Eni wins the Webranking 2013: the best company in Italy for online corporate communications


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The KWD Webranking is Europe’s most in-depth analysis of online financial and corporate communication.

The Italian ranking, conducted by KW Digital in collaboration with Lundquist, has ranked 62 listed companies in Italy.

Here is a summary of the results, developed in collaboration with The Visual Agency.

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Eni wins the Webranking 2013: the best company in Italy for online corporate communications

  1. 1. lundquist. IN COLLABORATION WITH KWD WEBRANKING 2013 ITALY THE RESEARCH IN NUMBERS KWD Webranking is the most in-depth analysis of online financial and corporate communications in Europe 17 EUROPEAN EDITION AND 12 ITALIAN EDITION th th THE “BLACK SHEEP” 40 ITALIAN COMPANIES EXCLUDED Spotlight on best practice and companies investing in their online communications LESS THAN 25 POINTS IN THE 2012 RANKING THE BEST IN 2013 TOP 10 IN 2013 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 88.8 86.1 80.5 73.5 71.3 68.5 66.8 63.5 63.3 62 Eni Telecom Italia Hera Snam Pirelli & C. Terna UniCredit Generali Mondadori Piaggio & C. BEST IMPROVERS ITALIAN AVERAGE +9.9 Mondadori OUT OF 100 +9.3 Campari -2 POINTS VS 2012 +5.5 Prysmian +5.3 Eni +4.1 Igd 42.2 POINTS ONLY 1 COMPANY OUT OF 3 IMPROVED ITS SCORE NEW WEBSITES BREMBO CAMPARI CNH INDUSTRIAL FINMECCANICA FIAT SPA LUXOTTICA PIAGGIO & C. ST MICROELECTRONICS
  2. 2. ITALIAN COMPANIES DOING WELL IN DISCLOSURE Joakim Lundquist, Head of KWD in Italy POSITIVE “ “ Italian companies are doing well in the presentation of the company, financial results and governance, information usually found inside financial reports. Sustainability, employer branding and social media are the weakest areas. NEGATIVE PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY SUSTAINABILITY 98% Present their history 25% Do not present sustainability information other than the code of ethics PRESENTATION OF FINANCIAL RESULTS EMPLOYER BRANDING 100% Have reports, documents and presentations in English 21% Do not present the company to potential candidates GOVERNANCE SOCIAL MEDIA 95% Include information concerning their AGM 55% Do not include any social media accounts on their website TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS STORIES TO BE TOLD Italian companies rely on technology to close the gap with European companies but corporate website is not used effectively to communicate identity and future vision. WEB DESIGN IN LINE WITH INTERNATIONAL TRENDS RESPONSIVE DESIGN REPLACES MOBILE SITES AND APPS VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS AND INFOGRAPHICS “ “ VS ITALIAN COMPANIES TALK ABOUT THE PAST BUT NOT ABOUT THE FUTURE INTERACTIVE REPORTS AS HTML EQUIVALENT OF PRINTED REPORTS LACKING A NARRATIVE AND CLEAR MESSAGE FOR CORPORATE STORYTELLING
  3. 3. THE BIGGEST ITALIAN COMPANIES ARE COMPETITIVE IN EUROPE PERFORMANCE THE TOP 10 56.5 45.6 UK NETHERLANDS FRANCE 38 4 DENMARK 42.2 5 9 SWITZERLAND 43.4 3 ITALY 38.1 8 7 GERMANY 51.3 6 FINLAND 39.7 1 SWEDEN 52.3 10 56.6 2 NORWAY ENERGY SECTOR IS THE MOST TRANSPARENT Italian average BANKS ENERGY 53.1 46.6 44.7 European average CONSUMER SERVICES 43.5 Best Italian companies by sector INDUSTRIALS CONSUMER GOODS 41 47.3 44.3 44.5 FINANCIALS 37.3 47.8 36.3 41.6 ENI UNICREDIT TELECOM ITALIA GENERALI ANSALDO STS PIRELLI (88.8) (66.8) (86.1) (63.5) (56.5) (71.3) NOTE: COMPANIES WERE REGROUPED ON THE BASIS OF THE 20 SUPERSECTORS OF THE ICB (INDUSTRY CLASSIFICATION BENCHMARK). BEHIND THE RESEARCH SURVEY 400 PARTICIPANTS 22 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES EVALUATION The protocol is based on two surveys (Capital Market and Career Survey) 102 CRITERIA 326 SUBCRITERIA EVALUATED COMPANIES Each website is evaluated twice. More than 250 h. were dedicated to the analysis of 62 IN ITALY 852 The research evaluates the English version of corporate websites of listed companies GLOBALLY Italian companies THE RANKING AND DOCUMENTS PROVIDING FURTHER DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON WWW.LUNDQUIST.IT The KWD Webranking Italy research is carried out by KW Digital (digital division of Hallvarsson&Halvarsson) in partnership with Lundquist. The KWD Webranking is the European most in-depth analysis that evaluates online financial and corporate communication. The KWD Webranking is a valuable instrument not only for measuring the effectiveness of a company’s online communication but also for comparing results with national and interna-tional peers. To order a copy of the KWD Webranking Report 2013 or to receive a website evaluation of your company, contact sara.rusconi@lundquist.it Infographic by Lundquist (www.lundquist.it) in collaboration with The Visual Agency (www.thevisualagency.com). lundquist.