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Emirates National Investment (ENI) is a diverse regional development group with a wide range investment portfolio that includes real estate, construction, industry and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Since establishment in 1999, ENI maintained a track record of double-digit annual growth rates through adhering to a sustainable long-term development strategy and the commitment to integrity, professionalism and innovation.

With selected teams of experienced professionals, ENI was able to capitalize on deep market knowledge and an international network of strategic partnerships to bridge the elements of ingenuity and innovation and to generate its unique business model in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Middle East and North Africa region.

Through better understanding of the culture and the contribution to development plans of the countries where it operates, ENI maintains an excellent reputation as one of the leading and most trusted investment partners in the region, with the ability to identify and timely engage in high-growth sectors yielding generous rewards to its stakeholders and adding positive elements to the ambitious economic development plans.

Such solid foundations and sound business strategy guarantee the group excellent prospects in the future, whereas the quality and scale of ENI’s accomplishments will remain evidence to its commitment, efficiency and world-class standards.

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ENI Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. 18th Floor | Al Khirbash Tower | Sheikh Zayed Road | P.O.Box 474 | Dubai | U.A.E. | T: +9714 343 9997 | F:+9714 343 9599 | E: eni@eni.ae | www.eni.ae
  2. 2. 18th Floor | Al Khirbash Tower | Sheikh Zayed Road | P.O.Box 474 | Dubai | U.A.E. | T: +9714 343 9997 | F:+9714 343 9599 | E: eni@eni.ae | www.eni.ae The future of growth
  3. 3. Emirates National Investment (ENI) is a diverse Council, and the Middle East and North Africa region. The Company regional development group with a wide range Through better understanding of the culture and the Emirates National Investment investment portfolio that includes real estate, contribution to development plans of the countries “A Unique Diversity” construction, industry and fast moving consumer where it operates, ENI maintains an excellent goods (FMCG). reputation as one of the leading and most trusted Since establishment in 1999, ENI maintained a track investment partners in the region, with the ability to record of double-digit annual growth rates through identify and timely engage in high-growth sectors adhering to a sustainable long-term development yielding generous rewards to its stakeholders and strategy and the commitment to integrity, adding positive elements to the ambitious economic professionalism and innovation. development plans. With selected teams of experienced professionals, Such solid foundations and sound business strategy ENI was able to capitalize on deep market guarantee the group excellent prospects in the knowledge and an international network of strategic future, whereas the quality and scale of ENI’s partnerships to bridge the elements of ingenuity and accomplishments will remain evidence to its innovation and to generate its unique business commitment, efficiency and world-class standards. model in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf Cooperation
  4. 4. A Message from the Chairman A Message from the Chief Executive Officer ENI has strived to deliver a unique business model throughout the United Arab Emirates and the region, a model that The secret formula behind the success story of ENI lies in its people and its sound corporate structure which allows for not only seeks economic feasibility and sustainable profitability but also fruitful partnerships and positive contributions better integration, development and motivation; delivering the best professional business practices and standards. to the socio-economic aspirations of the countries where we operate. The careful selection and appointment of professionals secured ENI with deep market knowledge; a defining From the outset, the establishment of ENI coincided with the birth of the robust economic development that swept difference compared to other investment groups in the region, given the diverse spectrum of activities that require throughout the region since the early 1999s; and hence aligning its business strategy to the developments of its extreme efficiency to attend to. surroundings and capitalizing on the region’s thirst for genuine projects, innovative ideas, committed partners and Our adoption for the best international business standards and practices is essential for the successful management of international standards. the large-scale projects underway, and for our future growth. Nevertheless our relentless pursuit for perfection will The scale and quality of ENI’s accomplishments clearly define its promising path as a leading investment group with a always continue to drive our professionals to introduce more innovative solutions that combine the highest long-term and sustainable growth strategy multiplied by the excellent potentials of the region which enjoys the best international norms with the detailed specifics of the UAE, GCC and MENA regions. prospects among emerging markets. Our conviction that strong and sound foundations yield stable and secure structures applies to ourselves as well as to Our business philosophy does not settle for short-sighted tactical positions or gains, but rather combining the our achievements, ranking us among the top business partners in the region. short-term to the fuller picture of the long-term to sustain organic growth through securing sound foundations for future strides. Our ability to identify high growth opportunities that match our capabilities and experiences will always guarantee our leading position, while our deep understanding of our business environment will continue to influence our growth pattern by securing the elements of harmony between what we do and where we stand. H.E. Dr. Mohammed Khalfan Bin Khirbash Chairman Eng. Mubarak Mohammed Mutahar Chief Executive Officer
  5. 5. Vision To become the leading investment group in the region and to pioneer in the development of core The Team activities. ENI employs a group of selected professionals dedicated to excellence and perfection, standing Mission Setting the benchmark for corporate practices in the region through adhering to the highest on many years of relevant experience to qualify them as leaders in their respective scopes of standards of professionalism, innovation and integrity. activity. The management team includes top world-class senior executives acquiring the necessary Core Values Integrity know-how, professionalism and integrity to allow for orchestrated performance and delivery. Innovation ENI also advocates the employment of nationals wherever it operates to ensure the acquisition Ingenuity of the necessary localized knowledge and culture and to support the nationalization drive. Quality Delivery ENI’s spectrum of staff is highly motivated given the excellent career prospects and continuous National Economic Development training, in addition to appreciating and awarding hard-work and innovative initiatives. Best Corporate Practices
  6. 6. UAE Facts Abu Dhabi Dubai The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates Dubai has long established its reputation as a pre-eminent commercial centre offering Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and Fujairah. (UAE), after Dubai. It is also the seat of government of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. an innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial business culture. One of the most progressive and promising investment destinations in the Gulf One of the world's largest producers of oil, Abu Dhabi has diversified its economy Strategically located as a hub linking the East and West, Dubai is only a five-hour flight region, the UAE has a diversified economy. The oil & gas sector continue to contribute through focused investments in financial services, property and tourism. from the world's leading business centers in the Middle East and North Africa region, strongly to the national GDP. However, sectors like tourism, manufacturing, CIS countries and the Indian Subcontinent. Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest emirate of the UAE in terms of Gross Domestic Product industries, media, information technology, healthcare, education, property, (GDP) and per capita income. The business-friendly regulations and favorable tax and customs framework have construction and financial services, today, play a major role in shaping the economic played a key role in attracting business investment from all over the world in dynamic of the country. Accounting for nearly 29 per cent of all future developments in the GCC region, Abu practically every sphere of economic activity. Dhabi also has the world's richest Sovereign Wealth Fund, which has sizeable Emirates National Investment leverages on the high-growth potential offered by the investments in overseas markets. UAE to add value to its investments for long-term growth. Here is a brief overview of the potential offered by the UAE's major cities – Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  7. 7. THE PORTFOLIO “The Unique Diversity” REAL ESTATE “The Region’s Economic Growth Driver” ENI operates in a wide variety of sectors and geographic locations that are all bound together Real estate is at the heart of the development plans in the UAE and the region and accordingly it with its core principles of excellence and regional development objectives. occupies a significant part of ENI’s portfolio. Key sectors include Real Estate, Construction, Industry, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods Mega development projects in strategic prime locations as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah (FMCG), where high-growth potentials and relevant experience are at hand. are evidence of the group’s strong engagement in its home country, while major development projects in Qatar and Sudan reflect its regional reach. Through a variety of products meeting the commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality sectors, ENI has ensured a strong foothold in the real estate arena, reflecting the group’s long-term growth strategy. Breakthrough and innovative construction technologies and methods have been deployed in all projects, setting new standards for the industry, and new benchmarks for ENI’s development.
  8. 8. Astrolabe Resort & Village Al Seef III DUBAI Dubailand Jumeirah Lake Towers “Reviving the Golden Era of Islamic Design, Culture and Architecture” “Pleasant Living at the Proximity of the World” Dubailand is a massive entertainment complex under development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, extending on Jumeirah Lake Towers is yet another mega development in Dubai consisting of 79 towers an area of 278 square kilometer (107 square mile), twice the size of Disney World in the US, and includes forty scattered along the edges of four artificial scenic lakes three meter deep (Almas West, Almas five mega projects and 200 sub-projects. To date there are 22 projects under development. East, Elucio and Allure). The development is expected to accommodate 2.5 million residents and to host a diversity of theme parks, The total area covered by lakes, waterways and amazing landscaping will be 730.000 square eco-tourism projects, shopping malls and residential units in addition to fifty five hotels for an estimated total meters, while the towers will range from 30 to 66 floors high. investment cost of AED 235 billion. The development is conveniently located at the vicinity of Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road Astrolabe Resort & Village is a mixed-use community development at Dubailand, opposite to the landmark City mainstream, a few minutes’ drive from the business and entertainment hubs of Dubai Media- of Arabia development. City, Knowledge Village, Internet City, Dubai Marina, and Jebel Ali. The development will feature modern and up-to-date facilities and technologies combined with the ingenuity of Al Saif III is located at the prestigious Jumeirah Lake Towers area. The 140 meter residential Islamic design and architecture, offering a unique life-style as well as educational and recreational facilities. tower offers a total of 450.000 square feet of buildup area, and provides for perfection in life-style, demonstrating clearly the distinguished livelihood of the expanding city emirate. The complex provides for residential units, retail outlets, hospitality venues, and recreational facilities including Amenities include a health club, swimming pool, aerobics hall, children playground, coffee shop, an innovative “Adventure Island” playground which will all provide for a family attraction like no other. and a childcare center. The Astrolabe Project provides for 1.6 million square feet of space consisting of service apartments, Hotels, adventure Theme Park and recreation areas.
  9. 9. Churchill Towers Commercial & Office Towers Business Bay “Eye-dazzling Design Reflecting the Beauty of Modern Structures” With state-of-the-art technologies and facilities the 56 floor high residential tower provides luxurious apartments and penthouses serviced by many facilities including health and fitness, At the heart of Dubai’s glamorous high-rises and in the vicinity of the renowned world’s tallest children recreation, swimming pool, restaurants, coffee shops and car parks. structure of Burj Dubai at the Business Bay area, ENI is erecting a modern architectural wonder of a twin-tower mixed-use development, as its signature landmark in the mosaic of The commercial tower will offer 42 floors of distinctive office space equipped with the latest the new skyline of Dubai. office facilities and business center including advanced business support systems and connectivity, as well as emergency back-up power and lighting systems. The 235 meters high development offers over 2.5 million square feet of build up area and provide for a dedicated residential building facing a commercial office building, both reflecting the sophistication and luxury of the twenty first century.
  10. 10. Dubai Waterfront Dubai World Central Dubai Center The Old District The Dubai Waterfront is expected to become the largest waterfront and largest man-made Dubai World Central, a massive, multi-phase development centered around the world’s largest development in the world. The project is a conglomeration of canals and artificial islands; it will international airport is a 140 square kilometer city with almost twice the size of Hong Kong Keeping pace with the robust and ever-growing real estate sector in Dubai, ENI is also engaged in a variety of other development projects that include the old districts which, together with the new developments, occupy the last remaining Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai, the most populous emirate of the Island. The Al Maktoum airport will be the first in the world to have six parallel runways, while constitute a distinct mosaic that gained the emirate its international reputation. United Arab Emirates. It will consist of a series of zones with mixed use including commercial, other developments include an 8 million square meters residential city, a 25 million square residential, resort, and amenity areas. The vision of the project is "to create a world-class meters logistics city, a 14.53 million square meters commercial city and a huge golf resort. The old district still reflects Dubai’s centuries-old trade traditions, and remains to be an attraction that destination for residents, visitors and businesses in the world's fastest growing city". offer the visitor the real essence of the place where specialized markets such as the gold, perfumes and ENI is participating in these large scale developments through a variety of contracts including spices markets still exist and operate. Nevertheless, the area is also a business hub that accommodates ENI has seven projects in the pipeline that will be within this prestigious area which will add its own signature development which is still in the design phase. core businesses and modern buildings and structures. more than 70 kilometers to the coastline of Dubai, and is projected to become the Manhattan ENI has always been part and parcel of the ambitious growth plans of Dubai, whether in the new of the Middle East. developments or the old district, and some of the undergoing developments include: Port Saeed Building A commercial office building with a total buildup area of 247.000 square feet, offering the latest office support services and the convenience of a downtown premise. Umm Suqeim Building Residential Apartments in Umm Suqeim area, offering 74 modern apartment units, as well as all the amenities that provide for an exclusive lifestyle in the heart of old Dubai.
  11. 11. ABU DHABI The construction boom in Abu Dhabi is only at its beginnings and is associated with ambitious Al Shams Tower - Al Reem Island plans to extend the capital city’s borders to new frontiers reflecting a diversity of cultural establishments, sports facilities, and services of all kinds. Shams Abu Dhabi “The Magnificence and Splendor of Gigantic Modern Structures” Such careful planning resulted in a stream of ongoing projects to meet the set objectives, and ENI has been part of this steady flow of development projects from the outset in-line with its The huge size of the Al Shams (meaning the sun) development in Abu Dhabi’s Al Reem strategy to participate in the overall economic development of the country and the region. Island simply captivates the eye, extending on area of more than 14 million square feet and marked by signature structures such as the Gate District at the entrance where eight towers, including an eighty three-storey “Sky Tower”, the five million square feet “Abu Dhabi Towers” and “The Upper Village”. Shams Abu Dhabi will accommodate about 100.000 residents by offering 22.000 residential units in 100 towers, and a one million square meters theme park, representing a masterpiece in the future development of the capital city. ENI takes part in this prestigious development with its own project “Al Shams Tower” a 32 storey residential and commercial tower with ultra modern facilities such as health club, gym, swimming pool and terrace overlooking the beautiful Arabian Gulf.
  12. 12. Al Raha Beach Various Developments “The ultimate waterfront city“ ENI currently participates with various prestigious projects in Abu Dhabi’s Central District. Al Raha Beach is set to become one of the greatest waterfront cities in the world. This project will transform the eight- ENI Tower kilometer water frontage of Al Raha Beach into a new community and lifestyle precinct for 200,000 people. The project Al Nahyan Camp is a hallmark project for the Middle East, creating a unique gateway to the United Arab Emirates’ capital city of Abu A residential and office tower with a total builds up area of 115.000 square feet offering 54 apartments and offices. Dhabi. ENI Residential Tower The 5 million square meters development will form one part of a rail, bus, fast ferry, and water taxi network to Al Mina District interconnect Abu Dhabi. The development consists of several canal front precincts including residential, commercial, shopping, tourism, recreation and public spaces. ENI Villas Six-bedroom luxury villas located at Mohamed Bin Zayed City. ENI’s commitment to the development of the capital city is clearly demonstrated in the Raha Beach development, with two prestigious projects in the pipeline in support to the emirate’s efforts to meet the ever growing demand for residential and commercial space, while ensuring that ENI’s high standards, up-to-date technologies, harmonious design, and exquisite life style is clearly reflected in this important new frontier for the real estate market in Abu Dhabi.
  13. 13. RAS AL KHAIMAH Mangrove Mall Mangrove Center – Ras Al Khaimah QATAR Union Towers Luseel District – Doha “A New Life Style” Qatar, a member of the GCC, is also witnessing impressive economic growth rates, in tandem with The development in the real estate sector of Ras Al Khaimah is accelerating at a remarkable speed, the country’s plans to establish a knowledge-based economy, as well as the massive developments with many mega projects in the pipeline of which the most prominent is the US$800 million for its modern district areas (The Pearl Island, Al Dafna and Luseel). Mangrove Centre. ENI is also playing part in these plans through a variety of projects of which most important is the The development is strategically located between the retail complex of Al Manar Shopping Mall Union Towers, a 21-storey commercial and 20 storey residential tower with total build up area of and Tower Links Golf Course, offering the residents a new life style in Ras Al Khaimah in the vicinity 220.000 square feet, offering state-of-the-art office space at the heart of the newly developed of major leisure and retail facilities. Luseel Marina District. ENI’s Mangrove Mall features a shopping mall, one residential and one office tower spread over a total build up area of 360.000 square feet.
  14. 14. CONSTRUCTION “Our Concrete Commitment” Construction & Contracting Construction activities are vital in serving the development arm of ENI and the overall economic ENI’s subsidiaries are strictly committed to the value of quality, regardless to the profit margins, development projects of infrastructure, real estate and industrial establishments and facilities owing to the group’s sound corporate culture of establishing precedence throughout time to in the UAE, GCC and the MENA region. fortify footage in the market. Over the years, ENI has developed extensive experience in many construction and contracting ENI’s construction and contracting arms offer solutions for undertaking a wide variety of fields, specialized in building construction, infrastructure, utilities and civil works, as well as specialized contracts, structures and buildings, standing on many years of experience in the value engineering and landscaping. field. Such diversity in construction activities entailed the establishment of specialized affiliates The group has an impressive track record of landmark projects that is not only confined to whether within the group or in partnership with others to ensure efficiency in every aspect and high-rise commercial and residential towers, but also includes shopping complexes and malls, detail, timely deliveries and quality projects. universities, and hi-tech industrial facilities. Landscaping “There Is Always a Different Angle” ENI’s full-fledged landscaping affiliates and partners stand on a long experience and countless achievements, offering landscaping solutions that suite the region, and providing the full-spectrum of services including all-area landscaping, design, maintenance, irrigation, stone walls, outdoor, water features and lighting for residential and commercial projects.
  15. 15. “A Competitive Advantage” Agriculture INDUSTRY “Integrating the Nature to Business” The industrial arms and partners of ENI stretch to a variety of sectors and regions, gaining ground As part of ENI's commitment to partner in the agricultural development for the overall sustainability wherever competitive advantage, existing and potential demand, and excellent long-term prospects of the region; the group provides for integrated agriculture production, processing and exist. manufacturing operations. In tandem with ENI’s corporate philosophy of engaging in the activities that generate an added value The imminence of food security issues in the region was a strong catalyst for ENI to strongly support for the economies of the regions where it operates, all the industrial establishments have been agricultural production through large-scale agricultural partnerships and investments, together with carefully selected to serve that end. other integral operations to secure optimum utilization of the regions rich resources in this field. The group’s integrated industrial operations and partnerships aim at serving its activities and to cater for the growing demand for such projects in the region as a result of the robust economic growth and development. With establishments strategically proliferated throughout the UAE, GCC and MENA region, ENI ensured sound and diversified supply chains to efficiently serve clients.
  16. 16. Ready-Mix Concrete Plastic Bottling Production “Today’s Ready Solutions” “Cutting Edge Quality” The overwhelming demand for ready-mix concrete in the UAE, GCC and MENA region; owing to the massive The scarcity of fresh water supplies in the region has entailed strong demand for plastic bottling whether for fresh infrastructure development as well as the booming real estate markets, requires a steady and reliable supply of the or mineral water, or other beverages. highest quality in a timely manner. Such strong demand, accompanied by the growing industrial growth and demand for plastic bottling in the region, ENI has well established itself among the most reliable ready-mix concrete suppliers with a track record of presented an opportunity for ENI to capitalize on these solid market foundations, and to contribute to the overall path-breaking projects. growth of the industry. Assuring quality ready-mix concrete products to meet the growing requirements of the construction sector, ENI’s Hence, the group has founded itself to be among the most innovative investment partners in the market; applying operations and partnerships acquire the necessary large-scale production capacity to meet the growing demand to in-house solutions to production and operations, manufacturing a diverse array of plastic bottling solutions many development and infrastructure projects. designed to meet the requirements of varied industries through state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals. The product portfolio includes PP, PS, PE and PET bottles, manufactured through in-house innovative techniques introduced and apply by top industry professionals who also provide for a variety of creative predesigned products to cater for immediate response to production requirements.
  17. 17. Food Production & Manufacturing Food Trading FMCG “The Natural Transformation” ENI’s commercial activities and partnerships span a wide range of sectors, with special focus on fast moving The importance of the food sector and food security has driven ENI to invest in the field of food consumer goods and well established supply chains that provide for efficiency and cost effective solutions, while manufacturing as a necessary step towards integrating its food supply operations. maintaining top quality and timely response to the demand. As one of the new fields, ENI has proceeded investing in the manufacturing of a diverse range of ENI is a very active partner in the production, export and import of food stuffs, owing to its commitment to serve high-quality beverages including juices, soft drinks and mineral water. The products are consumers by offering quality food at the most competitive rates. The group provides for a diverse portfolio of marketed under different brand names such as Sinalco, Caprisun and Safa; enjoying strong products including frozen food, canned food, rice, pasta, vegetable oils, sugar, flour and other food-related market reach across the region. commodities. The manufacturing facilities feature state-of-the-art production lines and are managed by highly skilled and trained professionals.
  18. 18. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Feasibility to execution “Total project expertise” MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS “Growth through partnership” With mergers & acquisitions gaining ground as a strong business growth strategy, Project development & management is one of the core areas of Emirates National Emirates National Investment focuses on forming value partnerships to further Investment. Undertaking the full-spectrum of project-related services, the Project strengthen its diverse operations. Management division upholds the highest standards in pre-feasibility to completion Emirates National Investment has already formed strategic partnerships with and management. partners and investors in executing M&A deals with various companies across Through its various entities, the division ensures seamless handover of projects and several high-growth economic sectors. follows it up with training of operator staff. The partners trust the in-depth business knowledge and expertise of ENI in Constantly reviewing the projects and through continuous investment in people and partnering in the M&As, thus adding to the long-term profitability and growth of resources, ENI Project Management Division has, over the years, built a strong all stakeholders. portfolio including: • The Astrolabe Village & Resort in Dubailand • Churchill Towers in Business Bay, Dubai • Al Seef II in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai • ENI Villas Compoud in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi
  19. 19. FUTURE EXPANSION “Focus on long-term growth” Emirates National Investment is committed to long-term growth and profitability and is exploring several expansion programmes across economic sectors and geographic areas. ENI will focus its attention on the emerging markets of the Middle East and North Africa region, primarily, and also will undertake strategic investments in developed markets. ENI is also diversifying into new competencies to ensure that the company has a truly varied and profitable portfolio that adds value to the company's stakeholders.