Black history book pulls ss


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Black History Month Book Pulls. On display in the Library at ESA.

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Black history book pulls ss

  1. 1. Call Number Title Author This list is up to date as of Feb 4th, 2014. All items in red have been pulled from the shelves and are on display. Other items are either currently checked out or otherwise unavailable. 153.44 GLA 301.451 JAC 301.451 JAC 301.451 JAC 301.451 JAC 301.451 SWE 301.451 THO 301.451 TUL 301.4519 WIN 301.4522 LIS 302 GLA 305.896 MEN 306.362 BLA SMA 306.4 HIL 322.4 MAB Blink : the power of thinking without thinking The Black man in America, 1877-1905. The Black man in America, 1861-77. The Black man in America, 1791-1861. The Black man in America, 1619-1790, Black images of America, 1784-1870 Blacks in deep snow : black pioneers in Canada Black Canadians : a long line of fighters The Blacks in Canada; a history, Slavery in America : the history of slavery Outliers : the story of success Black Canadians : history, experience, social conditions I've got a home in glory land : a lost tale of the underground railroad Blood : the stuff of life Black freedom; the nonviolent abolitionists from 1830 through the Civil War. Gladwell, Malcolm Jackson, Florence Jackson, Florence Jackson, Florence. Jackson, Florence Sweet, Leonard Thomson, Colin Tulloch, Headley Winks, Robin W. Liston, Robert A. Gladwell, Malcolm Mensah, Joseph Smardz Frost, Karolyn Hill, Lawrence Mabee, Carleton
  2. 2. Call Number 323.092 KIN PAS 323.1196 CLE 326.8 HOC 379.263 BRI 641.5972981 CLA 704.94973 MCEL 709.73 BEA 781.65 KOF 781.729 HAS 781.7296073 SHA 782.14 JAC SCORE 782.140973 JON 784.0973 MOR 792.8089 EME 810.9 ABE 811 ANG 819.00896 FIR V1 Title Martin Luther King Jr. Soul on ice Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves Through My Eyes Pig Tails 'n Breadfruit : rituals of slave food: a Barbadian memoir. Facing history : the Black image in American art, 1710-1940 A history of African-American artists : from 1792 to the present Black music, white business : illuminating the history and political economy of jazz Black music in America : a history through its people Black popular music in America : from the spirituals, minstrels, and ragtime to soul, disco, and hip-hop The Michael Jackson collection. Our musicals, ourselves : a social history of the American musical theatre Motown & the arrival of black music. Black dance in the United States from 1619 to 1970 The Encyclopedia of Harlem Renaissance Celebrations : rituals of peace and prayer Fire on the Water: An Anthology of Black Nova Scotia Writing Author Paston, Amy Cleaver, Eldridge Adam Hoschschild Bridges, Ruby Clarke, Austin McElroy, Guy C et al Bearden, Romare et al Kofsky, Frank Haskins, James Shaw, Arnold. Jackson, Michael Jones, John Bush. Morse, David. Emery, Lynne Fauley Aberjhani Angelou, Maya
  3. 3. Call Number 819.08 EYE 819.1 BRA 819.1 BRA 819.2 SEA 821.009 PER 916.0422 CAM 917.3 CAN 967.5 HOC 968.05 HAY 971.004 HIL 971.004 SHA SAD 971.00496 SAD 971.061 RUC 971.354 HUB 971.3541 SHA 973.049 MEL 973.0496073 DUB 973.0974 FRA Title Eyeing the North Star Ossuaries Land to light on Harlem Duet A history of modern poetry : from the 1890's to the high modernist mode. Middle passages : African American journeys to Africa, 1787-2005 Historic Black landmarks : a traveler's guide King Leopold’s Ghost South Africa since 1948 The freedom-seekers : Blacks in early Canada Mary Ann Shadd The kids book of Black Canadian history Author Clarke, George Elliott (Ed) Brand, Dionne Brand, Dionne Sears, Djanet Perkins, David Dodd Campbell, James T. Cantor, George Adam Hoschschild Hayward, Jean Hill, Daniel G Sadlier, Rosemary Sadlier, Rosemary, Wang, Qijun The black battalion : 1916-1920, Canada's Ruck, Calvin W. best kept military secret Against all odds : the story of William Hubbard, Stephen L Peyton Hubbard, black leader and municipal reformer The underground railroad : next stop, Shadd, Adrienne L. et al Toronto! The Black Americans : a history in their Meltzer, Milton own words, 1619-1983 Of the Dawn of Freedom Dubois, W E B An illustrated history of Black Americans Franklin, John Hope
  4. 4. Call Number 973.8 STE 973.9 DUB MAR F ALE F BRA F BRA F CLA F CLA F CLA F CLA F CLA F DRA F EDU F EDU F ELL F GRA F HIL F HIL F LAN F MCD F MOR F PHI F RIC F SAP Title Author The Trouble they seen : Black people tell Sterling, Dorothy the story of Reconstruction W.E.B. DuBois, Black radical democrat Marable, Manning Childhood In another place, not here At the full and change of the moon : a novel More : a novel Choosing his coffin : the best stories of Austin Clarke. The bigger light: a novel The question George and Rue Copper Sun Half-blood blues The second life of Samuel Tyne : a novel Invisible Emancipation Day The book of Negroes Any known blood Rush Home Road Chill Wind Song of Solomon Harriet’s Daughter Mercy Among the Children Push Alexis, André Brand, Dionne Brand, Dionne Clarke, Austin Clarke, Austin Clarke, Austin Clarke, Austin Clarke, George Elliott Draper, Sharon Edugyan, Esi Edugyan, Esi Ellison, Ralph Grady, Wayne Hill, Lawrence Hill, Lawrence Lansens, Lori MacDonald, Janet Morrison, Toni Nourbese Philip, Marlene Richards, David Adam Sapphire
  5. 5. Call Number F SIN F SOU F STO F WAL F WAL F WAS F WRI Title Coffee Will Make You Black The Coldest Winter Ever The Help The color purple By the light of my father's smile : a novel Black Will Shoot Uncle Tom’s Children: Five Long Stories Author Sinclair, April Souljah, Sister Stockett, Kathryn Walker, Alice Walker, Alice Washington, Jesse John Wright, Richard GRAPHIC NOVEL 328.73092 LEW March Lewis, John HIST BIOGRAPHY 326.092 DOU Life and Times of Frederick Douglas Douglas, Frederick LIT BIOGRAPHY 811 HUG RAM v.1 LIT BIOGRAPHY 811 HUG RAM v.2 LIT BIOGRAPHY 813.54 CLA LIT BIOGRAPHY 818 ANG LIT BIOGRAPHY 921 ANG The Life of Langston Hughes : volume 1: Rampersad, Arnold. 1902-1941: I, Too, Sing America The Life of Langston Hughes : volume 2 : Rampersad, Arnold. 1941-1967 : I dream a world. Austin C. Clarke : a biography Algoo-Baksh, Stella. MEMOIR 306.36209 NOR The heart of a woman Angelou, Maya I know why the caged bird sings. Angelou, Maya 12 Years a Slave Northrup, Solomon
  6. 6. Call Number Title MEMOIR The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 616.02774 LAC SKL Long Walk to Freedom MEMOIR 986.065 MAN Author Rebecca Skloot SC CLA Clarke, Austin SC CLA SC HUG SC VOI When he was free and young and he used to wear silks; Austin Clarke Reader The ways of white folks Voices: Canadian Writers of African Descent Mandela, Nelson Clarke, Austin Hughes, Langston Black, Ayanna (Ed)