CGC                  Water and Food Security                                 In 1993 the UN designated March 22nd as World...
CGC                  Water and Food SecurityCore Recommended Resource     World Water Day: FAQ’s     http://www.unwater.or...
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Water and food security


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Water and food security

  1. 1. CGC Water and Food Security In 1993 the UN designated March 22nd as World Water Day. Held annually, World Water Day focuses attention on the importance of fresh water and advocating for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. Each year a specific aspect of water is highlighted. This years focus reminds us of the vital relationship between water and food security. The world is thirsty because it is hungry. What is the nature of the relationship? STEP #1: You will work in small groups, in class, to complete the attached organiser considering the ways in which water and food security might be related. Each student should leave the discussion with their own completed organiser. Use this organiser as the initial basis upon which to decide what aspect(s) of this relationship you wish to investigate further. STEP #2: Individually, you are to prepare an Opinion Editorial (OpEd) on the topic of Water and Food Security. The opinion you present in this OpEd will be based upon, and supported by, factual information you find during a research process. Your written OpEd must: •incorporate an introductory paragraph which: •clearly tells the reader your position; and, •outlines what is in the paper (i.e. the major argument(s) you are going to present) •include references to reliable research sources to support your arguments (using embedded citations!) •incorporate a concluding paragraph in which you reiterate your position and leave the reader with final closing thoughts on the issue Your report must be written in your own words, clearly explaining and justifying your position. Your Works Consulted must include a minimum of five (5) resources(websites,newspapers, journals, periodicals, etc.). You must include at least two (2) database sources (either from the TDSB or the Toronto Public Library).
  2. 2. CGC Water and Food SecurityCore Recommended Resource World Water Day: FAQ’s Recommended Resources United Nations: Water for Life Decade World Health Organisation: Water UN FAO: State of the World’s Land and Water Resources Environment Canada: Water Environment Canada: Water Conservation Human Activity and the Environment 2010: Freshwater Supply and Demand in Canada Opinion Editorial Even in a ‘Woman’s World,’ Gender Doesn’t Matter gender-doesnt-matter/article2356798/Submission Guidelines•Your typed, double-spaced OpEd must be no more than 2 pages (approx. 500 words ) in length. Refer to the MLA formatting handout.•Your report must be fully and properly documented, including embedded citations and a Works Consulted.•Your intitial organiser (in-class worksheet), jot notes and OpEd (Report) outline must also be submitted with your written report. This report is due at the start of class on ________________________