production of glucocorticoidsWhat medicine should be prescribed? E. Increased production of mineralocorticoids.A. Armine 17. Inflammatory process or modifiedB. Dipiroxim subserous layer around cervix or the uterusC. Pilocarpine caused an intensive pain syndrome. In whatD. Diazepam region of genitals does the pathologicalE. Prozerin process take place?13. A patient suffering from trombophlebitis of A. Endometriumthe deep crural veins suddenly died. B. PerimetriumAutopsy has shown freely lying red C. Mesometriumfriable masses with dim crirnped surface D. ParametriumIn the trunk and bifurcation of the E. Myometriumpulmonary artery. What pathologic process 18. Microspecimen of red bone marrowwas revealed by morbid anatomist? contains multiple capillares through theAc. Thrombosis walls of which mature blood cells penetrateB. Tromboembolism into the bloodstream. What type of capillaresC. Tissue embolism are these?D. Fat embolism A. FenestrationalE. Embolism with foreign body? B. Sinusoidal14. A 38-year-old man who poisoned himself C. Somaticalwith mercury dichloride was taken to the D. Visceraladmission room in grave condition. What E. Lymphaticantidote should be immediately introduced? 19. A patient with thrombophlebitis ofA. Isonitrosine lower extremities had got chest pains, bloodB. Dipiroxim spitting, growing respiratory failure thatC. Unithiol caused his death. Autopsy revealed multipleD. Nalorphine pulmonary infarctions. What is the mostE. Atropine probable reason of their development?15. Slime, blood and protozoa 30-200 microns A. Pulmonary artery thrombosislong have been revealed in a mans B. Bronchial artery thrombosisfeces. The body is covered with cilias and has C. Bronchial artery embolismcorrect oval form with a little bit narrowed D. Pulmonary venous thrombosisanterior and wide round shaped posterior E. Pulmonary artery embolismend. At the anterior end a mouth is visible. 20. An isolated cell of human heartIn cytoplasm there are two nucleui and automatically generates excitation impulsestwo short vacuoles. What are the described with frequency 60 times pro minute. Whatfeatures typical for? structure does this cell belong to?A. Lamblia A. VentricleB. Dysenteric amoeba B. Sinoatrial nodeC. Trichomonas C. Atrioventricular node
  3. 3. D. His bundle B. Satellite-cellsE. Atrium C. Fibroblasts21. During examination of a patient, there D. Myofibroblastswas found a neoplasm in the white substance E. Myoblastsof cerebral hemispheres with localization in the 26. An autopsy revealed large (1-2 cm)knee and frontal part of posterior crus of brownish-red, easy crumbling formationsinternal capsule. Fibres of what conductive covering ulcerative defects on the externaltract of the brain will be disrupted? surface of the aortic valve. That is the mostA. Tr. frontothalamicus likely diagnosis?B. Tr. parietooccipitopontinus A. Diffusive endocarditisC. Tr. pyramidalis B. Fibroplastic endocarditisD. Tr. frontopontinus C. Acute verrucous endocarditisE. Tr. thalamocorticalis D. Polypous-ulcerative endocarditis22. A sick man with high temperature and a E. Recurrent warty endocarditislot of tiny wounds on the body has been 27. A patient died from acute cardiacadmitted to the hospital. Lice have been insufficiency. The histological examinationfound in the folds of his clothing. What disease of his heart revealed the necrotized sectioncan be suspected? in myocardium of the left ventricle, whichA. Plague was separated from undamaged tissueB. Epidemic typhus by the zone of hyperimic vessels, smallC. Malaria hemorrhages and leukocytic infiltration.D. Tularemia What is the most likely diagnosis?E. Scabies A. Diffuse exudate myocarditis23. Autopsy of a 46-year-old man revealed B. Productive myocarditisMultiple brown-and-green layers and C. Focal exudate myocarditishemmorhages on the mucous membrane D. Myocardial ischemic dystrophyof rectum and sigmoid colon; slime and E. Myocardial infarctionsome blood in colon lumen; histologically 28. A patient operated on complicated- fibrinous colitis. In course of bacteriological appendicitis has the following changes ofanalysis of colon contents S.Sonne were blood count: erythrocytes – 4,0 ·1012 /1,found. What is the most probable diagnosis? Hb - 120 gll. color index - 0.9, leukocytesA. Crohn’s disease - 18·109 /1, basophils - 0, eosinophils - 0,B. Cholera myelocytes - 0, juvenile - 0, stab neutrophilsC. Salmonellosis - 20, segmentonuclear neutrophils - 53,D. Dysentery lymphocytes - 21, monocytes - 5. How is suchE. Yersiniosis nuclear shift of leukocy1ic formula called?24. Intake of oral contraceptives containing A. Degenerative left shiftsex hormones inhibits secretion of the B. Regeneratively- degenerativehypophysiae hormones. Secretion of which C. Hyperregenerativeof the indicated hormones is inhibited D. Right shiftwhile taking oral contraceptives with sex E. Regenerative left shifthormones? 29. A tissue sample of benign tumor wasA. Somatotropic studied under the electron microscope. A lotB. Oxytocin of small (15-20 nm) spherical bodies, consistingC. Vasopressin of 2 unequal subunits were detected.D. Follicle-stimulating These are:E. Thyrotropic A. Mitochondria25. Patient with injured muscles of the B. Smooth endoplasmic reticulumlower extremities was admitted to the C. Ribosomestraumatological department. Due to what D. Golgi complexcells is reparative regeneration of the muscle E. Microtubulesfibers and restoration of the muscle function 30. A 45-year-old man applied to thepossible? trauma station because of domestic shoulderA. Myoepithelial cells trauma. Objectively: extension, reduction
  4. 4. and pronation functions of the shoulder are dystrophic changes of parenchymatousabsent. What muscle was injured? organs, brain edema. What complication canA. Supraspinous muscle cause such changes of serous membranesB. Subscapular muscle and inner organs?C. Infraspinous muscle A. ThrombopeniaD. Teres minor muscle B. DIC-syndromeE. Teres major muscle C. Anemia31. Kidneys of a man under examination D. Uraemiashow increased resorbtion of calcium ions and E. Sepsisdecreased resorbtion of phosphate ions. 36. In course of prophylactic medicalWhat hormone causes this phenomenon? examination 7-year-old boy wasA. Parathormone diagnosed to have daltonism.B. Hormonal form D3 Parents are healthy colorC. Aldosterone vision is normal. But grandfather from theD. Thyrocalcitonin mother’s side has the same disorder.E. Vasopressin What is the type of inheriting of this anomaly?32. Increased fragility of vessels, enamel and A. Incomplete dominationdentine destruction resulting from scurvy B. Autosomal - dominantare caused by disorder of collagen maturation. C. Recessive, sex-linkedWhat stage of procollagen modification D. Dominant, sex-linkedis disturbed under this avitaminosis? E. Autosomal - recessiveA. Hydroxyla1ion of proline 37. A patient with encephalopathyB. Formation of polypeptide chains was admitted to the neurological inpatientC. Detaching of N-ended peptide department. There was revealedD. Removal of C-ended peptide from a correlation between increasing ofprocollagen encephalopathy and substances absorbed byE. Glycosylation of hydroxylysine residues the bloodstream from the intestines. What33. A 7-year-old girl has signs of anemia. substances that are formed in the intestinesLaboratory examination revealed pyruvate can cause endotoxemia?kinase deficiency in erythrocytes. What A. Biotinprocess disturbance plays· the main role in B. Indoleanemia deve1opment? C. AcetacetateA. Oxidative phosphorylation D. ButyrateB. Anaerobic glycolysis E. OrnithineC. Tissue respiration 38. A patient with hypochromic anemia hasD. Peroxide decomposition splitting hair and loss of hair, increased nailE. Aminoacids desamination brittling and taste alteration. What is the34. During the endoscopy the inflammation mechanism of the development of theseof a major papilla of the duodenum and the symptoms?disturbances of bile secretion were found. In A. Decreased production of thyroidwhich part of duodenum were the problems hormonesfound? B. Deficiency of vitamin AA. Upper horizontal part C. Decreased production of parathyrinB. Ascendant part D. Deficiency of vitamin B12C. Bulb E. Deficiency of iron-containing enzymesD. Lower horizontal part 39. A patient visited a dentist with complaintsE. Descendent part of redness and edema of his mouth35. For a long time a 49-year-old woman mucous membrane in a month after dentalhad suffered from glomerulonephritis which prosthesis. The patient was diagnosed withcaused death. The autopsy revealed that the allergic stornatitis. What type of allergicsize of her kidneys was 7 x 3 x 2,5 cm, weight reaction by Gell and Cumbs underlies this65, 0 g, they were dense and small-grained. disease?Microscopically fibrinogenous inflammlation A. Cytotoxicof serous and mucous membranes, B. Delayed type hypersensitivity
  5. 5. C. Stimulating permeability of vessels of microcirculationD. Immunocomplex stream, increase of their hydrodynamicE. Anaphylactic blood pressure. Increasing of the osmotic40. Most participants of Magellan expedition concentration and dispersity of proteinto America died from avitominosis. This structures is present in the intercellular fluid.disease declared itself by general weakness, What kind of edema will appear in this case?subcutaneous hemorrhages, falling of A. Colloid-osmoticteeth, gingival hemorrhages. What is the B. Lymphogenicname of this avitominosis? C. MixedA. Polyneuritis (beriberi) D. HydrodynamicB. Pellagra E. MembranogenicC. Rachitis 46. A 46-year-old man complains of difficultiesD. Scurvy with nasal breathing. MikuliczsE. Biermers anemia cells, accumulation of epithelioid cells,41. A 17-year-old boy fell seriously ill body plasmocytes, lymphocytes; hyaline ballstemperature rose up to 38,5°C, there were discovered in the biopsy material of theis cough, rhinitis, lacrimation, nasal discharges. thickened nasal mucosa. What is the most likelyWhat kind of inflammation is it? diagnosis?A. Suppurative inflammation A. Meningococcal nasopharyngitisB. Hemorrhagic inflammation B. Rhinovirus infectionC. Serous inflammation C. Virus rhinitisD. Fibrinous inflammation D. ScleromaE. Catarrhal inflammation E. Allergic rhinitis42. The donor who didnt donate the blood 47. A 60-year-old patient fell ill withfor a long time was investigated with obturative jaundice as a result of malignantIFA method. Anti-HBs antibodies were tumour of the big papillary of the duodenal.revealed. What does positive result of IFA Lumen of what anatomical structure isin this case mean? compressed by tumour?A. Previous hepatitis B A. Left hepatic ductB. Chronic hepatitis C B. Common hepatic ductC. Chronic hepatitis B C. Right hepatic ductD. Acute hepatitis B D. Hepatopancreatic ampullaE. Acute hepatitis C E. Cystic duct43. A 42-year-old man suffering from gout 48. Desulfiram is widely used in medicalhas increased level of urinary acid in blood. practice to prevent alcocholism. It inhibitsAllopurinol was prescribed to decrease the aldehyde dehydrogenase. Increasedlevel of urinary acid. Competitive inhibitor level of what metabolite causes aversion toof what enzyme is allopurinol? alcochol?A.Xanthine oxidase A. Propionic aldehydeB. Guanine deaminase B. MethanolC. Adenosine deaminase D. EthanolD. Hypoxanthine phosphoribosiltransferase D. AcetaldehydeE. Adenine phosphoribosiltransferase E. Malonyl aldehyde44. While preparing a patient to the operation 49. An experiment proved that UV-radiatedthe heart chambers pressure was cells of patients with xerodermameasured. In one of them the pressure pigmentosum restore the native DNAchanged during one heart cycle from 0 to structure slower than cells of healthy individuals120 mm Hg. What chamber of heart was it? as a result of reparation enzymeA. Left atrium defection. What enzyme helps this process?B. Left ventricle A. PrimaseC. Right ventricle B. DNA polymerase IIID. - C. DNA gyiraseE. Right atrium D. RNA ligase45. Inflammation is characterised bv increased E. Endonuclease
  6. 6. 50. An old woman was hospitalized with A. NK-cellsacute pain, edema in the right hip joint; the B. Macrophages, monocytesmovements in the joint are limited. Which C. 0-lymphocytesbone or part of it was broken? D. T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytesA. The body of the thigh bone E. Fibroblasts, T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytesB. Ischial bone 55. The effect of electric current on theC. Pubic bone exitable cell caused depolarization of itsD. Condyle of the thigh membrane. Movement of what ions throughE. The neck of the thigh the membrane caused depolarization?51. In the blood of a 26-year-old man A. HCO3-18% of erythrocytes of the spherical, B. Ca2+ballshaped, flat and spinous shape have been C. K+revealed. Other erythrocytes were in form D. Cl-of the concavo-concave disks. How is this E. Na+phenomenon called? 56. A patient with diabetes mellitus has beenA. Pathological anisocytosis delivered in hospital in the state ofB. Pathological poikilocytosis unconsciousness. Arterial pressure is low.C. Erytrocytosis The patient has acidosis. Point substances,D. Physiological poikilocytosis which accumulation in the blood results in theseE. Physiological anisocytosis manifestations:52. Testosterone and it’s analogs increase A. High fatty acidsthe mass of skeletal muscles that allows to B. Amino acidsuse them for treatment of dystrophy. Due to C. Ketone bodiesinteraction of the hormone with what cell D. Cholesterol esterssubstrate is this action caused? E. MonosaccharidesA. Membrane receptors 57. Synthesis of phospholipids is disturbedB. Chromatin as a result fatty infiltration of liver. IndicateC. Ribosomes which of the following substances canD. Nuclear receptors enhance the process of methylation duringE. Proteins-activators of transcription phospholipids synthesis?53. A 39-vear-old woman has madescence in A. Ascorbic acidthe region or mammilla, a small ulcer with B. Glucoseinflammatory hyperemia and cutaneous C. Methionineedema. Histologic examination of tissue D. Glycerinsampling from this area revealed in the E. Citratemalpighian layer of thickened epidermis 58. Donor skin transplantation wasatypical cells with light and optically empty performed to a patient with extensive burns.cytoplasm. With no intracellular bridges. On the 8-th day the graft became swollenSuch cells were also found in the orifice of and changed color; on the 11-th day graftbig mammal gland ductus. What is the most rejection started. What cells take part in thisprobable diagnosis? process?A. Epidermoid cancer A. B-lymphocytesB. Melanocarcinoma B. ErythrocytesC. Basal cell carcinoma C. BasophilsD. Intraductal cancer D. T-lymphocytes -E. Paget’s disease E. Eosinophils54. A patient with clinical signs of 59. A 38-year-old patient died duringimmunodeficiency has no changes of intractable attack of bronchial asthma.the number and functional activity of Histologic examination revealed mucusT- and B- lymphocytes. Defect with dysfunction accumulation in bronchial lumen, a lot ofof antigen-presentation to the fat cells (labrocytes) in the wall of bronches,immunocompetent cells was found during many of them are in the state of degranulation,examinatio on the molecule level. Defect of there are also a lot of eosinophils. Whatwhat cells is the most probable? pathogenesis of bronchial changes is it?
  7. 7. A. Granulomatosis C. Pus in the woundB. Immunocomplex mechanism D. Low concentration H2O2C. Cellular cytolysis E. Inherited insufficiency of catalaseD. Atopy 65. A patient with continious bronchopneumoniaE. Cytotoxic, cytolytic action of antibodies was admitted to the therapeutic department.60. A 2-year-old child has got intestinal Antibiotic therapy didnt give much effect.dysbacteriosis, which resultsed in What medication for improvement ofhemorrhagic syndrome. What is the most immune state should be added to thelikely cause of hemorrhage of the child? complex treatment of this patient?A. Fibrinogen deficiency A. TimalineB. Hypocalcemia B. AnalginC. PP hypovitaminosis C. SulfocamphocaineD. Vitamin K deficiency D. ParacetamolE. Activation of tissue thromboplastin E. Benadryl61. Autopsy revealed that right lung is 66. Decreased blood supply to the organsenlarged, solid, there are fibrin layers on causes hypoxia that activates fibroblaststhe pleura. Lung tissue is light grey color on function. Volume of what elements isincision with muddy liqued exudates.What increased in this case?lung disease are these symptoms typical for? A. Parenchymatous elements of an organA. Interstitial pneumonia B. Vessels of microcircular streamB. Bronchopneumonia C. Lymphatic vesselsC. Croupous pneumonia D. Intercellular substanceD. Pulmonary gangrene E. Nerve elementsE. Fibrosing alveolilis 67. A doctor administered Allopurinol to a62. Blood analysis of a patient showed signs 26-year-old young man with the symptomsof HIV infection (human immunodeficiency of gout. What pharmacological action ofvirus). Which cells does HIV-virus primarily Allopurinol ensures therapeutical effect?affect? A. By inhibiting leucocyte migration into the jointA. Proliferating cells (stem hematoplastic B. By general analgetic effectcells) C. By increasing uric acid excretionB. Specialized nervous cells (neurons) D. By general anti-inflammatory effectC. Cells that contain receptor IgM E. By inhibiting uric acid synthesis(B-lymphocytes) 68. Thyrotoxicosis leads to increasedD. Mast cells production of thyroidal hormones T3 andE. Cells that contain receptor T4 (T-helpers) T1, weight loss, tachycardia, psychic63. A 60-year-old patient has reduced excitementand so on. How do thyroidalperception of high-frequency sounds. What hormones effect energy metabolism in thestructures disorder of auditory analyzer mitochondrion of cells?caused these changes? A. Disconnect oxidation and oxidativeA. Eustachian tube phosphorylationB. Main membrane of cochlea near the oval B. Stop respiratory chainwindow C. Activate oxidative phosphorylationC. Muscles of middle car D. Stop substrate phosphorylation.D. Main membrane of cochlea near helicotrerna E. Activate substrate phosphorylationE. Tympanic membrane 69. A patient with rheumatoid arthritis who64. Patient with abscess of the cut wound had been treated with indometacin has gotapplied to the traumatological department. signs of gastropathy.thy. What activity of theIn order to clean the wound from the pus drug can this complication be connected with?doctor washed it with 3% hydrogen peroxide. A. AnticyclooxygenaseFoam was absent. What caused the B. Antiserotoninabsence of the drug activity? C. AntihistamineA. Shallow wound D. Locally irritatingR. Inherited insufficiency of erythrocyte E. Antikininephosphatdehydrogenase. 70. Dystrophic alterations of heart are
  8. 8. accompanied with dilation of heart cavities, A. Parathormonedecreased force of heart contractions, B. Aldosteroneincreased blood volume that remains during C. Adrenalinsystole in the heart cavity, vein overfill. D. VasopressinWhat heart condition is it typiccal for? E. Auricular sodiumuretic factorA. Myogenic dilatation 76. Intrapleural pressure of an individual isB. Cardiac tamponade being measured. In what phase did he holdC. Emergency stage of hyperfunction and his breath if the pressure is - 25 cm H2O?hypertrophy A.-D. Cardiosclerosis E. Forced expirationE. Tonogenic dilatation C. Forced inspiration71. A physician examined a patient and D. Quiet expirationfound inguinal hernia. Through what E. Quiet inspirationanatomic formation does it penetrate into 77. A 37-year-old man was admittedthe skin? to the surgical department with theA. Lacuna musculorum symptoms of acute pancreatitis: vomiting,B. Anulus inguinalis super ficialis diarrhea, bradycardia, hypotention.C. Canalis adductorius weakness, dehydration of the organism.D. Anulus femoralis What medicine should be used first of all?E. Hiatus saphenus A. No-spa72. A 60-year-old man felt asleep after B. Etaperazinecerebral hemorrhage for a long time. C. EphedrineDamage of what structure caused this state? D. PlatyphyllineA. Cortex of the large hemispheres E. ContrycalB. Hippocampus 78. The alternate usage or dichlotiazide,C. Nuclears of the cerebral nerves etacrin acid and lasex did not influenceD. Reticular formation diuretically upon the patient with markedE. Black substance peripheral edemata. The aldosterone rate in73. A 25-year-old woman with red and itchy the blood is increased. Indicate which medicineeczematoid dermatitis visits your office. She should be prescribed:had a dental procedure one day earlier with A. Ureaadministration of a local anesthetic. There B. Amiloridwere no other findings, although she indicated C. Clopamidthat she had a history of allergic reactions. D. SpironolactonWhich of the following drugs is most likely E. Mannitinvolved? 79. A person has steady HR not exceedingA. Lidocaine 40 bpm. What is the pacemaker of thisB. Cocaine persons heart rhythm?C. Bupivacaine A. Branches of His bundleD. Procaine B. Purkinjes fibersE. Etidocaine C. Atrioventricular node74. A patient with suspicion on epidemic D. Sinoatrial nodetyphus was admitted to the hospital. Some E. His bundlearachnids and insects have been found in his 80. A 34-year-old patient was diagnosed withflat. Which , of them, may be a carrier of the chronic glomerulonephritis 3 years ago.pathogen or epidemic typhus? Edemata have developed within the last 6A. Spiders month’s. What caused the edemata?B. Cockroaches A. Hyperosmolarity of plasmaC. Bed-bugs B. Hyperproduction of vasopressinD. Lice C. ProteinuriaE. Houseflies D. Liver dysfunction of protein formation75. A person has reduced diuresis, E. Hyperaldosteronismhypernatremia, hypokalemia. Hypersecretion 81. A 5-year-old child who often fells ill of what hormone can cause such changes? with respiratory diseases has eczematous
  9. 9. appearances after consumption of some hyperemia and skin edema in few hoursfood products, tendency to prolonged after burn. What mechanism strengthenscourse of inflammatory processes. What kind destructive effect in the inflammation area?of diathesis can be suspected in this case? A. Diapedesis of erythrocytesA. Asthenic B. Proliferation of fibroblastsB. Lymphohypoplastic C. Primary alterationC. Arthritism D. Emigration of lymphocytesD. Exudative-catharral E. Secondary alterationE. Hemmorhagic 87. A patients blood was analyzed and82. An 18-year-old patient has enlarged the decreased erythrocytes sedimentationinguinal lymph nodes, they are painless, rate (ESR) was discovered. What diseasethickened on palpation. In the area of genital from the listed below is accompanied withmucous membrane there is a small sized decreased ESR?ulcer with thickened edges and A. Polycytemia“laquer” bottom of greyish color. What is B. Myocardial infarctionthe most probable diagnosis? C. Vitamin B deficiencyA. Syphilis D. HepatitisB. Trophic ulcer E. SplenomegalyC. Tuberculosis 88. A considerable increase of activity ofD. Gonorrhea MB-forms of CPK (creatinephosphokinase)E. Lepra and LDH-1 was revealed on the examination83. A 56-year-old patient complaining of thirst of patients blood. What is the most likelyand frequent urination was diagnosed with pathology?diabete mellitus. Butamin was prescribed. A. PancreatitisHow does the medicine act? B. RheumatismA. It relieves transport of glucose through C. Hepatitisthe cells membranes D. Myocardial infarctionB. It stimulates β-cells of Langergans islets E. CholecystitisC. It helps to absorb the glucose by the cells 89. A patient had been ill with bronchialof the organism tissues asthma for many years and died fromD. It inhibits α-cells of Langergans" islets asthmatic fit. Histologic lung examinationE. It inhibits absorption of glucose in the revealed: lumen of bronchioles and smallintestines bronches contain a lot of mucus with some84. A l-year-old child with symptoms of eosinophils, there is sclerosis of alveolarmuscle involvement was admitted to the septums, dilatation of alveole lumen. Whathospital. Examination revealed carnitine mechanism of development of hypersensibilitydeficiency in his muscles. What process reaction took place?disturbance is the biochemical basis of this A. Cytolysis determined by lymphocytespathology? B. Cytotoxic reactionA. Actin and myosin synthesis C. GranulomatosisB. Regulation of Ca2+ level in mitochondrion’s D. Immunocomplex reactionC. Substrate phosphorylation E. Reagin reaction -D. Lactic acid utilization 90. The process of heart transplantationE. Transporting of fatty acids to mitochondrion’s determined the viability of myocardlial cells.85. A patient with tissue trauma was taken The determination of what myocardiuma blood sample for the determination of parameter is the most important?blood clotting parameters. Specify the right A. Rest potential of cardiomyocytessequence of extrinsic pathway activation: B. Heart temperatureA. IV - VIIa - Xa C. Concentration of Ca-ions in heart vesselsB. IV - VIII: TF - Xa D. Concentration of oxygen in heart vesselsC. III - VIII: TF - Xa E. Concentration of calcium-ions in myofibrilsD. III - IV - Xa 91. Part of the DNA chain turned 180 degreeE. III - VIIa - Xa as a result of gamma radiation. What type of86. Necrosis focus appeared in the area of mutation took place in the DNA chain?
  10. 10. A. Doubling C. Autosomal dominantB. Deletion D. X-linked dominantC. Translocation E. X-linked recessiveD. Replication 97. A 45-year-old woman suffers fromE. Inversion seasonal allergic rhinitis caused by the92. An individual is characterized by ambrosia blossoming. What medicine fromrounded face, broad forehead, a mongolian the stabilizer of the adipose cells group cantype of eyelid fold, flattened nasal c bridge, be used for prevention of this disease?permanently open mouth, projecting A. Diazolinelower lip, protruding tongue, short neck, flat B. Tavegylhands, and stubby fingers. What diagnosis C. Phencarolcan be put to the patient? D. DimedrolA. Klinefelters syndrome E. KetotifenB. Supermales 98. After a serious viral infection a 3-year-oldC. Alkaptonuria child has, repeated vomiting, lossD. Down’s syndrome of consciousness, convulsions. ExaminationE. Turners syndrome revealed hyperammoniemia. What may93. Autopsy of a man who died from have caused changes of biochemical bloodchronic cardiovascular collapse revealed indices of this child?"tiger heart". Sidewards of endocardium A. Inhibited activity of transaminationa yellowish-white banding can be seen; enzymesmyocardium is dull, dark-yellow. What B. Disorder of ammonia neutralization inprocess caused this pathology? ornithinic cycleA. Carbohydrate degeneration C. Disorder of biogenic amines neutralizationB. Fatty parenchymatous degeneration D. Activated processes of aminoacidsC. Amyloidosis decarboxylationD. Hyaline degeneration E. Increased putrefaction of proteins inE. Fatty vascular-stromal degeneratioin intestines94. Children often have heavy nasal breathing 99. Part of alveoles of a preterm infant didntresulting from excessive development spread because of enhanced elastic recoil ofof lymphoid tissue of pharyngeal mucous lungs. How can this recoil be reduced?membrane. What tonsils growth may cause A. By fluid suction from the respiratory tractsthis effect? B. By glycose introductionA. All above mentioned tonsils C. By surfactant introductionB. Tonsilla palatina D. By artificial pulmonary ventilationC. Tonsilla pharyngea E. By pure oxygene inhalationD. Tonsilla tubaria 100. A mother of a newborn complainsE. Tonsilla lingualis of her babys constant belching with undigested95. ATP synthesis is totaly blocked in a milk. Which developmental anomalycell. How will the value of membrane rest is it an evidence of?potential change? A. Faux lupinumA. It will disappear B. Esophageal atresiaB. First it will decrease, then increase C. Labium leporiurnC. First it will increase, then decrease D. Anal atresiaD. It will be considerably increased E. Esophageal fistulaE. It will be slightly increased 101. During the operation on the hip joint of96. A genetics specialist analyzed the a 5-year-old child her ligament was damagedgenealogy of a family and found that both which caused bleeding. What ligament wasmales and females may have the illness, not damaged?across all the generations, and that healthy A. Perpendicular of the acetabuleparents may have ill children. What is the B. Iliofemoraltype of illness inheritance? C. PubofemoralA. Y-linked D. IschiofemoralB. Autosomal recessive E. The head of the thigh
  11. 11. 102. When a patient with traumatic impairment E. Rifampicinof the brain was examined, it was discovered 107. To anaesthetize the surgical treatmentthat he had stopped to distinguish of burn surface, a patient was intravenouslydisplacement of an object on the skin. What injected a medication for short-actingpart of the brain was damaged? narcosis. 1 minute later the patient beingA. Frontal zone under anaesthesia showed increased bloodB. Occipital zone of the cortex pressure, tachycardia, increased tone ofC. Frontal central gurus skeletal muscles: reflexes remained. AfterD. Posterior central gurus recovering from anaesthesia the patientE. Parietal zone of the cortex had disorientation and visual hallucinations.103. While having the dinner the child What medication was the patient injected?choked and aspirated the food. Meavy A. Ketaminecough has started, skin and mucose are B. Nitrous oxidecyanotic, pulse is rapid, respiration is C. Diethyl etherinfrequent, expiration is prolonged. What D. Sombrevindisorder of the external respiration has the child? E. Thiopental sodiumA Stenotic respiration 108. Healthy parents have got a fair-haired,B. Stage of inspiratory dyspnea on asphyxia blue-eyed girl. Irritability, anxiety, sleep andC. Stage of expiratory dyspnea on asphyxia feeding disturbance developed in the firstD. Biots respiration months of the infants life. NeurologicalE. Alternating respiration examination revealed developmental104. The ovary specimen colored with lag. What method of genetic investigationhematoxylin-eosin contains a follicle, in which should be used for the exact diagnosis?cubic-shaped follicle epithelium cells are A. Gemellaryplaced in 1-2 layers, and scarlet membrane is B. Biochemicalseen around the ovocyte. Name this follicle: C. Population-statisticalA. Atretic D. GenealogicalB. Primary E. CytologicalC. Secondary 109. A large-scale reaction withD. Mature parapertussis and pertussis diagnosticumsE. Primordial was made in order to make serological105. A 58-year-old patient with acute cardiac diagnostics of the whooping cough. At theinsufficiency has decreased volume of daily bottom of the test-tubes with diagnosticumurine - oliguria. What is the mechanism of of Bordetella parapertussis a granularthis phenomenon? sediment formed. What antibodies did thisA. Decreased number of functioning reaction reveal?glomerules A. AntitoxinsB. Drop of oncotic blood pressure B. PrecipitinsC. Rise of hydrostatic blood pressure 111 C. Opsoninscapillars D. AgglutininsD. Reduced permeamility of renal filter E. BacteriolysinsE. Decreased glomerular filtration 110. A patient, who suffers from congenital106. A 35-year-old man under the treatment erythropoietic porphyria, has skinfor pulmonary tuberculosis has acute pain photosensitivity. The accumulation of whatonset of right big toe, swelling and lowgrade compound in the skin cells can cause it?fever. The gouty arthritis was diagnosed A. Uroporphyrinogen 1and high serum uric acid level B. Hemewas found. Which of the following C. Uroporphyrinogen 2antituberculous drugs are known for D. Protoporphyrin causing high uric acid levels? E. Coproporphyrinogen 3A. Pyrazinamide 111. As a result of the damage of one ofB. Thiacetazone the Atomic Power Plant reactors the runoutC. Aminosalicylic acid of radioelements took place. PeopleD. Cycloserine in the high-radiation area were radiated
  12. 12. with approximately 250-300 r. They were have been blocked on an isolated rabbit’simmediately hospitalized. What changes in heart. What changes in the hearts activitythe blood count would be typical for the victims? can result from it?A. Anemia A. Heart stops in diastoleB. Lymphopenia B. Heart stops in systoleC. Thrombopenia C. Decreased hear beat rateD. Neutropenia D. Decreased rate and force of heart beatE. Leukopenia E. Decreased force of the contraction112. The pulmonalis embolism has suddenly 118. Objective examination of a patientdeveloped in a 40-year-old patient with revealed: slender figure, big skull, highlyopened fracture of the hip. Choose the possible developed frontal region of face, shortkind of embolism: extremities. What constitutional type is itA. Fat characteristic for?B. Thrombus-embolus A. MuscularC. Air B. RespiratoryD. Foreign body C. CerebralE. Tissue D. Digestive113. Nowadays about 50 minor bases have E. Mixedbeen found in the t-RNA structure besides 119. Blood sampling for the haematologythe main four nitrogenous bases. Choose the is recommended to carry out on an emptyminor nitrogenous base: stomach and in the morning. What changesA. Cysteine in blood formula are possible if bloodB. Dihydrouracil sampling was carried out after food intake?C. Uracil A. Increase of erythrocyte numberD. Cytosine B. Increase of plasm proteinsE. Adenine C. Increase of leukocyte number114. A patient has elbow joint trauma with D. Decrease of thrombocyte numberavulsion of medial epicondyle of humerus. E. Decrease of erythrocyte numberWhat nerve can be damaged in this trauma? 120. 40-year-old patient complains ofA. Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm intensive heartbeats, sweating, nausea, visualB. Cardiac cutaneous nerve impairment, arm tremor, hypertension.C. Musculocutaneous nerve From his anamnesis: 2 years ago heD. Radial was diagnosed with pheochromocytoma.E. Ulnar Hyperproduction of what hormones causes115. Diabetes mellitus causes ketosis as a the given pathology?result of activated oxidation of fatty acids. A. CatecholaminesWhat disorders of acid-base equilibrium B. Aldosteronemay be caused by excessive accumulation of C. Glucocorticoidsketone bodies in blood? D. Thyroidal hormonesA. Metabolic alkalosis E. ACTHB. Metabolic acidosis 121. Microspecimen of spinal cord contains aC. Any changes wount happen nucleus that should be analyzed. ltsD. Respiratory acidosis neurons form motor endings in the skeletalE. Respiratory alkalosis muscles. What nucleus of spinal cord is116. A 30-vear-old woman was diagnosed meant?with insufficiency of exocrinous function of A. Proper nucleus of the posterior hornpancreas. Hydrolisis of what nutrients will B. Intermediate lateral nucleusbe disturbed? C. Thoracic nucleusA. Proteins D. Proper nucleus of gray substanceB. Fats, carbohydrates E. Proper nucleus of the anterior hornC. Proteins, carbohydrates 122. Parents with an ill child consultedD. Proteins. fats an infectionist. They had been working inE. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates one of Asian countries for a long time.117. The calcium canals of cardiomyocytes The child has sallow skin, loss of appetite,
  13. 13. laxity, enlarged liver, spleen, peripheral B. Uric acidlymph nodes. What protozoal illness can be C. Glucosesuspected? D. Common lipidsA. Balantidiasis E. Mineral saltsB. Lambliasis 128. A 50-year-old patient was injured onC. Toxoplasmosis the occipital region of the head. The dosedD. Visceral leishmaniasis skull trauma was diagnosed. She was takenE. Amebiasis to the hospital. The medical examination:123. In the specimen of one of the parts deregulation of walking and balance.of respiratory system a tubular organ was trembling of arms. What part of brain wasfound. It has low epithelium, well developed injured?muscular tunic, glands and cartilage are A. The spinal cordabsent. Name this organ: B. The mind-brainA. Minor bronchs C. The inter-brainB. Major bronchs D. The cerebellumC. Median bronchs E. The medulla oblongataD. Trachea 129. A woman with 0 (l) blood groupE. Larynx has born a child with AB blood group.124. A 63-year-old woman shows symptoms This womans husband has A blood group.of rheumaioid arthritis. The increase of what What genetic interaction explains thisblood indices could bc the most significant phenomenon?for proving the diagnosis? A. PolymeryA. Additive glycosaminoglycans B. Recessive epistasisB. Lipoproteids C. CodominanceC. Acid phosphatase D. Incomplete dominanceD. R-glycosidase E. ComplementationE. General cholesterol 130. Patients with bile ducts obstruction125. A person felt thirsty after staying under suffer from inhibition of blood coagulation,the conditions of hot weather for a long time. bleedings as a result of low level of vitaminSignals of what receptors caused it first assimilation. What vitamin is in deficiency?of all? A. EA. Osmoreceptors of liver B. DB. Glucoreceptors of hypothalamus C. KC. Osmoreceptors of hypothalamus D. AD. Baroreceptors of aortic arch E. CaroteneE. Sodium receptors of hypothalamus 131. A businessman came to India from126. A 57-year-old patient was admitted South America. On examination the physicianto the gastroenterological department with found that the patient was sufferingsuspicion of Zollinger- Ellison syndrom from sleeping-sickness.What was the way ofbecause of rapid increase of gastrin level invasion?in the blood scrum. What is the most A. As a result of mosquito`s bitesprobable disorder of the secretory function B. Through dirty handsof stomach? C. With contaminated fruits and vegetablesA. Hyperacidic hyposecretion D. After contact with sick dogsB. Hypoacidic hyposecretion E. As a result of bugs bitesC. Hyperacidic hypersecretion 132. Examination of a newborn boys genitalsD. Hypoacidic hypersecretion revealed a cleft of urethra that opensE. Achylia on the inferior surface of his penis. What127. A patient with serious damage of developmental anomaly is meant?muscular tissue was admitted to the A. Monorchismtraumatological department. What biochemical B. Hypospadiaurine index will be increased in C. Epispadiathis case? D. CryptorchismA. Creatinine E. Hermaphroditism
  14. 14. 133. A pregnant woman had been having performed to reveal latent toxoplasmosistoxicosis with severe repeated vomiting and chronic gonorrhoea of the patient?for 24 hours. In the end of the day there A.. IFA - Immunofluorescence assayappeared tetanic convulsions and fluid loss. B. (R)CFT- Reiters complement fixationWhat shift of acid-base state caused these testchanges? C. RTHA - Reverse indirect hemagglutinationA. Excretory alkalosis assayB. Excretory acidosis D. Immunoblot analysisC. Metabolic acidosis E. RDHA - Reverse direct hemagglutinationD. Gaseous alkalosis assayE. Gaseous acidosis 139. A 16-year-old boy was performed an134. Live vaccine was injected into the appendectomy. He has been hospitalizedhuman body. Increasing activity of what for right lower quadrant abdominal painconnective tissue cells can be expected? within 18 hours. The surgical specimen isA. Adipocytes and adventitious cells edematous and erythematous. InfiltrationB. Macrophages and fibroblasts by what of the following ceils is the mostC. Fibroblasts and labrocytes typical for the process occurring here?D. Pigmentocytes and pericytes A. MonocytesE. Plasmocytes and lymphocytes B. Limphocytes135. On autopsy of the 58-year-old man it C. Basophilswas revealed: mitral valve is deformed, D. Eosinophilsthickened, not totally closed. Microscopically: E. Neutrophilsfoci of collagen fibers are eosinophilic, have 140. A patient who has been treatedpositive fibrin reaction. The most likely it is: with diazepam on account of neurosisA. Fibrinoid swelling complains of toothache. Doctor administeredB. Amyloidosis him an analgetic, but its dose wasC. Mucoid swelling lower then average therapeutic dose. WhatD. Hyalinosis phenomenon did the doctor take intoE. Fibrinoid inflammation account while prescribing the patient an136. A 38-year-old woman was admitted to underdose?the admission-diagnostic department with A. Drug dependenceuterine bleeding. What are the most likely B. Cumulationchanges of blood? C. ToleranceA. Leukopenia D. SummationB. Leucocytosis E. PotentationC. Reduction of haematocrite rate 141. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)D. Increase of haematocrite rate increased by 20% as a result of prolongedE. Polycythemia starvation of an individual. The most evident137. A 60-year-old patient was admitted to cause of filtration changes under thisthe surgical department because of infection conditions is:caused by blue pus bacillus (Pseudomonas A. Increase of filtration coefficientaeruginosa) which is sensitive to penicillin B. Increase of systemic blood pressureantibiotics. Indicate which of the given C. Decrease of oncotic pressure of bloodpenicillin’s has marked activity to the plasmaPseudomonas aeruginosa? D. Increase of penetration of the renal filterA. Methicillin E. Increase of renal plasma streamB. Phenoxymethylpenicillin 142. The preventive radio protector was givenC. Carbenicillin disodium to worker of a nuclear power station.D. Oxacillin What mechanism from the below mentionedE. Benzylpeniciilin is considered to be the male mechanism of138. A patient who came to the doctor radioprotection?because of his infertility was administered A. Prevention of tissues hypoxiato make tests for toxoplasmosis and chronic B. Inhibition of free radicals formationgonorrhoea. Which reaction should be C. Activation of oxidation reactions
  15. 15. D. Increasing of tissue blood supply bar. Objectively: pain while moving upperE. Increasing of respiration extremity, reduced pronation and adduction143. Examination of initial molecular functions. Sprain of what muscle can bestructure revealed substitution of the observed here?glutamic acid by valine. What inherited A. M. latissimus dorsipathology is it typical for? B. M. subscapularisA. Hemoglobinosis C. M. romboideus majorB. Thalassemia D. M. levator scapulaeC. Minkowsky-Shauffard disease E. M. trapeziusD. Favism 149. A young man has a painlessl formationE. Sickle-cell anemia without marked borders in the soft tissues of144. A patient experienced a sudden his thigh. On the tissue bioptate the formationtemperature rise up to 39°C. After 6 hours looks like flesh of fish and consists ofthe temperature normalized. On the 2-nd immature fibroblast-like cells with multipleday the attack recurred: in the period of mitosis growing through the muscles. Whatparoxysm the temperature reached 41°C, is the most likely diagnosis?apyrexial period began after 8 hours. What A. Fibrosarcomatype of temperature profile is it? B. FibromaA. Recurrent C. CancerB. Septic D. MyosarcomaC. Continued E. MyomaD. lntermitting 150. Analysis of amniotic fluid that wasE. Hectic obtained as a result of amniocentesis145. Albinos cant stand sun impact - they (puncture of amniotic sac) revealed cellsdont aquire sun-tan but get sunburns. Disturbed the nuclei of which contain sex chromatinmetabolism of what aminoacid (Barrs body). What can it be evidence of?underlies this phenomenon? A, PolyploidyA. Glutamic acid B. TrisomyB. Histidine C. Genetic disorders of fetus developmentC. Tryptophan D. Development of female fetusD. Phenilalanine E. Development of male fetusE. Methionine 151. A 50-year-old patient with typhoid146. A child has got galactosemia. fever was treated with Levomycetin,Concentration of glucose, in blood has not next day his condition became worse,considerably changed. Deficiency of what temperature rose to 39,6°C. What causedenzyme caused this illness? the complication?A. Galactose-l-phosphate uridyltransferase A. The effect of endotoxin agentB. Hexokinase B. ReinfectionC. Galactokinase C. Secondary infection additionD. Amylo-1.6-g1ucosidase D. Irresponsiveness of an agent to theE. Phosphoglucomutase levomycetin147. A. patient with suspected diphtheria E. Allergic reactionwent through bacterioscopic examination. 152. A patient with infectious mononucleosisExamination of throat swab revealed rodshaped had been taking glucocorticoids for twobacteria with volutin granules. weeks. He was brought into remission, butWhat etiotropic preparation should he fell ill with acute attack of chronic tonsillitis. be chosen in this case? What action of glucocorticoids causedA. Bacteriophage this complication?B. Interferon A. AntiallergicC. Antidiphtheric antitoxic scrum B. ImmunosuppressiveD. Diphtheria antitoxin C. Anti-inflammatoryE. Eubiotic D. Antishock148. A young man felt acute pain in the back E. Antitoxicduring active drawing up on the horizontal 153. A 40-year-old woman was admitted to
  16. 16. the infectious diseases department with high involvement of intestines, liver, lungs. Whatbody temperature. Objectively: marked drug should be prescribed?meningeal symptoms. A spinal cord punction A. Enteroseptolwas made. What anatomic formation was B. Tetracyclinepuncturated? C. QuiniofoneA. Carum trigeminale D. QuingamineB. Spatium subarachnoideum E. MetronidasolC. Cisterna cerebellomedularis posterior 159. Tuberculosis can be treated by meansD. Spatium subdurale of combined chemotherapy that includesE. Spatium epidurale substances with different mechanisms of154. A patient has got a spasm of smooth action. What antituberculous medicationmuscles of bronchi. Activators of what inhibits transcription of RNA into DNA inmembrane cytoreceptors are phisiologically mycobacteria?reasoned to stop an attack? A. IsoniazidA. β-adrenoreceptors B. Para-aminosalicylic acidB. M-cholinoreccptors C. RifampicinC. α- and β-adrenoreceptors D. EthionamideD. H-cholinoreceptors E. StreptomycinE. α -adrenoreceptors 160. A patient who was previously ill with155. A patient had been taking glucocorticoids for mastectomy as a result of breast cancer wasa long time. When the preparation prescribed radiation therapy. What vitaminwas withdrawn he developed the symptoms preparation has marked radioprotectiveof disease aggravation, decreased blood action caused by antioxidant activity?pressure and weakness. What is the reason A. Ergocalciferolof this condition? B. Tocopherol acetateA. Appearance of adrenal insufficiency C. Thiamine chlorideB. Hyperproduction of ACTH D. Ribof1avinC. Cumulation E. Folic acidD. Sensibilization 161. Inhibition of α-motoneuron of theE. Habituation extensor muscles was noticed after stimulation156. The energy inputs of a healthy man of α-motoneuron of the flexorhave been measured. In what state was the muscles during the experiment on the spinalpatient if his energy inputs were less than cord. What type of inhibition is this processthe main exchange? based upon?A. Rest A. LateralB. Nervous exertion B. RecurrentC. Easy work C. Thiamine chlorideD. Sleep D. PresynapticE. Calmness E. Reciprocal157. An 18-year-old patient came to the 162. While shifting the gaze to the closelyoutpatient department with the complaints of situated object the refracting power of eyesbleeding trauma in the vestibule of his nose. optical mediums will increase by 10 diopters.On examination: the mechanical injury of It results from changing of such eyethe mucous layer of the vestibule without structure:continuation into nasal cavity proper. What A. Vitreous bodyis the boundary between the vestibule and B. Liquid of the anterior chamber of eyenasal cavity proper? C CorneaA. Nasal limen D. LensB. Nasal roller E. Muscle that dilatates pupilC. Nostrils 163. In course of metabolic process activeD. Nasal septa forms of oxygen including superoxide anionE. Choanes radical are formed in the human body. By158. A 52-year-old patient has the following means of what enzyme is this anion inactivated?diagnosis: systemic amebiasis with A. Peroxidase
  17. 17. B. Superoxide disffiutase ventricular arrhythmias was admitted toC. Catalase the hospital. The patient is taking timololD. Glutathioneperoxidase drops for glaucoma, daily insulin injectionsE. Glutathionereductase for diabetes mellitus, and an ACE inhibitor164. A student is writing a thorough for hypertension. You have decided to usesummary of a lecture. Quality of summarizing phenytoin instead of procainamide. What ishas considerably worsened when his neighbors the reason?started talking. What kind of inhibition A. The local anesthetic effect of procainamidein the cerebral cortex caused this effect? would potentiate diabetesA. Protective B. The cholinergic effects of procainamideB. Fading would aggravate the diabetesC. Differentiated C. The hypertensive effects of procainarmideD. Delayed would aggravate the hypertensionE. External D. The anticholinergic effect of procainamide165. Analeptical remedy of ret1ective type would aggravate glaucomafrom the H -cholinomimetics group was given E. The local anesthetic effect of procainamideto the patient for restoration of breathing would aggravate the hypertensionafter poisoning with carbon monoxide. 169. Tuberculine was introduced intracutaneouslyWhat medicine was prescribed to the patient? to the child for tuberculin test. MarkedA. Lobeline hydrochloride hyperemia,B. Mesaton tissue infiltration developed onC. Adrenaline hydrochloride the place of injection in 24 hours. WhatD. Atropine sulphate mechanism caused these modifications?E. Pentamin A. Immunocomplex cytotoxity166. It is planned to use the territory of an B. Antibody cytotoxityold cattle burial ground (which is not used C. Granuloma formationfor more than 50 years) for building houses. D. Reagin type cytotoxityBut ground analysis revealed presence of E. Cell cytotoxitythe pathogen of a very dangerous illness. 170. Concentration of pyruvate is increasedWhich of the indicated microorganisms is likely in the patients blood, the most of which isto remain in the ground for such a long excreted with urine. What avitaminosis hastime? the patient?A. Brucella abortus A. Avitaminosis B6B. Mycobacteriurn bovis B. Avitaminosis EC. Francisella tubarensis C. Avitaminosis B2D. Bacillus anthracis D. Avitaminosis B1E. Yersinia pestis E. Avitaminosis B3167. A 22-year-old patient was admitted 171. Upper neck node or Sympathetic trunkto the hospital with Complaints of heavy was removed from the rabbit on experiment.nasal breathing. During the examination Reddening and increased temperature ofof her nasal cavity the doctors found thickened the skin of head is observed. What disordermucous membrane, a lot of mucus of peripheral circulation of the blood hasand nodular infiltrates without erosions in developed?the nose. The nasal rhinosc1eroma was A. Neurotonic arterial hyperemiadiagnosed. B. Neuroparalytic arterial hyperemiaThe biopsy was taken. What typical C. Stasismorphological D. Venous hyperemiachanges may be found? E. Metabolic arterial hyperemiaA. Granulomas with Larnghans cells 172. Diagnostic scraping was performedB. Granulomas with foreign bady cells to the woman with dysfunctional uterineC. Interstitial inflammation bleeding. Mu1tip1e convoluted glands,D. Granulomas with Virchow`s cells ganglially dilated lumens of some glandsE. Granulomas with Mikuliezs cel1s were revealed histologically in the scrape.168 A 55-year-old patient with continuing Name the type or general pathological
  18. 18. process in endometry: notes that he needed to buy bigger shoesA. Hypertrophic excrescence three times. What is the main reason of suchB. Metaplasia disproportional enlargement of differentC. Displasia parts of the body?D. Hyperplasia glandulocystica A. Joints dystrophy developmentE. Atrophy B. Increased sensitivity of the tissues to173. While enrolling a child to school growth hormoneMantu`s test was made to define whether C. Joints chronic inflammation developmentrevaccination was needed. The test result is D. Increased sensitivity of the tissues tonegative. What does this test result mean? insulinA. Absence of antitoxic immunity to the E. Cartilaginous tissue proliferation undertuberculosis growth hormone influenceB. Presence of cell immunity to the 178. A 54-vear-old man was admitted to thetuberculosis hospital with complaints of pain in the rightC. Absence of cell immunity to the subcostal region, vomiting with blood.tuberculosis Objectively: enlarged liver, varicose veins inD. Presence of antibodies for tubercle bacillus the stomach and esophagus. Disfunction ofE. Absence of antibodies for tubercle bacillus what vessel is likely to have taken place?174. Buffer capacity of a workers blood was A. Vena cava superiordecreased due to exhausting muscular work. B. Vena portaBy coming of what acid substance in the C. Vena hepaticablood can this state be explained? D. /ena cava inferiorA. α-ketoglutarate E. Aorta abdominalisB. Lactate 179. Under SOme diseases it iS observedC. 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate aldosteronism accompanied by hypertensionD.3-phosphoglycerate and edema due to sodium retention inE. Pyruvate the organism. What organ of the internal175. A man who was bitten by the unknown secretion is affected under aldosteronism?dog applied to the surgeon. Wide ragged A. Testiclewoundes were localized on the face. What B. Pancreascurative-prophylactic aid should be given to C. Ovariesprevent rabies? D. Adrenal glandsA. Prescribe combined antibiotic therapy E. HypophysisB. Hospitalize the patient and keep under 180. Microscopic examination of the sputumthe doctor`s of a patient with pneumonia occasionallyC. Start immunisation with rabies vaccine revealed some larvae. Eosinophiles wereD. Immediately inject normal gammaglobulin detected on blood examination. WhatE. Immediate injection of DPT(Diphtheria, helminthiasis can be diagnosed?Pertusis, Tetanus) vaccine A. Enterobiosis176. A 25-year-old patient complained of B. Opisthorchosisthe decreased vision. Accommodation disorders, C. Ascariasisdilated pupil, lack of reaction for D. Trichocephaliasisthe light were revealed on examination. E. ParagonimiasisWhat muscles function is disturbed? 181. A duodenal content smear of a patientA. Pupil dilating muscle, ciliary with indigestion contains protosoa 10-18B. Pupil narrowing muscle, ciliary mcm large. They have piriform bodies, 4 pairsC. Pupil narrowing and dilating muscles of filaments, two symmetrically locatedD. Inferior oblique muscle, ciliary nuclei in the broadened part of body. WhatE. Lateral rectus muscle, pupil narrowing kind of the lowest organisms is it?177. A 46-year-old patient has complained A. Larnbliaof headache, fatigue, thirst, pains in the spine and B. Dysentery amebajoints for the last 2 years. Clinically C. Trichomonasobserved disproportional enlargement of D. Intestinal amebahands: feet, nose, superciliary arches. He E. Balantidium
  19. 19. 182. RNA-polymerase B(II) is blocked due A. Glutamicto amanitine poisoning (poison of deathcup). B. TryptophanIt disturbs: C. TyrosineA. Synthesis of t-RNA D. ValineB. Synthesis of m-RNA E. LisineC. Maturation of m-RNA 188. Microscopic examination of theD. Primers synthesis enlarged neck gland of a 14-year-old girlE. Reverse transcription revealed destruction of the tissue structure183. As a result of craniocerebral trauma of the node, absence of the lymph folli-a patient reveals the following symptoms: cles, sclerotic areas and necrosis foci, cellintention tremor, dysmetry, adiadochokinesis, constitution of the node is polymorphous,dysarthria. What structure of the brain lymphocites. eosinophiles, big atypicalis injured? cells with multilobular nuclei (Beresovsky-A. Black substance Sternberg cells) and mononuclear cells ofB. Motor cortex the large size are present. What is the mostC. Striatum likely diagnosis?D. Palesphere A. Chronic lympholeucosis B.E. Cerebellum Lymphogranulomatosis184. Moving of the daughter chromatids to C. Berkitts lymphomathe poles of the cell is observed in the mitotically D. Acute lympholeucosisdividing cell. At what stage of the E. Fungoid mycosismitotic cycle is this cell? 189. An isolated muscle of a frog is rhythmi-A. Interphase cally irritated with electric impulses. EveryB. Prophase next impulse is in a period of relaxation fromC. Telophase the previus contraction. What contraction of theD. Metaphase muscle occurs?Ё. Anaphase A. Single185. Autopsy of a 12-year-old girl revealed: B. Continuous (smooth) tetanusmultiple cutaneous hemorrhages (mostly C. Asynchronousinto the skin of buttocks, lower extremi- D. Tonicties), serous and mucous membrane E. Waved tetanushemorrhages, cerebral hemorrhages. 190. On autopsy it was revealed: pia materAdrenal glands show focal necrosis and of the upper parts of cerebral hemispheremassive hemorrhages; kidneys show is plethoric, of yellowish-green color, soakednecrotic nephrosis, suppurative arthritis, with purulent and fibrose exudate, looks likeiridocyclitis, vasculitis. What is the most a cap. What disease is it typical for?probable diagnosis? A. Grippal meningitisA. Epidemic typhus B. Tuberculous meningitisB. Systemic lupus erythematosus С Meningitis connected with typhusС. Radiation sickness D. Meningococcal meningitisD. Periarteritis nodosa E. Meningitis connected with anthraxE. Meningococcemia 191. A 50-year-old man has felt vague186. A patient working at a chemical abdominal discomfort within past 4plant was admitted to the toxicological months. Physical examination revealeddepartment with mercury poisoning. What no lymphadenopathy, and no abdominalmedicine should be used? masses or organomegaly at palpation. BowelA. Isonitrozin sounds are heard. An abdominal CT scanB. Naloxone shows a 20 cm retroperitoneal soft tissueC. Enterosorbent mass obscuring the left psoas muscle. AD. Unithiol stool specimen tested for occult blood isE. Activated carbon negative. Which of the following neoplasm’s187. Cerebral trauma caused increase of ammonia is this man most likely to have?formation. What aminoacid takes part in removal A. Melanomaof ammonia from cerebral tissue? B. Hamartoma C. Lipoma
  20. 20. D. Lymphoma 197. A woman who was infected withE. Adenocarcinoma toxoplasmosis during the pregnancy has192. A child has inhaled a button. Where is born a child with multiple congenitalit likely to be? defects. This is a result of:A. In the esophagus A. RecombinationB. In the left main bronchus B. CancerogenesisC. In the larynx C. Biological mutogenesisD. In the right main bronchus D. Chemical mutogenesis E. In the trachea E. Teratogencsis193. A 68-year-old woman cant move her 198. After a trauma a 44-year-old patientupper and lower right extremities due to had a rupture of left palm muscle tendonsthe stroke. Muscle tone of these extremities and and of the superficial blood vessels. Aftertheir reflexes are increased. There are operation and removal of the most part ofpathological reflexes. What form of paralysis the necrotically changed muscle tissue theis it? bloodstream was normalized. What vesselsA. Monoplegia have helped to restore the bloodstream?B. Paraplegia A. Aa. metacarpeae palmaresC. Tetraplegia B. Aa.digitales palmares communesD. Dissociation C. Arcus palmaris superficialisE. Hemiplegia D. Aa.perforantes194. During the fetal period of the E. Arcus palmaris profundusdevelopment in the vascular system of 199. A patient who has been strictly keepingthe fetus a large arterial (Botallos) to a certain diet for 10 days went throughduct is functioning which converts into examination of respiratory coefficient. ItHg.arteriosum after birth. What anatomical was determined that it was equal 1. Whatformations does this duct connect? have the patient been keeping to?A. Aorta and superior vena cava A. With domination of proteins and fatB. Aorta and inferior vena cava B. With domination of fat and carbohydratesC. Pulmonary trunk and aorta C. With domination of carbohydratesD. Right and left auricles D. MixedE. Pulmonary trunk and superior vena cava E. With domination of proteins and195. An intraoperational biopsy of mammal carbohydratesgland has revealed the signs of atypical tissue 200. A patient has tissue ischemia below thepresented by disorder of parenchyma knee joint accompanied with intermittentstroma proportion with domination of the claudication. What artery occlusion shouldlast, gland structures of different size and be suspected?shape, lined with single-layered proliferative A. Popliteal arteryepithelium. What is the most probable B. Anterior tibial arterydiagnosis? C. Proximal part of femoral arteryA. Noninfiltrative cancer D. Posterior tibial arteryB. Infiltrative cancer E. Peroneal arteryC. PapillomaD. FibroadenomaE. Mastitis196. A person was selling "homemadepork" sausages at the market. State sanitaryinspector suspected falcification of thesausages. What serological immune reactioncan identify food substance?A. Agglutination testB. Immunofluorescence testC. Precipitation testD. Indirect hemagglutination testE. Complement-fixation test