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Design case study

  1. 1. KAMISETA A specialty retail store of fashionable casual apparel for women, usually teens. Trinoma branch: Approx. 700 sq.m
  2. 2. The store is ambiently illuminated withdownward lighting, giving a better view onthe colors of the products
  3. 3. The off-white wallpaper of the store blendswith the light brown laminated wood flooringwhich highlights the colors of product itcaters.
  4. 4. The seating like these two couches somehowcomplements with the design of the store;however, it consumes a big amount of space thusaffecting the movements of the customers.
  5. 5. VANILLA CUPCAKE CORNERBAKERY A corner bakery located just inside Kamiseta which caters mouth watering pastries especially cupcakes Approx. 65 sq. m
  6. 6. A view from the space of the corner bakery justinside Kamiseta
  7. 7. The pure, chic, pale but sweet theme of the cornerbakery complements well with the retail store itresides at.
  8. 8. The plain and pale color of the curtains givesemphasis to the pastry products in thecounter
  9. 9. ARTWORK Brand of retail clothing store both for men and women particularly, youth Main influences are the Filipino heritage, politics and pop culture and Trinoma branch: Approx. 115 sq. m
  10. 10. The most distinct feature of the retail store is itsartistic, unique, bare and playful interior designsuch as the wallpaper which reflects the name ofthe store.
  11. 11. The interior also exposed some naked parts of thewall, some piping at the ceiling (not shown) andthe smooth cemented floor that is relatively finewith the design
  12. 12. The unique shirt designs of the store give itsdistinct characteristic among other retail clothingstores especially its influences on Filipino and popculture.
  13. 13. Some playful elements such as the design of theshelves accentuates the interior of the store andavoids consistency on some parts such as theexposed surfaces
  14. 14. KFC A fast food restaurant chain specializing in fried chicken Trinoma branch: Approx. 300 sq. m
  15. 15. Just like any other fast food restaurants, KFCalso has space for eating outside toaccompany more customers other than thelimited space inside.
  16. 16. The tables and seatings are divided according tothe groups, depending on the number ofcustomers. Some spaces are purposedly designedfor couples, some for families or group of friendsand also for loners
  17. 17. The interior of KFC is somewhat similar to otherfast food chains. It is generally lighted unlike finedining restaurants that have dimmer lights to makediners stay longer and be comfortable . Otherwisefor fast food chains such as KFC to accompanymore amount of customers.